Sunday, 31 October 2010

do you know its not healthy to sleep 3 hours a day?

supposed to post this last Thursday, but there were no wireless in the two classes i was in, and i went back home straight, so i've been internetless since, thursday.

Read on and u'll know why being online is so important to me.


i went to class with a heavy heart on thursday. because i was supposed to write a free thinking essay after reading an article about sleep. i've never done free thinking essay before. everything that i've written in my past 4 years is all based on facts, and everything needs a citation...

so i just wrote on my experience and what i think, which is 2 paragraph long. then i summarize the article, then it became 1 and the half page long.

don't know whether will kena scold anot for writing rubbish like this. and we're supposed to show our essay to the lecturer and she'll be commenting one by one.

turns out ok, but it's like getting a reality slap in the face. if there's any.


i wrote that i slept only 3 - 4 hours a day. the lecturer say this is bad and unacceptable. there is no time to rest. in long term, my eyes may not be able to see clearly (thank goodness still ok), watery eyes(yes, alrd have), worsen memory(explains why monday im so blur, i cant think, cant decide, cant rmbr nothing), etc. cant remember what else she told me.

after i heard all that, i felt like, erm... yeah that is what happened to me. and i didnt know its because i din sleep properly for the past few weeks.

my sleeping time, it was 1.30am the latest, and now it became 4.30am. i dont know what's wrong with me i just dont sleep.

another thing she asked, "what were u doing at that time when you are not sleeping?" i said, "facebook".

she then mentioned that facebook had more or less become an addiction to me. i cant deny that. i know i am addicted to it. i dont know why too. yes, im bored with fb, but then i stil log on to it. its the 1st thing i do when i wake up and the last thing i see before i sleep.

she said, its like substance abuse, or being addicted to smoking. ok now i understand smokers better. u cant just quit. its hard.

that's like the 2nd reality slap. i need to wake up, but how???

i need to take all the extra time i have to study. i need to be prepared for my exam. its less than 1 month and here i am, on fb and blogger.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

no title

i think i should just write first while waiting for the pictures to upload.

yesterday was monday. went to class yesterday and many ppl ask me if i was sick. if i needed rest. some said i look like i have high fever. some say my lips are white. and i can't judge situations properly, i cant think properly, and i cant decide even on simple things. i dont know what is wrong with me. future doctors, can tell if anything's wrong with me????

yesterday was monday, which means that it was start of the week. by the end of monday night, i am left with only rm7 for the rest of the week. owed rach rm20 for installing microsoft word into my netbook. unnecessary spending, RM29 for a pair of shoes. argh! i bought it cause it's discounted rm20 cause shadow bought something from cotton on. so its buying then or buying it at a more expensive price lorh. and i have to eat bread for the rest of the week.

the search for the room is still on-going. found some reasonably priced(some may say, walao so expensive lehhh) but then when i ask them about the parking, every1 stop replying. :(

last week, we went out for dinner and we had desserts 3 days in a row wtf.

first, we went to this 'hongkong-ish style' dessert place near asia cafe. then snowflakes. then secret recipe.
BOO! lose weight konon!

snowflakes. taro series, set 4.

saturday volunteered at mcpf crime prevention again. this year got more participants walao the whole auditorium full wehhhhh... at the end of the event, thre's this focus group discussion and the leader of the group has to go up the stage, stand in front of sooo many people and present their discussions. OMGOSHHH!! those people who went up are secondary school students. i present in front of the class also got nervous breakdown edi, apatah lagi this one present in front of a full auditorium weh...

people raising hands to support the statement.

and oh, did i mention? we had to be in uni at 7AM on a SATURDAY for this event. :(
i slept late, arnd 4.30am on friday night, then end up waking up only at 7am because shadow called.

this is loves. i dont think we can get this in malaysia. damn nice ok, if i see it i'll end up buying it everydayyyy!

Pocky. Almond Crush Bitter YUMZ!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Looking for room to rent

i am now considered homeless. looking for a place to stay. pls pls pls i hope i can find a room with no problems/defects paling paling teruk by december. need to move in late-est in january. *fingers crossed*

i've emailed, posted on fb wall, sms-ed.

in the mean while, i need to pray i dun change my mind too... xD

and i need to work now, for extra pocket money now that im moving out. :(
any available part time jobs for me?


ps: shouldn't have bought camera.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

things i do in class

one of the cool thing being in sunway for psychology is....
we have a chance to see the brain up close and personal.
where else can i have the chance to see, disect, and study the brain?

* warning, please dun continue scrolling down if you are eating.
some individuals may find it disgusting.

this is cow brain, but still is a brain.

after months of building the models and detailing out the functions of each part,
we got to touch, see and feel the real brain!

the above is the nicest brain of all that day, and my group got the worse brain to study on...

have to wake up 5.30am later, omgosh 3 hrs more to sleep only.
pls pls pls let me wake up at that time!!

the above picture is taken with my azuukee, Nikon Coolpix s3000.
quite a sucky camera. believe or not, this is the nicest picture taken so far.

Saturday, 16 October 2010


ladies, and gentleman,

this is my desktop wallpaper.

"super cool" huh? xD

i am busy, but i am very free.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Unimaginable Busy-ness

i am tired.
- just got back from a frigging long drive because of the jam.
i drove more than 3 straight hours, shut up!

i have a lot of things lined up.

- waiting for me to complete.
- waiting for me to touch.

Monday, i have two major discussions.
pls give me strength so that i can take it all in on Monday.

Tuesday, meeting up with friend and her classmates.
i need a break from all the work OK.

Wed and Thur, work my ass off.

Friday, due date for brain parts and functions.

next Monday, presentation.
formal, with formal jacket, heels, and make up (nightmare).
and it's going to be video-ed. FML.

next Wednesday, FML much, due date for the research paper that i have yet to start.
i have no idea :
- on how to interpret the result, which means that, how am i supposed to start on writing the whole paper?
- and on how to look for journals for a research that was probably done countless times, but is not published?

next next Monday, due date for the report for the presentation.

i can "phew" after that, but i have to be reminded that i have yet to touch any text books or start in any form of revision.
double FML.

oh BTW,

i like it on the bed.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Social Gathering

4th social gathering since i step into this department.
this is the awesome-st!

chocolate brownieeee~~

i was the 'official photographer' for this gathering.
came home with 400 pics.

*wondering how many more will there be before i grad*

posted this and felt like words too little.

cream soup was gooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
main dish, okay lah, love the chicken and the fish, but i din had the other fish cause i see tiny bones...
pasta, spicy abit, i heard the duck was superb awesome, but i din notice cause i was all around taking pics...
choc brownie, AWESOME-ness!!!
loooooves, but a bit too sweet.