Monday, 30 April 2007

the very last post of april

i cried to sleep last nite.
i really miss home.
i really hate this place.
i really hate coming here.
i really wanna go home.
so fast. its end of april edi.
never thought almost half de year gone just like that lor.
after may then its june edi.
june will b the middle of the year and its my mid year exam edi.
when think back.
what have i learnt so far?
am i prepared for the mid year?
no i am not.
i just keep wasting my time everyday.
i stil dun really how to do accounting.
even the basic general journal and general ledger also i dunno do.
and econs..
even if its easier than math,
i still think that i dunt really understand what it really means.
i onli know recession and god knows what else i knows.
and today,
for IT,
miss V gave the work for database.
i dun even know what crap is it.
and she says thats what will come out in practical exam.
stil owe her a report on benefits and disadvantages if information system.
i tink i can stil manage psycho gua.
i just need to read whatever thats in the text book rite?
i hope so..
one more month to my mid year.
if i dun do well,
i am so dead.
wx will b leaving for form6 soon, leaving me alone in IT class.
will i manage?
i hope i can.
i shall b independent now.
cant depend on her all my life.
this is the end of the fourth month and i am still day dreaming.
i have trouble concentrating.
i have bad memory too.
onli last night i remember that i forgot to attend Economics extra class.
i am so very forgetful.
its on thursday. and i only remember bout it on sunday.
i am so so ... speechless..,
i dunno why.
thats bad.
i know.
april fool's long gone.
welcome labor day.
welcome MAY.
welcome the other me.
welcome the me who have more confidence wit myself, more dependent on myself and more hardworking.
welcome welcome welcome.

i seriously need to change NOW.
ok ok.
i put aside going back to sitiawan issue till after my mid year.
i will not cry again over silly things.
i will study.
i will try to understand and ask for help even if i dont.
i will ...


my current desktop image. gary and ling ling. i like this pic.

with flash.

without flash.

it is so so cute


Vick's Album. front cover.
only rm16.90. where can u get so cheap de original album?

back cover


Ku bimbang kita telah berakhir
Ku tak ingin melepaskan mu
Ku terlalu sayang padamu hingga saat ini
Kau hanya diam membisu
Kau tidak menyapa diriku
Kau berubah kini dari dulu tidak ku percaya

Mana hilang cinta yang telah kita bina
Mana janji manis untuk hidup bersama
Sekalipun jika dilanda ombak dan duka

Oh kembalilah ke pangkuan ku
Ku rindukan mu belaian mu
Oh dengarkanlah hidup ku gelita tanpa mu
Leraikanlah derita ini kekasihku

Mana hilang cinta yang telah kita bina
Mana janji manis untuk hidup bersama
Sekalipun jika dilanda ombak dan duka

Oh kembalilah ke pangkuanku
Ku rindukan mu belaian mu
Oh dengarkanlah hidup ku gelita tanpa mu
Leraikanlah derita ini kekasihku

Andai kau tiada
Hidupku tak lagi bermakna
Kembalilah kepadaku selamanya

Another song by Vick, this time its traslated to Malay.
The Chinese version's title is "hui lai"
lazy wanna type the chinese version here.

彩虹天堂 [ rainbow paradise]

ren shi ni yi qian wo zhao bu hui zi ji
Before knowing you I couldn't find myself,
wo zhi dao ni gei le wo xi wang
I know that you've given me hope,
ke shi ni shen me dou bu yao
But you wouldn't want anything,
zhi yao shou zai wo shen pang
Just wanted to stay by my side,
pei ban zhe wo
Accompany me,
chuang zao le cai hong de tian tang
To create the rainbow paradise.

cai hong tian tang li wo men zai ao xiang
We sore in the rainbow paradise,
bu guan duo shao ju li he feng lang
No matter how long is the distance with wind and waves,
wo dou zhi dao
I know that
shi yong qi bian cheng le qi cai tian tang
is the courage that turns into colorful paradise,
mei li cang zhu wo men de ai
Our loves hide within the beauty,
ni de yen shen gei le wo wei lai
The look from your eyes had given me a future,
gao shu wo
Tell me that
ni ai wo ye cong bu li kai
You love me and that you'll never leave.

[repeat verse 1 & chorus]

If it wasn't for the understanding of true love from the smile,
I wouldn't even be in this rainbow sky.


