Saturday, 10 December 2005


haiyo.. so boring now lar.. haha.. actually im supposed to do smtg else.. but..haiz.. malas lar... hmm.. did something stupid dat day... its lik jumping into the ocean wit sharks.. haiz... its kinda funny too.. haha... today..suddenly callled sb.. and i dunno wat to say.. we were lik so kekok lik that... haha... mayb coz im too free and i miss her.. hahaa.....gonna go camp nex tuesday.. sob sob..5 still havin mized feelings bout that..still not sure whether i really want to go anot..hmm....

Thursday, 8 December 2005

my life sucks

What should i do if i ever seee him with his brand new fon? Act cool lik nothing ever happen or just be myself? Just imagine A 12 year old got a chance to change his sister’s old, out dated 3310 fon too a brand new 3230 wit camera, video, bluetooth, internet and all sorts of shit function u wan..wat do u think he wil do? Sure act in front of his sister rite? What will u do if u were in my place? I hope i can get my license soon and get away from here as far as i could..yea... many have told me to just act cool lik nothing ever happen..just pretend that i don see a thing...hello...this is tze ching u r talkin bout..its easy to say... but hard to do...its so unfair..its lucky ebough for him to own a fon at the age of 12,.. oh ya.. thinking back.. when did i get my official FIRST fon?? This year.. wit my own MONEY...for those who donno, the fon that i had previously use belongs to my grandma..i just sort of ‘borrow’ it from her..coz she not using it...a few thousand ringgit fon for him coz he get straught A’s in his upsr?? Lolz... me too.. but what did i get?? Just because he is the only BOY in a CHINESE family doesnt mean that he can get a better treatment.. your daughter.. whether u lik it or not ... im still your daughter...its not my fault that im born a GIRL... i can do nothing to change it... ever wonder y im so rebellious at home??? Isit my fault that im rebellious... me too.. don like my beheaviour..what can i do to change it? Its naturall.. i ve tried,.. but i cant...yea.. he’s a BOY and is good in his studies.. im a girl and always get bad grades.. i fail half of my subjects in u think that i WANTED to fail? No matter how hard i tried, i just cant get add math...same time next year, i will be finishing my spm..what should i do? If u guys don understabd me, please don act lik u do..i want to pass me spm.. i don wan to fail even for a subject..with the grades i have this year, i dunno wat will my result be..

I cant imagine chinese new year..when all the grand uncles and aunties, and all the sampat relatives say when they see sure that nex cny will be a great dissapointment for me. Again.. even bigger than this...ish... i feeeelll lik i wan to slap him...

This proves that me and my brother just wont get along well.. no matter what happens..don ask me to say “ wow!! Nice fon u got there.. even better than mine.. no.. much much better than mine..” it will be a miracle if i could say that...

* i need help* -dying-


Friday, 2 December 2005

damn dog

guess wat?? i got chased by a stupid dog on my way to my frens shop.. haiz.. nowday, the dogs more ganas edi.. haiz..owners of those dogs should lock the dogs INSIDE the house..NOT left outside to chase aways visitors.. lolz... i was about to say the dog is so cute n well behaved then the dog started to chase and bark at me.. please... duh!!! haiz...this is one of the reasons y i avoid dogs..some of them r evil!!

Wednesday, 30 November 2005

interact conference 2005

we were asked to gather at nan hwa on friday morning,5.45am..coz the bus leaving at 6..was afraid to go cause its so early and wasnt sure whether its really friday mornign anot.. haha...started the long and tiring journey at 6am..then v stopped twice.. once in the petrol station, then again for breakfast...wait...its more than, stop in petrol station again coz some1 wanna puke.. haha... don wan reveal that some1's name here...haiz...sit in the bus so long..boringnyer.. reach inti college nilai at about 11.30am...then after registration,went to the imperssion,errr.. not bad ah...then.. no air cond wan ah?? to sleep ??.. im in the white team..with afiq..then went down for lunch ... after lunch we gather at the place below the hostel..divided in 10 groups and we WALK to the lecture hall which is reallly far away.. well..quite lo...after all the 'lectures' and stuff, went back to the hostel and sleep...kenot stand edi..haha..too tired..and the dinner that nite 2 more sessions b4 nite time...well.. what can i say, both dr.sia and mr james are great...

