Friday, 29 July 2005


yo...i finally learnt how to ride a motor last friday..haha...i finally noe how to change the gear edi..haha...will tell it in detail in the next blog!!

Saturday, 23 July 2005

song lyrics

just a gentle whisper

tell me that you'll come

the only thing that matters

where did we go wrong

i couldnt find the words then

so let me say them now

im still in love with you

tell me that you love me

tell me that you care

tell me that you need me

and i'll be there

i'll be there waiting

i will always love you

i will always stay to

there's no one who loves you like i do

come to me now

i wil never leave you

i wil stay here with you

through the good and bad

i will stand through

im in love with you

now we're here together

yesterday has past

life is just begining

close to you at last

and i promise to you

i will always be there

i give my all to you

live a life without you

is more than i can bear

hold me close forever

i'll be there

i'll be there for you

i will always love you

i will always stay to

there's no one who loves you like i do

this i promise

i will never leave you

i will stay here with you

through the good and bad i will stand through

hold me closer

how love is forever

holding us together

nothing in this world can stop us now

love is found love is found

im in love


ps its some song lyrics ...i donno the title of he song i dunno who sang the song...i onli noe the song n da lyrics!!

Friday, 22 July 2005

learnt smtg new

haha... i learnt smtg new...n its something i wanted to learnt...haha... i noe how to ride a motor edi...haha...ask some1 teach me!! haha...dunno it was so easy..just need to change the gear!! haha... watever... i just noe how to ride it n im happy....!!

Sunday, 10 July 2005


yay!! today go aziz tution take hping scooter n go for a ride..haha... then take her go kai kai oso....1st time tumpang ppl wan so fun.......

Friday, 8 July 2005

band comp

hav to go skol at 2pm again..tis mrng go skol ntg to do...3 periods no teacher... boring till i wan bunuh diri mann....the gt fizik!!! so lazy.... n then bio... bio was just boring...the teacehr nvr teach oso... just stand there n explain hw to do peka bio...ying2 din go skol somemore... argh,.... bored bored bored...

okok... went to skolat 2pm again.... n then take attendance n the bus leave stw at 3... sampai ipoh around 4 something n went to ymca to pass something to the band members n then went to jaya jusco...hehe... bought 4 tshirts as sooon as i step into jj..haha...then bought a pair of glasses too...i think i bought the most things among my fwens...haha///shop till 7.15 om n we are off to da tiring just to look for a place there... walk here n there... n then at last find a place...haha... there were bout 8 bands ... really sien.... then come home at 12am...the comp end at 11.30 ...haiz...reach stw at 1.35am....the end!! story

haiz,... eat 2 pandols b4 i go skol... 2 in bus on da way to ipoh...1 on da way to stadium 2 in da stadium!!

Monday, 4 July 2005

lol... bored.!!!

wats the first thing taht come to ur mond when u read this?

hello my friend,it ahs been a great honour to become one of your friends...i thank god very much because of this...and i also wanna thank you for everything.. i really appreciate it...but i fear that someday i might leave this beautiful friendship...i;ve wanted to tell you this from the very begining but i dont have the is sad to tell you this but i still have to tell you..i'm going to a very very far tired of facing my dull life,..i dont know wether you can see me tomorrow morning or not as im leaving for a very very far place...goodbye to you my going to sleep sleepy...good night!!

yaya... u would think that the person is ready to commit suicide..i was quite surprise when i 1st read it..n i tot my fren is really going to commit suicide...t

to my frens who receive this message, im really sorry that i sent it to you...i regret my actions..i hope that you guys are nt angry k...