Saturday, 31 May 2008


except for the food, i see no reason why i am here...

Friday, 30 May 2008

at first, i hated this pair.
cause its 'too pink'...
and the shop owner was like..
'' girl, mestilah beli pink''..
i was speechless...

but if i buy blue for baby girl, it wud be weird rite??

in the end, i got two pair of socks just because they're cute.

omg please dun ask me go shop for baby stuff alone...
they're too cute...

and i have to actually walk up and down, this end to the other end, just to look for something suitable.
did i mention, i haven had my breakfast?


first, i went to jusco, cause its damn near the entrance...
then no one layan me and i dunno what to get,
i went out, and end up in kiko.... something like that...

got a box set...

then i went all de way to parkson(its on the other end, at the other wing ok, damnit)
got another box set there...
at least people there were more helpful than jusco...
and they have sale summore...
and then, walked all de way back to kiki la la and i kinda lost my way.. wtf...
ishh... mayb is the "i am so damn hungry and i dun get enough sleep last night" symptom...

but in the end, its all worth it...
i hope bc likes it... hmmmm

and when i got back, i am do damn fcking blurrr...
i almost knock into de divider ...
if anyone saw this, i have no chance to drive back liao later..


panicking--> omg omg i am so damn outoftimenow.ihaven even packandnow only iwant to lookfor information..omg omg omg..and damnstupid ss15noparkingatalldamnit...


as much as i hate being in penang,
i am actually looking forward to my trip there..

the power of delicious FOOD..

those who know me would know why i hated so much to even be there..
it brings back all the bad memories..
the white coll(errrrrrrkkkkk)
the liFe there(stooopp!)
omg i am so gonna have nightmare later...

i am so looking forward for LAKSA and also TOM YAM MEE...
i dont think laksa is possible..
but whatever, it keeps me my spirits up...
i AM going penang this saturday..

and i am gonna get thru TWO days there.
no sweat.
its just two days.
what could happen??????

ps: i dressed Gabriella up. then i realise, Gab and Mint has the SAME top and bottom and sandals. the only thing different is just the colour.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


patrick. cute kan?

a red day in college.

i like this pic, i dunno why....

to art class we go... hehehe

made out of mentos wrapper.

spotted outside Taylors.

heavenly LAKSA @ pasar kg koh

kam puan mien

freshly baked kompiang...

i woke up, open the curtain, window was like this,

so i did this....told u i went to art class before..

some say, it looks like a little girl...
some say, it looks like jelly fish...
i say, its a smiley face larrrr....

telur ayam kampung and telur ayam biasa...
can u tell the difference??

tiffy, this is for u actually... =)
happy bday!!

hoi! very glaring la idiot!!!

this is how the study room looks like, esp when i have holiday and spend most of my time here..........

omg omg.... cheese baked rice again... yumm yumm

frozen bak chang...
it is not save to comsume...
unless if u want to have diarrhea..

i've finished

i proudly announce, i HAVE FINISHED reading Chinese Cinderella in less than TWO days.

Chinese Cinderella, is a true story of an unwanted daughter. She has seven siblings all together in the family, including one brother and one sister from her father's second marriage.

She was blamed for bringing bad luck because her mother died shortly after giving birth to her. No body pays attention to her at home.

Her father, didn't even remember her name or her birthday. Not even her name. Come on la...

Through the years, she gone thru neglect, abuse (physically and mentally) but she stayed strong. If i was in her place, i don't think i will get thru all that...

She topped her class and excelled in her studies. And she studies whenever she have the time to. No one cares anyway. So in order to hide her sorrows and pain, she does her homework and study as soon as she got home.

I say, this is truly a touching story. I feel its even more touching than Ps I Love You.

In my own words:
Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work hard.
The future holds no limit.
If you give it a try, you might stand a chance. But if you were not try at all, you stand no chance at all and it means that you have already given up.

Now, if I am this fast in reading Pindah, Arjuna Hati, and Lepaskan Aku Kembali Ke Laut Jilid 1 & 2...

ps: Chinese Cinderella is less than 250 pages =)
plus, its in simple English, not those bombastic kinda English, so anyone will enjoy it...
as in, you dun need to open the dictionary looking for words you don't understand so many times...

pps: is this considered a book review? if it is, then this is the very first time doing it..wheeee...!!

ppps: Harry Potter is going on 50% discount at Popular Bookfest in KLCC...damnit...NOT FAIR LA.. somemore is the limited edition kind...


whats with peoples and weddings anyway?
i believe, wedding is one of the way for couples to show off...
and they give the impression that its so easy to find the one...
do u really need to be married and have mr. right/ mrs. right to be happy??

ps: i know this post sounds so damn emo, but i cant help it,the thought bout wedding crossed my mind all of a sudden =)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tag #2 from Tiffy

------------------------ ♥ ------------------------

1) What do you want the most now?
to pass my exams and get out of Taylors.

2) Who is the person you trust most?
I have no idea.

3) Are you in love?
no I am not…sighhh

4) If you have a dream come true..What is it?
for now, to get good grades for my SAM and also to get my degree, then get a job that pays really well, but doesn’t not need me to spend allll my time on it, and also, have many many good and trust-able and true friends.

5) Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
nope, I never seen a rainbow after it rains. Seldom, close to never.

6) Whats your goal for this year?
get good grades, get out of taylors, lose weight, make the best out of 2008

7) Do you believe in eternity?
Not really…

8) Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she wanna commit suicide?

I believe I have not..

9) What feelings do you love most?
The feeling of being loved and cared for…

10) What are the requirements from your other half?
fun and lovin, able to make me laugh anytime, understanding, truthful, loves me for who I am and not for who I am not

11) What kinds of feelings you hate most?

12) Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
Yes. Of course.

13) What do you want to do in the future?
have a steady and fun job that pays well, its better if I am not working at all but I still have money to spend, occasionally go for holidays(I can imagine the white sand and blue beaches, hot guys, and girls in bikini now…)

14) What is the most important thing in your life?
for now, is getting good grades, and actually passing my accounts.

15) Why do you think he is important in your life?
Who he?

16) Who do you hope to be always there for you?
Family and friends.

17) When do you think the world will end?

18) The world ends tomorrow. What will you do? (If there are no limits to your actions and there are 36 hours a day)
-I’ll fill in the blanks soooon-

19) What do you think of the person who tagged you?
damn pretty damn smart

20) What do you want to know right now?
I want to know whether I can actually pass my SAM anot…

Then I want to know when will I die…

I tag:
Jun Nee

Wei Jan

im taggin no one cause no one bother to do it

exam's over. time for tags.

Instructions: Remove ONE question and add in your personal question if you want to, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. What have you realised recently?

No one is perfect.

A person might seem to be the perfect one at first, but then, as time passes, everything changes.

Last minutes never work. Some people never learn from mistakes.

2. Have you given your first kiss away?

:: x ::

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who're the buddies you would take with you?

Erm… I would take people who understands me and people who I understand, so that we wouldn’t get into arguments easily. As if get stranded on a deserted island is not cham enough, now have to argue with people pulak…dun wan dun wan..hehehe

And also, someone fun, so that I wont be bored to death =)

4. Are u satisfy with life you have now or you wan even more?

Humans never feels satisfies with wat they have. They always want more. It’s human nature. My life is kinda shitty, so I would say, I want more…

5. Who do u trust the most?

Hmmm… I tend to trust people easily… I don’t know who I really trust the most…

Everyone seems to be “trust-able”

6. Name one of ur best and ever best friend?

Ermmmmm….those people I sms EVERYDAY?

7. Do you prefer to sleep or talk to a friend when it gets boring in class?
I’m an introvert… of course la I prefer to sleep..

8. What makes you mad?

People who never understands.

9. Have you ever cried so hard, you made yourself sick?

Nope, not yet…

10. List out 3 points of your first impression of the person who tagged you?

Friendly, cheerful, errrr…scary(she my senior ma..of cux sked la)

11. What do you think of urself?

I’m living in the world of my own, but its not that far away from reality, unlike some people.

Quiet at times…


12. Which type of person do you like the most?

Someone who is funny and also understands. And also, someone who is not fake.

13. Is there someone you're thinking of now?

Yeah, lots...

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you

or would you rather they keep quiet?

Truth hurts. But I will appreciate it if they would tell me… so I can at least know what am I doing wrong.

15. Who was the last person you hugged?

Jun nee…

16. Who knows you the best?

I have no idea

17. If your house burned down, what is the ONE thing you’d save from your room?


18. Throughout ur life,what hurts you most?

Hmmmm….no idea toooo…

19. Whats the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?

The papers.

20. Are you happy you've been tagged by ur friend?


Monday, 26 May 2008

words to describe today:
* Edited

It feels weird walking in those heels

Had many firsts today.
[first court trip]
[first time having breakfast in mamak with them]
[first time im illegally parking in kl]
[first time wearing a skirt, i think the last time i wore a skirt is the school uniform]
[first time wearing heels this year and it hurts damnit]
[first time going to sing-k...and it rained]
[first time talking to wendyloo...according to vivian =)]
[dunno what happen...i keep ending my sentence with 'wehhh']
[firstsss...i forget edi laaa.....]


The bus was late. I’m early. Lol.

Damn hot lorrrr…stupid kl weather

It was kinda boring in the courtroom…someone even fell asleep…and no I didn’…


Feel very tired lorrr…may because lack of sleep..and woke up tooo early..and came back tooo late cause having tooo much fun

awkward(no reason)


Didn’t finish my breakfast, so I was hungry.

Sighhh…lack of sleep leads to being extremely blurrr

Stooooooooopid heels…


Hehehe…after court trip, we went to pyramid!! Im HAPPY to have my cheese baked rice

Three 38 people, happened to be given the room 38


It rained. And I think its because of me. It didn’t rained heavy cause I didn’t tried hard enough. Hmmmm…

Sunday, 25 May 2008

i found out something bout myself today::

both my feet are of DIFFERENT shape and size.

