Thursday, 31 May 2007

i have so much voices in me i dunno what to say here...
alright.. first of all.. i would like to wish the King a very very informal happy birthday!!!hahahah...too bad there wasn't any public holiday on Monday tho...whatever lar..anyways, june2, the king's birthday, is a public holiday.. so my teacher cant have any classes on that me from lots of trouble explaining why i cant go and bla bla bla...
then, i met wen xin and frens today.. thought she would be coming alone.. but she came with her frens.. talked to her for a while.. then i came back... on the way back.. dunno why... but... keep potong-ing cars on Jambatan Pulau Pinang..
i dreamt bout rynn last night. i dont know why..i woke up at bout 3 something in the morning and after that, i cant sleep well.. been waking up for like every hour after that...maybe i slept too syok edi yesterday. right, before i slept, i kinda highlighted the whole page in the psycho book..hehehe... feel like colouring for a colouring contest. lol.. anyways, i am looking forward to getting more colours. i already have yellow, green, blue and orange.. then i would like to look for purple and pink and some other colours. hehehe. lol...suddenly obsessed with highlighters. siaosiao wan...
actually, i dunno why i bother to go to college so early today..i know that there wont be any lesson today cause most of the people will be having math test.. i must be crazy.. oh ya.. in bout two weeks, i will be facing my mid year examination. its kinda scary.. im very scared.. but what the heck, i cant study at all.. i came back early yesterday morning cause i don't wanna waste 6 hours in college...i plan to come back and actually study... the end i fell asleep too...despite 2 cups of coffee... coffee vs. books, coffee will never win.. so i end up sleeping longer than i thought... and when i am reading, i find that i cannot really concentrate on what i am reading. as a result of that, whatever i read didn't get into my tiny, this morning, almost everyone in the psycho class was revising for the math test.. i took my econs book out.. and then try to study.. but then.. i end up talking and disturbing and staring at other people who are trying to study.. haiz..
today is the end of may again.
month pass in a blink of an eye.
i can remember, early this month, i post something about wanna change myself.
i will study and stuff like that..
i am still me
i have yet to change..
i never tried hard enough to change...
im such a failure at this stuff..
tomorrow, its june already..
JUNE... 6th month of the year.. almost everyday also got ppl bday wan..
well, thats what i thought..
june, a busy month...
mid year exam, parents going for holiday, a week holiday b4 my midyear examinations and a week after the examinations.. and after that, thats the end of june..
suddenly felt like time pass faster than a bullet train..
this weekend, i gonna enjoy kau kau...
then, have to get serious with studies edi..
i cant afford to fail my exam now...
no way...
Saturday, cousin wedding..
Sunday, meet all my frens who i haven seen for like a few months edi...
then Monday, get serious..i hope...
this remind me, have to submit the final report on Monday. dammit!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

after a few months of no coffee .. now i start to have coffee again.. haiz.. had two cups today. one in the morning and one in the afternoon.. but.. coffee prove to be no effect on me again.. i slept from 2 something till 4 something.. haiz.. my mid year.. omg.. if i see de date i would think that still got alot more time.. but when i count the days, i realise that i only have about 18 more days to go.. thats less than 3 weeks.. omg.. so i tried studyin.. but.. as usual, i fall asleep..haiz.. i ponteng-ed the afternoon class and came back early, hoping that i can at least read up a lil.. i told my mum i had no class.. but she eventually found out that i ponteng.. lol.. but, haiz.. even if i read, i cant remember whatever i read lei.. im so doomed.. may not be updating lately, exams coming and.. due to the school holiday, my bro is conquering the computer and the tv. for example, today. i came back at bout 10.. he was playing his ps2... then after i had my breakfast, i went upstairs. then when i went out to fetch my mum, he was maple-ing.. then after lunch i went upstairs...and i woke up 4something, i saw him on ps2 again.. lol.. crazy fella...

