Saturday, 27 June 2009

I'm 20!!

finally, i'm done with editing the pictures. gosh it took me the whole yesterday to actually go to the web and the whole night and this morning to get the pictures edited.

well, hehehe i'm 20!! yes, old already, not a teenager anymore.
[laugh all u want.. ha ha ha]

okayy... how's the grand celebration this year???

well, i expected it to be a quiet one. i planned to not celebrate at all, but i get depressed by the thought of not celebrating at all.. weird kan?? actually, i got emo an hour before 24th June. was in my own world and listening to all the emo songs in itunes. not the greatest way to enter adulthood but that's what i actually did.

two weeks before my birthay was my brother's birthday. so the weekend during his birthday, we all went back to stw. and we went to kg. cina and ordered all the yummy seafood there.. aww seafood!!! i can go crazy over them.. hehehe... we ordered alot... 5 people with 6 or 7 dishes :)

fried mee hoon, crab, steam fish, har ku, la la, fried sotong!!


**fast forward to 23rd June..**

Happy Birthday Sing Hwei!!!! she's one day older than me... and she went thru the whole day thinking that i didnt wish her at all.. gosh i cant imagine that kind "heart break" if it was me... because, this year i decided to wish her thru fb cause sms wont last long...

after all the classes, went to psych department for club meeting. mana tau meeting cancel again, so i went home straight. baru reach home only, L called and asked whether i can have dinner. i said ok and waited. thought tonight i can finally watch "tong sam fong bou" edi.. mana tau cant watch again :(

well, before we go for dinner, i was kinda very upset and angry with him cause he asked me to drive. i hate to drive when he can drive. he kinda forced me to drive and asked me to choose where to go. urgh. psst. i was very hungry at that time and when im hungry i get angry and very cranky. fine! i'll drive. i thought it will be the new japanese restaurant in glenmarie, but we ended up in holiday inn instead. and for once i thought, why the hell im angry for?? going to expensive restaurant eh...

went in, not many people there. maybe cause its a weekday. ordered alot loh. my udon cause rm30+ and it's one of the cheapest edi >.<" lucky i'm not the one paying :) he asked me to pay if i cant perfect my magic trick. thanks to steph for handing me dr. saga's "magic trick asparatus". lol. btw, we ordered beef udon, rice, chicken teriyaki i think, and the red sotong.

this is the night i emo-ed.

and i spent the night replying fb wall messages. thanks lots!! :)

24th June. me Bday!! me me me Bday!!

it's a wednesday so there's no class. so i dont need to wake up early or go out. whole day at home nothing to eat. so cham lor. nothing to eat at all. finally found a really tasteless and dry kaya puff on the table. had to eat that for lunch. errrk.

waited and fb-ed for a few more hours and go fetch mun synn and we go pyramid together and meet kylie there. on the way to fetch mun synn, i realise i forgot to bring my kim gary member card. wtf. no more discount lorh!! lazy to turn back and get it. rush hour leh.

then sampai pyramid, we saw a band outside. so we go kay poh. heheh dah lama tak tengok band perform. turns out its a police back. why they are performing there? i dont know. my bday gua.....

then we go cinema to buy ticket for transformers first. de queue quite long edi... by the time we beli the ticket, the queue long till the toilet there. walaoeh... lucky i was abit early than those ppl. while queuing, were hoping and praying we can get transformers tics. the screen says there are FEW tics left and SOLD OUT for some of the screening. scare loh how if i cant get any tics? then we decided that if it's first row then we dont want to watch. then by the time we got to buy the tics, we bought the first row. FIRST ROW!! hahaha.. got the 8.15 tics.

puas liao, so we went to makan. damn hungry weh...

then after makan the girls went to mng sale. omg, i dont understand the craziness behind mng.

movie after that. thought we're late edi. went in only at 8.15pm. mana tau sit in the partially lighted cinema till 8.37pm before they put on the adverts. then bout 8.56-ish to 9pm like that only movie start. finish near mid night. the movie is good, could be better if i could see the whole screen with my sepet eyes and from a more normal angel. and for the fact that the 3 year old behind me wasnt screaming and shouting baby language at certain times and the malay girl beside me wasnt getting confortable with herself and keep kicking me and touching me. hello, mak tak ajar ke? duduk baik baik lah. ini pawagam, bukan rumah u... and also for the fact that there's a hand touching my head a couple of times. :/

definately must watch again.

reach home only 12plus...
continue fb and day dreaming till 3am oni sleep...
got class in the morning somemore......

