Sunday, 29 June 2008

gary's first concert wheeee!!

option A: Golf
option B: Photography
option C: Both

Poll: Which Should I Go For?

Gary Chaw Ge First Asia Live Concert

Happened at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil,

28 June 2008

my original plan was to go very early cause i have to get my album from regina(yes, its a big deal to get the album).. anyway, i only reached sunway at like 5pm.. cause i went for unexpected lunch and also to buy food for sp.. and then, pick sp up edi, still have to u-turn back cause she forgot hp's clothes.. haiya.. in the car, i was talking to someone else abt "i dont care whether gary is leng chai o not leng chai, as long as he can sing and actually have talent, its fine with me", "i like gary more than joey", bla bla bla...

he made me drive to bukit jalil..sighh.. its quite easy, just jalan terus then turn.. =)

the weather were not so good on that day lo...raining, drizzling..

reach bukit jalil at bout near 6pm..hp was there for 20 mins liao..hehehe... met some of her frens which i alrd forgotten their name but they're super big fan of gary, then i went off to get my album and also register for GFC (yes, now im official GFC member)..i got an autographed poster for my lucky draw(but now the poster, errr.. i accidentally stepped on it this morning, so yeah, penyek edi)..

then sp came over, and we were there like so early and there were only 4 ppl lining up at my line, so we decided to walk stop, we went to 988 'booth'.. dunno whats happening there also.. saw green box van there.. but didnt go over..

then walk walk, end up signing up for Kim Gary member card.. =.= whee now i got discount for kim gary liao... =)

then i remember walking and standing, then sp finally decided to sign up for kim gary tooo.. =) and then walking again, and someone was trying to convince sp to join gfc, hahaha....and he and me succeeded in convincing her and so yeah, sp and me joined GFC on the same day..hehehe

then, still got time, i decided to enter the Petronas spin the wheel thingy...i ended up memalukan myself cause i did something embarrassing, so yeah, i officially embarrassed myself in front of some people...
anyway, i got RM 10 voucher from Petronas..hehehe.. as soon as im done, Vivian showed up so yeah, we took some pics before entering the stadium...

tot we're late but then we're damn early lorrrr...stadium was quite empty when we entered.. i dont know why la.. but i think sp have some fate with obasan(s).. hehehe... during rynn's concert, there were a grp of aunties behind us, and gary's concert also, there's this grp of pro aunties..

omg, they know daniel, they know yi jie qi, and almost every local celebrity laaa...if not all.. and i was wondering how come their eye sight so good one, turns out horrr... they even brought a binoculars to the concert lei..walaoeh damn yeng lorrr..and when they spot daniel, they were shouting :daniellll: and waving to him, seems like he knows them lorrrr... hmmmm...

then, 8 something, concert starts, and Gary came out in all white and started with Superwoman..

i remember he wore all white, then after that change to something like elvis presley style, then something black when duet with justin and genie, then bruce lee theme outfit, then lastly, it was white shirt and pink jacket and orange pants and not forgetting his red hair...

really love the part where he intro and pulled out his fren(the piano) and then everyone in the stadium is like singing along with him, then justin came out and sang "Gam Sam Gam Sai" with him..and also they sang "Hoi Bin Ka Fu Ka" together...(our side is louder when it comes to de saaa tan war..wheeee)..
then justin proceed with "Nam Yan KTV" omg its so nice...

then there's this part where he sing "Superman", he save the girl from the villains, then he sing "Liang Zhi Lian Ren", and they became lover, then "Ai Ai", they end up married..ishhhhhhh...and there's this big doggie look a like prop on the stage during "Liang Zhi Lian Ren"...

and how could i forget the ear piercing voice of genie's? she totally spoilt my mood that nite.. no

and there's this one time, when he was thanking ppl who helped him again...hehehe..damn funny lorrr..gary was like... i must thank this person, he helped me and supported me.. dont angry k... Petronas Primax 3... LOL..

and he cried after he talk bout his mentor not able to come to his concert cause he's ill...err and gary cried while singing the song dedicated to his mentor..

and and..there's this part, he didnt know what he want to say or he forgot what he wanted to say, he think for a while and said, WHATEVER.. omg... hehehe

and there's this part, he said WALAOEH..confirm Malaysian..heheh

ohhh yaaa, Justin say he wanted to sing one song for Gary, and he started to sing..

