Wednesday, 24 September 2008

was in mcd for 4 hours yesterday.
as in 4 hours straight lei.

omgosh i set another record.
and and i keep doing embarassing thing everyday lei.. omgosh

and last night, thought want to nap for a while,
but i slept till this morning,
in the end study plan din work.

so i went coll early this morn,
end up having breakfast in mcd alone..


life has been cup noodles and MCD for the past week...

2 more days and i'll b heading back for proper meals...

Monday, 22 September 2008

fingers crossed. i hope i pass..........with flyyying colours

if there is ONE day you want to be proud and dissapointed with me,
TODAY is the day.

Proud because i FINISHED the WHOLE paper, every single question is answered, no blanks, and no more two lines essay.

Dissapointed because, i BULL SHITTED. in the paper la not here.

i went in the hall, choose some place far far behind, sit down and wait for them to start.
half an hour leiiiiii what the helll...

started, reading time.
i open the paper, look at the first page, fuck.
second page. shit.
third. what the hell.
fourth. ahhhh interesting, gays.
then skip skip to Part B.

adversarial system and inquisitorial. fuck didnt read.
valid marriage. damn cannot think.

next page. essay part.

legislation. no idea.
reform in family law. don't know.
SOP social cohesion. fuck i did this before.

back to the topic.
dissapointed because ...

1. what is a perverse verdict.
perverse verdict is not a reverse verdict.
(i really wrote this on the answer sheet. dont u dare to laugh)

2. how australian parliament protect the sovereignty of Australia?
i got no idea.

3. What advise should u give to same sex couples before they enter into a relationship?
(completely dunno)

4. what are the functions of civil law?
*fuck i forgot*


Present a case for or against Dr. R.
*how the hell should i answer? does neighbour principle apply here?*

According to Australian Utilities v Karlson 1997, a person who causes his or her own injuries cannot claim compensation for them. Why would Mr. D wants to claim compensation and sue Dr. R? Like, no one ask Mr. D to go find prostitutes. Mr. D is the one who go find "kai", so he is the one who should pay for the consequences and no one else. Who ask him to be so desperate?

lol. of course la that wasnt my answer on the test paper.

then then part B.

i did on valid marriage.
bits of this and that here and there.
messy messy.

then essay part i did on separation of powers bla bla bla social cohesion.
it wasnt until the conclusion, only i realise.
20marks...bye bye

so ..


i hope i passs....

better if pass with flying colours. =)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

im freaking out f*

*touch woood laaaaaa*

what if tomorrow morning i couldnt wake up on time?
what if i forgot everthing the moment i step into MPH?
what if i know the answer but somehow i dunno how to write it in sentence???


i dont even remember the neighbour principle.

what is admissible evidence??
what is rule of law??
strict rule of evidence?
inquisitorial system?

hung jury??
what is the latest reform?
what is kevin and jennifer case about?
hyde v hyde?
corbett v corbett?
what is parental responsibility??
responsible government??

omgoooshhh i cant rememberrrrrr....

Friday, 19 September 2008

bits of this and that

seriously, i cant study..
ok finish with kiasuing part........


the other day, when dad was in kl, he wanted to go to kl and ask me how to get to federal highway.
and we're in sunway pyramid that time.
then i lead him to the one and only federal highway i know,
leading him to shah alam and klang instead of kl.
im a bit dumb lei...


i got TWO lollipops from kylie today...
one for accounting and one for econs


tomorrow, i MUST wash CAR.


i was laughin when telling mun synn bout my nightmare...
who says nightmare cant be funny??


went to AC for dinner...
then back to coll to kay poh bout the mooncake festival..
apparently there's this girl who can *errr..juggle???* over 200 hula hoops with her body..
is either some record holder or some competition champion..
sorryla.. their chinese too deeeeeep edi, i dun understand.


my going back immediately after exam plan has just been crushed.


just finished editing the template.
minor edits.
do u notice the words are bigger now?
before this the words are like so small and i myself think that its too cute for me to read comfortably, so i tried changing it bigger and i succeed!!!

i read minor programming language wahahhahaha


spot the difference??
old and new!!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

hmmmph, lets talk about today...

went to college early.
reached about 7.10am..
(seems like dah biasa go early liao loooooo)
the one and only reason im 50 minutes early for class is because i want a nice parking.
not like some people, i MIND walking lorrrr...