25 June
wake up a bit later cause i couldnt wake up. and lucky class delayed one hour. go there she give paper oni. but quite important paper lah. for exam purpose. so, class oni a few minutes nia.. i planned to finish my cover letter since i have a few hours break.. and also to go for the research design thingy. cause i got very low marks the week before.. worried leh.. went for consultation in the fridge. it functions as a containment room where it's free from virus, bacteria or whatever. now it's for psychology students to conduct research. :)

got a very long explaination, but once he finihs explaining, i alrd forgot everything he said. sighs. june and steph came, and june's turn to ask quests. then went to cafeteria cause we're so damn hungry. wanted to get food, but june said "wait". was very hungry but she say "ni juo jing jing". [translated: lu duduk diam diam]

turns out, we're celebrating 3 ppls birthday :) yippie.. my one and only cake this year....

heheh thanks guys, for planning and buying evrything :)
in the last picture : from left.

jc, yuki, ying fern, june, chia chyn, rachel with face hidden, christine, yean sze not to be seen, sue may, steph, qader and ME!!

we had Dominos!!

then went to class lorh... after class went home. this time V call and say go dinner. again, no tong sam fong bou.

went to section 17 for indian rice. banana leaf rice yo!
then head to section 14 to get my harddisk.

i got a 320gb harddisk for rm199. cheap kan? compared to the other prices lah. then when i came home and use the new cable for the old harddisk which i assume is dead, it worked. means i dun need to get another harddisk that urgently. anyway, i need to cause 80gb is nothing.

oh ya you know what is the stupidest thing i did for my birthday?

i "donated" rm30 to a person that doesnt exist at all. i reloaded rm30 to my phone, but i confirmed the wrong number, and u know how good i am with numbers lah.. so yeah. bye bye rm30. no wat to get it back edi lurh... anggap i got no bonus from digi lorh. anggap the bonus i got from digi is the rm30 i reloaded lurh... :(

Thank You for Your Wishes
facebook, calls and sms-es, cards and presents

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

i didnt know :(


i think mum, aunty and uncle planned a birthday dinner for me on sunday night,
but i rejected when aunty called me.

sorry, i didnt know.
ouch, i was lazy to go out.

till mum called and ask how was the dinner :)

Monday, 22 June 2009

today i...,

went to pyramid after class. supposed to drop yf there, but then somehow we hop on the shuttle with my heavy book and full water in the bottle. damn heavy kay? turns out she wanted to go to post office and send something to her friend. :) then the stupid nationwide express is so hard to find.. have to refer a few "mall-signs" and call conceirge before we made it there. hmmph. when we reach, it's closed and the sign on the door says they'll be back in a while. wtf. went to asian avenue to eat mango sherbet. the sherbet is yucky but the santan and glutinous rice that came with it is ok. wonder how it became recomended dish. yf paid.

and we went to nationwide express for the 2nd time. wtf, still not open. then went to the other wing to see leng chai and buy my kfc. got voucher mah. heheh the good thing about phone voucher is, they dont delete the message/voucher or take down ur phone number or something. means, can re-use!!

first time using an sms voucher. hahaha. lucky de fler din ask me go far far and dun come back. :)

and then, stood at the ice rink to look. hahaha got this one guy so damn cute.. so korean-ish... but yf say too short liao... la la la... hahaha... and got a few ang moh playing also. one of the girls, she wore a bright red bikini and a white short dress outside. so when she fall and got wet, can see... her bright red bikini... hehehe.. eh i not pervert ok.. is she want to show wan ok... then we went back to nationwide express for the 3rd time.. lucky it's open.. hmmmph... expensive but they send it in one day...

then went back to the hotel to wait for bus... on the way there, saw the ang moh gang again.. hehehe.. the bikini girl...heheh.. when she was walking, there's this guy sitting on the chair.. and i saw him went O.O ... hahaha... that's a pervert!! when mat salleh wears like that to a shopping mall, people will think, "ang moh is like that one lah...". if the girl was local, she sure get weird and disapproving stares from the public.. and people might think, "eee... dono whose daughter.. wear like that go out de.. tak tau malu.. so cheap.. ". lol.. true??
stereotypes, sighs.

