Sunday, 28 February 2010

Finals, again

Exam in 9 hours.

Last minute-ing
and got distracted by
Facebook, emails, and blog.

Wish me luck.
Thank you.

Lots more to study.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

i av no cny holidei

just finish reading a lala blog and now im typing like a lala. pardon me pls. i cant help it. hehe. im so hepi mai room iz so clean now. hopefully it'll stay this way...

if you have read my previous post, i av no horidei for cny. which means, my class starts on Wednesday. normally, smart students would just skip the class and stay in kampung with their self declared holiday. however, the kiasu-ness in me says, "You better go to class or you wont be able to sleep at night." And so, i went. I tell you, damn sad ok.

I left house much later than usual because i know there wont be any jam. and u know what? i still reach uni earlier than usual wor! i intend to reach at 9am, when my class starts, but hor, i reach at 8am. on the dot. u say lah, babi anot??

somemore, i took the super long way. in ss15, instead of taking the roundabout, i drove further up to the overhead bridge, make a u-turn in front pyramid, and then, i can turn on the first junction on the left. but i didnt. i went straight to the roundabout(this time from opposite direction) and then take a 9 oclock turn and then i can just take the first left. mana tau, i went straight, towards the summit traffic light, and took the turning before it. u say lah, this is call too free or what? even like this, i still reach earlier. and the roads are sooooooooooooooo smooth. no jams at all. not much humans around. oh ya, i even drove at a moderate speed ok. it means, SLOW~

i went into uni and then something hit me. i could have parked outside where there is no cars at all. this is one of the time i can park outside. but too late lah, i alrd went into the parking lot. damn stupid right?

seeeeee these are the only cars in the parking lot.
u say lah, sad anot?

no car, no car.
no car = no human = no class = holiday!



went to SS15 after class, and guess what? it's pretty EMPTY there too.
see!! no double parking!

okay was pretty mm gam sam cause only WE have class where as 99% of the whole uni population is on holiday! then the lecturers came in and say that there'll be a "Pancake Party" after class in the lab. Whoa~ Seriously, LAB = NO FOOD. but for that day, not only there is food, THEY COOK IN THE LAB. hahah i know its no big deal, dun need put capital letters. but i like ah, lei choi meh? kekeke.. and another good news is, the next day's class is pretty much canceled cause we dont need to be physically present kekeke... means, dun need to make effort to ponteng. thus, i've been rotting at home since Thursday. and today is Sunday.

the master behind the pancakes!
hahah its her first time making pancakes.

this is later in the lab.
they have made so many pancakes, till they are bored of making round-ish pancakes.
trying to make pooh bear.
phailed! the ears got cut off. :(
sad ending to a pooh bear.

hehe this is, the later product.
a Mickey mouse.
coco powder + honey + ice cream.
decorated by ms. cheong.
hahah dont know how would it taste tho.

And at the end of the day, i was so effing hungry, that i went straight to Subway and got a foot-long Meatball Marina. Walaoeh, i tot want to leave half of it for dinner. mana tau its so frigging delicious i ate it all in one go. lunch and dinner at 4pm. not bad. i kinda stuffed the whole thing in. then i went to sleep.

I WENT TO SLEEP AFTER I HAD A FOOT LONG MEATBALL MARINA!! and i watch in tv that sumo(s) sleep after they eat to gain weight. thank yoou very much.

and when i woke up, its dinner time for normal people. went to dinner with aunty and uncle in klang. FML. lucky they understood and i had no rice. still get to enjoy the lauk tho!!

and after dinner went to starbucks. i get tummyache everytime i have starbucks coffee. it's not nice if i dont order anything, so i opt for the cake. OMGOSH, chocolate cream fudge!! 90% of the cake is cheese... sinfully delicious, and WRONG. this is just wrong. i gonna be sooooooooooooooooooooo fat. now that im alrd fat. fatter. ouch~

the CNY deco at centro.
they were behind me.
and they come telling me,
"we were just saying if u have ur dslr with u,
you will start shooting. and you did. with ur phone"

Alright, end of one sinful day, im starving for the next 4 days. *rotting at home mah*

Thursday, went out to Pyramid for a while to get something. forgot to get my gui lin gao :'(
Dropped by Giordano to exchange a very nice shirt my uncle bought for me but i cant wear (too fat to fit into girls XL). so, go change the t-shirt lorh. OMGOSH giordano t-shirt quality now become so bad. what happen???!! fyi, i was giordano fan(the t-shirt lah, everyone's wearing it), but i stop buying cause my whole closet is full of giordano. now its full of Oreef. hahaha...

noticed this at the counter, when i was paying.
shouldn't it be "BAG" instead of "BEG"?
isn't "BEG" malay spelling.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

im still alive

so far so good, all the assignments for this semester done and handed in alrd.
two big assignments due today and i managed to finish it early. well, earlier than past assignments lah. thanks to my hardworking groupmates also, and thank God the other report is observation and i was lucky i had one whole week to spent with my brother's dog a few months back.

okay, i didnt sleep last night cause i didnt start my individual report till 1am and it was due today.
unmotivated mah what to do?

ookay, been abandoning my blog for like so long, i dont know what is call blog anymore :(
*cue Suju's Sorry Sorry*

i think it's been more than 1 week. hehe. okay, we randomly planned a surprise for Rachel's birthday and gosh, it was really surprising for her hahaha. first ever successful bday surprise mah so must boast abit one... ok we all learn that, err, in order to make a bday surprise a suprising surprise, do not plan wayyyyyy before hand. hehe. her bday's monday and we are busy with quiz and assignments, so we celebrated like, the friday before. thursday before :D it was extremely random, cause we dont do random stuff. i think.

then we went to get her present on friday. hehhe. cutest present. everything is just sho cute. cute-ness.

i think i suck at quiz.
this week is realllly stressful. very. i got emo like everyday after class. just couldnt stand the pressure.
i slept 2 hours last night.
hopefully the assignments are alright.

praying that next sem would be a smooth sailing one, since i am taking only two main subjects. hope with my fingers crossed. and hopefully our class timing would clash so that, we can go out for lunch or something together.