Thursday, 31 January 2008

today alrd the last day of JAN lor...
have 3 hrs today so i have lots of time to waste..

attended some time management talk yesterday...
its quite beneficial..
but then, with people like me, "SIGH"

one and the half more day and it's H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!!

but then i can onli go back to stw on tuesday...
feel like im wasting two days staying here doing nothing lor...
go back stw better..
can lepak kao kao and go out with frens...

kong piangs..
lu miens..
kam puan mien..

and and... going to do some new year shopping tml.
yes i know its usper duper last minute and i expect it to be very crowded...
but wth...*fingers crossed*
hope ppl will stay at home tml and not come out..

omgosh.. this post is so boring and pointless...


Tuesday, 29 January 2008


i have never seen someone so CHILDISH before wan lor.
for HEAVEN's SAKE!!!
you are now in COLLEGE!!!
only PRIMARY school students throw paper balls at each other.
i AM TRYING to concerntrate here..
i dont appreciate anyone distract me.
esp when i am in a really tak syok ppl state.
what the fucking hell...
i hate her so much what the fuck...
lazy wanna tell here.. wan details...
ask sp...
some people NEVER grow up!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

wtf. cant stop craping


what if the dream really do came true?

what if he's getting married??
rumours going on that he's going to announce that he's getting married.

i heard he's announcing something big soon.
i guess.
what will it be??

Sunday, 20 January 2008


I had a very bad dream last night. I dreamt of him getting married. The wedding date is 9/8. If I’m not mistaken. When I got to know about that news, I had no response. I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel sad, and obviously I am not happy for him. I remember myself saying, why her? Why did he choose her? Why not ‘A’? ‘A’ is so much better than her.

Maybe I was jealous?

There’s much more little stories in my dream.

I remember feeling quite down for a few days. I don’t know what the hell am I doing. I just cant concentrate to whatever I was doing at that time.

Why on earth did I dream of him getting married?

Hmmm… I wonder…

The news of him getting married did reached a lot people. It was quite unexpected. Not a single person knows that he’s dating someone. And then out of the blue, there’s this invitation in your mailbox.


if one day this dream really do came true……..

ok this is kind of a CRAP but then, i just cant imagine the day he announce he's getting married.

updates on 15th

* i wrote this on the 15th of jan...

I am feeling so busy these days. Definitely busier compared to the times in Disted. Why? Cause I never skipped class like I used to. And also, now that I WANT to study, I cant really study cause I have limited time. wonder where all my time gone. Haiz.

So fan right now. no internet, no time, …

My day starts at 6am when I wake up..

Then leave house at 6.58am…

To avoid the jam and also to get a nearer parking space.

So I am the very first person to step into the class.

By the time I am in the class, I’ll be sweating like I just complete a marathon.

My class starts at 8am, lectures, breaks, and so on… and ends at 4 everyday, except for Friday.

Then by the time I get home is around 4.30pm or 5pm…

Damn tired.

I will either eat or try to sleep or talk to someone or watch TV.

Then, tried to stop watching at 7pm. But then, everyone’s watching so I am so tempted.

TV time ends at 8pm or maybe 9pm.

Bath then take out all the books, papers and etc and pack for tomorrow.

Then it’s alrd like 10pm..

Time to sleep.

Sleep early to get up early.

If I sleep late then I will be extremely tired in the lectures which is no good.


Lets talk bout today.

One of my lecturers asks if I have any problem understanding.

I think I have a problem and I don’t know where is my problem.

So in conclusion, I remember telling him that I can understand what he’s teaching but then after the class I would forget everything.

He was kinda speechless…

*hahaha… this kind of student… where got hope**

And then, I was really tired from the very beginning.

By the time my class ends, I was really tired and hungry..

**Oh ya. I went late today so I couldn’t find any parking so I have to park really far.

Come to ss15 and see where is maybank and where is Taylor’s and you’ll know how far it is.**

So I went to get milo and soya in packet, and got mee rebus for dinner.

Went to my car…

And then…

Babi betul got one car parked behind me…

I couldn’t get out.

Sat in my car for a while and let the car cool down. And then hor, I went down to ask..

Went in maybank twice.

And shops around.

And then went back to my car, called BC and asks her what should I do.

Because I assume that she is very free and she’s in my fnf list so I pay less to call her.

Suggests that I go and call mpsj to clamp the car.


So evil.

Went to get the phone number but don’t have.. babi…

Have to walk back to inti.

Wei.. very far ok..!

I called bc like every 3 minutes and hehehe…I was like scolding and cursing loudly.

Walk walk walk… till starbucks, mana ada mpsj thing…

Haiz… walked back…

Walaoeh…got car also need to walk so far…

Luckily the stupid car left edi…

The result : I didn’t scratch that car cause it didn’t crossed my mind till my uncle suggest it. **stupid me**

I got home kinda late.

and I found out that… driving in kl is really stupid compared to penang cause… wtf… distance so near… don’t have place for me to drive like a maniac.

Haiz….and traffic lights everywhere….

Go stop go stop…. Chit!!!!!

At least in penang I can drive fast on the bridge if there’s not many car.

But I die die also wont go back penang.!



And I realise I forgot to do something.

I forgot to take picture of the car blocking me.

As a record.


Yesterday was motor, which the key shop uncle kindly move it away from my car. Thank you!!

Today was the stupid car.

Lol…why har.. ppl double park… dunno leave phone number wan ah…so uncivilised!