Saturday, 24 May 2008


here comes my loh-soh daily updates.

my exam ends last friday, with economics.
i went to college at 7.30am, and the paper is at 11 am.
yeah, super early, but luckily, the library is open.

kay, it was damn freezing cold in the DR2 lor...
even with my jacket, i am still freezing...

as soon as the exam finished, i turned my phone on,
and start replying all messages.
and it all ends with,
"i just SUCESSFULLY FAILED my econs".

my 30 marks, out of 70 marks, gone just like that.

sighhh...depressing right? by right, i should be going home, lock all the door, then hide in a corner and cry like there's no tomorrow and blame myself for not studying enough and for being so stupid right??

no. i went to Pizza Hut with some classmates instead.
they were there, and i went to do something.
and they were there for half an hour, and the fucking waiters didn't even bother to take their orders.
and i thought i was late.
i went back to the Pizza Hut, and they were served with TWO mushroom soup.
and there were THREE people there.

ok, we couldnt really wait any longer cause we're all STARVING hungry.
and we called the waiters over to take orders.
all we got was,
1. the waiters pretended NOT to see us
2. pretended NOT to hear us
3. their reply was, WAIT.
(fucker, wait 30 minutes edi, still wan to wait ahhh.
i don't care u not enough ppl working la.
I'm starving la idiot)
yeah, we were like,
*repeated many many times and no response*

the guy came and took the soup away, thinking that it was from last customer.
FINE. and he didn't come back to take our orders.
and being a SMART consumer,

suggested we leave and chao to Sunway Pyramid's Pizza Hut.
and we chao.
hehehe... run like mad cause sked those ppl chasing afta us...
*lol, like they even bother*

and so, sim, ikmal, kylie, shu lin and me, went to Sunway Pyramid,
just for the sake of eating pizza.

while waiting, we went to shop and left the "something going on between us" couple alone..

it was fun going out with them lor,
and oh ya,
**double LOL**
and i think, they informed the Pizza Hut in Sunway cause,
they removed the table next to ours while we're there.
(for the fear of me breaking another table again)
***triple LOL***

by the time we habis, its alrd 3 smtg, close to 4 liao...
so have to rush back to taylors.


din get to shoooppp...

alrite, i was depressed after i dropped them off in taylors.

so, i came back, changed and went out cycling with his rm2000 bike.(can feel de diff, but i cant see the diff...anyway, i still love my OWN bike).
and FYI, if i even bother to go out to cycle here, something must be WRONG.
i cycle only when i am down..
my average speed is like, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 km/h only..
ishhh..damn tak syok lorrr...
started with 24-27km/h, but slowed down to 17km/h, and at one point, 10km/h...
what the hell.. so damn SLOW lorrr...
and my highest record for the day,
31 km/h..heheh...(turun bukit maaaa...curam lagi de bukit)


by the time i sampai rumah, i alrd feel like i wan to die liao...
and its only ONE round lei..
(Shiet, should go out cycle more edi)

when i came back, and finish torturing myself,
i felt much better..
as in, not that depressed anymore..
but i feel like, the world is spinning...he he
lol, it feels worst than running 200m in sukan tara...

den, at night, i called my grandma and shouted at her.
for some reason.
i know i realise its WRONG.
but then, there are some things,
cannot treat as a joke lorrrrrr...some things is not funny lorrr...

then, my friends became my victim pulak..

last night ws like, the second time me crying here in kl.

then, ingatkan wanna online, mana tau, i fell asleep in front of the laptop...

slept till this morning, thought wanna wake up late, but grandma called at 7.13am..

talked to her a while and try to sleep.
but kenot lorrr..
so i bangun cuci baju.
and watch TV.
and newspaper.

went out to curve at 10.30am..
ingatkan wanna shopping, but then, dun wan la..

came back, hang up all the baju,
then online a while,
watch Ah Long (yes, AGAIN...for dunno how many times edi...and i can never get bored with this show lei),
online(skyped with aiyin che),
TV(nothing much),
and online.
this is how i spend my BORED Saturday.


now, i am looking for someone to go back with me next week.
going back on FRIDAY, siapa mau balik come with me laaa...
but SUNDAY u sendiri balik to kl lorrr..
unless u can wait till WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY.


my kids

i have three kids.
on facebook.

first child, is a son I named Xiao Bao Bei.
i forgot to print screen the picture of him before he grow up.
he was so darn cute, and now, he's so suai.
yes, I'm a proud parent. lol.
i don't know why, i like his messy hair. =)

second child, i love her the most.
i name her Gabrielle.
nice name isn't it?
she's the sweetest cutest baby ever.
and after she had grown up,
she became such a pretty young lady.
and she's just in kindergarten.
the pictures below, the one with eyes closed is before she grow up and obviously, the one with the eyes open is the one after she grew up.

my third kid, is another girl named Mint.
why Mint??
ask Tiffy... =)
anyway, i am not that close to Mint as i am to Gabrielle.
because, i don't spend as much time with mint.
mint has another parent.
but gab has only me.
so i took care of gab more...
reasonable right??

anyway, since i have time to online this few days, i will try to spend more time with my 'kids'.

actually, i have another daughter named Pink(nope, i didn't choose that name)..
name choosing part, I'm only responsible for Xiao Bao Bei and Gabrielle.

