Saturday, 29 December 2007

its confirmed!

im going to taylors this year.
doing the same thing i did last year.

wasted one whole year in disted.
only when i went to taylors, they told me how the marks were calculated.
never knew that...

i onli know that i have to pass 3 subjects before my ter can be calculated the very morning i went to see my result..


Sunday, 23 December 2007

wrote this on 18th dec

I cannot sleep. I cannot go out. I am so bored right now. I am damn awake in fact. Trying to type this thing in the dark. I cant turn on the lights. They’ll know I am awake and starts questioning me. Haiz. I turn on the radio. All the songs I heard is like sad songs. Right. That’s what I need now. chit. Haven been writing my diary for quite some time. life here is the same everyday. Nothing to talk about also. Haiz. Back to the topic. I am so damn bored right now. I think some people are already in the ladang getah to menoreh getah lor. Dead. So hungry right now.
Since I am so boring and I cannot sleep plus it’s a few hours away from sunrise, I’ll just talk crap lor.
Wake up at bout 9 something yesterday morning. Saw message from cyn…. She said she called the coll. So I also call for fun la. Although I already know what they’re going to say. Lol. And then I went down to bath and watch tv. Went to fetch bc and then to ks house lor. To online and check whether the results were out or not. Supposed to be going for bowling at 1. but then some people don’t want to go. So cancel lor. Had instant noodles for lunch.. first time in a few months. I think. And then went to sleep like a pig. Then went out for dinner with them. Hahah. West connection not open. Walaoeh. Drive all the way there but its not open. So we ended up in the steakhouse near the already closed klg. Walaoeh.. ks say they serve their food very slow de..but I don’t expect to wait for like one hour for my spaghetti lor. Dinner was served at like 9.30pm. omg. Whatever…drop by mcd for a sundae before coming back. So sien lor..
And now I am here writing this crap. If anyone bother to read lor.
Oh ya. My plan isn’t working at all. It wasn’t even started yet.
Another thing. I might be going back to studies in less than two weeks time(assuming I had enough TER to continue lar), minus the weekends. Fuck. I cannot decide. January or May? January will be a lil too early. May will be a lil late. But then… may is like just nice lei………smack my head pls someone……
Ayam sudah pun lama berkokok. Tapi matahari belum lagi terbit. Saya masih belum lagi tidur.
These few days hor…………
I day dream a lot lor………………………
During the wedding dinner, I drop the food I was biting cause I day dream…….i think...
When I was eating pizza, I dropped the knife……cause I was thinking..
And many more other incident. Lol.
But the weird thing is, I don’t know what the hell was I thinking.
Getting more blur day by day lor. …
Change topic.
Rynn concert was ok lor. Nice nice… I like cause it’s a small concert. Not like those big concert where some people have to stand. Hahaha. I was dead tired when I went to the concert… alright. I wasn’t excited for the concert. I think the main purpose I went is to see jj. Lol. Crap. Hahah.. concert is like one or two weeks ago. So don’t wanna talk much about that……..

Saturday, 22 December 2007

xmas is coming reallll soooon

Christmas is just round the corner. I just got my results a few days ago. And it was not ok. Whatever. Earlier this month, I cant wait for Christmas to come. But then, the Christmas spirit was lost somewhere. It feels like just any normal day. Christmas is so far still. It just don feels like Christmas is 2 days away. Haiz. My ffk level increases this few days. Hahah.
It just don’t feel like Christmas.

Food for carollers was only bought today and tomorrow morning. No exact plan as to what to do yet. Christmas tree is no where to be seen. And forget bout my plan to decorate the tree outside the house. And the candles plan. Lol.

Remind me to have a Christmas party when I have my own place.
Someone is only coming back during Christmas itself. Can you believe it? Its like.. So wrong. Haiz……. Maybe my definition of Christmas is different from the others.

And today was the “Tang Yuan” festival. I thought tang yuan means reunion. But then, what is this festival for is no one is back yet? So meaningless lor. Where got reunion??
Back to my results. Due to the ‘excellent’ result I got, now I have to think about my next step. What the hell should I do next year. Mass comm? Canadian matriculation thing? Hospitality management sort of thing? WHAT?

