Thursday, 31 July 2008



tze has been sleeping alot in class lately...

"anyone knows how to not sleep in class??"

Tuesday, 29 July 2008



something's wrong with the mouse..


anyway, today was tiring
dunno why...hmmmph

slept in esl,
wake up for legals,
hang around for a while after class,
finished my uno game,
went tuition,
come back.

traffic police made my life easier..

or maybe its just me..
i realise,
i dun SnC anymore when i stuck in jam...


Monday, 28 July 2008

BKT and Squash

taking a break after class
BKT at SS14

Ong Beng Hee and Mohd Azlan's game
*nicol's game in my camera*

CIMB box

those VIP in front row, comfy sofa..
coaches and "judges" second row//
then audience with tickets i think

upper two box are the media

Sunday, 27 July 2008


why cant anyone understand?
stupid la weh...
ok la..
it may be perfectly normal for u..
and its not a FIVE STAR hotel..
but, do u know something about PERSONAL HYGIENE?
for a guy maybe its normal o something, but then,
maybe u forgot or something,

i AM a GIRL not a GUY..
i dont have BALLS down there...


really geram la weh...
even mum laughing at me..

mum, i was born a GIRL,

result from that 'situation'::

i tore my accounting text book into pieces...
five chapters gone..
(thats how mad i am)

my left thumb is hurting like mad...
knocked it at the side of my bed while i was tearing/hittin de book there

my right index finger is hurting too...
i dont think anything is broken,
but it feels like something really heavy just dropped on it..
thumb hurts more...

in addition,

this morning,
my left leg got cramped for NO reason..

i fell down e other day and de right leg ankle was still hurting..

i have tummy ache...
shiet la weh...


ask ur gf and see she can tahan anot..
right she doesnt live here...but then, ask her to imagine staying here...
can she stand all these crap??

fuck de.

mum, i said i dun wan stay here right...
its not my choice to stay here right???


Saturday, 26 July 2008

yesterday today

i woke up 4.30am on friday morning to do my economics,
then i went to coll and skipped esl,
then i have 2 hours break after that,
means i had 3 hours in the library in the morning...

was doing econs all the while,
stucked and over the limit,
thanks to yk who tries his best to cut down on my word count,
hahaha... chiong hei-ness
anyway, kylie's essay was like 100% over limit,
and we had like 30 mins to cut down on the words,
damn gan cheong le that time...

after successfully printng econs last minute,
i went to malay... matter what, i had to present today..

i was like reading and sound like reading to myself and i got 3.8 or 3.6/5...
*hate presentation..*

after class went to look for kylie at her ticket selling booth and got my donuts...
j co donuts weh..

then i went back..
shiet one lorrr..
lunch time, so de traffic kinda heavy..
reach home alrd like 1.36pm..

had a 3 donuts as breakfast, damn hungry weh...
then tried to sleep for a while,
mana tau, by the time i fall asleep,
its alrd time for me to wake up and have shower..

went out like 3.15pm...
and i was alrd late...
sorry yeah.....

thought wanna go watch movie in pyramid,
but damn de,
i forgot friday a lot ppl..
end up walking and walking and walking....

had lunch/dinner at kim gary and walk somemore,
then went to coll,
and i have no comment bout the concert,
ended bout 11.30pm,
went supper/dinner
reach home at 12am..

and i donno how,
i slept till 1.27pm this afternoon le...

then at 3 something, went to curve to see nicole david and ong beng hee play..
men's finals was a bit long...
and de score kinda near...

woman's finals was....
11-1, 11-4, 11-6
its de score if im not mistaken..
what the hell... nicole david beat natalie like so easy like that lei....

then went to paddington pancake to makan, then come back...

i stand there for like 2 hours to watch sqush with my injured leg..

all the while i was there, i wonder why the glass court wont just pecah berkecai..