Creating the rainbow paradise of us two.

a song sang by Vick Teo, from his first and latest album.
in case u are wondering who he is,
he's top 3 in the first season of Malaysian Idol.
i saw a rainbow this morning on my way to college.
Vick was my idol.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

i din post anything for the past 2 days.
i think im tired and a lil depressed.
i want to go back.
but i cant.
saturday is wasnt a good day.
i know i want to go back.
but i am stuck in this stupid place.
spend kinda the whole day at home doing nothing.
feel very down n frust and all the negatie things comes to my mind.
then went to queensbay for dinner and some window shopping.
got some books.
currently reading 'annie may's black book'.
its been raining, drizziling these dayz.
mayb it affects my mood in some ways too.
i wanna go back cause all my frens are back there this week.
this week's gathering may be the last one before everyone go study.
watever lar
this morning sleep till so syok.
11.30 only wake up..
very seldom got chance sleep till this late. ehhehe

Thursday, 26 April 2007

i need time

something ran thru my mind just now.

"i am always in my own world.

other people stays in the real world.

but my mind keep drifting to my own world.

i think thats why i day dream alot.

even when i am drving, i think alot.

even when i'm having tests, my mind can simply fly back to MY WORLD!

am i weird?


in MY WORLD, i do what i wan, i say what i want.

i dun care what other ppl say or think bout me.

none of my business if they are so free."


lol. getting late now.

i am tired.

i am troubled.

i need some rest.

i cant get enough of resting.

i need peace.

i need harmony.

i need sleep.

i need more time.

i dun need traffic jams.

thanks to giant!


i am so dead.

dead as in killed and sliced and cooked.

i got the assignment bout 3 weeks ago.

but due to my tight schedule(laziness),

i cant do it till this week.

and this week is reallly busy...( its true)


tml is the dateline.


i have written nothing even now.

except for blog..



can someone please reming me why i took IT as a subject?

it makes no sense.


pray for me..

pray that she wont remember anything bout the IS report tml.

pray that more than half de class din do..

pray that...

she wont kill me...

give me some time..

i need time..

last minute work

fu yoh!!!
just now ..
almost die..
printer almost rosak...
lucky can print...
and lucky i manage to finish it..
i realise something..
i alwayz do work at the last minute..
lucky i din take math..
if not..
sure no time to skip class do work wan...
so dangerous..
doing work at the very last minute...
one more hour to go for tutorial..
group members say wan discuss here..
but no one show up also..
lucky i did on my own..
if not
sure mati teruk teruk wan
now lei..
got one more IT report to do lor..
stupid wan..
cant get anything on the internet..
dunno tomorrow how to die lar..
today din die..
tomorrow also die wan..
the same wan.
in the end i die also wan..


' you need to keep on writing. thats what ESL is all about'

thats what my ESL teacher said.

what am i suppose to write?

whatever she says doesnt make any sense to me.

and she keep on repeating whatever she says.

its stuck somewhere at the back of my brain edi.


already jot down.

u repeat again.

u wan me to write down again a?

isnt it repeative?




someone says my driving is really bad.

as in they're scared whenever they are inb my car?

is my drving really that bad ah?

oh my gosh.

i know its bad.

but just dunno that its THAT bad.. haiz.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

im so bored, headache... lolx

LAN test > OvER!!
LAn presentation > OVER!!!
what a tiring day!
tmrw, IT report to do.
and ESL de dunno what have to pass up.
what jenny said is so blur and unclear.
how can i understand what she meant?
ardeena asked me to go to the library after lunch.
i forgot!!
i am realllly sorry yar...
what did i do?
went to gurney plaza for 1901 hotdog.
hehehe... i lurve it.
and then went to mph to look for the story book.
din manage to find it.
then went to popular to buy paper.
looking thru the cd..
and guess what i saw..
vick de album!!!
onli for rm16.90
i was so tempted to buy..
its so cheap for an ori cd..
so i got it. hehehe
i...lurve it too...
its kinda nice...
not kinda nice...
its NICE...
i cant say its superb..
sampai back disted.
totally forgot what am i suppose to do.
the presentation is kinda crap.
cant say is presentation.
just answer what he asked cause he wanna save time.
and the test..
more crap...
all tembak
during the free time in the morning, i told them i wan to go to do my IT report.
but then...
i end up reading blogs instead of doing IT. lol
i did do...
but just couldnt find anything on the net.
i am so DEAD.haiz
the kitten is kinda quiet this few dayz..wonder what happen to it.
it is the weather that affect it or is it because it has finally realise its sis/bro is not going to come back and play with it again...haiz....

