Tuesday, 29 September 2009

food, ouch, directions

err, my masterpiece..
hehe, looks yummy??? or sucky??


for some unknown reasons, my hand gets wrinkled up pretty fast this few days.
i wonder what has happened?
have i aged so much?? noooooo...

seriously, i cant get near water.. if i touch water, sure my finger become like this..
T__________T wan cry liao lah...
very depressing u know


owh ya, we're planning a trip to melaka.

the problem is, no one knows the way there.

err, anyone knows how to get there??

from subang jaya to melaka.. :)
any kind of help wud be appreciated hehehe :)

Friday, 25 September 2009

busy friday

or does it look like i'm enjoying the view outside?

i was almost late this morning.
fyi, im not even supposed to show my face in uni today!
u know why? because i DONT HAVE CLASSES ON FRIDAYS!
but then, tiba tiba this friday i have ONE FULL DAY!
ok im finish with pissing mood..

thank god that some of the courses are still having their raya break so there's plenty of parking spaces available.

set my alarm at 7am the latest. but somehow, i managed to sleep thru all the noise, and by the time i woke up, there's alrd 9 snoozes from previous alarm. omg.

woke up at 7.40am, left house at 8am.
reach at like 8.30am.. omg still got plenty of parking spaces. normally, by 8.05am, there's no more parking available in the campus already.

alright, i headed straight to Audi 4, the venue for the replacement class.
we're supposed to watch a movie today. the class was supposed to be at 9am btw.

well, there's unfamiliar faces in the class, so i went to sit somewhere near with christine.
lecturer came at only at 9.10 am... by that time the whole class was gathered where we were...

she had to confirm with some management cause there were someone else in the class and then went to see the lecturer in there and signal us to go in after that. kesian the other class have to leave and relocate.

alright, the computer in the auditorium couldnt read the dvd she borrowed from the library, so they tried using another laptop. didnt work also, so tried laptop #2. didnt work again.

so they decided to relocate the whole class to the normal classroom at 1st floor.
walked all the way up, settled down and it didnt work!! that damn computer refuses to read the dvd. omg. then tried on laptop #3.

it WORKed at last!!

but then they were having problems with the projector, so we relocated AGAIN!!
went back to the auditorium with the projector problem. took a while to sort it out, and then by 10am or so, only the show starts.

alright, at first it was a boring, old, colourless, movie.

then, it became more and more interesting, esp towards the end.

not that i was concentrating at the second part. its frigging 3 hours.
i have the attention span of onlu 30 mins max...
then saw the others were sitting on the table alrd, so i joined them.

for the second part of the movie, went to the very last row and emo-ed with the window.. hehehehe took some faceless pictures with the lame camera phone.

my camera decided to die on me today. have to charge battery again :\

and so this ends my chiong hei-ness story. lolx.

owh ya, the movie was supposed to end at 12pm. but then, it dragged till like 1.30pm.
and i didnt fell asleep hehehe.

then the class in the afternoon was pretty interesting tho.
there's this role play session that i particularly suck in. i think i hai dao my group became the lame-st grp...
im so sorry but i still have this speaking in front of people phobia..


messiness : no boundries

i'm messy, even in uni.

look at the amount of things on the table.
and thats after some things were kept away in the bag.

that picture was from yesterday.

today was worst. dont even have place for me to write.

side track abit..
hehehe advantages of bringing laptop to coll?
not only the students can refer to the notes in the laptop, but they can also facebook chat.
and spam their classmate's facebook status with crap comments.

ahhhh, no regrets bringing such a heavy thing to uni on a boring lecture day.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

msn hates me

can anyone tell me what is wrong with msn?
why cant i sign in?? ishhhh

first, i cant upgrade my msn..
now, even when im using a basic msn, this happen :(
geram lah..

or, is msn hinting that i should get started with my report?

but still...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


hehehe just forwarded a mail to one of my classmates.
then i suddenly saw the two Fs.. hehehhe

when i saw that i was still blur blur.. so i was wonderinng...
har?? why he suddenly say F word to me..

lolx.. blur people memang macam ni...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

bits and pieces

the pictures:
1, 2, 3: we too free nothing to do after class.

