Sunday, 31 January 2010


there's something i want to express. i want to say.
but i think now is not the right time to say it.
i have yet to find the right words, the right emotions.

wait till i am emotionally more positive/neutral. ( altho i doubt that i'll ever be neutral)

it's something i feel strongly about, that's why i think it is important that i find the right words to express in that post.

till then, u're stuck with a post-less blog or a crap post blog :D

I demand holiday for CNY!
CNY = No Holiday
Sounds so WRONG!!~

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I spent 17 hours in uni

Yesterday was a record.

Came to uni at 8am and only went home at 1.10am.
Technically, I can say that I stayed in uni for 2 days straight..hehehe

Class was ok, couldnt concentrate during motivation class cause my attention and heart is in the brochure assignment. Blame myself for last minute. I hate it that I always do thing last minute. And my group member has to suffer cause I am last minute. Argh, this is a bad habit that should be changed!

Didnt even went out for lunch cause everyone is busy doing the brochure.

The second class was fun tho, get to see 3 types of tarantulas, a gecko and a guinea pig. :D

Guinea Pig sho cute! but didnt get to play with it tho...
Touched a Gecko for the first time...
and get to see how tarantulas react when threatened...

And, we get to see quite alot of rather disgusting pictures :D
Crocodile's autopsy and preservation, tiger's autopsy, and monkey autopsy.

Oh ya, there was also one preserved Cheetah Cat (if im not mistaken) head. passed around.. hahaha

then after class continued with the brochure information =.-
then went for dinner and got started with design part...

ended at slightly after 1am and finally get to go home :D

LOL. and nnot even 10 hours at home, have to come to uni again :(

slept at 3am and woke up at 6.15am :(

Monday, 25 January 2010

Busy. Very busy.

Life has nothing to shout about... I'm so busy this semester that I even abandoned my blog and not feel guilty for not updating. :(

So so busy...
So so tiring...

Seriously, there's something seriously wrong if I fall asleep playing Country Story. Very very wrong. I secriously need a break, but i cant see one anytime soon. Even for CnY, it's gonna be hectic because, i dont have even one extra day of holiday.

I'm so tired everyday that i dont know what im doing at the end of the day.

For today, i got to see a expensive rare tortoise attack and chew and swallow worms and kangkung. And i got to see a yellow coloured frog hunt for mini fishes and swallow them. Eye-opening experience... Who says psychology is no fun?

Im loving the subs this sem. Pet Behavioural Studies. love love love.
Motivation and emotion, not bad, but it sucks when it comes to studying for it..

kk fallin asleep e bye bye

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'm back xD

Now that I am soooooo free, it's time to blog again :D

Been quite busy for the past few days, with the exams and shopping and all. Class has started exactly one week and one day ago. However, I only had my resit exam on Friday and Saturday. Last minute studying again of course. Hehe. "Kalau tak last minute, then ini bukan zhi qing" LOL.

Alright, after my first paper on Friday, I followed Sue May to Sunway for Kim Gary. Hehehe. I find the Cheese Bake Rice comes with a slightly smaller portion. I don't know if it's just me or what lah. But hor, I never finish my rice, but i finished mine that day. Hmmmph... Dinner is paid for by Steph's bf. Kekeke.. Thank u thank u...

Went home feeling soooooooooooo sleepy and went to sleep after forcing myself to read thru some IO. IO is like 9am on Saturday and I didnt study till it was like 11pm Friday. *pray for me, thank you!* Okay, I really regret for not studying for IO okay, but it's soooo not-studyable! Forget IO. After exam, went to SS15 with Rach for lunch and also for the bazaar there. Planned to get somethign for the birthday girls but then, only managed to get one bracelet *oops, secret's out, i hope she didnt read this yet* Hehe.

And then, went home for a while and went back to Sunway Pyramid at 6pm. Walaoeh, 6pm, shopping mall, weekend, and no parking. Went for the FullHouse there for the first time. Very nice environment, but the food was so-so only lorh. *Pictures next post, if possble hehe*

Then went lepak lepak around, bought some things. Hehe, i got a very nicey shades from Kitschen for RM17.90.. love love it... soooooooooooooooooooooo much..

and then, at 9.30pm, me and Hui Lin decided to go back to Cotton On and get out Rubi shoes. I got a bling bling one Kekekekke.... and we left Daphne in Vincci... xD

and after that, when we wanted to go home, got stuck in the parking lot for more than 1 hour. (Daph and Ah Girl, sorry leh....) Hehehe.. i drove their car from lower ground floor wayyyyyy up to CP7, the highest floor with no roof. =.= My bad my bad... paiseh!!!!!