I’ve been given like a few days to think. I really don’t know what am I supposed to do. Repeating SAM was never an option for me. Lol. I’m thinking maybe I could start doing diploma courses. Cause there’s a direction. Doing pre-u again, like no direction lor. I will be clueless and aimless again and end up with an ‘excellent’ result again. Family were very supportive. Looking up and down for colleges and courses that would suit me. And I’m home everyday and doing nothing meaningful. Whenever they asks me about my plan, what I want to study, what I am interested in, I really don’t know.

Its not that I purposely answer I don’t know what I want to do. I really don’t. haiz. Can someone give me some direction? Advise? Clue? Please??

Don’t ask me about my ambition. I had too many but they never last. Let’s see…
I wanted to be a lawyer cause I want to sue whoever that I don’t like. Lol. I wanted to be a teacher because teachers have so many holidays. I wanted to be a doctor because everyone wants to be a doctor back then. hmm…. What else… can’t think now. All those were my childish ambitions. Never gave a serious thought at all. Ha ha. And now I’m in trouble.

Lastly, forgive me for my extremely broken English. Lol.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

yo. finally got chance to online. cant online since i came back to stw.
came to the cc that day. no electric. chit.
lol. sleep and tv everyday.
i haven bang my head on the wall yet!

nothing to post.
too busy watching tv...
lol... as if..

Monday, 26 November 2007

i wan to sue pizza hut!


Went to watch movie with cyn, tiff, and hazel. Mr. magorium’s wonder emporium. Nice show. Full of colours. And if you love toys, you should go and watch it. But I didn’t really enjoy the show. Because some bitch behind me keep spreading virus to me. Fuck. She cough like she’s dying and guess what?? She didn’t even bother to close her mouth. What the FUCK! Lu sakit sendiri sakit lar.. Like mother didn’t teach like that. And and.. There’s this kid.. Keep talking and walking behind me… There was once, like that kid, I feel like he’s screaming beside my ear. ( tambah garam) Wakakka. And according to tiff, she thinks that someone put his leg on the chair. What the fuck.

Ish. Cheap betul. Really like mother no teach.. Don’t they know it’s a public place? It’s a cinema. Not their house TV room.



I spend only RM8..


Came back (stw) at night.

What the fuck.

Mum say she’s not coming back.

I damn tak syok lor.

Cause I have some unexplainable reason.

Alright its explainable but it’ll be like my great great great grand mother’s story..

Fine. Suan la. Don’t want to come back don’t know how to say earlier.

Ish. Fan zhen I cannot online also that night.

So better come back la. Stay there is no use if I cannot online lor.

I kinda pack everything.

Hmm.. My ‘everything’ doesn’t seem much...


Sampai sitiawan is like 11.40pm..


Still can da bao supper..

My lu mien..


My dad can read my mind.


I was thinking of da bao-ing kam puan from the old shop in kg. koh.

But my dad went to da bao lu mien cause suen lu..


Hahhaha.. mau diet kononnyer…

Still eat supper pulak..

No eyes see…


Did nothing today..

Woke up like about 11.30am…


Then dad da bao kam puan from somewhere I don’t know.

Not bad.

But it look like mee goreng edi cause I woke up so late.


Then load the pictures to my comp..

Look at the 300 plus pictures..

Then grandma start looking all over again..

Then half way thru, dad came back, then look and talk with grandma.

Then ish..

After lunch…

Dad wanna see those pictures again cause he didn’t get to see the front part..

Ish…k k.. look finish edi…

My grandpa get to see it for the very first time fullscreen the pictures he took..

And grandma see it again with him… Ish… Then habis looking edi..I burn in cd.. And make a slideshow because my dad say it’ll be easier to look..Wtf… 300plus pictures…Use window movie maker..Ish…. Lucky my laptop didn’t hang…Weird..Everytime I use window movie maker.. Sure jam de…….

Nyek. After that watch tv.Damn boring. Tv also nothing to watch de…Sleep.. then dinner…….Then tv….Then write this crap……Haiz…….

One day lalu like that.I am so happy that I didn’t complain a single bit today.Hehehe.Abt the noise la duh!