4: my new H1N1 mask. i kiasi thats why i went to buy such a cute stuff to prevent me from those virus around.

5: i stress, i binge. then, i fat.
lolx. bought the fried sotong as snack cause i was staying in coll till 11+ that night.


was under the pressure of a 3000 word assignment whole last week. there's something due everyday last week, but the 3000 word assignment is the highlight of the due dates.


have to really thank my senior for presenting my parts during a project presentation which also took place last week.


i'm so thankful that i passed my mock interview. now, i'm out to look for my first client. hehehe.
a simple assessment with complete confidential report. how's that?


completed job analysis interview also. yay!


also, habislah imej baik aku. i never skipped classes since 2008. it's been a while now.
but, my kiasi-ness got over me.

i skip:
  • social psych tutorial on tuesday afternoon
  • industrial and organisational lecture on wednesday
  • community mental health lecture on thursday
  • developmental tutorial on thursday
  • industrial and organisational tutorial on thursday

i attend:
  • social lecture on monday
  • developmental lecture on tuesday

some times, i "WOW-ed" myself.


i drove to cheras on friday.
with sue.
no trouble getting there, thanks to the specific directions from jane.
only came back when it's alrd very dark.
missed one turning, end up in sg. besi toll heading to selayang. omg.
ha ha. i always love those toll people at moments like this.
luckily that night, the kakak at the selayang toll was very frenly and cute too.
forgot to wish her.. "Selamat Hari Raya!!"

what i did in cheras?
we went to pasar malam there. heheheh
hid in jane's house for a while waitin for the rain to stop.
then i drove there. with directions from jane of cux. hahahah

one thing for sure, I'm a very lousy dslr-er.
lolx. giving me a dslr is like giving me a phone camera.
cause the pic quality will be the same lolx.


i cant rmber what else i did.


u've probably sick of this alrd.
3000 word assignment, aka term paper.

due at 12pm.

11.40am, i was heading to the printing room.
11.45am, was printing mine. then i was out of credit ><
11.50am, sue found out she sent her stuff to the library printer. rush to get it.
11.55am, heading downstairs. thought i will arrive first, so i didnt run.
11.56am, sampai liao, everyone gan cheong-ed for us.
esp for sue cause her envelope was with me.

11.58am, threw both the envelopes into the box.

"Please, I need to pass this paper"


oh ya, i skipped class on wednesday, but i have to go in the afternoon for my mock interview session.
then, there was no parking. and the guard wouldnt let me in cause there's a few cars alrd fighting for parking in the lots. so i went over to the jungle. found some dangerous spots. so i didnt want to park there. went out to ronda aroudn the shops. then ended up in elephant walk.

the parking lots there totally empty except for a few cars. guess no one wants to park there cause it's soooooo far from uni ><
free also no one wants.


been on coke and oily stuff at night whole last week.
omg i feel so bad but then i must have coke because im soooooooooooo stressed.


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

done my VABS mock interview done today.
minor mistakes here and there, but i PASSED!!

ponteng-ed IO class today so that i can prepare for the interview and also for the 3000 word essay.
but then, i didnt really progress with the essay yet, page still blank omg.

i went to coll a bit too early for me to get parking, so i was going around looking for parking and then at last i park in... "Elephant Walk"

wtf right, make me walk so far in my formal clothing. haix..

but then, the very kind hearted june send me to my car after we're done..
and she has to come from monash to pick me up heheheheh

my laziness to walk...

Sunday, 13 September 2009

cleaners suck

tell me what do you see?

it's a frigging torn side of a paper like material?

