Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tick, Tock...

I sat in front of the computer and stare at the blank screen. Time to update the blog, but minutes pass and I still have no idea on what to write. “What to write? What to write?” Then, I gave up staring and proceed to do something that occupies most of my very little free time, Facebook.

I used to love writing. I used to be the one ‘blog crazy’ person among my friends. Well, I guess time, procrastination and workload caught up, and I left the blog unattended for months. Well, not exactly THAT long, I do come back to peek at it sometimes, and as I said, I left without writing. It feels like, I have already lost the passion to write, well, although I write in the most broken English you can ever imagine, it’s still writing. Yeah, you can criticize my use of English words, but I am no language expert here.

Writing provides a relief from stress, and it fills my time when I am bored. I have attempted in writing stories, but they were never complete. Thanks to my limited knowledge of vocabulary. For a very short period of time, I had dreamt of becoming a writer. But, I know it is not possible. I get brain jam when I am forced to write. Due dates are not my thing. Ideas don’t come when they needed to. I envy novelist, writers, story tellers because they can tell amazing stories, with simple words. I used to read a lot, and in my primary school days, I would get so engrossed in reading that I bring the book with me to the dining table. Yes, I was once a nerd who reads on the dining table while eating. And, when I have finished reading all the books, and do not have new ones, I would read those I have read before again. Just for the sake of reading. I guess that’s how I trained myself to read fast. Those books I read in primary school are those mystery books, which comes in series and I would buy all of them. Maybe I was the only granddaughter, daughter and niece in the family, so I get a little more pampered. J

One of my favourite columns in The Star newspaper is written by Mary Schneider (I don’t know how to pronounce her name!!). I have no idea since when, but I have always admired the way she writes. It’s so simple, but the way she carries the story line, I don’t know how to describe, it’s just so simple, but yet, so interesting and the readers are tempted to read more. Another favourite would be Alexandra Wong, also The Star columnist. But because I'm not home all the time, I don't get to read their columns as much already.

They write in a simple manner, but are able to interest people. J Just love their articles. <3

I shall grow-up and not rant here so much. xD

On the other side, there’s this IT fair in Monash this few days and was planning to go, but have to cancel because of work commitments and exams. But that’s ok cause I’m going Lowyat somewhere in mid April, so I may get it cheaper there. Something exciting is happening mid-April *muahahhahahha*. The schedule is so free, but I don’t know why I feel so ever busy. And, there’s this Nikon 10th Anniversary event happening in MidValley, and I really want to go! Maybe I can sneak out a while there and then study. I promise to study ok!! Limit 2 hrs FB till after my exam, ok? :P

So, if you survived till the end of this post, you must be wondering, what is her damn point writing this pointless wordy post?

Well, you bet, I"M DAMN STRESSED!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

suck suck suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it's not plain boring and monotonous, it's NONSENSE.

it's nonsense from start to end.

the best part is, NO NOTES WTF.

yaya, i know we are uni students, finishing second year somemore, should learn to be more independent or whatever shit it is, BUT, HOW to prepare beforehand WITHOUT notes?

i know you will say, READ TEXTBOOK lah, stupid isit?

Lemme tell you something,
GOT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY things inside and the notes are not taken from ALL the topics and sections, so, WHICH TO READ?
I am busy enough, don't waste my time reading something that is not going to help me in any way.


The lecture today feels like so much air,
SAID soooooooo many things, but all DON'T make sense at all.

HELLOW!!!! MY GPA is at stake here!!!

i DON'T want to fail anymore subjects OKAY!!!

PLEASE, i want a better lecturer!!


I miss the old one :(
why do they have to leave and then hire sucky lecturers like this?

Monday, 28 March 2011

it's the end of march omgosh!!

Ain't they cute? Check out the white chick, stands out cause its so bright. hehehe. Pardon the picture quality, taken using my super low quality phone camera in a very low lighting place. :)

Went back hometown for 1 week, supposed to be back by Friday, but then i delayed till Sunday cause got award show on TV and end up not watching cause gary didn't go. lol.

Had the most boring-est 1 week ever. all i do is just sleep, eat, sleep, eat. no one's back too, so didn't go out or anything.

Today, is the start of the final semester in 2nd year. OMGosh time flies. Lots of journals to read, and things to memorise, and i feel soooooo sleepy already in the first class. cant imagine future classes. *Wish me luck!


Saturday, 19 March 2011


Hellow people, anyone who still comes here, because even I don't come often anymore. I used to click on my own page several times a day even though there is no update or whatever, but now, I got so caught up with school and assignments, I don't even have time to write a proper post. Yes, procrastination too. hehe, procrastinating is soooooo ME.

Over the months (omgosh, thankfully its months, not years), hehehe, I have come to this create post page, but somehow, there is nothing to say. I don't know why because I never have nothing to say when I have the chance to crap.

Ok. What happen since December? *Need to dig back my memory, and the reason i have this blog is because my memory is a bit useless. Let's see what can I remember so far.

In December, I start paying my rent (yes, i moved out), I learn that there is something called stomach ulcer (yes, its terrible, someone in the family fainted while home alone and was under observation in hospital for ONE week), my parents at last tried and LOVED snowflakes (hehehehehhe), I started to moved my things out (and realised that its not an easy task), had 'pun choi' which is meant for 12 ppl (but only 6 of us went and the restaurant workers were amazed with our attendance because NO ONE EVER had so little ppl coming for 'pun choi'). I think that's all for december. The whole month was kinda of a semester break, so i was back at home with no internet and alot of hokkien dramas which i wont watch which means that i dont have tv also. yes, i spend 1 month rotting. like, stare at 4 walls kind of rot.

In 2011, i started a new semester, drove to and fro stw-teluk intan route 3 days a week (for almost 2 weeks), get paranoid when i drive cause SAMAN is EXPENSIVE, officially stayed in my new room (moved in to a condo full of males, was the only girl here for almost 2 months wtf right), thank God that my housemates are good people [ :) ], started and already ended a short semester, exams suck btw, had my first 40% weightage for 1 assignment, tasted coconut jelly for the first time (march 18), went to annual dinner for the first time willingly (march 10), agreed to go clubbing for the first time (afterparty for annual dinner)(oya i quite like it in there, i like loud music), saw a overly high electricity bill for the first time (RM650+ per month for electricity bill WTF), found out that paying bills is no fun, worked for the 2nd time in my life (march 15), FINALLY had a trip with some uni frens (I KNOW, my uni life very miserable, trips always tak jadi, this and that, sien oni), volunteered for open day (march 13), lose a friend or two here and there (let's just say we're not on the same page anymore, i've tried but failed), my kai loi is all grown up, realised that I SUCK in photography (not to say i have good skills previously, but now, i totally forgot how to manage the camera wtf right), WENT TO couple seat cinema and watched the entire movie ALONE (so sad to be still bf-less T_______T), had a very boring cny (almost could see gary in person at ipoh, stadiuminderamulia, but then i didnt drive there so i couldnt stay to wait for him to appear *sad betul ok*), ...

*urgh seriously cannot remember!!! mymemory fails me...

nice or not? nice ma? nice anot? cantik tak?

bought this during my trip to melaka with shadow, june and shadow sister. hehehehhehehe...
it was there and i knew i HAD to get it because i am a nikon freak.


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