Tuesday, 8 November 2011

piece of shit

And so, I have decided.

This blog holds memories from the past and there is no way i'm going to delete it. But I'll be blogging on the other blog mainly on sharing information such as what did i do, what did i eat, what did i see, where i went...(etc)

And on this dead blog, I will be updating on the other side of my life. The ranting side. The side where always complains about everything under the sun and the moon. btw, I have yet to think of a suitable title for the other blog lol...

Hehe... And so you have been informed. LOL i dun even think there's a single soul visiting this blog anymore...


on the other hand,

I just got back my thesis proposal result and i have minor ammendments which means that i can just start with my thesis if i wanted to. BUT when i went to see my supervisor, she told me that there is nothing wrong with my propopsal. HOWEVER, *jeng, jeng, jeng* the whole thing is a piece of shit and is not a 3rd year standard and if i carry on doing then i MIGHT (have high chance) to fail my thesis which means that i will screw my 3 years of studying.. wtf?!

Alright, i know i stupid, but wtf?! I also know its my fault for choosing such a complicated topic. already know myself not that smart edi, still want to choose such difficult topic. find trouble, cari pasal.. dunno what to say...

Will be wasting more weekends on doing this piece of shit lor... ok my thesis is my new born baby, its not a piece of shit.. but i am so tired already.. haihhhh