altho there;s no air cond in the hostel room, i had a good nite sleep.. haha...imagine waking up at 5 .30 in the morning and bath wit cold water...brrr...went back to sleep again after bath.. haha..breakfast was better than dinner.. haha..nasi lemak.. yum yum..1st session for the day is about wwf... boring!! and then no apologies by joshua.. i wish he had more time..taken for a tour around the campus after coffee break..kinda boring..opening ceremony on saturday..i..i...almost slept..paiseh.. nite got cultural nite.where all the groups are supposed to do some group was the last..bcoz of some delay, we finished at 12.30..the performance supposed to finish at 11.30..haiz..enjoyed it tho..slept at 2.45 that nite and wake up at 5 smtg..onli 3 hours..went home around 2 smtg..sampai stw bout 8.. haiz... dinner time.. oh ya... i skip lunch.. something that i never did b4.. haha...

what a boring blog.. i hope no one read it..i take 2 hours to complete it.. dun ask me y..mayb coz alot of junk in it..

Thursday, 24 November 2005

cycled in the rain...

wah.. dah lamer tak online.. haha. actually its onli for 1 week.. but feels like FOREVER>> haiz... haha... what did i do today?? wake up.. read newspaper,call the comp shop ppl,send the comp to the shop... wat a total waste of time.. i shud have just called jaring a few days ago and my problems wud b ovr..tak payah nak susah susah nak bawak comp ke kedai ke... nak tunggu lamer lamer ke... haiz...alll happens bcoz of my own stupidity.i forgot to reload.. i thought i already reload when i receive the sms.. haiz... aku ni.. cuti sampai blur .. haha./... oh ya... one more thing..the best thing that happen in the holidays.. i CYCLED IN THE RAIn...yea.. no big deal.. but i enjoyed it.. today is a rainy day...but terpaksa lo... have to return the memory card mar.. haiz...when i cum back time.. wah damn syok mann....suddenly rain so heavy wan...n every was wondering who is that siao bo... rain so heavy still wanna cycle..smtg wrong wan.. haha..oh ya.. i was soaking WET when i reached home.. haiz.. too bad... what a bad day for me to cycle in rain..y today?? i cant get sick now..haiz.... tml go conference liao... now feel like wan to fever d.. what am i supposed to do?? i had my panadol juzt now.. haiz..

Sunday, 13 November 2005

a peice of crap

Today, was supposed to be a /..i describe it as great day for me.. i went to sunday service after a vry long time..( a few months..err..3 or 4 i think)i got to meet my frens .. which was great..i even set my alarm so early so i had time to prepare-6 am..but i woke up at 7.45 instead...haha...this means that i hav to change my alarm again.was waiting for winnie to come .. cuz she said she’ll drop by my house ..and we’ll go together.. but at last she smsed me n said that she;s not going..coz of some thing came up.** i went n meet yen there..after the service,we(me n yen) went for breakfast together.. wow..i cant believe that finally i got the chance to go out wit her..she very seldom go out wit frens..thats y im surprised..hmm..came home n watch tv.. err.. online for a games..waliao.. i dowmload the wmp but in the end say kenot... waste my time and moneyy onli lar.. need to dl again some other time..then around 6pm went to s lee house..for a keng gai session.. haha.. just go there to talk n hang out lar.. nothing much...since im so bored at home y not i go out for a while...its when im about to go home the nightmare starts...***i recieve a call from my mum..she ask me to go n stay in penang for a month.. ONE MONTH.. can u imagine that.?? I cant even stand a week with her...(i went for a holiday with my family in aust for one week..alreasy cannot stand her..)wat bout one month..?? she wan me to join a tution there..add math tution...sometimes i think that they r just too concern..i need my own space..y don u give me some time..?? it was getting dark... but i stayed at s lee house for a while..deciding whether i wanted to kill myself on the way home or just go home..i went home still alive..and it was really tv.. and had dinner. My house fon rang and my grandma ask me to answer it... thinking that it was my mum, i shouted hello into da was really fun doing it..altho its really kurang ajar..wanted to do it for so long edi...but so wasnt my was my grandaunt from aust..i wonder if she got heart attack anot..haha... then another call came thru and it was for me...yay!! din get a fon call that;s really for me in a reallly long time...guess was aunty hc .. myf caunsellor...she told me that she was looking thru the myf camp form n din c my form..and she din c me in myf for a really long time..onli saw me once that day...a few weeks ago..she ask me whether i want to go for the camp and inform her tml..once da fon was putted down i told my grandma who called and the reason..i realise something,,i had to ask my parents abotu the permission...i told myself last time that i don wan to talk to them much.. haiz.. dunno wat to do... till now.. i cry wanna 2 hours d le...cry coz i don wanna go penang...i rather die than going there for a month..and ,,also.. i donno how to ask so in trouble now..just now came in here ( this room) and hide here..till my grandparents bcome suspicious and keep asking me y im in here..i told them i wan to sleep .. i know that i lied.. but i don wan them to worry so much about me...they had sacrifice more than enough for me..i don wan to be their ‘beban’ is 10 pm edi.. i smsed my mum at 9.30 pm( after a really long time of crying i finally had courage to sms her) ask her the permission...but its already ½ hour..she’s not going to let me go..Its bcoz of her i stop going to church..attending myf meeting and also sunday service..i knew that it is very wrong to skip any of those for such a long period of time.. but i keep coming up with supposed to join in las year’s camp.. its in cameron Highlands..ive paid and the time for the camp drew closer... sudddenly she ask me to tell the person in charge that i want to out..she suddenly say im not allowed to go...since then i had .. sort of given up..i give up in going to church..give up in studeis n almost everyhting..i don understand y i did that..,I had no confidence in everything..but thank god... he has given me the most wonderful and understanding friends i could get...he sent them to be my classmates..then we became the very best of friends...we stand by each other when one of us was in need..i couldnt say more...they were like the angels that god has sent to me...synn n ying... i wanna thank u both for being wit me in the times of need.,.. and also s ping...u are my ‘oldest fren’..i know u for..about 7 years now?// thank you for replying my message...and all my other frens...really thank u verrry much...knowing u guys r just wonderful...thank you for bearing wit my HOT bad beheaviour.. and all da dark sides of me....i donno wat God has in store for me tml but im ready to face least i think i am..