ps: i know la this post damn crap... but i have no mood lo to update and tell my story after my exam finish...ishhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, 22 May 2008

here in my home

if u have been listening to the radio these few days, im sure u will come across this song, Here in My Home, by various multi racial Malaysian artists, for unity.

dont say u didnt know this song, its all over the radio...
english radio station, chinese...

free download

if u are looking for this song, look no further.
u can download it here.

you tube link, is here.

ok ok.. if u damn lazy to fly over to you tube, here's de embed video...

or, for more information, click on the banner. =)

free download

ps: both the banners leads to the same site, i love them both so i had both of them here. =)


if miracle happens, ice creams up for grabs

if ever, in any way, i can pass this mid year's accounting paper,
a couple of lucky friends will get *ice cream* treat from me.


those are the friends who never give up on me even tho i failed miserably in accounting.



the reason why am treating??
as a motivation for myself..
and the fact that i completed 90% of the paper.
i am not confident i can pass.
because all that i wrote are crap..
and she hates me..


if miracle happens,
i am so gonna burn a big big hole in my pocket...


Wednesday, 21 May 2008



hides face in shame


i have failed...
let myself down...
as well as everyone else who cares...


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

a day b4 mid year, and here i am

my original plan was:
revise a bit of accounting last night, then today whole day i dedicate to legal studies.

what happen was:
i went online last night, facebooking and i was reallly tired, so i slept.
woke up at 7.22am this morning (thanks sp)
but continue to lie in bed till 8 or 9 something, till te house is empty.
then i took out accounts, try to read up on inventory system..
i am not sure what i am reading is what i am supposed to read, cause mr. ong said our textbook gives wrong information...
i was hungry, and tired.
i went downstairs, open up all the doors, turn on astro channel 853..
went out to get the newspapers, read newspapers and then hungry.
so i decide to cook the last packet of kimchi ramen(sucks), cause i might not be eating lunch..
i finished and went to study legal.. by then, it was about 11.30am or 12..
i was on the sofa, reading whatever page i open..
so, it was barely 5 minutes, i slept..
yes, i slept..
and i remember bc calling me at 12 something, saying something i cannot remember..
i remember she say im still sleeping and put down the phone..
so, by the time i woke up, its alrd 2 something...
i decide this is not going to work,
i am not studying.
or even reading, so i replied all the sms-es and went to shower and chao to coll..
went to buy roti and milo on the way, and i was tallking to bc, eating bread and driving at the same time..
i reached and it seeems impossible to look for a parking..
decided to go real slow and guess what, there's one right in front of AC..
okay, then i went to reload my digi, buy some stationery, and then bubble tea...
i dont need bubble tea, but i bought just for the sake of spending

okay, saw agnes in library... so sat next to her...
omg i cant study at all..
i might look like im studying, but im not.. im just staring at the pages....
(at this point, ida will say, tze ching is like this one larrr, no change)

okay, i was day dreaming and stuff, then zokhri came and said he had uploaded some more past years..
i printed em out, and what the hell, i know nothing..

came back at 8.30pm like that.......
called bc. and ida.


Monday, 19 May 2008

wanna hang myself =(

my attempt in cacat-ed BM post

ini hari, aku pergi tution.
tution apa lagi, tution account la..
ingatkan hari ini cuti,
ada banyak parking dekat sana..
so i pun pergi lambat laa..
sebab ada orang tengah tengok ah long..
i suka sangat, jadi i pun tengok sampai pukul 2.10pm..
i sampai kat ss15 lebih kurang 2.20pm..
cepat kan??
sebab i yang pandu kereta maaaa...
tak macam orang lain, lambat macam siput...
i sampai sana horrr...babi betul lorrr..
saya punya side parking sangat cacat,
i tak mau memalukan diri, jadi, i end up parking dekat rhb bank...
jauh tau...
masa tu, dah pukul 2.25pm...
5 minit lagi, mana sempat...
hari panas lagi, i tak mau lari laaa..
lapar lagi, bellum makan lunch lagi....
i sampai kat 7-11 2.30pm..
pas tu, beli soya, naik atas, dah pukul 2.33pm...
ingatkan dah lambat..
nasib baik belum mula lagi...
pas tu, i lapar sangat, so i beli roti..
kat bakers laaa..
lepas beli roti, nak makan wafer pulak.,..
so i beli wafer, dan makan sambil jalan...
masa tu, sunyi sangat la kat kedai depan jalan tu...
ok laaa...i pergi sunway, ingatkan nak belajar..
tapi kan, ada kawan, siapa la yg boleh belajar...
i main hangman lagi...
i menang leiiiii...

pastu, i balik, tengok Switched, and online kejap, dan skrng, masih lagi online... lol...
arap arap die orang tak off-kan wireless... i tak syok la klo tak dapat wireless..

i nak study...
benci betul...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

tiffy's tag NO.1

i have THREE tags waiting for me to do.
one from lay chooi.
two from tiffy.
i decided to do at least one before my mid year.
and of the three, i HAD to do the longest one...
here it goes