Oh ya.

When I was packing my stuff last night, my mum say me taking like everything back..

And she says “why are you taking everything?? Next year you are going kl meh?”

And I was like.. *guilty,confused,whatever* “err…. No la.”

Stupid right?

I just can’t tell her I don’t wanna be in penang next year…..

Feel so harsh and kejam lei……


ok.. i went to pizza hut just now because they have tmnet hotspot there..
waste time nia.
i wanna sue pizza hut..
whtever reason also can...
end up here in secret recipe to online..

my grandparents were discussing about having internet connection at home because i came out for internet at night.
according to them, its dangerous to be taking my laptop out because the society is so u know what.

for the record, i haven been shouting or screaming to anyone or bout anything...
thats a record lor..
maybe cuse the detox thing.. make me so damn tired. chit!

Friday, 23 November 2007

not related:
im may be going back tonight.
if mum comes back early.
cant online anymore..
unless if anyone wants to go secret recipe or pizza hut with me..

not not related:
i slept at 4 something in the morning.
and my alarm..
i cant wake up...
didnt remember the alarm ring also..
cilaka betul..
i lost the 'battle' this morning cause i was sleeping and dreaming of bullets.
yes bullets.
i dream i was driving on the road in penang..
and then, in the end of the dream, i was driving somemore in sitiawan.
and then, i dream of bullets also.
maybe cause i watch mythbusters last night.
in my dream, i sketch and labeled parts of the bullet on a A4 paper..
thats what i remember lar..
then dad woke me up for lunch..
going out later and then maybe have to pack and go back..
wtf.. i only online like 2 hours today...
ish...not fair!!
have to finish my unfinished business..hahhaha...yeler tu..
omg.. im going to get my long lost cam again..
time to get lots of pictures again...

gross blended earthworm. yum yum.

my mum got me the detox thing e other day because she says i have a lot toxic in ma body thanks to Emily(my aunt).
k whatever..
after some 'research', we end up with this brand..
not too expensive..
nice taste (according to the pharmacist and the newspaper)..
only 7 days..(which is good because some other detox thing need 3 weeks.)

i supposed to have it in the morning and at night.
according to the book...
i had them in the afternoon and night.(macamler ada difference)

day 1..
the first time i had them,
i mix with ribena and shake it.
the book say no need hot water ma.. just normal water..
the result...
looking at the color makes me wanna puke..
serious wan..
and it looks like those 'blended earthworm in fear factor'..
i am not kidding..
taste like that too...i think...
sucks la wei...
i had to rely on my trusty mentos after i drank the 'blended earth worm'...

day 1, night.
this time it doesnt look like blended earthworm anymore..
look like er... yellow blood cells....
crap.. but its still kinda disgusting...

day 2, afternoon..
i dun care edi...
dun wan torture myself with blended earthworm..
so i put hot water..
and shake it...
the result almost same..
but taste much better...

i learn my lesson..
never mix powder with normal water....

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Christmas is coming

Merry Christmas..

Christmas is the time,
love is the reason,
not that far from bethlehem,
joy to the world,
o come all ye faithful,
o little town of Bethlehem,
winter wonderland,
we wish you a merry Christmas,
jingle bells/jingle bell rock,
twelve days of Christmas,
last christmas,
and the list goes on and on and on.......

i cant wait for christmas..
i even wrote an email to santa...
now santa very high class wan...
no need send letter already...just type email..
dont believe me?
show you what santa replied...

santa's reply.
i didnt know what i wanted..
so just simply tembak lar...
just go here to email to santa..
oh ya. in case u read that picture,
i lied about my age.
so does that take me out of the nice list??
i announce...

i've finished watching ROMANTIC PRINCESS!!!

cause i finish the whole show in less than 20 hours...
9am to 3.27am...
haha... and its the FIRST time i watch a whole movie on youtube...

k ler... maybe going back tomorrow...............
chit.. dun wan go back tomorrow lar......
i got my reasons....

i wanna slap her

is a scene from
been brainwashing myself with this show since
8.30am this morning.
no typing error...