alright, went back to hotel, the bus just left! it just turned out from the hotel. so me and yf ran to pyramid main entrance. who knows when the bus will reach there. so sai hei run so fast. the bus took quite long to reach. hahah. and i think while i was there, i was staring at one direction to make sure the bus is coming. like, im in my own world and no one else matters kinda stare... so this girl beside me, which happens to be at the direction im staring at, i suddenly notice she look at me like im alien or something. .. hahaha.. sorry lah, i realise i act weird these days.. i dont know why myself.. :)

waited for some time, and listen to lots of noise pollution.. u go stand at the taxi stand in pyramid at 7.30pm and u'll know what im talking abt... then finally bus come!! hehehehe...

no "tong sam fong bou" today :(

i park my car at the side of someone's house cause i assume it's the nearest parking available, but it's like at the side of the road, so i hope i dont have any missing side mirror tml... he he he..

i only had dinner at 10.15pm.
just because someone say the curry want to basi edi,
and im also hungry at the same time,
and also i dun like pouring away food.

it's ok to pour away food as long as im not the one doing it.
young en
ps: watched yu le bai fen bai today... almost whole episode is on boys over flowers.. awwww...

i want yun ji hu's hairstyle.
but i dont trust mum's hairstylist.
buttt, he's cheaper than the one i go to.
he not young enough to know what i want.
the one i go to is young enough to understand.
but they're also one of the most expensive in the area.
urgh... hair cutting need to put on hold...
till i have $$...

and time.


my external harddisk is more important now.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

June 20 marks the birthday of a vampire who is going to be 17 again and again and again,
Edward Cullen.

Happy 108th Birthday
Edward Cullen!!

i feel like writing in italics today.
this is the closest i can get to cursive writing.

talking bout writing,
back in secondary school,
i remember everytime i see Winnie's handwriting,
i felt like,
they're not real.
they're printed from the computer, or typed out from the typewriter or something.
they're so neat.


last week,
one of my classmates tell me she liked my handwriting and she says it looks like its printed from the computer. ^^

ha ha ha.
never in my life.
anyone say my writing is like it's printed from computer.

sometimes, when i write, esp when i'm angry,
pls believe me when i say...
you've seen hell when you see me write in anger.

: )

yet another pointless post.

"ngo gam yat mou dok dou shu ah, yim zhi ngo hao si dim sei..."

Friday, 19 June 2009

1335 words, 3 pages

Friday, June 19, 2009: Gary's Supermarket officially out now!!

made plans with kylie dearie(hahha happy onot?) for pan mee. my initial plan was to eat pan mee and go home. but you know lah, long time no meet already, where got eat pan mee and go home so simple kan?

12.20pm: went to uni. minor accident along the way. added more scratches to my car. (as if there's not enought scratches on my car already. big, medium, small, extra large, all shapes and sizes...)

12.51pm: reach college finally after "racing" on the road. went to the computer lab to print my position paper. sampai lab, got one big sign there say, "Printer is under maintainance". wtf, but lucky still can use it in the lab but not the counter. lucky got no class at that time, if not dunno how i want to pancung myself.

1.10pm: still editing my work. Kylie called and say she's on her way.

1.25pm: position paper printed, so I was there checking the format and all. Shine and Fiz came and say my format is wrong and it's supposed to be an essay not a report format. freaked out a little. but lecturer didnt say anything about my format for draft so i didnt change it lorh.

1.30pm: go to pass up the assignment. called steph to confirm that i did the right format. she said she did the essay format also. wtf. i dont know anything bout essay format de. nvm, go ask lecturer first.

almost got lost. well, not really lost, but have to plan my way there. at first wanted to use the lift then up to 3rd floor, to the library then go to the back door. but i dun like the library and the librarians and now is exam period so there's many people there. so have to think of alternative route. lol.

this is where the stupid part starts. went to the other wing, then press up button for lift. waited for quite a while, then lift heading down, but the door still opens, so i went in. pressed 3rd floor. but the lift went down. and the girl press 4th floor. the lift went up to 4th. only i realise the life didnt stop at 3rd floor. wtf. then went down one floor again.

down one floor, up 4 floors, down one floor.
lol like i love to play with the lift like that. wtf.