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

my 'brilliant' plan to skip LAn today failed.
he said something important bout history exam.
so i tak jadi balik.
end up doing presentation work.
till 5pm.
so so tired.
haven had lunch yet.
i wan food!
hungry now.
this is all.

Monday, 23 April 2007

more pictures

this is a foundry, or kilang besi, another major contributor of loud noises throughout the day. but its a bit better than those air-liur-burung producer. at least they dont work 24/7. sometimes, they contribute air pollution.
imagine eating ur lunch and u have to bear with the stench from lori sampah. MPM send lori sampah for them to baiki. but too bad, they find a brilliant place to park it. right outside my house de dining room, with the butt of the lori sampah facing my dining room. not onli i can smell the nice aroma of the food that is on the table, i also can smell a nice wonderful aroma from outside. its too near. thats the problem.


smoke. hoi! bakar sampah kah?

oh no!!! thick smoke? is the place burning down? oh please do...

but it turned out that...

the smoke is to kill the nyamuk, my greatest enemy.

a step to prevent denggi.
cei. make me happy for a while.

pictures i got from sitiawan

perangkap tikus

those are plastic bags. used plastic bags.

what? im just too bored.

the two stupid lubang that produce stupid bird noise to lure the swiftlets in.
the owner is really stupid.
make ppl suffer.
in case u're wondering.
the name of the shop that particular owner owns is PAULA FASHION.
i shall not give more information.

The whole building. Ugly isn’t it?

the black dots in the sky are actually birds. some people like them. love them. adore them. because they earn them thousands of dollars each month. i think people like these idiots is willing to kiss or even lick the birds shit if they have to.

some people just hate them around. people like me. who doesnt get anything in return. but sleepless nights, loss of concentration on studies, mental pressure(imagine listening to super loud bird chirping for 24 hours a day, SEVEN days a week) and other effects that cannot be seen.

headache. headache. imagine facing SPM and this together. super duper loud noise in the middle of the night. you want to study. you purposely stayed up just to study for the very important exam. but you end up getting distracted by those noises. i just cant understand why they should turn in on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. dont the birds need some rest? why other people can turn off the 'wonderful chirping' noised at night but they cant? and they means the shop owner i mention in the previous picture. they're just pure idiots. money face. mother no teach. lol. i have anger management issue. i might change my mind and do a law degree instead of psychology next year. i wanna sue them!


baby flowers

i find this interesting for i dunno what reason.

im weird, i know it

i keep reminding myself that i must really reallly hand in the form today. but. i always forgot. i had it for like two weeks edi. how long will i have to keep it before i can remember to hand it in? i have memory problems thats y.

i couldnt sleep last nite. my mind keep thinking of stuff. nonsense. i cant help myself. it feels like the very first day of skol last year. when i was in form five. the verrry first day of skol, the nite before, i couldnt sleep. i just lie on the bed. thinking bout things that are not so important. i just cant help myslef but to think. and when i think toooo much i cant sleep? am i having any kind of sleep problem once in a while? miraculously, i can actually wake up this morning at 6.10am. wow. i think i onli fall asleep at 2 something. then i woke up again. feeling like i just closed my eyes for a while and not sleeping. watever. i just hope that it doesnt happen again. not being able to sleep is really scary. the more i think, the more i ask myself to stop thinking and thats when my mind refuses to stop and more and more thoughts comes to my mind. im weird i know.

i told myself i want to stop eating mentos. my frens in coll would know. i have mentos wit me wherever i go. i would start having mentos right from early in the morning. i always find excuse for myself to have mentos. im kinda addicted to that. thats bad. eventually, i manage to cut down and even manages to stop for one or two weeks. but today, i got another mentos again. well. im a mentos addict.

one of the stupid things that ran thru my mind last nite.
i cant tell myself to stop drinking milo.
its a MUST. and a NEED.
not a WANT.

Friday, 20 April 2007

gReEn fOrEst, mY hOmE

im currently watching GREEN FOREST, MY HOME. got two leng chai in that show and one leng loi and one bitch.

simplified synopsis

"The story begins when the four main characters are just children. Luo Shan's father is chauffer to the Su's who have a daughter, Sophie. Having been abandoned by her mother and occasionally beaten by her father, Luo Shan harbors feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. Luo Shan is envious of Sophie, believing that if given the same opportunities as her, she could be as happy. Then, Luo Shan's father dies in an accident and the Su's take her in, renaming her Susan. Sophie's mother hopes that Sophie will treat Susan as her older sister and not tell anyone that Susan is adopted. Being kind-hearted and easy-going by nature, Sophie is easily taken advantage of by Susan, who decides that everything Sophie has, she must have too. Her jealousy also extends to Sophie's close friendship with Yuan Fang.

synopsis to the drama. dun read if u;re lazy. its bout 4 pages long.