Romantic Princess
one and a half thumb up..

wu chun.... same same la...the acting style same same with hana kimi. first i think she's cute... but then, she became princess and put on make up..

genie....hate her for no reason....

calvin....seem evil at first but he helped them...

george...act as chun's brother.....din talk much...same like ke le fei..

grandpa!!...emp...short form or EMPeror... hahha...
richest guy in asia...

shen yuan(i think).....erm...weird hairstyle... i wonder how much hairspray they use to keep his hair standing like that......

daddy kinda cute for parents lor...
they have this tradition, the last piece of food is not to be wasted...
and they have to fight for the food...

i think that's all......

currently at part 6 of episode 8..
another 1 and the half more episode...


Video: Miss Malaysia Queen International 2007 Grand Final 08

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

now i have finished my exams, then i should not have wake up so early right?
i can sleep till whenever i want right?



im so hungry now lor..
suddenly can smell the fish nasi lemak from the market wan...
ish...when i go back i sure go buy wan lor...
but have to wake up so early..
chin kat...

then then, reminds me of the nasi lemak from college...
what the...
im craving for nasi lemak.....

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

yay! my exam is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!
i went in blank.
i came out even more blank!
freaking stupid exam.
lucky tiff taught me cash budget!!
sob sob....
if not. sure fail jor...
i am craving for lu mien now lei.
the one you find in the restaurant.
not the type at the kam puan mien stall wan.
and now hor, i thinking hor,
the lu mien we eat now, how different is it from the original recipe?
like, it must be invented by someone right?
then for so many years the dish exist, how different is the lu mien we have now with the lu mien they have back then?
different cooks have different style ma.
then hor, like from generation to generation, sure the recipe change sedikit sebanyak wan what..

hmm... how the original lu mien taste like lei??

omg i am so hungry now.
and its 2.12am in the morning.
should i eat??
i wont be sleeping till 4 or 5...
ish..damn it.............

Monday, 19 November 2007

i confirmed!

now, my world is upside down..
day has become night.
and night has became day to me.
how the hell am i going to reverse this?

Thursday, 15 November 2007


someone went back today.
chit didnt tell me earlier.
btw. she risk her life protecting my poster.

i believe. that poster is cursed.
it went through heave rain the first day she got that.
then today, she left the condo with the poster again.
and it rained again.
and then, it rolled on the floor of the bus.
all the way to the front.
it all has got to do with water.
RAIN..and the rolling part..
like represents..
river water flowing..
my poster has been through the wind and rain...
i hope i can get it in ONE piece lor...

btw. i had cravings for lu mien today.
not the pasar type wan.
the restaurant type de.
i miss my lu mien....

yesterday, i had the most brilliant idea.
what about a food hunt???
one day trip in penang.
its all about food food food....
then today i realise...
i cannot go lar..
if i go, my *ahem* 2-months-lose-weight-plan will go all de way down the drain as well.

a long long one

i have no idea how anyone would read this post lor...
i think its gonna be very very long winded...
cause got picture mar...

ok lor...i will start with random pictures..

suffering from backpain cause i lie down too much. all because of exam lar.
i lie down to study de.
maybe that explains why i always fall asleep when i study..
ok. i confess. i slept too much during the study break. and i didnt even step out my house that whole week. all i did is sleep. online. and touch book. and sleep more. and the akibat is... haiz... stiff shoulders.. getting old...

this is the plastic cover of my psychology key ideas book.
my 'art'...
i think i drew this during my study break..
cause that

RM 25.96...
the price to pay for two person at Laksa Shack.
kinda expensive lei...
cause i think we both had the cheapest laksa they have.
i rather go to the famous penang laksa lei..
more 'ori'....

i want to say something lor.
this dog really smart lo that morning.
damn smart....
rubbish right in front my house..
the invincible line dividing my neighbour's house and my house is right between the pile of rubbish and the dog...
when i came back that morning, that dog. omg....
he came running.
chit... dah buat salah still dare to appear at the crime scene...

hehhehe.. my exam dates..
i feel hor...
look like playing bingo like that...

a kinda big bowl de chicken soup.
and its all mine.
for the very first time(i guess)...
the whole chicken soup belongs to me...