1.36pm:reach lecturer's room. knocked the door. open the door.
x: hi, is this the correct format?
y: um, yeah.. what are you going to do if i say it's not the correct format?
x: i'll go and print another copy for you.
y: *shakes head*

1.40: kylie come. called me. damn funny la that girl.
x: hi, i'm cant find parking.
y: what u mean u can find parking?
x: um, i reach the entrance. but i dont know how to go in.
y: err.. just come in only lah *i assume it's the main entrace where the guard house is.. maybe they blocked her or something*
x: it says "Boom Gate A" and "Boom Gate B"
y: =.="" i'll come find u now.

got in her car and "teach" her how to take the parking ticket.

then, just as she got down the car, shuttle arrive.
too excited edi, so i ran and left my Guess in the backseat of her car.
and i didnt realise till... till... i wanted to pay for food.

on the way to pyramid, we already decided to have pan mee, but then when we reaching pyramid... this is what happens...
x: kim gary or pan mee?
y: you decide la...
x: i dont know la, kim gary or pan mee?
y: errrrr....pan mee very normal right... anytime also can eat one right... kim gary more special right...
x: hahhaha, yeah!! kim gary then. :)

then get down from the bus, went to kim gary.
x: eh so many people lah, you still want to eat here ah?
y: i dont know la, you decide.
x: kim gary or station 1?
y: errr... station 1 lah...

went to station 1, on the way there,
x: eh, you want station 1 or pan mee?
y: (didnt hear me)...

btw, we end up in station 1, had set lunch there.

then, when we wanted to pay, kylie offered to pay. saw her nice purse, and thought it's similar to mine. so i wanted to take out mine to show her. but i cant find it anywhere in the bag. she got worried her car will kena brake in, so we decide to shuttle back to college to get my Guess first before coming back to pyramid again.

went back to tower hotel and waited. got this playful arabian kid sitiing next to me, and he shoot me with his mini gun. lol. laughed a lil cause he damn cute. but i feel his mother staring at me, so i stop 'choi' him.

"what the fuck, i dont know where is my Guess"
"serious shit ah, i left it in ur car"
normally she doesnt allow this kind of..err..words to be use..but then today she didnt say anything..means she's worried bout my Guess too.. :)

after a loooooong wait, bus finally come :) back to coll, lucky her car didnt kena brake in and my Guess is still on her back seat. paid for parking fees and then went to pyramid again in her car cause we're tooo lazy to wait another 30 minutes for the bus to come.

she bought baskin robin and notice that there's mng sale (alot ppl carry mng plastic).
so she was excited. and finish her ice cream in record time in front of mng shop, and rushed in.
by that time she alrd super excited, but i dont understand this mng craziness...
she went in, excitedly looking and digging in every pile of shirts, singlets or whatever they're selling. end up with 5 and went in to try them on.

i went outside and waited. and waited. and look around. and loook again. and waited. till she finally comes out with mng plastic bag. lol. i understand it takes long cause she can only choose 1 of the 5 pieces only. haha...

then went downstairs where i end up with a cheap version of the pyramid iq game set. and when i say cheap, i really mean CHEAP. quality and quantity.
price: RM9.90
quality: you know lah, china made products means china's english.
and there's not proper booklet which teach you how to use it. just a piece of paper with english i dont understand and distorted pictures with no explaination at all. and there's so much space in the box that all the pieces drops off the holes.

then went to nose. walk one round. go out. then went to get water. and slipper.
slipper from banana peel. never heard before leh... it's opposite 1901. it's a small stall oni.
but their slipper design quite nice.

girly slipper cost RM49. normal slipper with nicer design cost RM19. big difference eh?

i went for normal slippers cause im a poor student, and wtf, i cant even fit the biggest size. wtf. ish. then the girl give me a bigger cutting. biggest size. fit ngam ngam only. dont like the slippers design. so i take the smaller one. ha-ha-ha. it's small but im desperate.
"i'll see what i can do"
the girl selling was like, "you sure?"
me, "yeah im sure"
she must have thought, "small edi still want this one, siao one. sui bian ni lah"

then we go ARCADE. well, let's just say we found a way to release stress.
hehehehhe.. lets go again!!!
and get RANK B... or A... hahahahha

then, shop around, Guardian, then she sent me back to uni.
balik rumah lorrrr...

