Tuesday, 31 May 2011

it's for your own good...

i desperately want my facebook back. 

i have never been procrastinating this much.

today is supposedly the due date, 
but it was extended to tomorrow.

i. just. cant. do. it. 


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Making Decisions

I don't know about you, but i truly dislike making decisions. Even simple choices like want to eat this or that is difficult for me to decide. first because its food and i generally love food and that made making decision harder, and second, i just cant decide. 

even for assignment, although i have alot of time to finish it, but i still wait till the last minute because i simply cannot decide on  which topic to do. this is what happens when there are choices. having choices is a good thing, but for me, its just like a nightmare to me... 

i hate it when people ask me to think of what to eat (which happens all the time when im at home), because i just cant think on the spot and tell u the answer. o.o maybe thats why i have only a few 'favourite' places only. because i dun like to think and make decision and i just end up going to places that i know and is convenient. O.o

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


busy, very busy, super busy.
let's see...

i have papers due on 27th May, then in June, 1, 8,9,10, working on 12th, 13, and 29.
had quiz today which i din do well in because i had no time at all to study... :(

Sunday, 22 May 2011

#1 Testing

hello, test, test ,test.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Should I move?

Short Note: Versi Bahasa Malaysia di atas, scroll down for English version xD 

ada sesuatu yang aku tidak faham.  ada juga sepekara yang menggatal dalam mindaku. 

pertama, mengapa langit biru? ok ok mungkin itu bukan perkara yang aku tengah fikir, tetapi, aku dah lupa apa yang aku tak faham. 

kedua, perkara yang menggatal dalam mindaku. sebagaimana yang anda tahu, (ok mungkin anda yang membaca ini tidak tahu, tapi mereka yang mengikuti blog boring saya ini mungkin tahu) blog ini dah lama. dah tua. dah bertahun-tahun aku blog di alamat ini. inilah blog aku yang pertamaaaaa sekali. aku buka blog ini masa form 3, pastu aku lompat ke tempat yang lain, buka blog-blog yang baru, banyak juga yang aku tulis dalam blog semua tu, tapi sekarang memang dah tak ada lagi. tinggal yang ni jer.. aku pernah blog di wretch, friendster, xanga, ahh wordpress, ada laman apa lagi ye? dah lupa dah, tapi i ingatlah, lebih dari 1 yang i ada. lompat sini, lompat sana. lompat hingga blog ini aku lupai. tetapi, tiba tiba, blogger.com hantar aku email pulak, suruh aku claim balik blog aku yang ketinggallan ni, so aku pun baliklah sini dan menetap. dah lapan tahun usia blog ini... tapi tu i kira dari masa buka blog... yang betul2 aku balik blog kat sini mungkin 4 atau 5 tahun jer... 

tapi, 4 tahun ke, 5 tahun ke, agak panjang juga tempoh masanya.. baangkanlah, kalau ada anak, sudah masuk tadika.. kalau blog ini anak i, dah masuk tahun 2 kat sekolah dah. dah lapan tahun beb! cepatnya masa berlalu ni. 

ok dah cakap panjang panjang, apa yang menggatal dalam mindaku in ye? alright, sekarang aku nak kata dah... 

blog ni kesayangan i, tapi, manusia harus memandang ke depan, so i fikirlah, patut ke i pindah blog? buka blog yang baru, dengan konsep yang baru, design yang fresh sikit, nama yang baru, dan menetap di sana. i tak kata nak tutup blog ni. yang ni anak pertama i, yang baru tu macam pindah ke rumah pertama pulak. 

apa komen anda? patut ke? 


I am so sorry I have to blog in broken Malay language. This is how long I am away from school (not that my malay in school is very well, hmmm maybe it’s this standard too). Well, I hope you have stayed long enough to see the English version. For those who don’t read malay, hehe.

“There is something that I don’t understand. There is also something bothering me.

First, why is the sky blue? Ok maybe that’s not what I was thinking, but, I hhave already forgotten what I don’t understand.

Secondly, the thing that has been bothering me. As you know, (ok maybe you don’t know, but those who have been following me over all these years might know) that this blog is quite old. Its been years I have been blogging at this address. This is my first ever blog. I had this blog when I was in Form 3, and then I just end up at other blogsites, opening many new ones, and I had also been blogging at those sites a lot, but now there’s no more. This is the only one left. I have blogged in Wretch, Friendster, Xanga, ahhh Wordpress, and what other sites are there? I cannot remember, but I do remember, I own more than 1 blog. I have been hopping around different blogsites that I totally forgot about this blog. However, out of a sudden, blogger.com sent me an email to claim back my already-forgotten blog, and so I came back and stayed till now. It’s been 8 years this blog. But I calculated that from the time I had this blog. The time that I really posted is just 4 or 5 years only.

But! No matter its 4 years or 5 years, it is quite a long time. Just imagine, if I had a child, he or she is already in kindergarten. If this blog is my child, he or she is already in Standard 2. It has been EIGHT years baby! How fast time flies.

Ok, I have been very long winded. So what’s been bothering me? Alright, now I will spill…

This blog is my love, but, we have to step forward and look ahead. So, I was just thinking, should I move now? Open a new blog, with new concept, a fresh design, a new name, and just stay there. I am not closing this one, this is like my first child. The new blog is like moving to a new home.

So what do you think? Should I?"

Thursday, 5 May 2011


This is one talented singer. He may not look handsome, he is not average thin. But he is blessed with an awesome voice. A voice that will touch hearts.