singer, actor, producer, composer, and whatever else he does...
i present to u...
Lee Hom!
ok la. not clear. because i did it in a hurry.
listen to his interview in myfm.
and say can watch him also.
so i online. cilaka. need to sign up...
so sign up edi onli can watch him... chit...waste time... the buffering...cacated wan...listen to him in radio better....
all i saw clearly soon as the interview is over, he terus stand up, grab his jacket and leave..

no comment.
i was bored.
then i draw..i know this is stupid lar...
btw... the 'star' is still there...

er...if im not mistaken lar... it means...
Senior Secondary Assessment Board South Australia.
this is in one of the past year papers.
i conteng-ed with highlighters..
and viola..
it became much nicer than it was...


last one in this category.
did that last night.
when i was trying to study psychology.
(-_-) and (-.-)

butterfly pictures....!!
tze's guide to mess up your butterfly drawing..

Step 1:
draw a butterfly.
any kind.
preferably use purple colour pen.

close up to the bigger fly

close up to the smaller butter

Step 2:

use blue highlight.
carefully draw over the lines.

Step 3:

repeat Step 2 with a purple highlighter.

Step 4:

repeat Step 2 or Step 3 with a pink highlighter.
make sure you do it carefully. or else. your butterfly will end up like this lor.
so messy...

Step 5:

turn your paper to the back.
and see whether it looks like this...
the end!

pictures i got in Penang today.

PS: if you feel damn bored and want to test your driving skill, i suggest you try to drive thru the lane at chowrasta market.
it will be a whole new experience.
or you can try driving at pasar khamis.
from the end with the burger stall to the end where they sell fish....

view of penang bridge.
if u can see it...
i use my phone cam la. what u expect?
slr cam quality?

i tell u.. there's a plane in the sky...
but donno why cant see it here...

some back lane...
old old shop houses...

one of the lions outside a hotel right in front komtar...

penang's highest building


bawah komtar....



hehehe. i find the name funny lei..
maybe it has different meaning in different language...

the end of pictures...

ohya .. on my way back hor..
got accident on the bridge lor.
wah liao..
i tell u...
i thought just normal accident..
mana tau..
is the sandwich type...
5 cars...
i thought the second car kena teruk edi de...
mana tau...
at the back got 3 more cars..
and the last car..
BMW lai wor..
not the old type de wor..
kinda new somemore lei...
and that's the last car lei..
means he has to pay to the person in front and for himself lei...
i wonder how much he'll spend repairing his BMW lor..
the accident must be really teruk wan..
cause hor...
the BMW kemik till... aiyoyo....about half the engine part gone...
BMW also like that edi..
how about the Proton in the center...

this is the reason i drive like a tortoise nowadays.....

btw, semasa saya sedang rush against time to finish the psychology paper, my brain is thinking for answers but my heart, keep scolding fuck, what the hell, stupid betul, haiz, ws. kinda lar.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

what if i FAIL?
i have a high chance of failing lei.
i feel so useless now...

i scared...
later, the questions all i dont know do..

if i have to explain...
if i dont know how??
wat is bidirectional whatever??
stimulus generalisation??
how can cbt help in depression?
symptoms of anxiety?
arousal whatever whatever..
i dont know how to see de graph lei..
the bell shape wan...

i still dont know the difference of Quantitative method and Qualitative method lei.


Ten Things God Won't Ask:

1... God won't ask what kind of car you
drove; He'll ask how many people you
drove who didn't have transportation.

2... God won't ask the square footage
of your house, He'll ask how many
people you welcomed into your home.

3... God won't ask about the clothes
you had in your closet, He'll ask how
many you helped to clothe.

4... God won't ask what your highest
salary was, He'll ask if you
compromised your character to obtain

5... God won't ask what your job title
was, He'll ask if you performed your
job to the best of your ability.

6... God won't ask how many friends you
had, He'll ask how many people to whom
you were a friend.

7... God won't ask in what neighborhood
you lived, He'll ask how you treated
your neighbors.

8... God won't ask about the color of
your skin, He'll ask about the content
of your character.

9... God won't ask why it took you so
long to seek Salvation, He'll lovingly
take you to your mansion in heaven and
not to the gates of Hell.