btw, 4 more days to the END of my teen-age years.
i'm wondering should i to pierce my ears.


btw, this post has 1335 words, and is 3 full pages long.
how i wish i can write like this when it comes to assignments.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


d o n ' t

k n o w





what to write, what to say, what to do.





i thought English class will end in pre-U..
i thought useless English reports will end in Pre-U...

i was VERY




h A t E

E n G L i s H

R 3 $ 3 A R C H

t H e

m 0 $ t





Tuesday, 16 June 2009

tuesday, 16 June, in detail

woke up late this morning.
6.15am i alrd wake up, but still very sleepy so i slept till next alarm, 6.45am.
mana tau i go sleep on my phone, so i cant hear any alarm at all, and i wake up at 7.34am.
heheh. confirm late to class already... thought of skipping, but sked no parking if i go so much later.

reach coll at... 8.50am.. class at 8.30am..
lol go in class also doing nothing... everyone happily talking with each other...
should have slept a few more hours...

then went to submit the LAN cert. babi de, dont know why so mafan, they want this and that... have to go back all the way to Disted the sucky college to get some other documents that i dont know they existed at all. fuck em, i'm only going to submit next semester edi...

psych class was fun, no boring movies, but there are two personality tests to do.. rating and picture.. ends early too :) but no where to go, so just hang arnd in class...

time comes and go to stats... today's first grp presenting.. hope my grp wont have the time to present at all next week.. or to present at all... he he he...

then, my slipper broke... after the class ends...
went to change (lucky i got supply of footwear in my car)...
then went to club meeting...
waited and waited...
tick tock tick tock...
mana tau the lec din come...
so we went home!!

1 cup milo
1 plate spagetti
4 nuggets
1 lipton ice lemon tea
1 packet yeo's soya bean
1 chicken sandwich
1 big plate fried noodles enough for TWO person
2 lou po peng(i think)

signs of stress coming again... sighs

Things to do
1. buy slippers
2. search for more information on social anxiety
[deadline this WEEK]
3. ptptn
4. LAN cert
5. movie
6. urgh i cannot remember...oh ya..

Monday, 15 June 2009

personality tests

i took the Rorschach's Inkblock Test online.
I'l 66% SICK...

stay away!!!


and another test, which is Color Test.
dont really understand...
the test and the result..

ColorQuiz.comżħї~qїňg took the free personality test!

""Is very intense person who seeks excitement and s..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


had the boring-est psych tutorial ever.
thanks for not sleeping well the night before, plus the cursed video tapes, my eyes closed when it starts. it happens so naturally. it's like, its so difficult to even OPEN the eyes and watch the damn video. i tried taking notes.

but when the second video came, gosh, non-stop de...
lose interest and thats how the above picture came about.

somehow i feel the writing is nice!!

ladies and gentleman, may i present to you the star of the psych lab, Hamlet and Rocky!!
aren't they the cutest hamsters ever!! there's another one, but because that one's evil, i dont like puttin his pic here. :)

fyi, Mr. Hamlet here is twice or maybe 3 times the size of Rocky. different breed.
btw, seth looks like hamlet too so no point wasting space putting his picture there.

on the way home on tuesday, uncle called and asked whether i want to have dinner. i said ok cause i'm so BROKE (refer to the accounting i did in previous post)...

went to kampung subang to eat. my fav, harku fry with salted egg...

but, guess what i found in there...

yeah, a FLY...

but i took off the fly and eat it anyway...

wednesday: i got no class.

so i stayed home the whole day only to go out at night.
to a church.
yes, u read it right. im went to a church.
in CERC, PJS7..

they have this 7weeks talk on Introducing God.

the day when i went, was alrd the second week...

thanks Vanessa for bringing me there and bringing me back to coll :)
and also for the FOOOOD.. :)

it so happens the theme for that night was Indian, so we had Indian FOOD..
it was the FIRST time i had indian sweets.. :)

when we walked in, there's two tables, with tags in each seat.
dont know if they do it every week, or just that day..
hehehhehe... but its soooo cute...
they got my name right even before i met them :)

well, the night was good...