Su Fei grows up from a family with musical talent. She is a blessed and happy girl with a positive personality and no scheming thoughts. Luo Shan grows up in Su Fei's family. Her father is the Su family's driver. Her mother ran away from home when Luo Shan was young and there has been no information from her since. Luo Shan is envious of Su Fei and hopes that one day she can become the type of person that Su Fei is.Luo Shan's father passed away because he was driving under the influence of alcohol and there has been no information on Luo Shan's mother ever since she ran away when Luo Shan was young. As a result, Su Fei's parents adopted Luo Shan and changed her name to Su Shan and became Su Fei's sister.Growing up as a driver's daughter and thinking of herself as a "low class person" has caused Su Shan to feel inferior. As a result, Su Shan has always had a wish. She wished that she can become someone like Su Fei because she always believed that as long as she can become Su Fei, then she would definitely be happy. Under this type of a psychological shadow, Su Shan fosters the behavior that as long as Su Fei has it, then she must have it too. From childhood to adult, this is the way that Su Shan treats Su Fei. Su Fei knows but she continues to remember the words of her mother to regard Su Shan as her real sister and not to tell anyone that Su Shan is an adopted child. Moreover, Su Fei believes that Su Shan must be like this because of her background and as a result, she didn't haggle over the matter with Su Shan.Su Shan and Su Fei along with Yuan Fang, who grew up together with them, were originally going to study at Green Light Forest - a school with no walls - Green Light Elementary School. However, because they had to move homes, they must leave Green Light Elementary School and go to study at Spencer Royal School of Music. Su Fei, who loves her independence, was very unwilling but she still had to go to a school enclosed with high walls - Spencer Royal School of Music. Within the strict Spencer Music School, there is one rule: those who forget to bring their textbooks would receive a beating on their palms.One day, the founder of Spencer Royal School of Music's son, William, arrives from Austria to listen in on a class. Su Fei, who didn't know of William's identity, mistakenly thinks that he forgot to bring his textbook and lent her textbook to him. Because of this, she was punished for not bringing her textbook. William couldn't bear to see Su Fei receive a beating on her palm because of trying to help him and pulling on Su Fei, ran out of the classroom with her. They both skipped class and both got lost inside Green Light Forest. However, it is because they got lost that they saw the legendary green light. Inside the green light, an old grandmother in the forest told William, after he grows up, he would meet a girl that he will love very deeply. He must trust her, otherwise, this girl will lose everything because of him and maybe even lose her life. The old grandmother also told William and Su Fei that in the world of love, time stands still. William and Su Fei listens attentively and this speech seems to be deeply engraved in both of their small minds.William takes out the Spencer family crest and gave it to Su Fei. He tells Su Fei that he will protect her forever. This is the promise that he makes to Su Fei and Su Fei firmly remembers this promise in her heart. Su Fei asks William for his name and he tells her that he is William. The mischievous Su Fei, happily tells William that she is Prince William’s princess and will not tell him her real name.William has to return to Austria. The day that he is to leave, he wants to return to Spencer Royal School of Music to say goodbye to the cute girl. However, on that same day, because Yuan Fang also has to leave the country to study music aboard, Su Fei was rushing to find Yuan Fang and missed seeing William. William, who is rushing to find Su Fei, arrives at Spencer’s campus. He couldn't find Su Fei and runs into Su Shan in the hallway instead. Su Shan sees a special aura around William and remembers that she has to work hard to become a "high class person" so that she can break away from her low life shadow. In that brief moment, she lies to William and tells him that the girl that he is looking for is called Su Shan. He believed it to be true and thought that Su Fei's name is Su Shan.After they grew up, Su Shan becomes the artistic director at Spencer Royal School of Music and Su Fei, who returns from studying aboard at a separate Spencer school in Austria, wants to go and teach at Green Light Elementary School. And the young boy, Yuan Fang, has now become the famous international violinist, "Ou Wen." He gets invited by Spencer Royal School of Music to return to the country to hold a concert for the newly appointed CEO.The new CEO of Spencer Royal School of Music turns out to be