Monday, 24 October 2005

syoknyer bbq

went for a bbq party for bg club las sat..haha...paiseh nia..all from sc1 onli me from sc4.. haha...orang erm... started at 7 pm.. its quite dark then..cut a cake..erm...3rd anivesary.. haha..sang a bday song.. * no one;s bday.. haha.. then makan cake edi..its time to bbq...wah..gelapnye..ayam hangus sampai rentung pun tak tau masih bbq lagi..haha...took some pics..after makan we play wit candles..and go long kai .. haha... so long din take motor nite somemore...wah...syoknye...haha... lol... crappin...

Thursday, 20 October 2005


as u noe from my previous blog, i failed all my science mum even suggested for me to change school(something that she has been asking me to do since a few years back..i promised her but in the end i told her i wanna stay here i don wanna change..)now she suggested for me to change again.. i wan to do well in my examz too..i not sure y.. but ever since went to F1 i started to change.. not studying..just wanna play the fool..4 years in high skul and i dunno wat i have learnt..i 've wasted the whole of my 4 years in skool .. doing wat?? all i can remember is dreaming and playing the fool...i was very lucky to have passed my pmr..and now when im in f4..luck is not on my side...i noe that this is not my honeymoon year...i have to work hard to acchieve the best...but i cant concerntrate in my studies.. i donno y.. ive tried to study but each time i open the book i fell asleep..seriuosly,its no joke .. it really happen to me..even coffee which is suppose to keep humans awake at nite don workk on me.. i can sleep peacefully even if i had coffee rite b4 i open the book.amasing speechless...and also i often wonder y they put the very best teachers in the very best class .. while we, the not so smart ones got the not so smart teachers... it should be vice versa as dey, da smart students can study by a example,my skul add math teacher is .. haiz.. ive got nothing to say..i don think that she have the right qualification to be an add math teacher... she used to be my f2 khb i remember i was so surprise to see her in morning session.. i thought i saw the wrong person...haiz... she don even understand the question..and there was the very good teacher..who were appointed to teach the better classses...he came in for ganti for a teacher...den when he knows that we were really cacated in add math... he taught he was GREAT>...then i wonder why wasnt he our teacher,...after all.. we were the weaker ones..we need much help and guidance..unlike the smarter ones, they can understand it themself plus they have loads of tution..their brains move faster than why?? why they have to arrange it lik this...??

met a frens mum in skool today..thought of being polite by saying hi to her... but then we chatted and she started asking about my results...she loook dissapointed...and giv alot of advice such as study hard...its ur future..wat are u going to do if u continue to fail ur examz??.. i think that watever she said is true..i cant fail any of my subs anymore...haiz... wat can i do?? even mum is gonna grab the chance to ask me to go and study in penang...i don wanna go...wat should i do?? thanks to someone in msn...he gave me tips on how to improve my add math.. haiz...he a top student..and i hope i can really use his advice...haha....

i have lots more to write about.. but..lazy lar.. haha

so.. see ya...