"Selamat Hari Jadi"

July 1st is Justin's birthday and July 9th is Gary's..

and and, for the english songs, he sang My Way(omgggg i finally see him sing live), Smoke Gets Into My Eyes, and Moon River...

**fast forward**

encore part, he sang "Ni De Ge" and "Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni"...and he wore GFC t shirt for the encore..

couldnt really believe the concert ends so early.. i want more.. i haven had sore throat yet from screaming.. so yeah, its not enough lei..
and Gary didnt sing Welcome To My World, his concert theme song.. =(


ps: i've seen Gary perform My Way live.. i can now die in peace..(Choi!)

pps: i cant wait for Round 2... hehehehe...

Friday, 27 June 2008

80kmph is the fastest ppl wud go nowdays


I understand laaa

Petrol increase price from RM1.92 till RM 2.70..

But that doesn’t give u the right to drive 80km/ph on the fast lane lo…


U think that’s your great grand father road isit??

Be considerate abit laa…

I too feel the pinch…

I now have to spend more on petrol..

But I more heart pain now,

cause I keep driving so damn slow,

my car now kenot even reach 100kmph edi…mau pickup pun susah…

Mati la kalau kereta I continue cam ni.. sama jer kalao I berbasikal la cam ni..ishhh

Thursday, 26 June 2008

when laaa is the next evaluation???

i HATE her...
hate is a strong word...

is there any word stronger than hate?

i damn fucking hate her...
i so gonna fail my MYOB...
i really have to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS when it comes to accounting...

i dont like.
i hate.
i cry.
i can do nothing.
i dont take stress well.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


so here it goes..
my birthday post....
well, the earliest to celebrate with me this year is sheng ping..
we went out to pyramid(the only shopping place i can drive to) on the <> PD day..

.june 12th.
it was a thursday.. and also, her exams just ended de day before.. so the time is good....
sim came along with me, and sp brought her fren too...
so, sheng ping is the one and only friend to meet my college friend =)
it was eating, movie and some shopping and the pinkish cute picture thingy...
Ping treated me Kung Fu Panda, and i was quite evil at that day..
hehehe.. i forgotten to bring my student card, and she has to pay full amount for me..
heheheh paiseh ohhh...
but thanks la wei..damn nice lo de movie...
& i wanna watch again...
and that day, was the first time i actually waiting for the songs to end, till they finish cleaning the cinema.. and wait for the super second ending...

then, de second celebration is with kyly and viv at pyramid, last friday...

.june 21.
went straight to pyramid, then have lunch first...cause we're very very very hungry =)
din regret going there.. the food was nice =)
shud have brought grandma there instead of walking all de way to sakae///
then we went to mng sale...
hehehe.. so alot ppl dere.. and i can see why...
everything's halfed(the price i mean)
then, i got my body glove bag(excuse: i wan get another present for myself)...
and we went to New Zealand NAturals, where the cake cutting ceremony was
anyways, the cake melted liao cause we carry arnd here and there...
hehehe....we had choc chip ice cream and also LOW FAT banana.. =)
nicey nicey!!
ohhhh yaaa...
they made TWO random strangers wished me "Happy Birthday"
for the record, its the first cake i got this year and also its the first time in my life blowing a candle without light.. ehhehe....special maaaa...
then, we continue walking and shopping, end up on jusco, and we found something new..
Anything and Whatever drink..
omg.. this drink is my life saver wei..
next time go out no need to crack my head to decide what to order edi..
cause now memang got ANYTHING edi..
heheheh...and i got some sushi too.. yummy yummy...

and on sunday, supposed to go out for dinner with uncle V..
but then, saturday night, aunty called and say we gonna have lunch on sunday, so we went for lunch.. omg.. ITALIAN...omg omg omg...