they got stuck at the exit gate cause they paid their parking ticket for more than 1 hour already :( Paiseh paiseh.. Snowflake plan cancelled because by the time we exit Pyramid, it's already near 11.30pm...

continue next post...

mai McD Happy Meal toy car... damn kewl right?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dinner and Supper

Just as I thought I was going to starve to death, Sue May asked me for dinner. Then went to fetch her and initial plan was Jojo's Little Kitchen in SS15. We went and 9pm and it's still quite full inside, so we decided on another place, Taiwan Street Snacks (I think that's the name of the shop, not very sure). Went in there, ordered and ate. Well, the flavours are very Taiwanese, not very Malaysian. Sue May say she rather order the snacks than the noodles.

Here's my order, Beef Noodle + 1 Appetizer which we shared.

The Beef Noodle is quite good, but I didnt finish as I just had Kong Piang at home not too long ago. :D

Then, we head to McD SS15 to study. Well, we did sat there for a few hours, talking. Books and notes are right in front of us somemore. Sighs...

We left McD at 1.30am, if I'm not mistaken. Then, we didnt want to go home, so we went around USJ just to look see. hehehe.. Passed one road block, and came home at 2.30am.

Slept arond 5am, and only managed to wake up at 12.30pm. I haven touch my books yet.

I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be one difficult day. Help me, please?

Friday, 8 January 2010


::Success comes with great sacrifices::

This is why I will try my best to stay away from Facebook, Country Story, Sorrority Life, my blog, other's blog, hotmail, gmail, plurk, and flickr.

Hopefully, I am able to overcome my fears, sit for the exam, and pass the exam. *finger's crossed*
It's just the matter of pass or fail.
There are no more grades for re-sit papers.
I just want to pass.

Please pray I'll pass will you?
One week for two subjects.

However, I know that if I were to ban myself totally from the net, it would be impossible,
so I am giving myself 1 hour limit everyday.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sushi King

I went to the school today. Because my 'other half' wants to have lunch, make payments and study. However, I was there earlier, so I heard the lecturers are heading over to Medan for their lunch. We headed that way later, and on the way we saw the bus coming. I said, "Eh, bus here already wor, you want to go Pyramid?" and then she say, "Comelah, we go eat lunch there."

Hehe we change our decision so quickly. And so we went to Pyramid. Had Sushi King. Hmmm.. I dont know why but I only had 3 plates. FML. I need to eat more.

Another picture-less post because my phone camera sucks.

And we end up not studying at all :(

Monday, 4 January 2010

The Past Decade

Hello people! (heheheh, sound like a lot people read my blog like that)

Here comes my decade post kekeke. A bit later than usual, but who cares.
The points are in no particular order :D

2000 :: 11

  • Std 5 Biru
  • My memory failed me.

2001 :: 12

  • Std 6 Biru
  • UPSR, the first big major exam!
  • Had one of the best-est class teacher xD
  • Obtained Straight A for the first and the last time of my schooling life

2002 ::13

  • Form 1A9
  • First day of my secondary school life, I was wrongly placed in 1A4 (placing was based on the UPSR result). I remember thinking, well, maybe they know I can't study, so they place me here. On the first week of school, have to angkat meja all the way to the first class of the form. Walking from one end of the corridor to the other end. Damn embarrassing ok.
  • First and last time being in the first class of the whole form. WOW.
  • I love my seat at the back of the class, can day dream. xD
  • Got to know Huey Ping and Evelyn.
  • Had one of the best principals ever.
  • Had longer hair than i have ever had. I WILL NEVER EVER HAVE SHORT HAIR IN MY LIFE! NO-WAY!
  • My first IMYF camp in Pangkor.

2003 :: 14

  • Form 2A3 (They somehow change the first class to 1 and not 9, so now I'm in the 3rd class of the form)
  • The ICQ era
  • Social circle become wider, thanks to ICQ. But what's on the net remains on the net.
  • Became librarian because I hated wearing pinnafore. Yes, just because of the uniform.
  • Second IMYF camp in Penang.