Sunday, 27 May 2007

u noe? i feel like wanna put down everything and just go and hide in one corner.
i dunno why,
but i feel depressed occasionally.
not rarely, not seldom,but occasionally and it happen quite often.
but i recover kinda fast too..
i think...
mostly its during weekends when i totally have nothing to do..
maybe its just mood swings, but i really do feel depressed.
during weekdays, i would have not much time, so i dun think so much.
but during weekends when im not going back to stw, just stay at this stupid place...
i realllly feeel bad..
imagine the mixture of fear, disappointment,frustration,anger,worried,jealousy(yes u read it right) all mixed together...
the kind of feeling..
u just feel like u;re not in this world anymore..
i hate it..
but almost everyweekend, i will feel this way..
this week is not exceptional..
im stuck in this stupid island again for some reason..
saturday home alone for kinda the whole day...
have so much time to think of nonsense..
i feel tat this world is so unfair..
i start showing my sour face when we're in pacific..
i felt that im not part of them when we're in the car.
what are they talking about?
anyone care explaing whats happening?
and then..
went to focus point..
mum and bro in the shop.
sat down..
and told de ppl there whats wrong with their specs.
i stood there. waiting for them to finish..
i tot it wont take long.
just a few moments then ok edi..
but i was WRONG!
feel like so left out and i stand there like an idiot..
they were talking as if im not there..
so i went out..
then went in again..
and went out..
then after quite some time,
mum and bro went to look for presents for bro's whoever...
and i followed them./..
and again,... they treat me as if im not there..
dad just stood there and
then something just hit me and i felt like crying..
its a stupid feeling trust me...
so i went to a corner and just sat there watching ppl walk pass by for like half an hour..
i din really cry there...
public place lei..
but on the way home..
in the car..
i cried a lil..
back home..
i went straight to the room and lock myself inside..
and yes, the pillow is all wet..
other than that, i realllly miss my frens back home in stw...and those in kl..
i met sp 2 weeks b4..
but..those in taylors..
so so damn long din see them edi lei...

ps: besides i miss stw, i miss my grandparents, i miss my frens, and my kuailan bro that dun really listens to whatever i say and pretty much the whole world thinks that im invincible, and unfair-ness , my life is not bad. lol...

Saturday, 26 May 2007


lol.. im bored.. dont blame me..
home alone..
one sms fren go singapore..
another sms fren go play..
leaving me wit myself...
me at home alone doing noting but staring at the stupid screen...
wanted to go and sleep edi..
cause im reallllly tired..
but then i told myself to turn on the comp for a while to check mail..
lol.. but i got stuck here..
mum say not coming back so early..
bored bored..
sien lar...
stay this stupid place no fren wan..
only can depend on my phone to chat wit fren...

walaoeh... really bored de lei....
if can..
next year i dun wan study here edi la...
stupid small island..

"These Arms"

i hear the sound of you heart beating
don't say a word i know what you're feeling
just hold me close, don't be afraid
these arms won't let your heart break
just ask me girl - oh i surrender
i'll make love to you-so soft and tender
i promise you with every breath i take
these arms won't let your heart break

these eyes will worship you and adore you
these hands will love you every day
darlin' the only guarantee i can make
these arms won't let your heart break

your wish is my command i'm right here for you
just take my hand i'll love you like you want me to
one thing for sure make no mistakes
my arms won't let your heart break

these eyes will worship you and adore you (adore you)
these hands will love you every day (every day)
darlin' the only guarantee i can make
these arms won't let your heart break

these eyes will worship you and adore you
these hands will love you every day
darlin' the only guarantee i can make
these arms won't let your heart break

these eyes will worship you and adore you (adore you girl)
these hands will love you every day
darlin' the only guarantee i can make
these arms won't let your heart break
these arms won't let your heart break


"Have You Ever"

Sometimes it's wrong to walk away, though you think it's over
Knowing there's so much more to say
Suddenly the moment's gone
And all your dreams are upside down
And you just wanna change the way the world goes round

Tell me, have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wished there was a chance to say I'm sorry
Can't you see, that's the way I feel about you and me, Baby
Have you ever felt your heart was breaking
Lookin down the road you should be taking
I should know, cos I loved and lost the day I let you go

Can't help but think that this is wrong, we should be together
Back in your arms where I belong
Now I've finally realised it was forever that I've found
I'd give it all to change the way the world goes round