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

------------------------ ♥ ------------------------

Starting time: 7.11pm

Name: Tze Ching
Sisters: None
Brothers: One
Shoe size: 7, 8, 9, 10 (depends)
Height: 166cm
Where do you live: Shah Alam
Favourite drinks: Ice Lemon Tea, Teh Ais, Vitagen, Wine + 7up, and the list goes on
Favourite breakfast: roti bakar, roti canai, (oi, I dun have breakfast laaaa)
Have you ever been on a plane: Yes (lol)
Swam in the ocean: Nope ( I don’t know how to swim)
Fallen asleep in school: Yes (who hasn’t? School = Study = Boring)

Broken someone's heart: Hope not… =/

Fell off your chair: Yes (memalukan…lol…)
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Not really, I fall asleep waiting…
Saved e-mails: Yes, yes…
What is your room like: Extremely Messy. Disgusting. Not human like.
What's right beside you: The WALL
What is the last thing you ate: Homemade Burger..
Ever had chicken pox: NOPE!! And I don’t want to…
Sore throat: Yes
Stitches: Nope…
Broken nose: oh no…no no no… and I also don’t want
Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes, I believe I do..sometimes….

Like picnics: Erm….dont know…never had picnic before… =( … but shud be fun kan??
Who was the last person you danced with: Those in the ballet class when I was..erm…5 years old??
Last made you smile: Chilli Sos (don’t ask..its stoopid)
You last yelled at: Uncle V, if u call that yelling

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: nope..

Kissed anyone: Nope
Get sick: Nope
Talked to an ex: Nope
Miss someone: Yes
Eat: Yes, of course
Best feeling in the world: Relaxed…
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No, I don’t…
What's under your bed: Nothing
Who do you really hate: currently, I have no ideaaa…
What time is it now: 7.22pm

Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now: No
Q: Do you have any siblings: Yes
Q: Do you want children: Nope, not really… I’ll go for adoption, like what I told sp the other day (but u’ll never know what will happen in future)
Q: Do you smile often: hmmm… nope, I don’t think so…
Q: Do you like your hand-writing: yes, of course..hehehe…
Q: Are your toenails painted: No
Q: Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: erm… no one…I love my bed
Q: What colour shirt are you wearing: Red
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: TV
Q: I can't wait till: The day I graduate from SAM..then, I want at least 5 months of doing nothing….
Q: When did you cry last: I cannot remember…not recently…

Q: Are you a friendly person: a bit gua… I don’t talk much too, so that makes me not friendly… =/
Q: Do you have any pets: Nope, I don’t… All my previous pets died under my care, so I decided not to torture anymore living things…

Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?

I have no idea

Do you sleep with the TV on?

Nope, it’s a waste of ______.

What are you doing right now?
Listening to the TV and doing this tag…why long one…

Have you ever crawled through a window?

Ha ha.. nope…

Can you handle the truth?

What truth?? About what?? I guess it all depends

Are you too forgiving?

Hope not…

Are you closer to your mother or father?

Mum I guess, she’s the one I call when I need to reload my phone…

Who was the last person you cried in front of?

I have no idea…..

How many people can you say you've really loved?

This too, I have no idea…

Do you eat healthy?

Ha ha, nope…

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?
nope, no ex, so no pics…

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?
nope, none that I can recall…

How often do you go to church?
Used to, when I was in Sunday school and IMYF…and sometimes in MYF..and occasionally after that…

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?
erm, I sms sp like 24/7

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?

QUIET… (See, everyone agrees)

Are you confident?

Nope, I have low self esteem….

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
(10 years ago, I would be 8 or 9 years old)

1. I got the FIRST worst grade in my life history, and I got into the worst class in the form…
2. Being in the worst class, I have the worst attitude too, I did something evil to my classmate, whom I hated so much… =)
3. I think, at that time, I was occasionally pulling hair and screaming words like (syaitan, and all those kids curse words) with her (if u guys still remember).
4. I have a tuition teacher who mistaken my surname for Wong
5. I got 1st in class and attended the one and only majlis penyampaian hadiah in my schooling life

Five things on my to-do list today:
1. Study
2. Stop dreaming
3. Stop doing nonsense…
4. Stop sleeping

5. Study

Five snacks I enjoy:

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:





Five of my bad habits:
1. Lazy
2. Lots of Excuses

3. Boring

4. tooo Whatever
5. Last minutes

Five places I have lived in:
2. Perai
3. Shah Alam

Five jobs I've had:




Five people I tag:
*coming sooon*

Friday, 16 May 2008

today was a good day, went looking for bank after lunch..
the atm outside taylors rosak we went affin bank, couldnt withdraw so we went rhb bank...they're inserting money in the atm so have to wait so we went to cimb, cannot also, then maybank, cannot also, went back to wait in front rhb bank, wait wait wait..then to cimb...then back to rhb again..and wait wait wait wait again....
stupid anot???

ohyaa...early in the morn, arnd 7.30am, yy called and its a girl..and i dont know the name yet..
anyway, its a GIRL..yay!!
lol..i am so gonna go see de cutie when i go back in two weeks time..omg omg...
kay, im just over-excited lol..

when bc's class starts, i wonder, how laaa wanna meet her...
i will miss talking and telling her bed time stories..

and also, mum called and...haiz...