William who returns to the country to take over the position of CEO after the founder of the school, who is also his father, passed away. William's return to the country, besides from taking over Spencer Royal School of Music, at the same time, he also wants to take this chance to find the girl from his childhood memories, "Su Shan."During Ou Wen's concert, William, Su Fei, Su Shan, Ou Wen, these four people meet. Ou Wen reunites with Su Fei, the girl that he has liked from his childhood and moreover hoped to be able to protect forever. William is happy that he has found the girl from his childhood "Su Shan," and will be able to keep his promise to her. Su Fei, on the other hand, doesn't recognize that Ou Wen is her childhood friend or that Su Shan's boyfriend, William, is the Prince William that made a promise with her in the past. Because of William's mistake, Su Shan does not dare to acknowledge her own lie and becomes the "Su Shan" that is within William's heart. Even though the four of them have reunited, but their relationship is not as they had originally hoped or thought it would be.William, who just returned to the country to hold the position of CEO, is faced with the Spencer Board of Director's decision to close down Green Light Elementary School, the most special school within the Spencer Educational Foundation. Because William agrees with the teaching method and mentality of the principal of Green Light Elementary School and also to protect his most beloved memories from his childhood, he decided to stand out and protect Green Light. Yet he meets opposition in one of the most conservative directors on the board, Director Shang. In addition, Director Shang proposed that if Green Light Elementary School doesn't win the upcoming music competition, then they will close down Green Light Village's plantation. Spencer School of Music, led by Director Shang, and Green Light Elementary School, protected by William, no matter which side wins the competition, the loser will have to hand over the position that they uphold now. A gambling stake in the hands of destiny launches between Spencer Institute and Green Light Elementary School.Su Fei, who has deep feelings for Green Light Elementary School, in order to protect the Green Light villagers' lifestyle, their home, their land, and to keep her most important childhood memories, she took on the responsibility of making sure that Green Light Elementary School will win the music competition. Ou Wen, who has had feelings for Su Fei since they were young, also joined hands with Su Fei to defend Green Light. They fought side-by-side for the purpose of keeping Green Light safe and sound just like the feelings and memories that they hold in their hearts which can never be erased.On the other hand, in order to make sure that Spencer gets first place, Director Shang plans to ask Su Shan, who is one of the judges of the competition to cheat on the judging. However this destructive plan was accidentally found out by William's mother, the Countess who is also a director of Spencer and Ou Wen. Su Shan feels the pressure from Director Shang and also from the Countess, who is the mother of William, whom she likes. Su Shan doesn't like Green Light because this is the school that "Luo Shan" studied at before. Yet she is even more afraid to lose William. Su Shan hesitates not knowing how she should choose...The music competition ended and Green Light Elementary School wins. Things become even more complicated for Su Shan, who continuously tries to protect her love and her happiness. Su Shan is on the verge of getting engaged with William. Under a state unknown to herself, Su Fei becomes the third party between Su Shan and William. Ou Wen, who is aware of the truth of the whole matter, even though he has deep feelings for Su Fei but seeing how William and Su Fei's distance grows further and further apart, he decided that he can no longer let William continue thinking that Su Shan is Su Fei. Ou Wen decides to come forward and tell Su Fei and William the truth that they are both the person that they have each been looking for and waiting for all this time. However, Su Fei chooses to not believe Ou Wen and misses the chance to reunite with William again.During a barbecue outing at Green Light Elementary School, Su Fei finally finds out that the CEO William that Su Shan is engaged to is the Prince William that she has been waiting for all these years. They finally recognize each other. Seeing how Su Fei seems to be able to get her happiness and the Prince and the Princess will be living in harmony, but they both don't know that there are even more difficulties that are waiting for them on the road ahead.Yet, no matter how the future will be, in William and Su Fei's hearts, there has always been a faith that have supported them and that is, as long as they believe, then they will see the happy green light!