Tell me, have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wished there was a chance to say I'm sorry
Can't you see, that's the way I feel about you and me, Baby
Have you ever felt your heart was breaking
Lookin down the road you should be taking
I should know, cos I loved and lost the day I let you go

I really wanna hear you say that you know just how it feels
To have it all and let it slip away, can't you see
Even though the moment's gone, I'm still holding on somehow
Wishing I could change the way the world goes round

Tell me, have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wished there was a chance to say I'm sorry (I'm sorry)
Can't you see, (ohhh) that's the way I feel about you and me, Baby
Have you ever felt your heart was breaking
Lookin down the road you should be taking
I should know, (I should know) cos I loved and lost the day I let
Yes I loved and lost the day I let
Yes I loved and lost the day I let you go

Friday, 25 May 2007

oh my gosh.... just now go danson de blog... then ter-see the time... then suddenly remember bout wu zhun come malaysia today.. fast fast turn on the tv and see got wu zhun at 8enews anot... really got lei.. hehehhe... altho not lucky like some ppl can go see them.. but.. not bad lar.. can see on tv... woot... altho i feel very fan+tak syok+iwanna scold ppl wu zhun and danson lei!! put the bad mood aside first.. hehehe... mayb they will cheer me up... bye...they're almost here...
4:35 PM 5/25/2007

hehehe.... just finish watching danson and wu zhun... wow... they so suai lei.... =p
so chin kat wan...
they din come to penang.. onli go kl.. chit..cei... come png also no fren teman me go lar... so come also no use..hahahah... lol.... now not as bad mood as just now edi..hehehhehe.. lol..

Thursday, 24 May 2007

i so damn dead... someone just kill me pls.. dun wanna suffer anymore...

just remembered that i have IT test tomorrow..what the fuck..din buy disket cause i thought still got time...suddenly remember..shit lar..and when i tried to kaji thru de database....suddenly mum saw something on my bro's phone.. and had been naggin non stop till now.. well, stop for a while.. then continue...then stop for a second.. and continue again...shit not upstairs somemore...nad they're behind me somemore...damnit...i pantang ppl raise de voice and scold ppl wan lei....make me takda mood to even see thru the stupdi database also lar...preparing to fail my test tml lar..damn, im just gonna stop and off everything and go to sleep and forget evething that has happen.. i hate my life here... hate it so damn fucking much... if im not here... im sure it'll be better in some ways..

now, gonna go to bed and try to sleep..
dunno can sleep anot..worrying bout tml test and also bout what just happen...

i seriously hate this place lar...

wish me luck tml ya... wish i get at least passing marks... cause this time de test consist 10% for my finals...