2004 :: 15

  • Form 3A3
  • One of the happy-er years of the decade.
  • Are friends with Maggie, Ai Lian, Chui San, Su Mei, Ida Tan, Sing Hwei
  • Share the same bday with Sing Hwei, got a surprise birthday for both of us. Thank you very muchie xD
  • Went to my first Education Fair in Penang, if I'm not mistaken. And of course, we went just to shop with friends he he.
  • Got my first and last <>letter of the decade
  • Found a good friend and lost it cause i was too selfish
  • I met Vick Teo in Ipoh. He's like my biggest obsession at that time ok. Hahaha

2005 :: 16

  • Form 4Sc4
  • The Craziest Year of the decade
  • Countless toilet visits in school
  • Skipping classes, roaming around the school
  • Learn how to ride a motor, illegally.
  • Fake the MC slip and went home.
  • Walked home from school with Ying on the 'borrowed' motor.
  • Went to watch band competition in Ipoh
  • Ate 6 Panadols in 8 hours. (Kids, never try this at all!!) Was really lucky i didnt die.
  • Hated Sejarah with my heart and soul. Protested EVERYTHING the teacher said in class.
  • Went Aussie for family trip.
  • Attended District Interact Conference in Nilai, Seremban.
  • Third and last MYF camp in Camerons.

2006 :: 17

  • Form 5Sc5
  • I hated Add Math. And still do xD
  • Elected as the Head of girl guides. I can say the worst president in the history of girl guides. (It's because there's no one else and I'm stuck. I hate myself for not having courage to say No)
  • My obsession with Gary Chaw started here...<>

2007 :: 18

  • Moved to Penang for studies.
  • The Second Worst Year of the decade
  • Hate Hate Hate. Hate that everything didnt go as I planned.
  • Hate that I have to continue with my studies less than 1 month after i finish SPM.
  • Hate that I have to wake up 6am every morning.
  • Hate that I have to go through the jams. Penang Bridge in the morning... OMGosh...
  • Hate that the roads in Penang are so narrow
  • Hate the lecturer, Miss L. She taught me TWO subs ok.
  • Hate the college.
  • Hate accounts.
  • Hate econs.
  • Eventually, didnt get thru the final exam.
  • Got my first laptop
  • But I got to know nice people also lah... Tiffy, Cyn, Eevon, Jolyn, WenXin, YenYen, etc...
  • First Concert i ever attended. Lin Yu Zhong at KLCC

2008 :: 19

  • Moved to Subang for studies.
  • The Worst Year of the decade
  • Meet the Selfish, the Ignorant, the Arrogant, the Bitch, the Slut, the I-am-rich-so-i-am-right, the Hey-you're-famous-i'll-tag-along, the I-look-down-on-everyone-but-myself, the Oh-so-pretty-but-they're-not-even-close, the I-set-the-rules-here, the I-dont-like-you-and-you're-doomed, the pengampu, the I-want-you-to-do-something-for-me-so-im-being-nice-to-you.... all these kind of people, at one time. five days a week, throughout the year.
  • There's still some nice people dun worry, such as Sim, Kylie, & Ikmal :D
  • I was chucked into Legals class because the other class are full.
  • Didn't think i could pass, but Mr. Zokhri made it possible.
  • Gary Chaw first concert in Bukit Jalil!!
  • Took taxi for the first time
  • Got into first major accident in my life (i wasnt driving, and its because of uneven road and rain)
  • Got my first car
  • Fell down in college and almost sprain my ankle.
  • Went to Genting with IMU-ians for PWH Award. Saw Gary with my own two eyes!!!

2009 :: 20

  • Learned music theory from Grade 1.
  • Learned Violin for 1 month. Waste money nia.
  • I am now a degree student
  • Got addicted to Facebook
  • Passed my first semester
  • Went to PAWs and got lost going there
  • Saw Amber Chia while conducting experiment in Pyramid
  • Had 3 birthday meal, 1 cake.
  • Failed two papers from second semester.
  • I now turn to Korea for hotties... and i dont even catch up with chinese songs anymore...
  • Tried to cross-stitch, tedious thing to do
  • Watched New Moon on the very first day
  • Got my first blog award (hehehe let me syok sendiri a whille can or not?)
  • Had a first row seat for Transformers, watched it on the first day (my birthday mah, so die die also want to watch that day)
  • Applied for PTPTN and got rejected for some stupid reason
  • Had SIX injections in one year.
  • watched countless movies in class
  • Survived e-buddy for a few months
  • Did a poster. by myself. for assignment.
  • Drove back and forth KL-Sitiawan alone, a bit too frequently
  • Made two videos, posted one of them

This is all that i could think of for now....

When I looked back, I see myself as childish and immature for writing those things that I wrote.
I realise, at that time of writing, we are overwhelmed by emotions and we have the thinking that I am the one who is right. Especially for teenagers. I thought the world belonged to me.
It's good to know that I see those, err, stupid things i wrote because this proves that I have grown up. heheheh. A bit also better than none mah.. heheheh

first Random post of the year !

The Song in My Head now:

"As little children we would dream of Christmas morn'

and all the gifts and toys,
we knew we'd find,

but we never realise,
a baby borned that [something] night...........

gave us the greatest gifts of our lives....."