luo shan / susan *the bitch who want everything sophie has.

the main characters in the show. i think.

owen/ yuan fang.

owen and william. *both so suai..



* Esther Liu as Sophie / Su Fei

* Leon Jay Williams as William / Wei Lian

* Ruan Jing Tian as Owen / Jin Yuan Fang

* Song Zhi Ai as Susan / Su Shan

* David Chen as Brian

* Kido as Sun Da Jie

* A Liang

im back in penang. bored place. feel like i've wasted one whole week of my not so wonderful holiday doing stupid things. haiz.

'curi-ed' these pictures from ly de frenster. =p

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

im going back sitiawan later. at 2pm. heheh.dunno wanna go back til friday or sunday. haiz. go back means no car drive and no internet. means cant blog for a few days. gasp... i hope i'll survive. haiz. is rather stupid. went all the way to college and forgot to bring the form that i was supposed to pass up. haiz. carelessness. on the way back, jam teruk. one hour plus onli sampai rumah. babi de. haiz. tml read newspaper see what the hell happen there... i onli see bomba. watever. not much time left to pack. wish me luck in stw. hope i dun die of boredom. lolx. cya.
taking few days holiday from blogging.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

fuck! damnit im so pissed off now... why cant u guy tell me earlier?? lol..waste my time like that... if not.. i'll b enjoying homecooked food and be with my precious frens in sitiawan now lar.. fuck! damnit... have to spend whole week of holiday here in this stupid fucking boring place.. GREAT... im damn MAD
life's like that...
cilaka betul....

i may not be an animal lover.... but... these dogs are just C-U-T-E!!!
difference between LION and TIGER.
'just to name a few'

1. lion is brown in colour.
tiger is not brown.
2. lion dun have black colour de stripes.
tiger got black colour de stripes.
3. male lions have manes.
male tiger dont have.
4. there's something called lion dance.
but there's nothing called tiger dance.
i thought i will be going to college today to join the march intake for the extra class de.. but.. i didnt. i end up sleeping at home..haiya. if i noe earlier... stay in sitiawan for a dew moredays better lar.. stay there nothing to do. come here also nothing to do...except homework. hahahah....
ever since i move here, i've been eating spicy food EVERYDAY! now, i CANT LIVE WITHOUT SPICY FOOD! omg...haiz...i fell in love with hokkien mee.. plus chilly...and recently, curry mee...
and if my mum tapao lauk from outside, curry is a must...
so, i end up having curry everyday...except for some saturday and sunday..
yesterday is a total waste of time. haiz. wake up-breakfast-online-blog-lunch-tv and online-online more-sleep-wake up- dinner.
btw, sl told me d matricks results are out. so can go check edi. i went to check for fun. cause im super duper bored. heheeh. i got the form..but i din send it. then i checked for some other frens. two of them got it. then someone asked me, not 20th april onli come out de meh? aiyoyo..manalah saya tau...

Monday, 16 April 2007

last weekend

this is the kitten which died d other day.i have loads of pics of it. din realise it was this one till last weekend...i always thought its the more playful one which went to heaven...this one is the very quiet and shy one..i really like this one. cause its so adorable and cute was always there when i wanted to take pictures..the other one would just run away from me...
well...LIFE"S LIKE THIS...
sp went to further her studies edi..this means...there's less and less ppl who will have the time to sms wit would be so so sien without sending a single sms in a day....but, anyways... good luck wit the new environment yar...
frens in taylors say they have test starting from today.. so, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST TO ALL OF U WHO ARE HAVING ANY TEST OR EXAM...
the other day,
dad wore bro de sandals to wash something and gettin it all wet.
bro grumple "why wear my sandals?? wear your own shoe lar...bla bla bla"
mum say, "why u dont wan to wear ur own shoe. now his sandals are all wet."
lol...actually... its not THAT WET...
dad pretended not to hear them.
then, mum say "wear girl's shoe lar. his sandals wet edi"
walaoeh... means... my sandals can get wet lar..his sandal kenot get wet lar...
mayb its ME who is TOO sensative..
or maybe...
went to makan ipoh nga choi kai after that...hahahahah...sYOK! so long no eat edi..hahahah...btw... i tried to put the phone in my pocket.. fell out...and... i was sitting next to a big and DEEP drain...luckily, it din fell in there..LUCKILY...
read the newspaper yesterday...ternampak the title actually... something about writing is good for health stuff... cant remember the title lo..its in the STAR, FItFOr LIFE section.i read a lil.. and lazy wanna continue reading...din have the newspaper wit me now..the newspaper is back in sitiawan lor...well..tis something bout..writing gua...i also forgot edi lar what i read..hahaha....memory tarak baik
the END of THIS blog`


i got to change my blogger account to the Google wan edi.. =p.. and i dun need to create a new one. hehehehhe....
----* SYOK!!! sleep till 10 am only wake up.. hahahaha...this holiday, i wont b going back to stw...Cox here is quiet and peaceful...stw is like...WAR ZONE!!!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2007