**pics in the phone**

Thursday, 24 July 2008

yesterday today

Its been a super crazy busy week, and it has not end yet. In this week alone, we have legals class assignment and I suck in it, whole week of Economics project, and also Malay presentation. Friday would be the deadline for my Economics and also Malay presentation…

Had been in ECA much more often than before… I never been to ECA in Sem 1.. lol.. anyway, was there playing Uno with them yesterday… a never ending game.. lol…

Anyway, on my way back after I had dinner in AC, I went to get wafer, and then I was walking and I got free drinks from Fly.Fm…hmmmph… how come la people so happy when get free things…

[Random Stranger 1: of course happy la… got free things take…]

Wtf, got free things take then happy till like that meh…whatever…

Been coming home very late this whole week..errrrk…


Came home only at 9 something today…hmmph… cancelled my tuition class today because I haven’t finish my economics yet… but then, we went to ss14 to have dinner first.. lol.. wanted to makan nasi lemak…but then, too many ppl and my leg is hurting so we decided to walk and go eat BKT… can say it’s the first time I eat bkt at 4.30pm de lorrrr….Went to see the doc before we went for food… and he was like laughing at everything I said..hmmmph…funny meh… its really pain before ma… see u that time oni the pain stop… lol… heheheh I didn’t tell them where I went, so yk and lp was at McD, waiting for me..hehehe… lol…

Me: So that means I cannot wear high heels tomorrow???

Doc: errr…yeah no high heels, try to wear something comfortable.. something flat…

Me: ok ok…

Doc: lucky u didn’t sprain ur ankle… people who sprain their ankle, the ankle part will become loose after a while

Me: *what the hell tell me for what* huh?? Serious ahhh?? Owh ok…

Went back to taylors arnd 6 to start do work, but then, sighhhh..

anyway, was having a short little break from econs.. errrrk....

gotta to back to work now,.. sighhhh

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Thursday, 17 July 2008

choosing pathways

lets say,
u are indecisive..
then suddenly, u see two roads in front of u...

path one:
future seems bright,
most probably will lead to a stable life if nothing goes wrong.
interested, but still unsure...

path two:
future seems unstable, if successful it will bring good income,
but then, if not, its a waste of time.
a little more interest than path one,
zero confidence level

ps: both are the paths that were not taken by many people...
so, if u were in my shoes, which road will u take??
will u go to the left or to the right??
to do something u love but might not make a living out of it,
or to do something that is sure to bring a stable and comfortable life?

how will u decide?

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

i need more time ahhhhh

went back stw last weekend,
and i kinda argued with him before we left...
all because i say i wanted to
suan le ba..
next time i will go back myself after class onfriday..
dun need to waste my time waiting for him..
let him go back himself.. lol

the first thing i did when i reach stw was pump my baby bicycle and then cycle all de way to school...
so long no cycle liao...
damn tiring weh...
wanted to go to the office to get my SPM cert, but then it was closed..
wthell, i cycle all the way and the damn office is CLOSED..
have to cycle all de way back again..
and this is the first time i cycled since they widen the road.. lol...
had to actually use the u-turn

anyway, back to stw wasnt really fun, i did stupid things, i didnt get his email, and yeah i damn regret din get his email...ishhh...
btw, got a new dog at home, and i was the one who first found out and then i was the one who's like pembesar suara, announcing to everyone i see there's a new dog at home..

went to teluk rubiah on saturday... then sunday went to makan.. and i said the supidest thing anyone can say...

rotary president: how's taylors??
me: errrr....errrr....its....errr....crowded...

yeah i was so stupid and gave a stupid answer like this...
i think he feel so damn zha dao and turned to talk to other people..
omgosh...i was very blurr that day...

i think i should smack my head or something...hmmmmph...

came back SA after lunch and then, damn de lorrr... whole way got police block..walaoehhhh


and then, monday, dunno la what happen...


tuesday, hmmmmmm
yeah, i was having headache de whole day cause the weather super hot de lorrrr...
and it was my first time having dinner in AC...
can say first time having dinner as long as im in taylors...
and yeah, this is alrd the second


today, damn hectic weh...
first two period is normal class, and then i have three hours break, followed by..
ESL test, Accounting test, Malay Listening and Responding
walaoeh...all in one go weh....

