Sunday, 29 January 2006

wat a fake

read a blog by sumone..

why is she keep hurting me lik this?

i promise myself that i wont care watever she say there...

but i get jealous very very easily..


thanks so much for hurting me over and over again..

thanks for making me jealous over u..

u won..

i admit it..


are u satisfied?

thanks for making me realise u took another fren from me..

some1 who i can really trust..

thanks for everything uve done to me

thanks for every word u say that hurt me..

thanks for being fake all the time..

thanks for making me believe that ure my fren..

thanks a lot...

i can do nothing d..

unless torture myself..

thanks alot to u...

*--tze ching--*

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

dEaR mE..

dear me,

why am i lik this? i told myself i want to study this year.. but i cant seem to find some time to even do my homwrk..i ve reduced my tv time to 2 hours a day.. im busy wit tutions everyday after skol..haiz...24 hours is not enough for me...

i told myself and another fren that i want to stop taking motor without license.. i dont wan to repeat my stupid mistakes i did last year.. but barely 12 hours i said that, i took my fren on her scooter to tution..haiz..i cant keep to my words...

oh ya.. should i drop add math of physics? to me, both the subjects are just a crap..i cant understand both the subjects..haiz..what should i do? drop just add math? or just physics? or both? i cant make up my mind..



Wednesday, 18 January 2006

to drop or not to drop?

Haiz.. so long din update blog edi... too busy wit skol and tutions..and getting some sleep.. haha...

Should i or should i not drop add math for my spm?

If i drop it, my life wud be easier. But sooner or later i will have to study add mth in coll or U oso le.. thats wat i heard lar..if i don drop.. then how if i fail add math for my spm? so confused..wat shud i do? Who shud i go to?grandma ask me to drop a few sub.haiz...stil thinkin bout it.. Hmm...anyone have any suggestions? I need some help and advice here.. die lar.. stil cant make up my mind..

Monday, 2 January 2006


Haiz.. tml start skol edi..cant believe stil can relax at home..haven started doing my forn 4 moral folio oso..haiz..laziness overtakes me..haha..skol is tml n i still dunno where is my tie, my badge, my uniform, my bag n stuff.. haiz.. don really look forward to a new skol year so soon..i hope that theres more time for me to play..

My new year resolution

  1. study lar.. don be so lazy edi..spm coming d le..
  2. complete each n every hwork
  3. stay focused (this is hard)
  4. understand add math
  5. complete all the projects in time(including the f4 wan)
  6. mati mati oso must get the car license (i hope)
  7. be nice to my brother(see first lar)
  8. mengurangkan masa online..
  9. try to keep everything above in mind.. haha...

i reallly hope i can keep those things in mind..usually, i will forget all the resolutions in just 2 days..haha..haiz..see the tution timetable oso pening edi..tuesday and thursday got 3 tutions in a row..where got time to rest..hope i can bertahan lar.. so clumsy.. i spilled water in the living room one day..and the next day, i spilled mee sup in da hospital.. haiz...sia sia onli bring so far...lucky din kena scolding..hehe

went for hiking in lumut for the first time in my life ystd.. i thought i can finish it. But then.. walk half way onli kenot continue d.. haiz.. im such a failure..haiz...

2006 is gonna be tough for me..first its spm.. then today.. bad news..i kena halau from my room..haiz..have to sleep in a room wit no air cond for the rest of the year..i dunno if i can stand it..i cant sleep without air cond..haiz..but one thing that is good is..the comp is in this room..yay..actually, i voluntered to sleep least its better than sleeping wit some1 else rite? Haha..

till now, im still not ready for skol.. have to wake up early .. haiz..