.june 22.
its like family reunion weh...everyone is there except for grandma grandpa mummy daddy and bro...
aunty brought her fren's kids too...omg their eyes damn big lorrr...
anyway, the lunch/fooooood was GREAT!! wheee...
i had choc cake..all to myself..whee!!!!
with ice cream summore...
and and... i got xtra mini tiramisu cake, with a candle with light =)
damn nice weh... the taste and the presentation of the cake la...
everything's nice...(-___-)
the place is nice tooo... somewhere in KL..
and i officially had wine and actually liked it..
anyway, after the whole lunch thingy, we went to ampang mall(i think) to get the dslr he's been longing to buy..
*wheeeeeee!!! now i got another toy to play...*
hehehe, now i can experiment with dslr liao...
then, at night, the dinner plan was cancelled cause im damn lazy to go out again i was tired.. so yeah, i ffk-ed and dinner was cancelled...

then monday, sing hwei's bday..haiya.. this year cant cel with her...
i slept early monday night.. tired maa..
tuesday is the big big day =)

.JUNE 24.
slept early the night before, so i woke up with sms-es to read.. =)
err...went to coll...
its like any normal day...
went lunch at cabana..
before that bc called and planned to go out.. but she have to travel so far to pyramid and its gonna be late cause my class ends late everyday so the plan cancelled again...
after lunch, we dropped by osixnine...
omg...its all 50%..
and and.. i got this bag... damn cheap weh...50% mahhh..
hehehe.. din planned to buy anything at first, but ended up with another new bag..
hehehe.. i have malay but they dont, so i was kinda late..and i rushed back to malay...
wtf...nothing much for that malay class lorrrr..
anyway, got this "present" later that day..
anyway, birthday's over and i have no more excuse to spend money.. =(
*mum din know i got that body glove bag yet...
and the new bag also she doesnt know yet.. so yeah, when she knows i'll have to prepare getting those comments from her*
and and... Both the new bags are of the SAME colour weh....
thats pretty much how my 19th went..
owh ya how can i forget...
grandma called and i tried to tell her how cham i am.. but...
me: people birthday eat "Hong Jiu Mien Sien"... i birthday eat Asam Laksa MAggi mee
grandma: o
me: very cham lei..
grandma: o
me: -_______-"""""""

ps: i cant stop spending money weh...
i shud stop using bday excuse lorrrrrr......

pps: wheee!! gary concert!!!
no more *f*(s)
i will stop cursing/swearing unnecessarily...

Sunday, 22 June 2008

i have lousy editing skills.

erm, the picture,
did it get better or worst after edit?
honest opinions are very welcomed


click on e pic for a better view =)

Friday, 20 June 2008

a day full of surprises

un-expected celebration, got to eat my new zealand natural, saw carson randomly in pyramid, got a new bag which i love, got de pants at a price quite cheap, din buy much but it feels so much, mng on sale(ntg to do wit me but everyone is xcited bout it), another addition to "those sweet memories", i love my lunch =), yen msn-ed me unexpectedly..

im happy to day..

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

i hate diagrams
*whatever thats has to do with econs*

Sunday, 15 June 2008

kung fu panda damn nice...
a must watch movie..
damn farneee..
im now a big fan of that panda..

reminds me of food when i see that panda

i find malaysians are so creative when it comes to things like this lorrr

omg.. to have so many children.. omg.. his must be fucking all his wives every nights mann...
imagine having one child is like so suffering edi..
errrk...the wife have to give birth to like approx 10 each..

and, with the cost of living increasing and salaries/wages staying the same, this guy must be damn rich mann...