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

result of ke-BORING-an...*1071 words*

tomorrow will be the first episode oh HANA KIMI.. yay.. hheheheh.. altho i have watched it before, but i want to watch again cause got wuchun mar... lol... i wanna watch again cause its a reallly nice show, filled with laughter.if u are in a bad mood or anything... try watching this show.. it might cheer u up.. hahhaha...last time, when i knew there was fahrenheit, i thought.. oh.. just another boy band.. now, hehehhe.. im a 'fan' of wu zhun's and jiro.. wu zhun is so so suai and jiro is so so cute.. you should see jiro;s character in that show.. heheheh... he;s alwayz nervous.. he's kinda weird..hahhaha... but... he's CUTE... u know, i have SIX hours break today..yes, 6 shours straight.. make me wish im back in form six when i can go home at 12.15pm.. and not wasting time, sitting here, waiting for time to pass... lol... one hour and ten minutes more to go... wanna lose my patience edi... haiz..6 hours = 1/4 of a day... see how much time i'm wasting?? haiz... faster la time pass...i mau balik nih.... boring lah kat sini...i dah boring kat frenster, dah boring kat... kat... check semua mail... dah boring tiap tiap hari tengok picture yg sama kat blog wu zhun....ish...dah nak hilang kesabaran, i tengah sign up for meebo... so its easy to chat anywhere... lol...hah,,,, dah siap...but dunno meebo account use for what de.. for those ppl out there who are really boring and had nothing to do..or the ppl who are reallllly free and wanna connect to msn messanger but dun have it in the comp, u can log on to Meebo to chat... its free... i signed out edi... dunno what the hell its for.... so...dun care lar... create for fun... hahhahaha... lol... really boring lar.... for the first two hours... i finished my econs essay... copy and paste from wikipedia like i always do.. i know i know...plagarism.. heheheh.. whop went too look for mrs lucy just now... to pass up the econs paper and also to ask whether she is williing to change the time time for psychology class anot... but she say mayb cannot cause of some reason which i already forgot.. hahahha... i know my memory is bad.....i just went to see her like 15 minutes ago and i forgot what she says edi...hahahaha.... now im bloggin this on the notepad...connection here is cant post anything in blogger... so... i prefer to write it here and then save in pendrive and then go back onli post... hehehhehe... i am wrting this in font size 6 and its super small... cynthia is kinda curious what am i doing.. hahahhaha... lol... if u read this.. u ma know lo.... haiz... cant sign in to meebo now cause the connection is cacat wan.. haiz... very sien lei here.. i wan go back lar.. wan die of boredom edi la here....hey, i successfully signed in into ICQ in meebo.. what the.. what am i supposed to do now... dun have any contacts at all edi now.. cause i haven signed in to ICQ for like a few years edi... i ditched ICQ edi... just try my luck just now and then... viola.. i got really sitting here doing stupid wuliao stuff la..oh... now i have a whole long list of buddies in ICQ that just popped up.. but then... out of the 197 frens in ICQ, NONE is online... i guess.... like me, everyone has ditched ICQ for who knows what.. this is CRAP....ish... 45 nore minutes to go till class starts...sheng ping, u are so right... i cnat study here and 1/4 of my day is GONE just like that.. haiz...i told her i will study.. bt sitting here in front of a comp... nothiing to do also will turn to something to do.. lol... just like writing this blog here....i am bored and i have nothing to i write this blog.. i have no idea how long is this yet.. hahahha... hopefully its long enough so its worth my time.. hahahah... ya... before i forgot... wanna thank syn for her comment in frenster.. hehehe.. thnks... u;re so busy facing ur mid year exam and stil, u write comment for me,... hahahah.. thanks u...i'l start bloggin bout today... today didnt start as a good day... this morning, before icome to college, i spill milo all over the table, the chair, the floor and also my jeans.. haiz.. so stupid lar....hai dao i have to come out late and then so jam at the stupid bridge... haiz...sien lei...this thing certainly LOOk long.. dunno lar.. dun care also.. haiz... this college is kinda weird lo.. cause i think.. all the test i did, never see de result before wan.. then how would i know if i am doing good or bad?? if i know the result and i know its not that goood, then maybe *ahem* i will do a bit more revision? hahhahah... kononnya willdo revision.. but now..blogging and writing crap here..heheh... as i was typing message for ping, mrs allen saw me and say.." you ah, everyday talking to boyfren wan ah"...
wow.. i copy and paste this whole thing and did word count in word... 879 words.. hahhaha.. how i wish i can write like that for my essays.. no need do researh and still pointless... just write like that... ahhahahhaha.... lol pendrive has been plugged in the computer for a few hours now.. later dunno go back got alot virus anot.. haiz...ish... half a year more to go... how i wanna survive like this o?? SIX hours is long lei.. really bored de lei.... kill me pls...feel so fan lar now... eyes so blur edi.... read so many words from 5 and de half hours ago till now.. haiz... helpppp ah... ida no heart wan...go ipoh see leng chai then no reply my message edi...haiz....i'll stop here if i can post this in blogger now... not many ppl in the lab now.. so i think the connection will be better gua....k try my luck now...sorry no paragraph.... hehhehe... got paragraf wan.. but copy till here.... all become one piece...

i forgot to say just now... besides wu chun and jiro, danson is not bad too.. hahahha... ish...