10... God won't ask how many people you
forwarded this to, He'll ask if you
were ashamed to pass it on to your

Read Carefully :

Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

saw this in gfc forum

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

i tell you something lor.
si liao la.
i stare at the paper.
not knowing what to write.

paper at 7am wan mar.
u know what time i went??
i woke up at 6am by my dream..
not my alarm...
dangerous la wei...
should set more than one alarm...
ngam ngam time reach lei...

tml psycho.
the last suffering this whole week
waliao..i hope i can do lor.
but still not yet study...
go revise now lar..

i have econs tml.
i cant study.
can i fail econs???
i feel sick.

Monday, 12 November 2007

wtf, tian liang le.
(sky bright edi)..

decided to go to bed at 3am.
but then i kept thinking of wuliao unrealistic things that has nothing to do even with my exam.

closed my eyes. sleepy. but my brain still damn active.

*time passed*

sms cynthia and woke her up..
actually i was thinking i dont want to drive today de.
didnt sleep..
but then... suan le ba.....

smsed bc and hp...
asking whether they're awake..
bc says she's busy...
hmmm.. maybe got exam at 7am kut...
so dont care edi lor.

tried to do some reading.
i hear the bus lalu...
dad wake up..
lori sampah lalu...
ish.... i really cant sleep lei...

sambil 'read' hor...
i sambil koyak all the 'notes' lor.
my super thick notes are not medium thick..

alarm also want to ring edi...
still not yet sleep..
more jing shen somemore.

when dad open the door just now...
sky so bright..
like alrd 9am type edi...
sked me nia...

will be having my IT(information technology) exam in a few hours.
and i am totally blank.
when i look at the questions, i got the idea.
but i just don't know how to put my idea into words.
stupid hor...

how ah??

and i so don't wanna drive later.
what the hell am i doing here?


Sunday, 11 November 2007

lin chen san dian zhong ( 3am)

as the clock strucks 3am (10 mins past 3 lar), itunes let me listen z-chen's "ling chen san dian zhong" again. wah. so kebetulan lei. ngam ngam now is 3am.

but then, when i look at the title at itunes, it showed, "love can be so beautiful" by Tank.
wtf. what happened?

walao. i shall not simply think. hahaha.

*xian zai shi ling chen san dian zhong*

*baby2 love can be so beautiful,
shi guai na yi ke,
hua shuo de tai zhong*

*baby2 love should be so beautiful,

ni gei de tai duo,
xian zai wo cai dong*

what a small world.
i went to this blog.
and there's a link to another blog.
i clicked out of curiosity.
and found out its someone from my school.
and then i clicked another link.
and there's a link to another blog.
i accidentally scroll my mouse over it.
and saw the blog address.
sound like someone i know.
so i clicked on it.
and viola.
its the someone i thought of.
met her once in a camp.

my point is. i lost contact with her.
(ok. i was never in contact with her & she wasnt exactly someone i call a fren. just someone whom i happen to know. hahaha)
and then, suddenly i found the blog.
seems like this world is so damn small lor.

and yes, i did online today.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

xmas is coming

i found out that.
no one is perfect.
although someone looks so perfect; good looks, good voice, good whatever..
but then...
he's still a human..
a human will never be perfect..
someone who looks smart from outside may not be as smart as you thought.
someone who looks good doesn't mean that he's not a bad guy.
someone who dresses like they are from geylang doesn't mean they are.
someone who looks fierce and cool doesn't meant that he is not friendly.
and the list goes on..

tiff send me something bout xmas in facebook.
bc send me some xmas countdown in friendster.
suddenly make me wanna celebrate xmas edi.
what the.
can i still join the xmas caroling this year?
i wanna go just for fun.
i dont wan to sing.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

suddenly i feel...
the word "sitiawan" is so unfamiliar.
maybe is the sleep deprivation thing.
how can it be unfamiliar?
sitiawan, setiawan, stw, s'wan....
what? wheere?
going crazy soon..
4.44am now.


i felt like i was in a middle of a war zone *boom-boomb-pwweee-boom* just now.
seriously, i think the amount of the fireworks they use this time is much much more than any chinese new year we celebrated. hahaha.
btw, Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians.

