Wednesday, 31 December 2008

last post of 2008

This may or may not be the last post of this year.

Time passed very quickly, and in six more months, I won't be a "teen"ager anymore... I will be stepping into the twenties, and gosh its freaky... been on holiday since my last paper ended on Nov 18.

I do realise many of my ex-classmates will be starting Uni soon, and me, I still haven't decide on where to go and what to do...

I'm really taking my time this time round cause I've learnt my lesson.. I've been doing something that is not my choice for the past two years.. and those who knows me will know that I do not do things that I do not like.

It was partly the reason why i flunk my first year of SAM and got left behind.
I do not like my life being arranged by others. I want to take my time and have it my own way. But now, i had time and still I cant decide.

I'm afraid, what if i choose to go to Help Uni and then i start to regret my decision half way thru. what if i made the wrong choice. i can barely stand a year, and this is a decision that will take 4 years of my life. sighhh. life is hard and i hate making decisions. but i know however i hate it, i still have to do it. i listed a few courses that i might have interest in. but i cancelled out hospitality cause its something to do with management, mass comm because i cant talk and i cant write and if i were to take mass comm i shud have done the foundation in kdu last time. then the only subject left is psychology. what if i study psychology for 2 years, and then i regret my decision??

what if???
guess i have to decide soon anyway...

2008 kinda suck for me, and i hope 2009 will be a much better year, filled with hopes and dreams, and i hope that in 2009, i will finally do what i love doing the most, and have the most cheerful and helpful and caring and friendly classmates i ever get, and also, i hope that i do not fail any of my subjects but score as high as possible and also, love every subjects as the way it is(including anything with math..yuck)...

[to be continued if i had anything more to add]

anyway, i wish everyone best of luck in 2009,
hope that everything will go well in this new year,
good health and so on...
the past has gone and a new year is meant for a new beginning =)

for those in the last months or days in teens, no worries laaaa...
20 oni ma.. no big deal one...heheheh...
ohmygosh i got less than SIX more months left...

Monday, 29 December 2008

my quiet xmas 08

Merry (LATE) Christmas!!!!

this post is late because i couldnt online at home... and im too lazy to go mcd to online.. somemore now holiday season.. whatever time im free to go sure got people one lorrrr..

this year is the quietest christmas ever..
night before christmas, i was at home doing nothing..
if not for all the messages, then i wouldnt have realised christmas came already.. and it went fast tooo...

life these days seems like a routine.. i sleep at 4 or 5am, then wake up noon, then had lunch, tv, dinner, tv, and then to my room play tumblebugs or bejeelweed or whatever games in here till 4 or 5am, and it does continue everyday...

i have no life.. hmmph...

i told myself i would make use of my abandoned bike when i get home and now im home for a month and nothing is done to the bike... lol...also, i said i would go and jog at astaka, but now, i have my own excuses lolx..

anyway, back to xmas, hmmmph... i think its 23rd dec, sim's bday... i went out with frens for the FIRST time after a month at home... lolx... this is when everyone is free lolx... okay, so we went out to lumut, and everyone shared beer...

then on christmas day, i woke up late so i didnt go to church, then only went out at night to church for the musical.. the content is a bit heavy for me tho... not really concentrating.. btw, there's this little girl who sang happy birthday jesus, her voice is so so nice lei.... at first i thought it was recorded or something, mana tau she singing live lei.. around 4 or 5 years old only, if not younger lorrr...

then after musical, we went back to the same lumut place again, this time all girls, just talked bout the old times..then went back..

then 26th dec, we planned to go out have dinner..and then, i have to attend "my new found distant cousin's" wedding dinner, so i have to join them a bit later.. but then in the end their dinner plan cancelled cause 3 ppl makan tak de mood worrrr.. lol...
before that, bc and me went out to buy cake, present for the surprise at night and also to look for dentist... from stw to kg koh, no dentist do braces de lol...

the present took us long enough... the whole gift shop only we as the customer, and the workers busy decorating the shop for cny, lol, we walked from front to the back, to front to back and then finallt bc saw this cute affordable thingy on the top of the shelf..hehehe decided to get that.. then i went home, with the cake and presents..

the wedding dinner sucks... i was alrd hungry before i went..then when i went, haiz... see so many ppl pulak..ish.. if i noe got so many ppl i die die also dun wan go... then somemore the hall is so damn small, the tables are so damn crampped and also, the noise in there.. oh my gosh u cant imagine.. then somemore my grandma left me alone at the table to talk at some other neighbouring table.. lol... that dinner really ... err.. make me realise how low is my self esteem.. i wan depressed half way thru toooo.. i cant stand happy people and people who talk really loudly, and also i cant stand people who do not know how to sing but still go up the stage and sing solo... seriously, i couldnt eat the whole night.. i feel a bit like gastric symptom when i hear bad singers lol.. but then, when there's this nice "singer" who sings in tune, my gastric symptom miraculously disappear lei...what the..

then after dinner, send someone back home, then go home... bc and ks alrd waiting at myhouse... lol.. then grab the cake and the pressie and went to pick up ms...then we went to lumut...lots of ppl there couldnt find went to teluk batik... lucky not many ppl in bistro... things were a lil bored at first, so the bday girl and bc walked away and left us..

lol, then after a while we went to the car to get the cake and stuff, walked to the beach, "blind-folded ms", then try to put on the bday hat on the bday girl but unfortunately the strings broke cause i pulled too hard, but everything went well after that.. =)

lol... its getting late and im hungry.. betta go to bed now.. lolx...

pssst... i dunno what to study leiiiiiiiiii... how??

