Friday, 20 January 2012

I had a bad day - Road Bully

This few days feels like theres a huge dark cloud shadowing me... following me around, everywhere i go.

 just this afternoon, i got bullied on road by a taxi driver on rage.
too bad i was so angry that i forgot to take down his car number.

he actually stopped in the middle of the road, and when i go to the other lane, he tried to cut in again...
and then he hurled abuse words towards me..

WTF did i do?
I think he's on PMS!

 FML totally spoilt my already-bad-mood.
 I dont know why but life sucks recently.

the road bully was one of the worse.

thank God someone was in the car with me to cool me down, if not there will be drama on the road edi...
I'll go buy blade tmrw and keep in my car in case this kind of thing happen again.

anyway anyhow, this whole day hasnt been good to me, from the moment i wake up till now.
u say lah, went to subway 2nd time this week, and both times, my cups were leaking.

and it only happened to me.
my friend who ordered before me had a non-leaking cup.
u say lah, what is this.... go both times, both times also get leaking cup. tsk tsk tsk...

i just hope all this #darkclouds thing will end when the Rabbit year ends... or, should i mandi bunga first?