1071 words*

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

finished LAN..
so timetable also got lots of changes edi..
monday is like normal..
Tuesday is the busiest day, class starts from 8am till 4pm. with no lunch break. damnit.
and wednesday, is the day with the longest break.. class from 8-9am, and 3-4pm, 6 hours break in between. what am i supposed to do with the six hours break?? dun ask me to go library..
i am phobia to library..
computer lab?? lazy lar.. whole day sit there... nothing to do also.. haiz..
and then thursday, is like normal.. not so busy, not so free...
friday, dun need to go so early.. got one more extra hour to sleep...
haiz.. i hate wednesdays...
i wish they would make it two hours straight instead of one hour each...
i ran out of topic to blog this few days ./ dunno why...
feel like dun have that much to say edi.. haiz...
mid year is less than a month..



eh... not i wan to 'criticise' her or what ok...
she ask me to blog about it de ok..
Congrats to u!!!!
u proved that im WRONG!!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

what i saw last night.....

last night, i went out to a hawker center at chai leng park to have dinner. as i was enjoying my food, suddenly i heard a loud cracking sound. i turn and saw this man, hand covering his head, and.. and.. blood dripping...i saw a few drops of blood on the table, and more on the floor.. his hand was entirely covered with blood..his parents, wife and a few more other ppl who were with him, crowd him.. his mother asked...'lei yao wan mou??' he answered..'mou mou wan..' and he continued grumbling of what happen. mean while, a few people who were with him placed tissue paper on his head and then i still see blood coming down from his face.. poor guy.. he was then rushed to a nearby clinic..
what happened? he stand too near a fan.. and the fan was too low..and he was too tall.. and the fan turned.. and then knock his head and blood came out... lol...the 'fan' is not a ceiling fan k.. he would lose his head is it were a ceiling fan..
after he was gone, everyone continued eating and discussing and looking at the fan...
me? makan lar...

Thursday, 17 May 2007

finnaly, another week gone…


Friday is nothing cause nothing to pass up and there’s nothing important to do…



I stayed in a freaking hot general lab from 11am to 3pm without lunch.

And then I told my mum I din have lunch yet .

and … end up kena marah… haiz….


Wanna do last minute work on the planning material..

Hope got nothing wrong lar..

Then go to the class to pass up the planning material…

Guess what…

Less than 10 ppl came…

And everyone went back half way thru cause jenny wasn’t doing anything…

I walked out too…for a few minutes…

I had no where to go…

And nothing to do….

So I went back to the class…

Jenny and me in one class…



Spent the time sms ing…

And ‘helping’ her…


Im damn free anyway…

Then after that…

Tiff and xw came…

And kena lecture by her…


and then…

we went to the general lab to do more last minute work for xw..

end up going back before 5..


dunno what happen to me…

im so damn blurr today…

asked jolyn buy something for me to eat and then forgot to pay her back…


and dunno the paper I sat the other day can pass anot lar…

history paper, as soon as I finish the test, I went home and threw away everything!!


I really HATE history I dunno why…

The weird thing about today!!

Jenny actually say something good bout me.


To me, this is really rare…

Cause everything I heard from her so far is just nagging-lecture-lecture-nagging….

Oh ya… today ah.. the car ah… very chien da wan meh..

When I wanted to go back,

The thing at the key wouldn’t work and then I cant open the door without triggering the alarm..


After trying countless times..

I called my mum..

She ask me to call dad..

Dad ask me to ask my fren to bring me anywhere to change that stupid damn battery in that stupid damn little thing.

And then..

I found xw..

And then…

She did something…

Opening the door manually..

Which obviously triggered the alarm and then it rang so loudly…

And the..

Dunno what she did…

It went off by itself and its safe to drive..

And then..

When I came back..

My dad tried to use the stupid little thing..

And it works and showed no signs of low battery..


Stupid thing..

Since u are sick, cant u pretend sick and don embarrass me in front of my dad??

He laughed and say…

Next time go nearer to open lar..


Already so near what…

The thing just wont work,…

Cilaka betul….

life's like that???

