Thursday 22 May 2008

here in my home

if u have been listening to the radio these few days, im sure u will come across this song, Here in My Home, by various multi racial Malaysian artists, for unity.

dont say u didnt know this song, its all over the radio...
english radio station, chinese...

free download

if u are looking for this song, look no further.
u can download it here.

you tube link, is here.

ok ok.. if u damn lazy to fly over to you tube, here's de embed video...

or, for more information, click on the banner. =)

free download

ps: both the banners leads to the same site, i love them both so i had both of them here. =)



Anonymous said...

this song is SOO inspiring and nice!

żħї~qїňg said...

tell u smtg: i cant get this song out of my matter what im doing... looking, shopping or just walking around... i find, the lyrics is running around in my head... feel like it's haunting me.. omg thats freaky

i love this song