okay. then come lunch time.
walaoeh almost hungry till die liao la at that time...
serious de...
almost gastric type...
hmmm i wonder what happen to me this few days.
i get gastric altho i eat...

i eat breakfast ya know...
then we kinda rushed to AC for the pan mee and for the first time, i ordered the big one...
seems like no difference lorrrr...
then i had waffle tooo...

hahaha after lunch, went to malay class...
wasted time sitting there, then i went home...

yea, i skipped classes.
ESL and Legals.
sighhh seems like the old me is back leiiii...

anyway, i thought of studying when i come back, but i end up online, then sleep.
yes i slept on the couch, in front of the TV..
wake up at 6 something, TV rosak so cant watch..
fried a few eggs and eat cup noodle...

ohh ya.. im i look fatter day by day,
it because of stress and the main reason is because of those eggs...
being the SMART me, i kinda turn the refrgerator's temp toooooooo low,
and then it was so cold till the eggs FROZE and broke into half.
all but one broke.

so, i had to eat those eggs as soon as i can..
so i had 5 fried eggs today..


yesterday night, i had :
roti jala rm2
onde onde rm1
kuihs rm2
nasi lemak rm1.20
got them from the pasar ramadan...
ask u horrrr... u think horrr... got people go to pasar ramadan at 3pm anot lei???
i skipped last class yesterday to go home...
and take medicine and eat..
hey, im really sick hao bu hao...
im not faking sick...


trials is nearrr...
scaryy;.. but haven start study..
shit i can sense failing at least TWO subs..
econs and accs..

Accs is confirm FAIL.
Econs very high possibility.

still need to send my car to, only open till 5pm everyday...
and today...
whole day number
wan to book appointment for this friday also kenot....
hmmm... seems like i had to send my car in next thursday RIGHT AFTER MY EXAM,
then if it's still early, i shall go home to SITIAWAN the very SAME day...


anyone wanna go home???????????

ps: if anyone is readin this, pleasssseeee pray for me can?????? pray so that i can CONCENTRATE and I DONT FAIL ANY..pls pls pls...

i'll treat u lollipop...

Thursday, 11 September 2008

finish class

i finish class liaoooooooo... and have nothing to do...

shit la... if later dun have EXAM BRIEFING(which i think i dun need to attend) and TUITION(im dumb, now also i chao go back sleep liao laaaaa..... sien nia... ishhhh... and did i tell u?? its only 11am now..
shit betul la.. really hate it when i have finished class but then cant go back because of some stupid reasonssss... =(
i am already NEGATIVE.
and im becoming more and more NEGATIVE each minute...
damnit damnit....

my ambition[s]

i had my malay trials oral examination yesterday. i was supposed to be the last person to have my oral, but then yesterday, i was the first cause i arrived at the class first. he asked alot of those stupid irrelevant questions lorr.. there was this question.. WHat is your ambition?
i didnt know what to answer cause i dont even know what do i want to do. hmmm... so my answer was, well, right now i dont have ambition yet... lol.. then last night i was thinking, since i was young, i have thought of being:
*doctor(a common ambition at that time)
*teacher(because of the long school holidays)
*psychologist(just given up on it RECENTLY)
*pilot(its cool to fly planes, but not for irresponsibe ppl like me)
*racecar(too....dunno how to say)
*lawyer(so that i can sue whoever that i hate)
*journalists/ radio DJs (can interview artists leiiii..but i cant cause i got speaking disability)
*photography (wheeeeeee..still saving up)
hahah i think that was almost the complete list.. heheheh
hmmmmm... in a few more weeks, i'l be compelting SAM, and then its the time for me to decide what i want to do next year...
i want to have a half year break from all these streessss, examsss, assignments, but then, i am pretty sure no one will listen to me(again).
mum, i dont want study liao la.. i dont like study la..
why cant money drop from sky??
i just want a normal happy simple life.
why is it so hard to have a normal simple life?
why does everything have to be so complicated???
im tired....
i just wanna have a break(have a kitkat)...
i wan to travel(yea yea i know i know its impossible maaaa)...

Saturday, 6 September 2008


What did Tze do when she's home alone?
she EATS.

Did she study like she planned?
nope. not at all.