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

have u ever feel that ...
1. when you are doing something. and then it just struck u that u been in this situation before and then it feels the same....
for example... sms ur fren when u found out some information bout a show and then it suddenly hit u that u been thru this feels so familiar...
i cant say how it is...
2. when u been to a place u dunno and then u feel like u been there before...
its like...u saw this place in your dream..and then when it hit u that u seen this place before but never been there and felt u've been feels weird...and then feel confused that whether this is a dream or reality.
well, i wanted to blog bout today's exam onli.. but then...what i say above happen to me...and then..there's more to
today is my final exam for Malaysian Studies. anyone who has talked to me today know how much i hate this stupid subject. dun wanna talk too much bout this stupid thing and then spoil my, the exam starts at 2pm. i wanted to study at 9 am cause i have 4 hours free time.. lazy to go library and i know that it would be packed with i went to the general lab. i was the first person there today...felt a little awkward so i opened my English folder and printed something i haven completed. heheheh....okok...i was supposed to study... but... i din touch anything at all till the time for me to go in the hall...i hate history...i tried studying... but but....nothing makes any sense to me and nothing could get in my brain..i was on Yahoo Answers for a couple of hours...anyway...
during the examination, i could only tembak the objective questions and put any crap answers for the structural and essay part. lol..whatever, long as i scored 10 marks for the exam, i'm
one of the invigilators...he's so funny...he sat on the table and he crossed his legs.. and he reminded me of a leprechaun...hahahha...really,.... i dunno,...lets not hope for the worst lo....
wuchun so suai!! not in love with him.... but... he really suai.. and funny in hana kimi..and cute....=p

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu


  • Title: 花樣少年少女 / Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu
  • Also known as: Hanazakarino Kimitachihe / Hana Kimi
  • Episodes: 15 + New Year SP
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Opening theme song: 怎麼辦 (Zen Me Ban) by S.H.E
  • Ending theme song: 專屬天使 (Zhuan Shu Tian Shi) by TANK


After watching a high jump competition on TV when she was young, Lu Rui Xi (Ella) saw a jumper named Zuo Yi Quan (Wu Chun) and was deeply inspired by him. In fact, she's so inspired she decides to transfer to his school, Ying Kai. However, Quan attends an all-boy school, therefore she dressed up as a boy to get accepted. Rui Xi meets Jin Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang) and they become good friends. One day, Rui Xi and Xiu Yi were playing soccer and Xiu Yi accidentally hits her in the face, causing her to faint. Quan happens to be walking by and tells Xiu Yi to get help. At that moment, Quan decides to carry her to the nurse's office - he puts his hand on her chest, and finds out she's actually a girl! However, Quan keeps her identity a secret, for he has slowly fallen in love with her.

Another problem? Xiu Yi starts to question his own sexual orientation when he, too, falls in love with Rui Xi.


im currently watching this show.
it has yet to show on tv..
but its coming soon on 24th may.
as i dun watch it on tv,
so i can watch as many episodes i wan in one go.
but.. that has make me afraid to watch it.
cause when i started watching, i cant sto[p..
its too cute...
lol... crapx....
ok ok...
i stayed home today...
cause of some reason..
and was rudely waken by the stupid alarm by my stupid bro.
hey... if kenot and dun wan wake up so early dun put alarm lar..idodit wan meh...
cei..suan lar.. dun spoil my mood talkin bout that idot...
gt ntg to do..
so i continue watching the show
and......i SAW ruan jin tian in the third episode..
in green forest,
he so suai....
in hana kimi,
he...err...not bad lar.. hahahah.. lol....
gtg bye....

wish me luck for my MALAYSIAN STUDIES exam tml.
its final and i gotta pass it.
altho it sound so nice..malaysian stupid form 5 history...damnit...whoever suggests that we have to study this stupid subject....u're an IDIOT>. dont u have brains??? u like history ur prob lar... make my life so susah for what....
k k...
the end

japanese version of hana kimi aka hua yang shao nian shao nu


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hana-Kimi, known in Japan as Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (花ざかりの君たちへ For You in Full Blossoms) is a shōjo manga series written by Hisaya Nakajo. (The official US translation, by VIZ Media, ends the title with a "he" instead of "e".)

The manga is serialized in Japan in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume (Flowers and Dreams), which comes out bi-weekly (5th and 20th of every month). This manga series has ended at volume 23 in August 2004 in Japan, but is only up to volume 16 as of February 20, 2007 in the US. An artbook was released in May 2005 in addition to a character book.

Hana-Kimi is published in English under the name Hana-Kimi by VIZ Media. The English title originated from a fan abbreviation of the original Japanese title.