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

d e a d ! s e r i o u s l y..

haiz. .. wats the meaning for me to be in da science stream if i failed all my science subjects??yes..i failed fizik , bio , kimia.. the three main science sub.. and guess wat.. i failed my add math too..went to skul today and got 5 papers back...failed 4 out of i great?? lol...and the greatest news is ... drum roll please.... i got 15 out of 100 in add math and bio....i so hope that i can save my physics result..6 more points to get 8E which is a pass(at least).. busy day waiting for me tml...

i was unusually quiet in skol today..dunno y...even m synn ask me y am i so quiet..usually i am very very bising til they hav to stop me.. but today im .. speechless... no mood wan open my mouth? ..maybe... why?? why is my exam results so bad?? haiz... im toasted!!! dead for sure...

Saturday, 15 October 2005

bad luck

im supposed to post this blog before the one i wrote just now..haha.. susunan cacat edi..

how could so many bad things happen in a few days?? my hp spoil edi.. then have to use the old wan.. and then other class copy in test v all oso kena the akibat?? is it fair?? and i lost my .. soemthing dear to me.. if i write out wat is it.. u may think that " that oso sad..can get anywhere wan lar.." its not anything.. its soemthing to me... its important even tho its just a normal means something to me..and because of my careless mistake, i lost it.. haiz... all because of that stupid doraemon(she's a teacher in my skul) .. exam not yet over halau me go back for wat lo.. make me lost that special thing nia..i hate i hate doraemon.bising aje..macam mame nak periksa?? tak fail pun jia wan lar... shitted!! don wanna talk much bout it d lar..spoil my good mood nia.. but i wanna say lots of thanks to my frens.. thanks for all your advice and ur wishes that i cud find that special soemthign the next day.. haha.. i din find it tho...

* sumthing are destinied to be that way.. take it as a lesson and becareful next time..coming back or not,only time will tell..* thanks for that advice.really appreciate it. ...



wat a great day to start with.. haha.. woke up 7.30 this morning ... slept around 3 am las nite.. haha... wonder y i woke up so early ?? i tell u the answer rite now..

some idiot person turn on the music so loud at 7.30 am in the morning.. can u belive it?? its 7.30 am sunday morning.. where every1 shud be sleeping..if the song is nice then nvm alr.. but then .. the song sucks.. indian song.. im an anti indian song..then scold oso no use so i fight back lo..

i came down stairs then turn on my comp , speaker to maksimum, open all the windows in my room...n haha.. guess wat... that fella stop his music.. haha... then i oso turn off .. cause he;s not disturbing me edi.. n pity all those ppl who is still sleeping.. but then after a few minutes he start it again.. now even louder.. so i fight back again and he stop it... haha... im so happy... haha.. thats how i begin my day .. definately cheer me up today.. had been a lil down fora few dayz edi..ever since the exam finish..haven been smilin and laughin for so many days edi.. haha... im so proud of myself..a lesson for that fella to remember... wanna nia me?? not that easy?? u wanna act sakai i oso act sakai lar...dare to nia me?? u haven seen ME.. haha....

Sunday, 2 October 2005

Went for shopping in fajar a few days ago while the others are kiasu-ing at home.. haha... exam coming oso i not sked wan.. still wan go out n play.. came home with a pair of jeans and 2 t-shirts... haha...waliao.. exam coming in 2 days i still not yet touch the book..yes.. i am very worried and afraid bout my exam but i cant concerntrate on my studies.. dunno y..haiz.. me = hopeless... haiz... some1 help me please... On the other hand, i cant wait for the exam to be over.. haha... lots of fun stuff to be done.... haiz..cant wait.... Lol... just crappin b4 i offline and face my examinations..wats the wrong with my connection today?? Suckx..