Then what did she do whole day?
she watches the TV, and sleep, and continue watching TV again, taking frequent breaks for food in between
oh ya, she goes online tooooooooooo....


haiz... great-great-great-grandfather de parking lot i think

me and baby karmen....wheeeeeee
first time carry baby leiii
and we're both in PINK!
my hand look so giant..ishhhh

my new toy

hahaha spotted in taylor's..
ignore the happiness on my face, i would have fainted if i saw gary..hahaha

Friday, 5 September 2008

this week

the past week seems so slow, but then it seems so fast too..
i went back early for the first two days of the week..
let me start from what i can remember lorrr...

sp came over on wednesday evening to get her cheque..
then we had dinner at AC..
before that i went to get her charger and also andox..
lol...the cute lil white thingy thats not going to last long on my phone...
then about 8 something, i sent her home..
as in, sunway..
yeah i took de wrong turning...
(yier, she take me to the other road which i never drive dark summore)
i missed that small little hidden turning and ended up in elite highway..
hahaha...took one biiggg round, which make me end up in
have to drive back all de way to subang then to sunway again...sighhh...
a journey which will only cost me 30 minutes(include me getting home)..
it took me one hour plus to get home that night because of that wrong turning.. lol

anyway, i am supposed to be doing my presentation thingy that night tooo...
but i was too tired, ended up researching, then sleep..
waking up at 3.30am the next morning to complete the slides..
thank god i cud wake up..if not im dead..
anyway, something happened during presentation, and i screwed it..
sighhh..i wasnt nervous or anything..just that i cant talk.. i went blank..
my examples, was all my head before i open my mouth.. lol.....

was moody for the whole thursday..
wasnt toooo happy with my legals marks too...
i didnt pass yet..and its lowerrrr that i had expected...
i believe its because i screwed my first short response and first extended response...

it was raining quite heavily(damnit)...
the onli fun i had on thursday is running,walking under the rain..its
i bet its more fun if not for my moodyness..

went tuition, then back.
it was super jam in glenmarie lorrr....
like one hour jam that type what the hell...
and i didnt have food with
but considering left right front back is all malays puasa-ing now, it would be not good to eat in the car...hmmph..
the whole night was wasted reading reader's digest.
the record so far, 3.30am till 11pm, i didnt sleep at all...not even in the library...or in the class..
or in tuition..

today friday, hmmmph....
nothing much happen...
i thought i was early but ended up leaving the house late...
(late as in i cant get parking in front of the coll)
i continued reading reader's digest in class...
today class from 8-9am, then three freaking hours break then class again at 12pm...
siao right??????
haiz... then 1.30pm tuition till 2.30pm,
then 3-4.30pm..walaoeh...
almost fell asleep in tuition lorrr..
but damn paiseh if i sleep in second tution many people there lei...

then i came back at 4.30pm...
again, theres quite a lot car...hmmph... i think its puasa month so people get to chao earlier...
anyway, i reach home, till now, im alone, damn sien lei..
damn tired also..
came home, bathed, then online and tv till now...hmmmph..
should i go back???

if i go back then i wouldnt be able to study worrrrrrr...
not to say i will study here o what la... but here more peace.. no people nag nag nag...
sleep also peaceful abit...

i wonder, can i sue those birdnest people, saying they cause harm by turning on the bird sound whole day?
because they turn on the "music" whole morning, afternoon, evening, night, it cause me emotional distress, thus disturbing me study, thus i didnt do well in SPM..
can i can i??????

and can i sue those people for environmental in noise pollution.. affecting the nearby residents.. and they ignored the continuous plea by those residents..ahem me...
they had been talked to and also given warning, but nothing has changed... humans need a peaceful place to live in, and also it is important to maintain peace and calm at night so that we can take the time to recuperate from the busy and noisy day time..
ohhhyaaa.,,can i say long term effects of the bird nest thingy ,...errr...they will cause the nearby residents to lost their hearing...seee... i cant hear properly lei... i believe they caused

and also, we couldnt get enough rest and couldnt sleep in peace...
thus making us not performing well in the day...
most importantly, when we have exams...
how la want to do exam if dun get enough rest kan??

ok the above portion is total crap..

i hope i can sue them.
i hope they jatuh bankrap.
i hope peace and calm will once be felt at home again.
i hope all the swallows fly back to indonesia.
(i heard there;s where the swallows came from)