Friday, 23 September 2005

my day!

i woke up at 9.30 this morning.. haha.. suppose to wake up earlier but im just so so sleepy.i went to school only 1 day this week.. haha.. i'm not the kind hu get to ponteng mcuh but lots of ppl doing it so i join them lo...then tried to study a bit ...but cant stop sms ing ppl...then after a while have to bath n go skol edi..coz got interact meeting.reach there quite early then went to my class with ida..haha.. baru sampai sana saja dah kene marah teruk..haha..went in to chit chat since the teacher is not teaching...then we all go to the meeting together...the hall seems kinda empty .. not many interactors there.. seems different..hehe...have fellowship after the group discussion..haha.. played splat! and another group was the 1st runner up for the splat game and we were forced to do the chicken dance...haiz..had a great time there and then took m synn motor to go around...and oso took her to tmn mas to buy some thigns...then went home n have a quick lunch and go to the chimistry seminar.. lol...5 hours on chemistry..walaio.. wan die mann...but not bad lar.. got break wan. haha.. went out with synn's motor again..haha...then finally 8.30 pm... free!! free from torture at last...haha...quickly went home n sit in front of the tv to watch the MI grand finale.. haha....watching and recordind at the same time... with video cam.. haha...kinda stupid.. but wat to do? got no other ways to record d... so have to use that way lo...the quality not really good... but not bad lar.. sitll can listen wan..i was hoping to see vick in the finals cause i heard that jac is going to be there...but dissapointed lar... no mum don let me go pangkor with frens... haiz.. me that time mood not good d then don let me go somemore... tambah my bad mood...haha..then i online till now lo... haiz... wan close eyes d..i had been in a bad mood today.. i dunno y...maybe cause im too tired or something...just imagine sitting in the same room for 5 and da half hours only listening to kimia..butkinda hav fun there oso..din realise time past so quickly.. haha....lazy wan write edi lar... but ho....

daniel and nita.. who i vote for? of course daniel lar.. cause i think that he did really well in the final.. his english is better than nita.. that surprise me as well.. for some1 hu seem to speak broken english..he carried his song really well...and he has no problem with his diction d...yay...u can really hear him sing..he really deserve the chance that his voters had given i hope that he could be the next idol.

ps... if u r reading this... and u have read all the crap i wrote above...just wanna say tq ... haha... and sorry for wasting ur time with allthat crap...haha..this maybe the longest blog i ever wrote..haha....

Thursday, 15 September 2005

pmr .. real wan

pmr .. oct 4th.. die lo... got 18 days onli... spent the last 5 dayz play play n sleep sleep.. now onli read form 1 sains...haih.... everyime wan studie.. sure sleep wan... susah la