Sunday, 13 December 2015

"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. Richard Branson"

"Even those who sells property don't work on Sundays. 
Except when there's public fair.. that's a different story."

**To understand the situation I am in right now, I work 7 days a week. Occasional breaks here and there (So nice have break still want to complain?). Wait lah, one day break in few months. You call it a break? Monday to Sunday, everyday. You say jialat or not?***

Damn, I am fucking depressed right now. Who the hell wakes up so early on a weekend? Or on Sunday morning. If you're going to a church then yes, you have to wake up and go. Willingly.

But work? Damn.

There's a thin line between willing and being forced to.

This morning, even my parents who are usually the FIRST persons to wake up in the morning is still asleep. EVEN the dog, who wakes up earlier than me, is STILL ASLEEP. Even the dog didn't bother to wake up.

What THE FUCK  bleep?!

I am depressed. I am sad.I am tired. I feel conflicted. 

I am thiiiiisss close to sending the message to the boss.

"I have decided to walk out the door." 

What breaks my heart was all the small little things that are mundane, but those are the little important things.

My grandparents, who are already very old. I am not spending any time with them. Even IF i get to go home, it was to sleep. ALL I could do is just to sleep. Because that's how tired I am. Physically, emotionally, mentally.

My parents, they are trying new things, exploring new places, WITHOUT ME. I used to be the one that says, "Let's go here", "Let's go there". But now, they will be telling me, "We went to this place last week, its nice. Maybe you should go too, when you're free." Damn. I am NEVER free.

My social life, is 'dead-er' than dead. Even if I am free, I am just too tired to meet anyone. I choose to just go home and sleep.

For a company that claims that they preach on "WORK-LIFE BALANCE", I'm sorry, you can all go and syok-sendiri with your Work-Life Balance philosophy. It just doesn't exist in this step-child office.

And to think that for all the sacrifices I have made (my time, my energy, my family, my friends, myself, everything), and the pay I am getting are just PEANUTS.

Why do I wake up so early this morning? It's my sense of responsibility, not for the tiny claim that I can make.

I am seriously tired of all this shits. Yes, I can do something. Quit. Maybe, soon.


Saw this quote on Facebook. Very relevant to the situation I am in.

"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. Richard Branson" 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

rant. nonsense.

i am not well. not at all. 

im so tired. 

is this the life i want to live? why am i torturing myself like this? there must be a better way for selfharm.

i am so tired. tired with every single piece of shits, tired of everyone, tired of every single fucking thing. im so tired of the world. i need to take a break. i need to be away from people, from all the energy draining stuff and be alone. to have time for myself, that would be an impossible dream. 

there if no where to go, even if i can get a break. 
not like i get the luxury of having a break. 

there is no such luxury. there will be no fucking time for yourself. not to mention time for family, friends.. 

im so tired that i get depressed. i need time to cry, but i cant find time. all these pent up emotions. this is no fun at all. i dont even have time to get depressed fml. 

what the fuck am i doing. 

"public holidays are given and its a right for everyone. why do we need to earn it?" 

i cant think straight now. 

why do i feel like im suffocating? to the point that i cant breathe. why do things have to be so complicaated. damnnnnn