Friday, 23 September 2005

my day!

i woke up at 9.30 this morning.. haha.. suppose to wake up earlier but im just so so sleepy.i went to school only 1 day this week.. haha.. i'm not the kind hu get to ponteng mcuh but lots of ppl doing it so i join them lo...then tried to study a bit ...but cant stop sms ing ppl...then after a while have to bath n go skol edi..coz got interact meeting.reach there quite early then went to my class with ida..haha.. baru sampai sana saja dah kene marah teruk..haha..went in to chit chat since the teacher is not teaching...then we all go to the meeting together...the hall seems kinda empty .. not many interactors there.. seems different..hehe...have fellowship after the group discussion..haha.. played splat! and another group was the 1st runner up for the splat game and we were forced to do the chicken dance...haiz..had a great time there and then took m synn motor to go around...and oso took her to tmn mas to buy some thigns...then went home n have a quick lunch and go to the chimistry seminar.. lol...5 hours on chemistry..walaio.. wan die mann...but not bad lar.. got break wan. haha.. went out with synn's motor again..haha...then finally 8.30 pm... free!! free from torture at last...haha...quickly went home n sit in front of the tv to watch the MI grand finale.. haha....watching and recordind at the same time... with video cam.. haha...kinda stupid.. but wat to do? got no other ways to record d... so have to use that way lo...the quality not really good... but not bad lar.. sitll can listen wan..i was hoping to see vick in the finals cause i heard that jac is going to be there...but dissapointed lar... no mum don let me go pangkor with frens... haiz.. me that time mood not good d then don let me go somemore... tambah my bad mood...haha..then i online till now lo... haiz... wan close eyes d..i had been in a bad mood today.. i dunno y...maybe cause im too tired or something...just imagine sitting in the same room for 5 and da half hours only listening to kimia..butkinda hav fun there oso..din realise time past so quickly.. haha....lazy wan write edi lar... but ho....

daniel and nita.. who i vote for? of course daniel lar.. cause i think that he did really well in the final.. his english is better than nita.. that surprise me as well.. for some1 hu seem to speak broken english..he carried his song really well...and he has no problem with his diction d...yay...u can really hear him sing..he really deserve the chance that his voters had given i hope that he could be the next idol.

ps... if u r reading this... and u have read all the crap i wrote above...just wanna say tq ... haha... and sorry for wasting ur time with allthat crap...haha..this maybe the longest blog i ever wrote..haha....

Thursday, 15 September 2005

pmr .. real wan

pmr .. oct 4th.. die lo... got 18 days onli... spent the last 5 dayz play play n sleep sleep.. now onli read form 1 sains...haih.... everyime wan studie.. sure sleep wan... susah la

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

stupid mistake?

Wat a bad day i ahd today.. such a borign day...they keep makign me jeles n then i guess that they succeeded in doing so..and then, i terdelete my whole inbox.. i thought i am going to delete the sent items but accidentally...i was blur that time...haiz...just received a dozen of cute messages...have not read most of it ... all lost...cause of my itchy thumb..haiz..all i can is just sigh... had a bad feeling this morning that if im not careful today, i’m going to delete my bad feeling were true...

btw..yesterday was in fact a great day for me...went cycling...with s ping... she went with her motor n me with my bike...we went to see houses in stw...haha...its a great eye opening experience...haha... actually plan to see only one house but we end up looking for alot ppl’s houses..haha

Friday, 5 August 2005

oops i did it again!

yea... i noe dat o told myself some time ago dat i wont do anything my mum dont allow me!! haha... guess dat i did it mum don let me to chat my frens thru internet but i did it without her knowledge... n now she knows n its alrite with, she don let me take motor license..yea ur rite... im rebellious... i ask my frens to teach me how to ride one..

went to skol for the chinese society farewell thingy...n yar...v took a motor go kaikai...haha...ying n me... then we went back to skol n go out again tis time with more ppl... v just kinda lepak aroung taman mas n places around chase by a really fierce dog!!hehe....was fun tho..din crash into anything...but im really sorry for the owner, realllly sorry...we went for so long that his motor dah kehabisan minyak...haha...tot to isi it for u... but i don hav the guts to go so far...hmmm.... fun fun fun...tis is da 5th time i took a motor out ...haha...if im not mistaken...

the farewell this is just ok...quite boring..n v went home early!! haha.... escape earlier than the others,..things din turn out to be good from the moment i step in da car...raised my voice a little coz of some1 told me that im not allowed to take so much photos anymore..saying dat its troublesome n all the watever crap they can think of...lolz..