25 year old agree to marry a guy who is old enuf to be her father..
not for money then for love?

can someone actually LOVE four persons at a time??

its like, omg... people with one wife also find so much trouble edi... and he now has FOUR.

omgosh...he wants two or three football team isit??

omgggg.... 40 children.. 40 divide 5 = 8 BASKETBALL TEAM

Saturday, 14 June 2008


"Is this what you really want?"

if i really Have the right to decide,
i wont be here today la k..

and now only u ask me if this is what i want....
who am i to say if this is what i want anot?

i say i don't want econs and accounts..
but who listened?
no one.

the fucking answer u guys gave me back in December 2007 was:

"you better decide before she decides for u"

and then, u gave me like TWO days to decide..
or being decided, which will end me up in the same place,
maybe doing something i hated more than this.

if i have the right to decide and go on with my OWN plans at the VERY first place,
i wont be here doing all this stupid stuff la..


what other choice do i have?

:: i dont care who u are,
just dont talk to me in those
"u-r-so-disappointed-and-frustrated-with-me-and-my-results" tone
and also ask
"is this what u want"

u know this is NOT what i want.
u all know.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

to: ppl with gastric

"how do u know when u have gastric?" "how do u know it is gastric?"

pls pls pls i want to know...


the heels, just died..
*long story*

now iknow why mum wants me to get more than


suddenly headache...
dunno is too tired till headache o migrane came back.. lol...
im gonna try to sleep now then hopefully headache will b gone by midnight..
wan watch football laaaa

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Bak Chang Emo Post

orang lain semua busy balik and reunion dengan family for bak chang festival.
me? i eat "cao fan"(fried rice) cause im stranded here in kl..
and no bak chang at all cause i complained too much...
i makan only THREE bak chang this year lei,
TWO which i didnt heat up properly(frozen one summore) gives me diarrhea,
ONE which my grandma heat up properly but because its been in the peti beku for like one whole month edi..
tak syok laaaa...
i wan fresh one...!!!!!!

last year, or last last year, lol who la can remember...
i make my own bak chang...
i balut the thing myself.. chitttt..

ps: i balut oni one but then, i assume the first one i eat is the one i balut... lol..let me syok sendiri can anot??

pps: hungry lo now

Monday, 9 June 2008


i feel,
something has changed.
i don't know what.
but i don't feel like talking to some people anymore.

its like, im now living in my own world 80% of the time.
im starting to keep myself away from the people around...

sometimes, i am as if i am 'bisu'.
even if i want to say something,
sometimes, words just dont come out...

a simple smile and a simple nod marks a simple 'thank you, have a nice day',
& 'sorry, i have just gone dumb for the moment.'

Sunday, 8 June 2008


the longest(i assume its long) holiday of the year has just come to an end.

#1: i haven finish my assignments yet..
one may ask, how, then, did u get thru this TWO weeks and NOT finish any assignments??
i dont know...
i seriously dont knowwww...

#2: life is gonna be hard after this.. with the start of a brand new semester and the getting back of my results from the mid year exam, end of last sem, which was two weeks ago..
damnit, i know i suck in almost alll the sub...
some people knows why...
i cant study

#3: someone actually suggested so that i take a year break(half now) so that i can get into the classes i want and have time to decide on the subs i really want to study..
i say, useless a bad student, i cant study..
no matter how much time u give me to think, i still cannot decide..
and no matter what i study, there are others too who face the same thing...
if they CAN do it and i CANT..
then there's something wrong with me
im dumb...

#4: i wanted to make second semester a "no-nonsense" term..
then, i think of it and thought its quite hard to achieve...
first..its me..hello..this is tze ching.. ''big day'' month..(yes, this is purely excuse) dumb

#5: how if i din manage to get thru again??

Thursday, 5 June 2008



u're ONE month old..


i am
back in
shah alam..

and i feel damn stupid not going to pump petrol
when i sampai.

the petrol wan 'dry'
and its now freaking expensive..
crazy- naik 78sen...

saya punya 'gaji' tak naik,
tapi semua naik,
macam mana mau terus hidup o macam ini...
dah lerrrr i 'broke' sangat...

chien bu gou yong..

i mau jalan kaki liao la like that...