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

vista or xp?? i... i.. cant decide wth


i hate making decisions .
i hate this, this and that... (points to non-existing stuff)

right now, today, i finally made up my mind to Reformat my lapppie..
okayyyy, what's the big prob?

i went to ming and wanted to reformat there and they said it costs rm75 just to reformat.
then i went home and called sp and she said its expensive.
okayyyy, so i went to another shop and ask, the fella said that it cost rm50 to reformat.

owh ya, ming gave me a price for the ram. i wanted to upgrade my ram so i could use my genuine vista.
buttttttt, the other shop, they said that its not that advisable to use vista because horrrr, its not stable.

SO, this is my bIG proob...

vista or xp?

hahhaha i've now espaced home, trying to think real hard in mcd..
have to make up my mind before my batt dry because horrrr,
i am going to reformat right after this wakakakak...

ish im going crazy..
i hate thinking..

oh ya, orange mcfizz is realllllllllllly nice yo...

owh yaaa, i think, mcd has officially become manjung's starbucks...
so many ppl come online here leiii.. and im one of those 5% chinese here.. (if that chinese couple behind me havent left yet..)

okkkkaayyyy, ish..



Wednesday, 10 December 2008

makan makan makan

awwww, it's been like two weeks since my last post...

went back to sitiawan and had no internet there. i went to secret recipe for internet connection and also to *ahem* enjoy the ice lemon tea and cake there, mana tau the connection sucks like, err, accounting. lol.

i was happily enjoying their SLOW line and then they came over and ask whether i am using their wireless. yy said maybe they want to turn it off if im using it. wtf, really lei, a while after they ask horrrr, really no more connection lei.. wtf connection so bad. CEH! no more going to secret recipe in sitiawan unless its life or death.

McD has MORE customers and BEttER wireless connection there.. lolx.. but hor, damn far lei that mcd, why la they go build half way to lumut...cei..

anyway, since im back, i've gained weight. been hiding at home, sleeping and eating is my main activity. not much TV, just sleeping. dont even have chance to watch TV, and i had nothing better to do, so my only choice is just to SLeep..hmmmph

two weeks in sitiawan, then came to penang last friday. supposed to go back yesterday. but then because of some people i had to change my plan and go back two days later... or maybe three.. suan lorrr, i go back also nothing to do...

owh ya, i finish reading twilight in about 3 days and i cannot get New Moon and Eclipse because too many ppl going after the books after they watch twilight. i had yet to watch the movie, so cham le no ppl teman me go watch and the stupid sitiawan cinema prefers to show Quarantine than Twilight, wtf i think more ppl will go and watch Twilight than Quarantine lo.

since the day i came to penang, i've been eating non stop, even last night, oh my gosh, we had like muah chee, some big long sausage with jagung, some french food, fried mee suah, some kind of chicken rice, iced coffee, and popiah. 3 people eating like six plates of food. and i am like the biggest eater cause dad wasnt there. lol. and the other day, i had lunch and then i went out to secret recipe again, and i had the biggest cake there.. lol...

ohh ya, i finally saw tiffy after like one whole year, and didnt get to meet wen xin cause some change in plans. and then, i missed pc fair cause hor, i cant stop sneezing that day wtf.

today was rather quiet and peaceful, only had lunch in mahattan fish market and dinner in sakae sushi.

tomorrow, i am going to explore pulau tikus. gonna have breakfast there and then lepak for a while and then lunch and then wait for some people to call and then fetch that some people and then come back. then mum says maybe tomorrow night will be going for tom yam. TOM YAM!!!!!!!

hehehe... just finish doing my homework. errr, as in looking at penang map. have to find my way around pulau tikus myself and dad is not around sooooooooo, wish me luck!

gotta go sleep and then go for half day makan trip tml =)

oh ya, i was only here for like TWO days and i already gained weight lei.. i dont even dare to look at the weighing machine this few days. make myself feel so guilty. like eating too much. but then, is not like i always come here also, and Life is to be Enjoyed! hehehehe

miss chou, sorry ler,i haven reload my hotlink so couldnt reply ler...

and i am so glad i wasnt staying here in pg this year. it would be a torture, like before. =.=""