& i failed accounting test yesterday,
& wtf mid year is like all the topics...
damnit la accounting is like... can anyone survive studying accounting...
if mid year no stock card,
i can go hang myself edi looooo.......

i shall go have dinner now and start studying..

anyone, everyone, if u see me online, pls smack my head real hard.
and anyone, who's willing to give me morning call(anytime laaa..even 3am, 4am, laaa...i sure wont wake up,
u are so welcome to do so.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

i am so damn healthy

1901 for lunch, then mcD for dinner, plus, mcD again for breakfast tml..

how healthy can i be??

and now, im gonna munch on cheezels...

yes, this is not any illusion.. i had 4 packets last night..
this is how healthy i am...
soon, there'll be cockroach on my bed....


::my dream last last night::

we were talking and he had to make a call. he talked real fast, like dun have any full stop in the sentences. and, when he finally finish, he slams the phone and started to cry...i didnt know what to do...
he hugged me. it hurts cause it feels so tight....the crying didnt stop, and the others came, cause they thought someone died or something..

::im curious::
why the hell did i dreamt of him crying?? why the hell he have to cry and be depressed in MY dream??

again, he's in my

warning: depressing post

sad...some people just dont understand...

sad.... sad.....



[WARNING --> depressing post for at least two more weeks ahead...]

i did shiet in accounts test today..
everything she's marking now is completely RUBBISH...
she didnt give stockcard and thats the onli thing i love in accounting...
instead, she give one whole lot of crap that i cudnt understand..
i studied, i memorized...
its SHIT...and RUBBISH..
my answers are beyond CraP..
my answers are RUBBISH...
they're worth nothing...
there goes my internal assessment..
down the drain...
flushed into the toilet bowl..
this term sucks...
i ended this term with shiet result...
anyone who wants to stab me to death, please do so...


the "good" news :::> my low self esteem just got LOWER...


its a fun day.
but it feels stupid when i got back to taylors afta lunch.
it was stupid too before i went out.
stupid stupid day.
stupid stupid library.
i dont know why, but i sleep in library.
not for the first time, but almost everyday this week.
i am super tired, i dont know why.
i fall asleep even when i dont feel tired...
what the hell...
doc says its because of stress..
but if its stress, why am i not studying?? omggg..damnit

and yeah... steamboat...i wan steamboat...

been feeding on cheezels everynight since last week...
i know, im
as if i care...
if i die before mid year, i'll be happy...
dun need to sit for mid year. lol...


Wednesday, 14 May 2008


i have two very evil uncles.
they are evil in their own ways.
evil evil.

today, they bully me again.. u know what they say??

me: why u sit so far oneee... (reffering to the seat in the car)
him: so, i am tall, then its my fault isit???
i am tall, its not my fault, but u are short, that's your fault..( see... so evil leiiiii)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


this is so gonna be a short post. lol. as iff..

im freaking out, i am so damn last minute, mid year is like in one week and i have not started and i was showing sp how thick is the legals text book that i have to cover and i just realise, even one week is not enough for legals alone, and i have five topics on econs and four(think so) on accounting oh my god i am starting to freak out real bad here and i cant study damnit i really cant study laaaaa

right, after class today, went to library for a while, then chao to sunway to get my ticket and also to give those greeen thing to sp... hehehe... her mum have to pack em on mother's day lei... so how also i have to make sure it reach her hands right??

so, i was on my way there, and sp sms and say whether wanna have dinner anot... oh ya, i've been spending tooo much $$ today, on fooood alone... i had fried rice
(super big plate one lorr), then waffer/waffle(whatever), then i bought leng chee kang from the pink van..omg tahts freakin gmuch for one meal ok..

then i went to have dinner at 5.30pm pulak...had those yong tau fu @ rock cafe... i learn to appreciate asia cafe liao lo... there's nothing in rock cafe... i wonder how sunway studs survive... lol...

ingatkan i wud have dinner, pass those things to her and then chao.. but then, we walked all the way up to her condo, and then down and then up and then down and then to her library... walaoeh... i can even go in to their library leii... met ee lyn on the way tooo... =) and guess what, she's using the same phone as me, and also her friend...walaoeh... its like so impossible to find someone who has a same phone like mine ok... oh ya, i know michelle just got a red one recently..but thats recently.. hehehe

i stayed in the library and play games in her electronic dictionary... lol.. so much for "i wan to study laaa" and also, "eh, teach me stock valuation, i have test this thursday"... lol.. and i made her cant study tooooo...

we tour around the library and then chao...

sampai rumah, i see gelap gelap one.. there's no one at home.. haiz..
then tried to do half boil egg, damnit.. fail again, altho i use BOILING WATER. lol.

sighhh... so damn bored but i cant study...

i sleep more nowadays, i even fell asleep in tuition yesterday....
and also, hmmmm, sp say i look and sound tired.....
omg wats wrong with me...


The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings! -Henry Ward Beecher

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. -Thomas Carlyle

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness. -James Thurber

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. -Irish Proverb

* totally agree with the last one..ehehe
why laaaa.... blogger dun have password protected post.. sighhhhh...