NO, it's a RM20+ A3 size poster.
and it doesnt even belong to me.
yuki is so gonna kill me.

for some reasons i really hate the cleaners who came by every two weeks.
frigging RM95(last time i check) for like 2 hours of not so clean cleaning.

i will make sure that i wont be home when they come,
because i dont want to see them.

i really hate it when things are not done my way.
ok cleaning isnt my thing, so i'll leave it to the experts.

i really cant stand it when my things are wrongly placed.
i am very particular bout things like this because if it is out of place, means i cant find it, and it means that i have to waste time finding something that i dont know where it is. get me?

for example, things i leave on the floor, there are reason for them lah.
it's either they dont fit in the shelf or i have yet to find a place for them.

and, some things are supposed to be where they are.
i came back yesterday finding that all the things on the floor are out of their places.
i do understand that they have to remove it to mop or sweep the floor. they can just chuck it on the bed(not that they're removing the mattress on the floor to clean it or something) then put it back where they get from when they finish.

my basket with all the chargers are supposed to be behind the lamp, not in front.
i told you i'm frigging particular bout things like that.

my paper box and the things surrounding it (etc, empty files and plaster boxes) are supposed to be at the right side of the mirror, out of my view, not in front of the cupboard door where i can see it every minute every second.

my hairdryer should be on the floor, next to the plug. not inside the basket with all the chargers and digital stuff.

my tissue packets can be put anywhere. anywhere but on the shelf with my books. and notes.

my box of junanex should be behind the mirror, not in the middle of the room.

my paper bag of papers and books should be left just beside the rack.
not beside my bed. wtf, they're so far away.

my guess is, they wanted to chuck everything they can in the shelf. but then there's no space, so they left the stuff on the floor in the middle of the way and they want to make me angry cause i make them work extra the last time they came. lolx.

i so hope there's nothing such as dust and dirt in this world so that i dun need to go thru all this shit every two weeks. urgh. so fucking angry right now.

it's not even my poster.

and you know what?
the last time they came, i was in the midst of rearranging the stuff in the room, so i left the laundry basket outside.
you know what fcuk they did?
they put all the dirty clothes from all the other rooms IN my laundry basket.
omg so frigging pissed.

and when i went to wash my clothes i was wondering why is it so heavy.
babi betul take out all guys clothes and undies. babi betul. geram sial masa tu.
and kena marah for no reason because i didnt wash those clothes together.
my own clothes also one full load edi how to wash together.

luckily my parents were around so i dont have to do all that shit.

now, i need to continue doing my work.

ish babi la the poster is ripped.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

nasty accident...

this morning there's an accident in shah alam i think is because of the faulty traffic lights. but i dont understand how a kelisa can turn over a viva... luckily there were many helpful people around. and i dont think the mak cik is seriously injured, considering how she can still sit in her car while the helpful souls around her help her turn back the car and pushed it to the side. sighs to faulty traffic lights. lolx.

on the other note, fuck, im now seriously considering to change car.. lolx..

and oh yeah, went to pyramid yesterday to redeem the clinique liquid foundation sample.. hehehe.. feel so stupid cause, she 'painted' two colours on both my cheeks and then ask me which one suits me better. then i look and turn to suemay and say, "I see no difference" hahahahahahhahahahahah lolx. dont think i will ever use this sample. btw, it came in this cute little 'jar'...

and also, sue went to buy mask at beauty credit... never heard of the brand before, but turns out that they have quite a large range of beauty products available. from lip gloss, to glitter stuff, to face mask, to body scrub, to bb cream for males and females, to sun block, to hair care products... heheh why i talk so much bout this?? cause they gave me samples... hehehe...

blurp blurp...

changing to another story, i want to thank the retard who has been spamming my chatbox for contributing to the visitor count. he he... btw, last generation de matter, why la bring to my generation?? sighs, i have no interest in knowing what the past generations did in their lives.

and also, since u've been coming to my blog like so often and from diffrent computers i assume, thanks for contributing to the unique visitors count, which i am lacking. lolx... and also, if u see any adverts that is shown just above the chat box, please do click on them. lolx.

btw, i think you should go consult a psychiatrist. you might have dissociative identity disorder which is a quite serious mental disorder where people have multiple personalities.

blurp blurp...

yesterday i came back to college to see the lecturer to confirm some matter.. i seriously think that the security guards here take their job a lil too seriously wtf... the guard wouldnt let me park even for 5 minutes and ask me to go to the parking area which will cost me rm2 per entry. hello, i may be studying here, but i dont print money in my house ok? wtf betul... and then he finally say ok with a very 'tak syok' tone... i mean, extremely, wtf... cause i was obstrusting the traffic... like, 5 mins also kenot meh?? and then i have to head in the hostel so that i can turn out... lolx... and another guard was standing there watching me to make sure that i dont sneak in the hostel or something. like wtf lah... so to juniors out there who wants to stay in sunway hostel, i can assure u it's VERY safe. btw, i understand that they're doing their jobs.. but it's just frigging FIVE minutes.