Friday, 29 July 2005


yo...i finally learnt how to ride a motor last friday..haha...i finally noe how to change the gear edi..haha...will tell it in detail in the next blog!!

Saturday, 23 July 2005

song lyrics

just a gentle whisper

tell me that you'll come

the only thing that matters

where did we go wrong

i couldnt find the words then

so let me say them now

im still in love with you

tell me that you love me

tell me that you care

tell me that you need me

and i'll be there

i'll be there waiting

i will always love you

i will always stay to

there's no one who loves you like i do

come to me now

i wil never leave you

i wil stay here with you

through the good and bad

i will stand through

im in love with you

now we're here together

yesterday has past

life is just begining

close to you at last

and i promise to you

i will always be there

i give my all to you

live a life without you

is more than i can bear

hold me close forever

i'll be there

i'll be there for you

i will always love you

i will always stay to

there's no one who loves you like i do

this i promise

i will never leave you

i will stay here with you

through the good and bad i will stand through

hold me closer

how love is forever

holding us together

nothing in this world can stop us now

love is found love is found

im in love


ps its some song lyrics ...i donno the title of he song i dunno who sang the song...i onli noe the song n da lyrics!!

Friday, 22 July 2005

learnt smtg new

haha... i learnt smtg new...n its something i wanted to learnt...haha... i noe how to ride a motor edi...haha...ask some1 teach me!! haha...dunno it was so easy..just need to change the gear!! haha... watever... i just noe how to ride it n im happy....!!

Sunday, 10 July 2005


yay!! today go aziz tution take hping scooter n go for a ride..haha... then take her go kai kai oso....1st time tumpang ppl wan so fun.......

Friday, 8 July 2005

band comp

hav to go skol at 2pm again..tis mrng go skol ntg to do...3 periods no teacher... boring till i wan bunuh diri mann....the gt fizik!!! so lazy.... n then bio... bio was just boring...the teacehr nvr teach oso... just stand there n explain hw to do peka bio...ying2 din go skol somemore... argh,.... bored bored bored...

okok... went to skolat 2pm again.... n then take attendance n the bus leave stw at 3... sampai ipoh around 4 something n went to ymca to pass something to the band members n then went to jaya jusco...hehe... bought 4 tshirts as sooon as i step into jj..haha...then bought a pair of glasses too...i think i bought the most things among my fwens...haha///shop till 7.15 om n we are off to da tiring just to look for a place there... walk here n there... n then at last find a place...haha... there were bout 8 bands ... really sien.... then come home at 12am...the comp end at 11.30 ...haiz...reach stw at 1.35am....the end!! story

haiz,... eat 2 pandols b4 i go skol... 2 in bus on da way to ipoh...1 on da way to stadium 2 in da stadium!!

Monday, 4 July 2005

lol... bored.!!!

wats the first thing taht come to ur mond when u read this?

hello my friend,it ahs been a great honour to become one of your friends...i thank god very much because of this...and i also wanna thank you for everything.. i really appreciate it...but i fear that someday i might leave this beautiful friendship...i;ve wanted to tell you this from the very begining but i dont have the is sad to tell you this but i still have to tell you..i'm going to a very very far tired of facing my dull life,..i dont know wether you can see me tomorrow morning or not as im leaving for a very very far place...goodbye to you my going to sleep sleepy...good night!!

yaya... u would think that the person is ready to commit suicide..i was quite surprise when i 1st read it..n i tot my fren is really going to commit suicide...t

to my frens who receive this message, im really sorry that i sent it to you...i regret my actions..i hope that you guys are nt angry k...

Saturday, 25 June 2005

messed up!

slept at 2am last nite n woke up at 6 something... hav to go skol for the interact one day institute... i shouldnt hav slept so late last nite... haiyo...missed the praise n worship thing in my frens church last nite...haha...actually i lazy go wan...hehe,,,paiseh...ok ok..went to skol at 7.25 am n i was early!! haha,,,, i tot i am going to be late...the one day institute was great! better than last year lar...haha...the rotarian talked bout what is international understanding is all about n we ended quite early..well,much earler than the others... so he gave us some FEng Shui get bettter grades in exams...the one day institute end at 1 somethinf,...have some lunch n then went straight to tution..ngam ngam hou....haha...reach there 1.30pm...hehe....i was so so tired ... donno y...mayb coz i slept late...i did something reallt stupid while i was there..i scolded some1 without realising it...i raised my voice a little n i was kinda rude n harsh... im so sorry...!! i don mean it...hmmm.... then tution habis edi balik rumah lar...then call syn come my house to do da folio...haha...n we spotted a dead bird..kenot fly wan...its a baby bird...with no feather... i think it fell from somewhere high n sad...i dunno wat happen to the birdie now...slept till 7.30pm... sleep for 3 and da half boring!!