Tomorrow?? Lorry??

Pls NO!!

I got to know there’s clubs we can join.. and there’s rotaract and photography club!!


Shit la. Babi betul. Don’t have internet connection here.

I was using the neighbour’s wireless and then I think they found out edi cause I couldn’t connect anymore…

I think they blocked my comp!!

How evil!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


tried to get online last night but i couldnt so i blogged it in my laptop.
didnt have it in my pendrive so i couldnt post it here today.


and today, i realised something.



this is because i grow up alone. altho i have a brother but we dont live together so practically, i grow up like an only child.
i have no siblings to disturb me or play with me.
i spend most of my time by myself when i am at home.
what did i do with so much time by myself??


THUS, over the years, i mastered the day dreaming skill!!

got hypothesis and conclusion to my unofficial research...
should smack myself cause it took me 18 years and 6 months to get the answer.


i am so bored lor.. supposed to study..
but then.. this library is too comfy so i tend to fall asleep!

bye bye

Monday, 14 January 2008


there'll be common test before cny, two weeks from now.


kill me pls.


had presentation today.
babi de.
damn cacat and LAME!


lec asks us to bring an extra shirt to coll tml.
hmm.. wonder what he want to do...

Friday, 11 January 2008

wtf. everyone else is like doing serious stuff like finishing assignments and looking for information, printing and so on..

and me, i am like....

facebook-ing, gary forum-ing, wikipedia-ing, blog reading, blog posting....

feel so evil la..
hogging up the connection by opening so many things..
i am so bored that i actually googled up 'Sitiawan', 'Fu Zhou', 'Kong Piang' and stuff like that.

and now, I am looking at a wedding photographer's blog.

how bored can i be?

and oh...

there's 'Fu Zhou dialect' and 'Swiftlets'...

thanks to taylor's coll, i downloaded Google Earth in my laptop.

Cynthia make me jealous lor..
her class is l ike only two hours a day and three days a week.
if i am not mistaken lar..
so hang fok lo..
got so much time to waste...

and can go back to hometown for a few days before coming back to KL for classes...


btw... i didnt know 'Fuchow' language can be so complicated.

after first class punya post

i am the earlist to step into the class,
i have more breaks than other people in my class,
right now i am still in the introduction chapter so i have no assignments to do and so i have nothing to do in the library,
thus, i am here in The Web.

not funny.
another two hours of crap.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

dying once more

today the time passed really fast lor.
i didnt went out shopping like everyone else today cause i thought i will 'study' at home. mana tau...

wake up
wash baju

walaoeh... my laptop is like .. on the whole day lor.....

and im supposed to study which i didnt cause i was hooked to the laptop.;.
i am so very dead la if i continue like this...

i am lucky tomorrow i dont have legal studies...

i will set up my goals by this week...

and god, please give me a topic..
whatever topic i should do ....
let me dream of it tonight..!!

pls pls...


above two pictures were taken e other day when i went to ipoh. it's in ayer tawar. it used to be a two way road here.. but now, its only one way, two lanes...

a late christmas wish from me. heheh...

shine and smile...
lol...crap crap........

i was being *dunno de word* cause this is the first time i see people parking like this.
there are really some parking petak in the middle.
but then, it was just a few in front.


i have some more pictures to post.
but then, i 'bu shi de' cause i'm lazy to add words on it.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

panic attck ::

someone pls pls pls tell me i have made the RIGHT decision to take Accounting Studies and Legal Studies together. and Economics.

pls pls pls...

oh my gosh...

legal studies is like..... at the same level with accounting.


Tuesday, 8 January 2008


studying in taylor's can be really challenging lo.
its a mental and physical torture thing.

dont wanna go into details.
but today i went early and went into a wrong class.
i could have another hour sleep.
but then.
i was too stupid to read the timetable.
rushed to the class cause i was almost late.
hehehe. went to the wrong block.
and hmm...
by the time i reach the class, i was already drenched in sweat.
i think it looks like i joined a marathon a something.

living in my uncle's house now.
have to drive. babi de la. stupid kl traffic.
altho the distance is shorter than penang bridge, i use about 30 minutes or more to get to my destination. not including the time i had to queue up to buy tickets and the time i take to walk to class. hmm.. i wonder hor.. i will lose weight anot lei?? hope can la. hahah.

then to the mental torture part. they have test like every month. if not week.
then. today. in the legals class. the lecturer was asking me for an example of a non legal thing. i was like.. errrr...*smile smile*...and he was like...*smile smile* it's ok...
wtf. really cannot think of any example lor.
and then accounting class lei.. she talk so soft lor.. like chating with people like that. i was in the middle. cant hear as clear as other lecturers. haiz. almost fell asleep lor.
and everyone else was like..*check butts, receipts...*
i have no idea at all what was she talking till my classmates talk..haiz..

seems like no more time to use my phone anymore. except between classes.
so tak biasa lar.. oh ya. i sold my sasta book for rm15 without the answers.. cause i was too hardworking and i tore the answers out..feel guilty lei..hmm..guess i'll just pass the answers to them tml... hahahha.,,

stupid internet connection...
btw... i must go library this year cause i have to pay rm450 library fees just for one sem. means rm 900 for a year... damn expensive lo here. i think last year i onli paid rm 400 for the whole year... and this coll dont have any lift somemore...

good news : i'm back online. as long as i can connect and use the wireless. hahaha. curi-ed line.