The Songs in My Head lately:

"Im starting with the man in the mirror"

"You're my heart heart heart heart heartttt breaker"

"Sorry, sorry. sorry, sorry...."


I thought of my wedding gift & it's quite a special one.
Hehe this is totally random. I tend to think a lot when I am driving, esp long journeys.

No, not planning to get married anytime soon or anytime at all.
I think that marriage is just an excuse for having kids.
If two people are happy and comfortable just the way they are, why not let it be?
Why get married and complicate things?

But i still do think that weddings are beautiful. Marriage... kids.

Should I start Project 365?
But lifeless people like me, things are pretty routine..
So i doubt i can keep up with it after a month...

What if i fail again and have to retake the whole semester?
Noooo i dont want!!
The assignments suck shit weh...

i still want to post of my last decade of my life.
but, i am so lazy.
thank you.

ps: i did post it that day. but i removed it cause i hate the post so much.

Post with no pictures are boring.

Where would i stand 10 years from now?

omg. i'll have to join the 30s club by then...

will i be... working in office with small cubicles? 9-5 job? it fits perfectly for a boring person, i say.
or will i be... teaching secondary school kids. and be hated because i hated most of my teachers. karma karma.
or, lecturing pre-u or degree students and doing some research work behind the scene?
or, be involved in forensics. then i'll be like those ppl in csi... kekeke..

or, umemployed and enjoying life to the max.

*pictures credits to google

Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year and the fuss [i] : The Resolutions

Right, lots of people have posted bout New Year already (reflect on past year, past decade, unrealistic resolutions, etc).

I'm very outdated i know. You see, there are always things that i will be SLOW in. for example, if tomorrow is my friend's birthday, i dont sms her at 12am sharp.. because i know no matter how sharp i sms her or wish her, there would be someone who's faster. So, if i already know i wont be the first person, why would i want to waste my time? xD Play Facebook better lah hehehe...

This is going to be a pictureless post. Because there's ZERO picture in this laptop. Sorry, boring long post ahead.

First, i start with new year resolutions.

1. Lose weight and be healthy
As much as i love to admit it, I AM FAT. What's worst, I AM OBESE. *omg now the whole world knows im obese* I am stepping into the world of adulthood this June. I have been fat as long as i can remember. I feel very lucky to have parents who, do not force me to lose weight when i was younger and FAT. they did tried to make me exercise, but lazy people dont like to exercise. and i cant stand to be hungry, so i have to eat. PLUS, when i am angry, i eat. i binge.

Losing weight isnt so much about what the others think. I dont really care actually. For my whole life, i have been teased for being Fat. especially during chinese new year. Aku dah lali with all the words that came out from their mouth. Fat? yes, i admit.

Losing weight is more about being healthy. I thought i am normal, as in health wise lah. But now that I am more matured, I dont think so anymore. Hehehe.. Normal healthy teen do not complain of backache, shoulder ache. Normal healthy teen do not spend on Salonplas, Yoko-Yoko, etc. It's not like it's there for only a short period of time. I started buying yoko-yoko when i was 18. if a 18 year old who do much sports complains of aching, its normal. but all i ever do is sit around and watch tv. then, i proceed to buying various types of Salonplas-like thingy. It went on for at least two years before i gradually stop. Of course, there are also health risk that are too lengthy to be said here.

So, losing weight for me, is more about health than what the others think. i want to lose at least 10kg before my 21st birthday. I need to. I might still be obese at that time, but at least im making a progress right?

2. Get a bf
When will my time come? People often say, "this kind of thing cannot rush one lah, must wait for the right time one". So my question, What if the time never come? What if i remain single for the rest of my life? Now i might still have friends, but what if they get their bf and have no time for me? I still do feel being in a relationship requires huge commitment, and it takes two hands to clap. Past experiences, I was too coward and have very low self esteem. so low that i start making up endless excuses that he is just fooling around.

Although i sound desperate, I am not going to jump into any relationship blindly. I'll just have to wait for the time to come.

3. No more failures, no no no
I am not a very studious person. I never revise, I do my assignments last minute. For 2010, i hope to change my attitude and really make an effort in everything i do. no matter it's assignments, exams, or losing weight, I will try my best to put in effort.

Failed two of the four paper i sit for last semester, because there was not much time to study and this is the two subjects i hate the most. I do hope that this is the last time I will fail in any exams.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


i am...


*pic google-d from the net

because I had Happy Meal!


it's been 8 years since i left sunday school eh...

i am in uni waiting for sheng ping to come from stw and aunty cp come over and said hi!
no wonder she looked familiar heheheh

im glad i left house and came to uni today xD