there was FOOd, then music, omg she has verrrry nice voice, but i cant remember how to spell her name... i cant believe she's singing live.. it's like pre-recorded or something..

met jessica, joyce, melissa, adrian, adriel, robin (i think that's all i said hi to) there...
robin is the pastor there, but vanessa call him by name.. i dont know why..

after dinner, there's a short video, then the talk begins... in a very relaxing manner..
nothing too formal.. just sitting at the table, having snacks, and food also, teh tarik, while listening to the talk.. then after that, it's discussion time..

and that is when my mind... is empty.. hahaha

we were the firsts to go off, cause vannessa have to drop me in college... (awwww thanks)

reach home bout 11-ish...
definately looking forward to going there again, if i'm invited :)

thursday: slept at 4am, wakes up late at 7.10am
thanks to the fact that i cant hear my alarm anymore.

sigh, end of semester symdrome.

i survived class today.
tho i think i did badly in research methods.

registered for next semester's subjects.
hope hope hope i will get to come back :)

i ordered CHAR SIEW KAI FAN...
it came, CHAR SIEW FAN...
i never had so much char siew in one go...

on the way back, i notice how hazy it has become...
even in college, i can feel the haze...
then i was determined to take a haze picture.
reach home, change to shorts, grab uncle's dslr, then go out.
went to a secluded place and "spy" on people playing kite..

siao one..
so hazy still got ppl go out exercise, play kite, play aeroplane...
if its not for the sake of taking pictures of the HAZE...

dont remember seeing haze as worse as this before..
tuesday was worse.. even early morning, it's a bit worse then the picture shown...
morning leh. haze. sigh.

btw, I NEED to GET a External Harddisk asap..!!
sigh, when will $$ drop from sky??

Monday, 8 June 2009

monday, 0806


despite alarms at
[sony ericsson phones can have up to 5 alarms]

i wake up at...

9.34am, and continue to sleep till,


there goes my revising plan. *bye bye*

then i go online, nothing much, turn off.
showered, have breakfast.

go online again, pack my stuff when the comp loads,
read blogs.

was watching video when i realised its already 12pm.
*alrd late if i dont hurry*

lucky i already showered.
changed and went out.
ying fern sms-ed to have lunch.
told her i gonna be late.
: )

it's dangerous driving today. sorry to those the other road users. ha ha.
reached at 12.34pm.

go to cafeteria.
dun feel like eating.

spent RM3 on Zhang Dong Liang advertise de tea.

then went to class.
stupid projector, make me cant sit at 3rd row, have to sit at 4th row.

did Chi-Square for Stats, then after that buy nuggets cause i'm hungry.
there goes another RM2.

intro to psych lec was a bit late to class.
and she ended late too.

paid parking RM2.

then went to ss15 to get things done.
first stop, bank.
second, key place. goodbye to RM 9.50, for one small battery. wtf.
then, guardian. bought stuff totalled up to RM30.60.

went to get the car and drive over to cabana. RM 7 for Tom Yam Rice.
while waiting, i went to burger stall to buy 2 burgers.
not sure of the price, estimated RM 4.90

came home, wanted to pump petrol, but i was already late for TV.
so just come home. reach around 7.15pm.

total i spent today : RM 59
and it's just MONDAY!!

i poured half the Tom Yam away cause it becomes bitter the more you eat it. and too much onion and there's this green chili padi which i know too well not to eat it.
[for those who dont know, the reason i can have spicy food now is...

there was once when we all went to have Curry Fish Head.
there's beans and also chili in the curry.
i didnt know, i thought it was just beans.
i took the whole chili padi, and chew it in my mouth, felt more and more pedas, and it's too disgusting to spit it out. so i chewed more and swallowed.

yes, u heard me right.

i'm a spicy noob, and i swallow chilli then i have to have spicy after that.

that's when the torture began though.

i couldn't feel my tongue for the whole day. no matter how much water i had, it just got spicier and burnt my tongue more and more. was sweating like nobody's business. almost cried because i cant hold back the tears. it feels like a dam just broke and the waters have to go somewhere.

all this, for mistaken CHILI PADI for a BEAN/LADY's FINGERS.

so yeah, this is how i started to have spicy food.
oh JOY!!]

have a nice day!!

ohhhh yahhh!!! today is my FIRST TIME, to REVERSE PARK ALL BY MYSELF IN COLLEGE(and also anywhere else).
*clap hands*

geng leh!!

my first attempt for short story here. if you love short story. if you're too free. please visit here to comment. pleaaase comment. thanks.