those having exam today, too bad lor..
those not having exam today, continue study lor..
those not having exam at all, play puas puas lor.

i sent deepavali greetings to chinese and indians.
can you believe it?
i only have 3 Indians contacts in my phone.
one is someone who don't know who the hell i am(from coll), another is don't know my number but know who i am and another one.. wants nothing to do with me. hahaha..
so jit doh...
so ma greet some chinese friends randomly lor.

sebagai rakyat malaysia, kita semua patut celebrate semua perayaan kan?
i celebrate raya pun..
tapi yg pelik, i tak dapat pun duit raya...
hahaha.. like ly say, celebrate with food., later, we gonna celebrate deepavali with none other than FOOD!
i don't think I'm going to join them.. lazy keluar lar..

my mum tried to tempt me..

" you sure anot you dont want to go? my collegue de house got alot nice food wan. really nice wan.. and acah house also you dont want to do meh?"

cei..not my i go or no go same same wan..hahahha

btw, i feel my blog is in a mess... remind me to do something after my exam.. ish...
if u can read thispost that is..

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


my uncle is a big meanie.

he called me today. and say.
he'll drop me off at klcc, kick me out of his car, and then i have to go back myself by taxi.
what the.
he say he'll not pick up my calls whatsoever, and i have to take a taxi back no matter what.

he's so evil!

Monday, 5 November 2007

i was almost late for exam today.
because they changed the venue.
i was near the hall. waiting and waiting.
then think. why everyone disappeared?
lucky. got ppl late with me.
lol. dangerous.
must read whatever they write on the board properly.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

tomorrow is D-day.
SAM finals.
omg omg omg...

Saturday, 3 November 2007

i wanna shout.
i wanna scream.
im not crazy.
im not syok sendiri.
im just too happy..
or maybe too panic.
good news non stop coming.
my heart is laughing..
omg. i really cant stop feeling happy.

something is so near.
but yet its so far.
no matter how, we end up meeting back in stw.
in penang.. time tak ngam..
bila time sudah ngam..
kita sudah holiday!

im so crappy

i can laugh while i sleep tonight!


i dont know why i am so happy today.

maybe syok sendiri cause i wanna ki siao edi.

anyway, just got the news from sheng ping that the guests for rynn yu zhong's concert is none other than JJ Lin, li zhe qing, and ah do.

wow! JJ will be the guest!!

how good can this be?


told you i syok sendiri.

i really wanna ki siao edi lor.



Conversation with someone I haven’t seen or talked to for quite a while.

Not the actual conversation we had. But then, its something like this. Didn’t save that conversation that day. So I just retype what I remember.

X: hey, g luck for your coming exam. =p

Y: thanks.

Y: how are u?

X: me ah.. just like that lor.. same same..u eh??

X: btw. What are u studying?

Y: *censored to protect the identity*

*hint:: some occupation that starts with ‘E’ and ends with ‘R’*

*not “English teacher la idiot*

Y: where are you now?

X: me in penang lor..

Y: har? What you doing there??

*hehehe. Paiseh. Got a bit rude but hor. Seriously la. This proves. When I say I am in penang, the word study wont cross their mind. Cause, mostly sitiawan people go to kl. Not penang.*

*what the hell I wanna say here*


X: study lar. What else can I do here??

Y: study what?

X: SAM lor… my finals next Monday…

Y: ic. *proceed to an unrelated topic*

Friday, 2 November 2007


i am so happy.

my mum confirmed i can go rynn's concert e..

good news hor!!

but then, still have to face alot prob.
hope can settle those lar...
mainly transportation prob..

seriously hor,
i not very crazy bout rynn lo..
i dont even know all his songs.
why the hell i wanna go his concert...
ki siao..
whatever the reason is,


Tuesday, 30 October 2007

*slap* *slap* *slap*

if anyone caught me online these days, please "*slap*" me!!

Saturday, 27 October 2007


look so geli but nice because i cook wan. hahhaha

after SAM

What I THINK I want to do after SAM.

♥ I don’t want to enrol in Uni super early; first intake.

♦ because I want to claim back my after-spm holidays.