Friday, 11 September 2009

first bloggie award

Rules of these Awards:
  • Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for these awards.

Special thanks to Mapple for the award!! My first ever!!
The coolest thing is... It's 3 in 1... hehehe

it says i have to pass the award to 15 other bloggers that i've newly discovered..
this is where i will spoil the fun (potong stim) and not going to link anyone else (because im so lazy, not)
because i'm quite busy this week *refer previous post*

wish me luck with my
term paper.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


we were supposed to be doing something more productive than this...
take time to load... enjoy yeah!!

i cant stop laughin seeing this video.. and i watched it like a zillion times edi... hehehehhe

little update on 090909

let me start this post with a rather stressful list.

monday, 14th Sept ... 1500 words write up and presentation for the project i volunteered for..
tuesday, 15th Sept ... the due date for ptptn loan..
wednesday, 16th Sept ... mock interview for developmental which is going to be graded..
thursday, 17th Sept ... due date for organisational assignment..
friday, 18th Sept ... developmental 3000word essay due 12pm

  • i have not found any information on the net for my project.
  • i am having trouble with ptptn stuff and she's only going to check it like one day before.
  • i have not practiced on the interview. and,
  • i have not started on the 3000 word essay.

plus, the whole next week will be review week which means that there will be endless quizes during tutorials. omg, someone pls kill me...

okfinish with the depressing part...

today i'm supposed to stay back in uni after class to discuss on the assignments which are quite urgent... mana tau, we ended up editing video =.="" check the video out in facebook... maybe i will post it here if the rest agrees heheheheheheh....

went to lcct last night, alone. took me almost 1 hour to drive there.. hahahah i cant believe i didnt get lost lehhhh.... very impressive right?? luckily his flight only delayed for 1 hour... which reminds me, i got thailand mcd burger in the fridge still... hmmmph...

and lastly, ....



My Desktop picture...
i just changed it this morning in class...
heheheheh see, i even arranged the shortcuts in the way that i can see all his faces...

by the way, for those who dunno who is that...
he's Kim Hyun Joong, the hottie in Boys over Flowers.
very addictive drama i tell you...

recently, he was in malaysia with his band for i dont know what reason..
then when he went back to korea for one day and fly to japan the next day,
he was confirmed with h1n1...
omg so damn sad righttttt????
hope he willl get well soon!!!

btw, he look gay meh?? why everyone say he look gay??
so leng chai ok.. where got look gay omggg...

Monday, 7 September 2009

boring tiny posts

just came back from hometown. woke up super early today to 'avoid jam'. wtf, no cars at all =.=""
survived 3 days without facebook leh... when i came back, walao 73 notifications, mostly is because of happy farm... habis lah tanaman aku... T____T

okay, itu hari i balik kan, i terlupa bawak bantal busuk i.. wtf, cant imagine i managed to survive 3 days without my bao bao.. hahahah.. alright, it's not a secret anymore.. laugh all u want ><


im so frigging hungry right now, housemates not at home so i lazy to makan also.. sighs.. waiting for lunch time to be over and get on with discussion... hahahah i still have no idea why... i mean, the reason for meeting today.. hmmmph...


err, oh ya, my room is now a dance studio... without mirrors around.. like, when u talk also got slight echo hahahaha... why?? thanks to the ants lorh, i have to clear my bed, pillows, and blankets out... so now, my room has been dominated by the ants, which means im roomless.. wtf right?


i confess.

i did something stupid. but please dont laugh. cause it's damn embarassing. it's not the first time i embarass myself at a toll booth. but still. sighs.