since i cant sign in to WRETCH and i AM BORED wit THIS BLOG, i think i should consider what a fren said. sign up for a new blog and delete this blog. i want the new google blogspot thingy. i dun awn this OLD wan. i hate to see the word OLD everytime i sign in. but i can seem to switch my account there. damnit. im starting to like WRETCH and now i cant blog there. unless if i use the college comp...but... i have ONE WEEK holiday. what u expect me to do in ONE WEEK HOLIDAY?? ROT AT HOME??..
college work sucks. the lecturer just need to ask one sentence de question. and u have to write fiva pages of report for her.
for example, what impact does the information system(IS) have on the comunity and society??
and then we have to write 100 words worth of report to her.
life's like that..
going back stw today. haven decided wanna stay how long. but. mayb coming back tml edi. cause i have nothing to do ins tw and load of work to finish. accounting, 2 IT reports,something about english but i dunno what the hell is that,economics,and need to study for psycho..
after holidays, sure the lecturers will give tests wan.. die larl ik that.. haizzzzz...
there;s something i wanna say.. but i really forgot what the hell is that edi...well then... just have to .... keep it till next blog lorr..
btw... my blogspot account is reaaaalllllly OLD...i cant even put any links here.. or post pictures....or load any song in here... so OLLLDDDD...

Friday, 13 April 2007

i will run to you

Your eye is on the sparrowAnd Your hand, it comforts meFrom the ends of the Earth to the depth of my heartLet Your mercy and strength be seenYou call me to Your purposeAs angels understandFor Your glory, may You draw all menAs Your love and grace demandAnd I will run to YouTo Your words of truthNot by might, not by powerBut by the spirit of GodYes I will run the race'Till I see Your faceOh let me live in the glory of Your grace

You call me to Your purposeAs angels understandFor Your glory, may You draw all menAs Your love and grace demand
And I will run to YouTo Your words of truthNot by might, not by powerBut by the spirit of GodYes I will run the race'Till I see Your faceOh let me live in the glory of Your grace

And I will run to YouTo Your words of truthNot by might, not by powerBut by the spirit of GodYes I will run the race'Till I see Your faceOh let me live in the glory of Your grace

And I will run to YouTo Your words of truthNot by might, not by powerBut by the spirit of GodYes I will run the race'Till I see Your faceOh let me live in the glory
Oh let me live in the glory Oh let me live in the glory of Your grace

[13] + [Friday] = ....

Well, lucky I got back this blog. If not, I'll be bored to DEATH!
I couldn't sign in to WRETCH for whatever reason. And it took me ages just to sign in here. damnit. alrite. before i start de lame blog bout MY DAY, i'll just have to blast McD..

*the story*
went to mcD at greenlane after my class. cause i was DEAD HUNGRY! ok ok.. i ordered ONE LARGE SET OF BIG MAC, ONE BANANA PIE AND ONE APPLE PIE.and i wanted chilly sauce and ketchup!.. she said ok. then i paid for what ever i ordered. din check but when i sampai rumah, i found out that they din give me KETCHUP and BANANA PIE. damn it. i was a lil angry. then i ate the APPLE PIE. it sucks. feel lik vomiting after has a bite of it. yucks.. i WILL NEVER EVER buy apple pie again.. i cant say i WONT go to that particular mcD again. cause... its the only mcD on my way home. and on fridays, i dun have any breakfast and lunch till about 3pm. so, i just HAVE to go there.
*end story*

ok now..

*my day*
today is friday 13th. i avoid wearing BLACK. and...this day went well...
not bad for a day which is supposed to be super duper BAD LUCK!!!
was half way thru accounting class. wanted to go for the talk by melisa from UniSA. but. stil got accounting ah.. dun care lar...studies more important. but.. on my way downstairs miss lucy saw me and say melissa is upstairs. hehe.. then she say.. mrs allen de class all going upstairs for the talk. yippie..means i dun need to miss accounting to attend the talk. hahaha.alrite...she talk lik an ang moh.. and ... at first.. its kinda hard to understand what she was talikng cause she talks fast.. or.. mayb its me who is SLOW? hahaha. dun care lar. can understand what she say can edi study psychology at UniSA, i onli need 65 points for TER. hope i can do better than that lo...
when it was about to go home, i got into the car..walao.. so damn hot lar inside. feel lik barbeque... cause i put it under the HOT sun... my fault...
*end of my day*

well, what should i blog next?
i have no more idea.
some of the college mates aer going pangkor tml.
i wan to go too.
but... i rather go wit my frens.
but... too bad i cant go wit frens.
cuti pun ada class...cilaka betul...