Hana-Kimi centers on Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl who lives in the United States. One day, she sees a track and field competition on TV, and becomes attracted to one of the competitors, Izumi Sano, competing in the high jump. She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Japan to attend the same school that Sano attends. There is a catch, however-- Sano attends an all-boys high school, named Osaka Gakuen, and Mizuki must disguise herself as a boy to enter. The majority of the series happens during Mizuki's second year at Osaka (from volume 4 onwards), although her first year was significant for her being able to remain in Osaka.

A new Taiwanese drama based off Hana-Kimi is currently airing, titled Hanazakarino Kimitachihe or, in Mandarin, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nü ('花樣少年少女'). This Chinese title is also the title used by the translation published by Tong Li.

A series of three drama CDs has been released in Japanese. Nevertheless, the first CD is not available as a commercial release.

Two of Nakajo's one-shot works are included in the volumes of the series. Thirsty Moon is included in volume 4.


Ashiya is late on her very first day to Osaka (樱开) Gakuen, running into Sano (泉) (unknown to her at first) and dropping her bag after freaking out, as Sano asked why her hands were so soft. Sano is able to return the bag to her during class however, since they end up being in the same class. His first impression of Mizuki was that she (he) was gay, because she said, "I like you. Let's be friends." Ashiya is also assigned to be Sano's roommate by pure fate. Although she previously believed that she might have time off in forging her masculinity, Mizuki must now keep her false personal about her all day, every day. She is however, overjoyed that she is now Sano's roommate and is determined to be his friend. It also happens fairly early in her time at Osaka High that she is knocked unconscious and she is forced to include the school's doctor, Hokuto Umeda (田每老师), in on the secret. Unbeknownst to either of them, the same incident that makes Mizuki tell Umeda also reveals her secret to Sano. Sano, however, keeps quiet so that Mizuki would not have to leave, and he could continue to have her by his side.

The story is usually filled with humor and situations that put all characters involved into uncomfortable places, or at least places they wouldn't have thought they would have entered on their own. Additional characters include Shuichi Nakatsu, a fellow student who is confused over his attraction to Mizuki which often drives the plot forward and Minami Nanba, the R.A. of the dorm to which Sano, Mizuki, and Nakatsu belong.

The gender-bending nature of this series gives for many amusing hi-jinx and a lot of laughter, but at the core, the series also has just the amount of drama and romance that makes it so appealing to the normal shoujo audience.

Also, the theme of friendship is frequently expressed in the story, from the trio of Sano, Ashiya and Nakatsu to their group of friends: Kayashima, Noe, Sekime and Nakao. These friends helped each other through times of trouble (e.g. Nakao dealing with his feelings for Nanba).

School Environment

Osaka High is a school with a fairly long tradition. Its sister school is St. Blossoms, an all-girls high school.

There are three classes for each of the three school years. These nine classes are also divided into three "dormitories", as most of the students do not stay around the school. The culture within the individual dormitories is greatly different, as many found out when they were forced to bunk with students from the First Dormitory when the dorm underwent emergency renovations. Inter-dorm rivalries are common, and gets particularly intense during the school's cultural festival. However, the three dorm heads would work together to help any student who was in any kind of trouble.

Monday, 14 May 2007

shining friends

Little faith brightens a rainy day
Life is difficult; you can't go away
Don't hide yourselves in the corner
You have my place to stay

Sorrow is gonna say goodbye
Opens up you'll see the happy sunshine
Keep going on with your dream
Chasing tomorrow's sunrise
The spirit can never die

Sun will shine, my friend
Won't let you cry, my dear
Seeing you shed a tear
Make my world disappear
You'll never be alone in darkness

See my smile, my friend
We are with you, holding hands
You have got to believe, you are my destiny
We're meant to be your friends
That's what a friend should be

"Most people walk in and out of your life, but only FRIENDS leave footprints in your heart".

shout out::: to all my frens, thanks for everything....