i was on the first toll. then, miss tan called.. so i was talking happily to her and ended up in smart tag lane... i dont have smart tag only touch n go... so i tried to tag, and it didnt work.. so i reverse and this car came wtf... lucky he is willing to reverse wtf...

and i went to the lane on the left. like, stupid lah wtf, how can i be so damn blur that i ended up in the wrong lane.. i bet the person controlling the cctv there must have a really good laugh...ish ish ish.. i want to go hide my head in the sand alrd...

ok finish bout this lame story...


for those who drive back to sitiawan and also from sitiawan, must becareful..
err, from sitiawan, the stretch between after sabak bernam traffic light and before sekinchan...
err, the 4 lane road, and there got alot stalls selling fruits etc... must see properly, especially the stalls that are empty.. i saw someone with speedtrap camera there.. i think it's a speedtrap lah, if not, takkan wan to tell me they analyzing the road ba??????

ish this time i sure kena liao la... have to eat bread everyday edi.. T______T


Thursday, 3 September 2009


now, im starting to get not so lazy to edit my pics:)

as u can see (or maybe not..) the pictures have numbers hehehehe.

1. nasi lemak i had this morning.

2. the crappy presentation thingy i did. which end up in garbage bin.

3. thank u for the flowers hehehehe.. ^^

4. the power of advertisement. got influenced by lynn. ><*

5. i no longer ponteng. now, i do drugs.
see like so big packet hor, but i get the supply cheap cheap. cannot cope with studies? come find me i supply to u. lol.
hehehe it's actually face mask..

ok finish talking liao.

how i wish got ppl fetch me to coll everyday.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

drawing class

it's already Week 3 back in uni and i still dont understand the purpose of some subjects im taking this semester.
we ended up attending 'drawing' and day dreaming class.

the pictures above were drawn by suemay, except the cacat-ed biology thingy i drew. lolx.
i cant even remember the parts i labeled. lol.
and i'm taking biopsychology in future.
no words say.

long long busy busy day

photo credit: lynn

have to drop by post office today to settle some stuff, and there is where i saw 1Malaysia stamp. suddenly i felt patriotic and bought the stamps. lolx.

there's this aunty who went to the counter to get the special chop for the first day covers. she told us the whole set is just rm9.40. kinda attracted to the rm5 stamp tho. damn nice ok, can bling bling one... heheheh

anyways, we just paid our 90cents each and went off. poor student mah, no money to spend on collectible items. hahaha...

went to submit my entry form for The Star Power 9 contest. Aiming at the Myvi for my grandma :)
wish me luck okay?? thanks :) heheheh

the uncle beside us was like "sighs, kids nowadays, so jakun like nvr post letter before, like that also want to take picture" *shakes head*



then went to see doc to get my jab. the doctor very funny lorh.

"so, this is ur third and last jab already. it's going to hurt real bad because of the chemical reactions."

"it's supposed to hurt"

"it's better if it hurt because it shows that the jab is working"

"yes, of course lah u cannot compare this jab with hepetitis b jab. that don't hurt at all"

"are you ready?"

"no need lah, no blood one." , when i asked for plaster.

i went out the doc room, and june was like, "ehhh why got blood all over ur shirt one?"

lol, then i showed it to the nurse, and while she was taking the plaster, i pinch the area more so that more blood comes out. lol. june was like, "eh dont lah, later all the medicine come out also how?" hahahhahaha


oh ya we went to pasar ramadhan in usj 4. quite early so there's not many people yet. err, we bought quite alot stuff, but the kuih is like basi liao that type. yuck. no pic cause all the pics looks disgusting.

err, first time eating this kuih. and june say it's not suppose to taste like that...hmmmm

i got laksa as my dinner. omg so spicy.

and now i'm craving for chicken rice leh. how to lose weight like that?


really bad jam on the way home, omg almost accident cause i was too tired and i dont give a damn. who ask her drive so slow wtf.


oh ya, i slept from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. fell asleep right in front tv. wah, this never happens unless im superbly tired....


tml got one class oni omg. organizational psychology. report due very soon and i have yet to start my job analysis interview. :( need to find TWO people of the same position somemore omg omg omg.


talk finish liao bye