ps.. my blogs will be updated DAILY. if this blog isnt updated, means the other blog will be updated. so.. its either one of the blog which is going to be updated...
here's my second BLOG!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

i'M bAcK!

i cant believe my last post was in september 2004. i lost my password and forgot my username. so i switched to friendster blog. and then recently, i graduated from frienddster blog to wretch.
then today, suddenly i got an email from blogger asking me for new password. wow. now i have two blogs. i dunno what to do wit this. hahaha. will try to find a way lorr...
anyway, 3 years has since passed from my last post. ans last post was about PMR. now, i've finished SPM and am now in college. how time has passed.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

SHARE is something thats not in MY dictionary

you knoe wat?
for example,
i wan a new one. cause my old one died. so i was hoping to get my OWN PERSONAL one. but. my parents got one and we had to SHARE. lolx. fine. i SHARE. but. please dun SIMPLY DELETE my pcitures k? stupid lar. those pictures may mean NOTHING to you. but its SOMETHING to me k? DAMN IT!
my PC>
i move to penang to study. so staying wit my parents and bro. lolx. fine. i cant get to kl. fine. penang is ok too. lolx. but. i hate someppl who plays maple so much and everyday also have to dl stupid maple stuff. hai dao my comp is so damn fucking slow. cant move also. please lar. i wwant to sell off or donate off my computer and get MY OWN laptop. u play maple somemore i let u use windows 98 baru tau. stupid! see lar. if i lose my p atience. i will do that wan. dare me.

haiz. that two is just some of the examples. lolx. feel really stress lar. everyday have to fite wit him. have to study and stuff. really stressful lar. i wan to cry. but i dun have my own space. so i cant cry out loud. i just can cry in my heart. i wan to die. but i cnt do so. i have responsibilities. i smsed my frens bout how i feel. none of them understand how i feel now. we're different. I GROW UP ALONE. they dont. so its totally different. life sucks.

sharing stuff is ok for me. if it doesnt intefere with what i am doing and wants to do. yes i do sound selfish. lolx. what can i do? im like this. lolx. sharing stuff wit frens are OK cause they know the limits. sharing stuff wit my bro is NOT OK. he doent know the limits. whe i say i want to use means i wan lar. play whole afternoon edi stif not enough a? stupid idiot. make my extremely good mood today bad. rite. my parents are on HIS side. so im all alone in this house. YES THEY DO! when i wan it back. i mean. wheni say i wanted to use it. i mean it. and i dun scold ppl for no reason. and when i raise my voice a lil at him, they will go... GIRL>>DUN SHOUT! what the fcuk! ook ok... i understand now.. go back to the chinese family-parents-love-their-son-more theory! lolx.

my life sucks. sp ask me to think positively. i really cant. mayb she is busy wit her own stuff. so.. its really frustrating to hear wat i say. suan lar. i wish i can go overseas and dun come back and stay wit them. i hate stayin in msia anyway. SITIAWAN MY HOME is now lik a WARZONE. so i dun really lik going back there. i MISS my GRANDMA's COOKING and my GRANDPARENTS back there. i wish i could go back NOW and stay there. but. on the other hand, i dun wan to go back. its so noisy there and it feels lik a war zone. so life there now is really stressful. in penang, its never my home. lately, it feels more like home. but now. i wish i wasnt here at the first place. but what to do. sometimes in life, we have to make choices that we don really like and do things that we dont really want.

i realise something today. its already APRIL. OMG. two more months and it'll be my mid year. i HAVE to do well. I MUST do well. i MUST start studying edi now. but, WHERE DO I START???? i NEED HELP!! but i cant just go to anyone and ask stupid questions lik this. its stupid. i need to help myself. i need to change more. at least im doing my homework nowdays. not lik previous years, i dun care how big pile is the homework. it just grows bigger and bigger til the end of the year. and then i'll just have to forget bout it. i nEEd help in my studies now. im NOT GOOD in ACCOUNTING. ENglish sucks but stil managable cause everyone is doing the same thing. i guess. IT makes no sense to me. just starting my ECONOMICs class so i dunno if its OK to me. but im sure bout something. ECONOMICS IS WAY BETTER THAN MATHEMATICAL STUDIES! i THOught i understand PSYCHOLOGY. i love this subject. i really do. but then. when the teacher gives test or practices to do, i dunno wat the question is asking. so, WHAT AM I DOING? im not sure. so, is there anyone out there who is willing to help? i really do NEED help.