Tuesday, 13 December 2016

do not ever

Something I need to share. To remind myself. To remind people around me. 
I just need to voice this out. 

I wouldn't call this as 'rules'. May be 'principle' i guess. 

For those who unfortunately ended up in my car,

1. Do not, I repeat, NEVER throw rubbish out of my car. There is usually a small rubbish bin in the car for you, but if there isn't any, find one. Or you could just hang on to it till we reach out destination and you find an actual bin. Or else, I'm totally fine with you leaving it on the floor of the car. I don't care. Just. Not. Out. The. Window. On. The. Road.

I absolutely cannot tolerate such behaviour. The world is not your dumpster. 

2. This is menial to some. But as people say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, this applies to MY CAR as well. It's MY car, I drive it the way i drive. If you don't like it, just keep your mouth shut, and take an UBER. I'll gladly request one for you. Do not attempt to give me mixed signals, and then proceed to scream at me for not driving YOUR way. In other words, do not interrupt me. 

I am pretty sure I was driving 'safely' in your terms, but you are the one who suggested I could cut the car in front of me. Damn, then don't scream at me if you have already given me the green light to go fast. 

3. NEVER proceed to lecture the hell out of me when I'm driving. I am a cancerian. I am emotional. When the emotional thing hits me, I cant fucking control myself. The world outside is already very stressful. Do not add to that. Thank you.

In Life,

1. Do not tell me, "The world doesn't revolves around you." I know that very well. So my question to you is, "So does the world revolves around you then?".

Then just stfu. I am not interested in your useless opinion.

2. If you do not know me, do not even try to judge me. Damn, I am not your puppet. I am not the person you imagine i am. I am not going to live the world according to your sick mentality. I wish to be friends with you, but if we are so different, it cant be helped.