ok lo..then after classes ends, i came back, check letter box,
still dun have the bonus link card for me..
went into the house, found my letter, opened and the contents were out..
like, what the fucking hell weh..
its like, my letter is my PRIVACY weh..
damn him de.. ididot..
dun wanna talk much...
kylie suffered enuf reading my full of swear words sms...
really fuck de lorrrrr....
and he come back say electricity bill high..
like, what the fuck...
who the hell is the one who turn on the tv the whole entire night?
and sleep right in front de tv somemore..
not one night or two night worrrr..
EVERY night worrr...
still wanna blame ppl...crazy de..
suan le ba.. nxt time i go back stw or what, i wont wait for him, i'll drive back myself if i have to...

and i purposely went out to buy something...
but i end up in ss15...
geram till...

why am i fat??
because FOOD makes me happy..

i end up in mcd drive thru, getting a big mac, and also mcflurry...
its not a lot for somepeople, but then for me, its alot..
lol... i lvoe torturing myself with food when im angry..

and now im online doing nothing...


Monday, 14 July 2008

stoopid de..
pendrive lost hai dao i have to skip class stay library do work.

Friday, 11 July 2008

i miss tze ching... lol..
c how much effort i put jus to make ur name stand out?
i know u miss me too..~~
all de best to everyone in taylors!!!
=quoted from sim's=

that, made my day weh
i miss SIM too


really lost liao la..

ishhhhhhhhhh... geram betul....

feel like going back home liao la....

shitty week

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Great news.

i have Six days to finish my Final Report,
but im going back hometown for the weekends,
so that leaves me THree days.
then, i wasted TWo days,
so now i have
ONE day.

Another Great news.

i lost my pen drive.
yes, at this critical moment,
LOST my pen drive.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

i wake up with panda eyes today..

kylie: tze, what do u do when u're stuck in jam?
me: i S and C
kylie: owh u SMS and Curse?
me: nope, i SWEAr and Curse..heheheh


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

it fits

"omigosh it FITS!!"
says someone (^.^)

*pics coming as soon as i cud get it in my baby lappy

Monday, 7 July 2008


kylie draws something on my paper.
kylie: tze, guess what is this..
i looked and thinked
me: errr i dont know la
kylie: guess and see la
me: err.. i really dont know leh
kylie: its "Onion Ring" =)
me: -__-""""

she alrready burst into laughter as soon as she said onion ring..
it all happened in econs

today seems a little very musical to me..
and very wuliao and ki siao

two mcDs in one day

*ai shi wu gu de feng zhen
ba zhe jui zai hu de ren
jing yi shi
wo hai zai
ju ding yi ge ren liu lang*

*wo ke yi
pei ni chu kan xin xin*

*yi chi fei
fly away
yi chi chu xuan zhao mei li de shi jie*

*wo yao kan jien ni mei li de xiao,
ru guo ni yao kuai le jiu da shen jiao
ba peng you suai diao
fang nao dou wang diao*

& so on... lol

Sunday, 6 July 2008



可是, 太突然?


heheh... chinese weh..
forget the emo-ness
thats because i know how to write it in chinese..

Thanks kylie=D

Thursday, 3 July 2008

i am not gonna sleep tonight.
i have been given ample time to do my work.
but then, being ME, i wasted my time,
and leave everything to the very last minute.

so, in the end,
i have to sacrifice my sleep.
my fault.

its a lesson i can never learn.

economics common test ended in 45 minutes today.
omg i actually wrote 3 pages of essay.
i crapped.
and crapped.
and i felt like writing a fairy tale.
::thus, the economy is stable and more employment are available::
it sounds like,
::thus, the prince sets out to rescue the princess from the evil witch::
my class ended 1pm today.
went back.
then go back taylors again for accts tuition.
shiet one lor.
damn jam lei dere.
and no parking somemore.
at night, went out to shah alam,
wanted to take nice pics de..
but in the end we gave up cause couldnt find the nice spot.
and i found out hor,
shah alam court is damn near my house weh...
turn here..turn there, and a few more turns, sampai liao...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

gone la econs

It’s supposed to be a Stressful Day… but I’m so relaxed… ishhhhhh gone la my econs
ps: i went. early in the morn. sigh.