Sunday, 11 May 2008


sometimes i wonder, why do people ever bothered to even ask for my opinion.
its not that they really listen and take my suggestions or opinions or even notice whatever i say.

i believe, i am now indecisive and i am extremely quiet sometimes because people would not listen.
i grow up in this situation (people never take me seriously, well, at least what i say) and now i am someone who could not decide for myself, and worst, i have no opinion and i do what people do...

ever since young (im not old yet ok), i feel like, whenever i want to say something, no one listens. i learn to keep quiet and shut up.. and also, whenever i feel like i have something to say on certain topic, my opinions and suggestions would be brushed aside because i am still a kid and my opinions are worthless.

over the years, i become extremely quiet and when someone really do asks me what do i think on this or that, i couldnt give an answer.. because i dont know what do i really think about that.. i am indecisive, i dont know whether i really do like it or i hate it... i am always on the fence...


this is really bad...

just agree with me...

i am indecisive...

i dont know what i want.. sighhhhh

my EATING weekend

this weekend, i've been a pig. i eat like a pig and sleep like a pig.

omg. went back on friday night so i have more time to eat.

sebaik saja i sampai rumah, i had bak chang, made my grandma and her sisters early that day.

then saturday, i had kam puan at the market, went back to help grandma cook a bit (she complain i ruin her popiah cause i cook and its not help her e still complain so much) then of cuz makan laa..and a few hours later, we went out to the stall at the market again and i had a drink.. cause i dun wan to makan... then uncle chao edi, waited for bc to come.. she ordered laksa, and i couldnt resist the temptation so i ordered one too..and it was like about 4.30pm.. pas tu, kitorang gi giant, and then i had to go home for dinner... dinner is at 7.30pm.. and its not like a normal family dinner... its de kind of dishes u see in chinese wedding dinner.. we were there and grandma was like, i ordered NINE dishes tonight... omg... everyone was like.. wahhh... very keng laaa.. order so much... ok ok... then after the very very full dinner, we went back and cut the cake (grandpa bday maaa)... i had some and then, a few hours later, i find myself munching on something else...walaoehhh...

this morning, sunday morning, we went back to the same stall at the market also, and i ordered lu lak (something that u order when u cant decide btween lu mien and laksa)...i actually finished the whole thing.. and then, wheni get home, i actually sat at the table and eat (yes, again)...and then, after a while , i find myself on the dining area again... and then again.. i was eating, and my mum was like, when u come back later i went out with her..and when i came back, i really continue eating leiiii....and i went to sleep (yeah...very very unhealthy but i always sleep after i eat)...then i woke up and eat i sick or something...then pack my bags, before i left for SA, i was eating popiah and drinking sup and fishball, and meat..omg....this is badddddd

and also, that night, after we had dinner, we were about to go home, so i ask my bro to come with me to drive the car over... and u know what he say?? he say, can i drive... so i answered something like, ur head la u want to drive..bla bla..i know its rude but then, its a miracle im talking to my bro ok...

then my mum was like, eh he know how to drive one..u don believe isit..

lol..u see la so not fair lorrr... this is GENDER INEQUALITY..
things that i am not allowed to do, he can..what the hell is this...

and during dinner, she was like telling everyone my bro had vodka in his friend's wtf...
so bangga isit??
and i just had a lil wine only, she alrd like, eh..u know thats alcoholic drink anot..later mabuk oni u know...
what the hell... hellllo....its not like the first time im having this ok..damnit... i know when im drunk and i know when im ok...again, this is GENDER INEQUALITy

but then, when we reach home, he say he wanted to drive de car in, and i dont know what happen to me, i actually step out of de car and let him drive.. like, what the hell is WRONG with me??
helloooooo...this is so not fair ok...

and talk about cars, i am now so damn geram lorrrrr....

new car supposed to be mine..MINE...
and now, my mum got the car edi..
damnit.. damn not fair la wei.. somemore he can drive now..
so he will get to drive new car lorrrr..
and me, stuck with my old car lorrr....

its supposed to be MINE ok...
it even has my NAME on it..damnit...
so damn unfair laaa..

no one understands my family..

they like to give me big hope, make me happy for 10 minutes, and then, crash it into pieces real hard...

seriously, im not joking..
that's what i went thru over the years..
and that's where i got my tidak apa attitude...
and also the indecisive-ness which u can see in the next post...

why do i care so much when they dont even care..
eg.. if i care, then i would be unhappy, cause my dreams and hopes are crashed...
over the years, my tidak apa attitude became more and more serious..and i believe, its because im trying to protect myself from whatever unhappiness...


Friday, 9 May 2008

teacher's day

do u know? they celebrate TECHER"S DAY here in Taylors.
i never expect to see teacher's day in taylors..
come on larr.. this is college not primary skol..
i mean, even in sec skol, i never go to teacher's day before...
alrite, once but that was my first year and i was too stupid to skip skewl...

had class from 8am to 9am this morning, but didnt do anything xcept copying accounts answers..
then, went to the mph for the teacher's day celebration...
omg it feel like so high skewl or primary skewl..

games, performance, speeches....
and not forgetting, the cake cutting session lol..

alrite, after that, its supposed to be our class party...
but then, last minute the plan changed from celebrating in the class to celebrating it in pizza hut...
L3 had the whole ground floor of pizza hut to ourselves...
but then it ends quite fast i think.. hmmm...