( actually, when I was in primary school, I decided to take ONE YEAR holiday after my SPM. Mana tau… tak sampai ONE MONTH, I already got myself into this mess. You see.. I never get what I wants.)

♥ I don’t want to stay here anymore!

♦ I never wanted to be here in the first place. (told you I don’t have the right to make any choice.)

♦ plus, I’ve experience disted. And I hate it here for some reason. Don’t wanna see her face again next year. IM DONE HERE!!

♥ I want to do Psychology.

♦ for heaven’s sake, I sit in front my comp everyday doesn’t make me an expert in IT. IT is alien language and no normal human will be able to understand it.

♦ based on the subjects I take this year, I don’t think there’s much choice for me. No math no talk!

♦ since I was in early secondary or primary, I thought of doing psychology before. But never mentioned it because.. everyone will say.. “ lu gila kah?? No other things to study meh?”

An unrealistic one

I wish for money drop from sky.

I wish I could take about one year break from studying.

I wish I could use the time to travel to anywhere I want.


travelling with family sucks.

part two

now, is the second hour of no electricity. What did I do for the last hour? Nothing much lor. Cant online. But still make full use of my lappy. Listening to songs; more like blasting songs into my ears, try making video for my friends to see; but too bad I cant find those precious pictures we took last time so I gave up. So, maybe next time lor hor….

Sit on the hard floor one hour already. Butt pain lei… back pain also lei.. what the… cant move anywhere else because this is the best place. Hahhaha. I sit here to block the wind from going in the house. Wakakka,

I’m looking outside; kinda bright got 12.23am.

I’m looking inside; can see shadows, candle light( too bad not candlelight dinner).

My big fat legs are now supper for those blood-sucking mosquittos.

I spend a few minutes to watch the videos I got yesterday in college.

They were celebrating I don’t have any idea what for the lecturers.

I happen to be in class.

So I recorded for fun,

Hahaha,,, Cynthia, I record already got watch de lei….

Then I start to wonder…

This whole year I have been unusually quiet.

From being one of the noisiest person in class to being the quietest person in class; .no comment…

I am so quiet this year that I doubt any of my classmates I never talked to knows whether I exist.

And I wonder more…

Will I ever miss Disted?

Those times here…those friends I made here…

Although not many, but at least I have some friends here ok?

Will I miss them?

I know this sounds stupid.

Will I ever miss Jenny’s non-stop naggin?

Its like.. I’ve got used to her nagging and cheong-hei from January till now..

And suddenly, no more nagging…

I need some getting used to..hahahah

And then, will I miss those faces I’ve been seeing everyday?

Hope not! Nightmare!!

The big big big question….

Will I ever miss this whole crappy year?

Another year has come and gone.

Sekelip mata.


Alright. Maybe I do say this every year. But this is the truth what.

What will I be doing next year?

The more important question would be…


Disted? Don’t want!!

Penang? Hope not!!

Kl? ….

Utar? Tak mungkin lar. My TER not that high….

I don’t want to be in Penang. I never wanted to be here. But, the final decision will be up to my parents lor..

no electric part one

What the now don’t have electricity.

I think it’s the first time I experience bekalan elektrik terputus in penang lor.

Have to type in the dark.

Chit. Can feel the keys but cannot see anything.

The moon tonight is nice lor.

But too bad I don’t have my camera with me.

It’s now in china with my grandpa.

Now I realise why I hate sharing things.

Much more convenient if I have it to myself.

Can use it whenever I want.

Lucky my laptop batt is charged full full.


Some people so lucky lor.

Can go camping. No need so suffer here.

Lol. When I asked whether I could go to the camp, the answer I got will always be NO!!

Just because I’m a girl so I don’t get to go to camps.


(well well… not that I want to go so much anyway.)

Someone called and reported bout this.

Tnb says we have to wait for two hours.

I hope my laptop can last that long.


If you want to improve your typing skills, try typing in the dark.

It helps.

I guess.

For another one and a half hours, I will be the source of food for mosquittos.

Idiot betul.

Wanted to listen to songs using my laptop.

But then, now my ears are listening to some Chinese traditional music instrument.

Like the whole block can hear it.


The same song for the last hour.

Walao. Sien lar. Change song lar.