Friday, 24 June 2005

my birthday!

ok is my bday... i was hoping for a gud day...means dat gud weather , good mood, n no one makes me angry or don feel really good...ok... it all went well till the 1st period in teacher is on her cuti bersalin for 2 means dat some guru ganti will come in to the this case...the teacher who came into my class was the most horible teacher i ever seen...she just wan to argue about everything..she's going to jaga my class for 1 period... argh..35mins of kem tahanan...hate it...n tehn comes the second period...there was no guru ganti came into my class...hehe....freedom to ponteng ....haha....everthing went well b4 reccess... guess wat happened during the reccess? hehe..some of my frens actually planned to throw a surprise party for me n my fren who was born a day earlier than they bought each of us a cake n sang bday song for us in the canteen... wat a surprise? hehe... i could say that it was the best bday frens had actually make so much effort for our bday...thanks alot u guys...luv ya...n then it was biology...someone told me that there will be a spot check when there is none...after skol was interact agm...don wanna talk much about it...went home at aroung 2pm..n went back to skol at 3 something..din rest at all....duh!! so tired!! ok ok...din do anything in skol oso... just go there n show my face nia... i was sitting n the library n listening to songs..haha... my bad....i went home whenits time to go home...haha..then v went to celebrate my bday....haha... i was a bit late...paiseh...some of my frens have to wait for me...sorry to keep u guys waiting... but i forget the time..haha..we walk to fajar n had a great time shopping there...hehe....n went to develope some photoes...n guess wat...i forgot to take my memory card... by the time i remember my memory card.. it was a bit too late..they did something to the pictures i have in the memory card n i got so pissed off when my fren told me that...i was kinda blur so i din realise it...i swore not to go back to that shop again...hehe... christians don swear..forget it...that kind of incident just spoilt my mood for the day...i was having the most enjoyable day of my life n then zap!! something happens n im in my bad mood again...cilaka...yaya... i am bored am sms from my bro , mum n dad at nite...

btw...all of the photoes in the memory card im talking about is very important to one can steal it from me without my permission..they just do not respect their customers..wat kind of bloody shop is dat? they should have asked if they want it..the least they can do is just open their mouth n ask...i would have given them permission to do so...they were just too melampau..n its not the 1st time...its oledi the second time...

in conclusion, im happy today because it is my birthday n my friends have make it the most enjoyable n special day of my life...they are just not really happy... in fact im angry about wat the owner of the shop did..they din respect their customers privacy..i am not oging to tolerate it...they had just simple spoilt my day...and last but not least i just don really understand y my dad will be really busy on my bdays...

n i don understand y my dad has a meeting n will be really busy on my bdays?

** ps .. i post this on 24th of june 2004...hehe... but i typed very slow...n its now 25th oledi...haha...gtg now...tml hav to go normal skol days...haiz....

Sunday, 2 January 2005

beginning of the year

another boring year hav passed n now is 2005...hmmm....gettin older year by year.....*sob sob*....didnt do really well in 2004 so.... tis year hav to study new year resolution...
1. study hard homework
3.don talk too much in tution money buy handphone
5.enjoy is short....
hm....hope i can do that.... to day is the last day of holidays dee.... haven really enjoy the holidayz...a new skool year will be starting in a few hours....dat means less tv....less online time....i wish i can stop on9 for a change....keep myself busy wif homework n skool activities..... hmm.....stress lavel will be higher tis year wif alll those new subjects... fizik kimia bio add me....hope dat i won b crazy in the end of the year, wish my mum could let me take motor license...she say kenot take....not safe....nvm lar..... don really care....hehe.....bye for now....hav to go n tidy up my table....tomolo wil b packed wif books....n oso my room.....its filled wif newspapers.....hehe.....gud luck to me...!! ;p