Saturday, 6 June 2009

one week in a post.

i just realised,

I'm a bit sick with the Red-ness of this blog.


it's been a week since I've updated. how cam i summarize one week into one post?


hectic :
i have a 3 days class week. monday, tuesday and thursday.

well, on Monday, i have to submit intro to psych homework. this time, its individual, so there's no much stress on finishing it early.
Tuesday, intro to psych QUIZ and also English draft.
Thursday, English QUiZ and Research Method's Report.

stress :
well, for those who know me and who have worked with me before, knows that i'm a very last minute person.

the weekend before this week, i still spare some time to go home.
planned to complete draft during weekends so i can study for the quiz.
having problems with the library website (i think they hate me or something), so i cant really search for journals to do my work ( i dont know why i need journals).

monday came and went, then it's tuesday. i studied and completed the draft. draft is completely rubbish (ask suemay). you may think, "draft oni mah, no need do so nice one".
but my lecturer thinks, "if u hand in the draft, you'll get no marks. but if u didnt hand in the draft, i'll deduct 10% from ur final marks".
after tuesday, it seems like a heavy burden have been lifted. research method's report is due on thursday and i haven even written anything. i didnt even have time yet to search for journals.

i dont have class on wednesday. but i went to college anyway. sat at foyer to Facebook and start with my report. did one small section and the rest i dont know how to do. more facebook-ing (Seee, even when it's so last minute, i can still be so relaxed) till sue may come. change place after that, continue with talking.

then went down to psychology department to do work. went to find maziar to confirm that what i did is the right format and everything. errr. o ya. end up being one of his experiment subject instead. in the "fridge room". hahahha. after experiment finish, ask finish, then go hang out near the fridge for a while. then went to cafeteria to do more talking, eat and then to library. stay there till 5, upgraded from talking to Mic. Word Msn-ing. hahahah.

went to college from 8.30am - 5pm, i only finish methods section. hmmmph.

ohya, when i was in the fridge, after experiment finish, suddenly grandma call me. she ask if i'm ok anot and if there's anything wrong. feel weird so i said nothing's wrong. then she say got people call the house phone and say "Momma, come save me, i'm scared" in Mandarin... lol. i hope its a prank.

went back home at 5, reach bout 5.30pm, very tired. watch tv. then fall asleep for a while. at night, bout 9pm, end up facebook-ing again. and msn-ing. till 12.30am. continue doing the report, introduction, abstract, journals, till... 3.30am.. went to sleep, wakes up at 6.30am.

it's already thursday, prepare myself then go college. planned to skip the english class, but too bad, have to go cause there's a quiz. which i fear i will fail. cause i think i did wrongly. hmmph. after quiz, bout err 9-ish.... went to the financial dept area to continue with the report.

left results and discussion area. *report due at 12pm*

11.25am, still haven reallly done with the report yet.

11.30-ish... dun care edi, crapped the last line and went to printing room.

wtf, the comps there really wanna 'play' with me. tried on 3 comps oni i can print.
1st comp, cant turn on
2nd, cant print.
3rd, can print, but printer out of paper.


delayed lots of time. lucky sempat to hand in before 12pm.
dont know what will happenn if i dont.
oya, this report bears 40%, according to june.
it gives me wonders why the hell am i so relaxed.

after everything's over, went to ss15 to celebrate.
reach there bout 6pm... stayed till they close shop at 8pm... heheheheh


sleeping time:

wednesday-thursday :
approx 3hrs.

this means i should be very tired on thursday. but i wasnt. thursday night, i can finally have a gooooooooood sleep. but i only slept at 5.15am. omg, does that mean i was up almost 24 hours??? cooool wehhh!!
then i woke up 12pm friday. hmmmph...