Sunday, 13 May 2007

dunno its just me or what..
im using mozzila Firefox now...
and its FAST.
its faster then internet explorer.
at least i think so...
cause i have to wait for ages to sign in to when i use IE.
now.. less then 2 minutes....
went back to sitiawan over the weekend...
celebrate grandpa bday...
got de cake from secret recipe...
cause i am lazy to think of where to buy cake.
so the main point is..
as in... not nice wan....
i will never ever buy black forest from secret recipe anymore!
end of story

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


i told wx
later ah
something sure happen wan
i now very tired lar
and hungry also
din eat lunch mar"
true enuf,
something did happen.
but its not a big thing like what i expected.
for once in my life in penang,
i accidentally knock someone's kelisa.
lucky nothing happen to it.
if not
kena bayar duit
mampus oh...
bayar duit edi kena marah lagi teruk...
it is really MY fault.
I am the ONE to blame.
what a 'cute' experience.
very malu lei.
opposite my coll is st georges.
and someone was waiting for his daughter there.
and then...
he saw what i did..
and ...
he laugh like a hyena..
actually he just laugh
he's evil.
laugh in front of me.
the worst is..
i noticed he laugh at me.
and bhind me.
so many car.
hope they dunno what actually happen lo
if not,
they also will laugh
ish.. where to hide my face o?
so damn memalukan...
one of my "wonderful" experience in college so far..

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

feel like very verylong din write blog edi.
kinda busy these few days.
if im not busy then means im tired.
im tired for whatever reason.
feel like the burden much much heavier like that.
last friday, mrs allen, my acc tcher, say...
"u have to go into groups of 4 and start a business. u have six weeks to do it.
present ur business to the class."
what the ...
six weeks???
what are we suppposed to do??
then monday,
miss lucy, my psycho tcher, says,
"group leaders, bring ur pendrvie and copy the question. u have to present one of the question to the class in group of 3 or 4.presentation is this thursday and friday"
what the...
after that,
miss vimala, my IT tcher,
" when u wan to pass up your essay?"
"u alwayz have another day yar bla bla bla..."
mr anthony, my history tcher,
" tomorrow is the last lecture before your exam next week. today im going into *bla bla bla* dasar *something something*..."
last but not least,
miss jenny, my english for second language tcher,
"u have until next week to do ur planning material.. take note whatever i say.. *bla bla bla*"
what ever she say, i dun get the point.. just note dowm whatever word that comes out from her mouth and i do really understand wan lar..
kesimpulan, we have to do some planning material and pass up in group next week. end.
i might make a big mistake.
promise my IT tcher that i'll pass up my essay tml.
its a HUGE mistake.
cause, till now, im stil stuck wit 299 words.
and i have to write bout 1500 words.
see how much difference it is?
my essay sounds like an advertisment,,
my classmate's essay sounds like an essay..
can someone help me?
the easiest way,
gonna skip her class tml again.
im such a......lazy pig!
trip to kl this weekend is canceled means im going bck stw for the weekend.
to celebrate my grandpa's bday.
can someone tell me what present should i give him??
seriously need suggestion....
hevam seen my frens for weeks edi..
will i get to see them this weekend??
i hope so...
will be kinda busy for this few weeks...
wont b able to update blog so often like i used to..
have lots more to crap here actually..
cause i haven wrote any blog for the past few days/ weeks..
but then...i write till here...
i forgot what i wanna write edi..
i have bad memory...
now, i am gonna watch TV for a while..
and then i will try to finish the essay which im sure i wont finish it tonite.
and have i told u?
the deadline for the essay is 27th APRIL 07.
see how long i postponed it edi??
oh ya..
went to 1901 in gurney for hotdog ystd..
one day,some day,
when i am not so busy and i dun have class for a week,
i shall tapao the large one.
for now,
gonna eat less a lil....
til we meet again when i am not so busy...

Friday, 4 May 2007

tired, but....

im tired and i wanna sleep.
i wanna blog
but everytime when i open this.
i feel like i am so so tired.
mayb i am.
i'll blog when i have time.
this is my very first post of may.
so short.
nighty nite.
i'll sleep as much as possible during saturday and sunday.
in case u are wondering,
i stil haven finish my IT report whuch was due last week but was postponed til today but i stil haven touch it yet. but but but...
and i have economy test on MONDAY!
what test? are u crazy? i dunno anything single thing bout econs...
wish me luck.