Monday, 19 November 2012


sometimes, its easier when you have already given up.
given up on finding love.
when you have accepted the fact that you are going to be alone forever.

then a wild fake love appears and give you hope,
thats when you let your guard down and think that you deserve a fairy tale,
like the others.

but you have to realise,
this is all fake feelings,
all they want is just to youknowwhat,
and then when you do realise one day,
you dont know how to live alone anymore.

the phrase 'i love you' been used so often it doesnt mean anything anymore.

just get back to the ground and learn to live alone, forever.
its easier this way.

you will never love anyone, anymore.
its just too difficult.

loneliness is something you cant avoid.
just, learn to live with it.

one day,
your friends will leave.
your family will leave.
everyone you have now will be too busy to bother you.