( i think i am so gonna get fatter after this...its been mcD breakfast, kfc zinger burger, Mcd big mac, Pizza Hut, Popiah, and also Pratha Wrap..walaoehhhh... all fatty gonna gain all the weight i lost...sighh..bad sign bad sign)

and then, i chao with vivian to the library to get my stuff and to print the-thing-thats-gonna-torture-me-this-weekend...

then off to sunway we go with the others...
omg so many taylor-ians dere as well, i guess...

all the rest went to watch movie and i...went to makan and chao back and now im here in front of the comp, sleepy and tired and exhausted but still here...

ps: i woke bc up from sleep today cause i called her to complain about some glad she din put silent or busy mode or whatever, but she answered and listened to me complaining bout the fucking bitch...hehehe.. i know its not a good thing to wake up in the morning to listening someone expressing her anger and frustration, but she is the only free person i can think off lorrr...
heheheh..sorry and thanks yaaaa....seriously, i never see people so damn thick face and bitchy before de..
feel like wanna slap her day, some day maybe... lol

LY also din believe we still celebrate teacher's day in college...hehehe
and and.. she's going back toooo this weekend...
ya la i know la she go back i go back we also wont go out together one but then still we both going back maaaa....

Thursday, 8 May 2008

two in one


living in the


*shuts de door to the outside world*

Everyone is so damn RED in coll today...

It’s even RED-der than CNY!

Serious one….

And damn coll comp…

Can’t copy and paste my post from M. Word.

Damnit damnnnnit….

Back to the red topic: I find RED scary..its like, everywhere I look, red red red…scary lei..Summore so striking lei de colour…

I guess I just freaked out in econs..its unusual to see EVERYONE in RED,,


Woot!! Went to “Noises Off” play..

Omg I so din regret going..



And ohhhh yaaa…

I got my HENNA today… wheee!!

Hated it at first, but then, now I’m starting to like it..hehehe

And and and..damn good news lorr..

I CAN go to GARY’s First concert..


Cant believe my mum actually allows me to go..


I don’t mind paying, I just wan the permission to go..


But this also means…

Goodbye redang, year end I suppose, when I have $$... =(

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

i am depressed.
for no reason.
i've been mood-less since this morning.
and it got worst after my two hour break..
why so?
lack of sleep?
other factors?
i want to know too...
life is depressing nowadays..

ps: i might gain a lot of weight or i might lose a lil weight...
it all depends..
whether i decide to stock up all the junk food or just lock myself in the room..
stress building up...

& also, damnit...
damn depressing laaaa today
stupid day...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

its full of crap so dun read if u are not crappy lol...

i have so much to say i dunno where to start omgg..

firstly, i have finished my esl on time..thank god..
secondly, i just lose my driver..meaning i have to start driving myself to college again tomorrow..
i have been really dependent on him, so i am now super lazy to actually wake up and drag myself out of bed and then drive to coll..
thirdly, i realise i had made a big big mistake and wasted an xtra of 3000 bucks..sighh...i am alrd feeling guilty, so stop making me more guilty laaa.. ishhhh...
forth, i have panda eyes, due to the two weeks of waking up super early and leaving house at 6.30am...i realise somethinglorr... the journey from me house to coll is about 20 minutes when there is less car..
sighhh...i have so much to study and so much to do but i just cant get myself started howwwww... and i am reallly slacking in class... even in legals, which i have been listening for the past 4 months, and now, i just find myself not able to concentrate..omgggg...and i actually failed all my other tests..damnit larrr..sighhh..


for some reasons i dont know, i feel like slapping her sometimes for the things she do and the things she say...omg who the fucking hell she think she is?? the queen of the world? fucking bitch...stop acting like u care la...u dont .. fuck u bitch


i find this guy funny for some reason..heheh

me: erm, im in class now so can u call my uncle to confirm with him??
d: who's ur uncle?? i dont know ur uncle...
me: 019-xxxxxxx *talks reallly fast and really soft*
d: hold on hold slower please...
me: *repeats the number* his name is L...
d: errr...can ur uncle speak english?? cause i dont know chinese...
me: *walaoeh of cux he knows laaa* ya ya he knows
d: bla bla bla
me: k thanks bubbye..

then my uncle, lagi cute...

L: just now D call me edi
me: ok ok
L: he indian right?? i think he's indian laaa
me: mana i tau lei.. i haven meet him

at night, when i finally got to met him in person...turns out he's not indian... hhahaha...

i don't know why but i find this guy funny and talks alot... sales ppl... lol...
mayb de way he talks...hahaha...

and after that, we went to see some stw-ians...
lol....had tuna sandwich which is the right choice cause the curry mee there was tasteless..hahahah

Sunday, 4 May 2008

she's such a bitch. i hate her so much. i want miss jenny. damn her. f* her.

gary chaw first concert in malaysia!!!



LIMITED RM238 ROCK ZONE TICKET BOOKING/限量摇滚区门票定购! (截止日期/due date 8 MAY!!!)" border="0" alt="GARY CHAW ASIA LIVE 2008"/>

for more information visit:

email GFC regina @ 016 6117971
or email


spread music, spread love.

i am xcited...cant wait omggggggggggg