Saturday, 30 May 2009


a while ago, more like few weeks ago, i felt a lil patriotic so i submitted my answers to Rage: Question 4 Uth.
i answered more than 10 question, including the one asked by Michael Wong. the next day, i found out that only 2 out of 14 answers i sent were approved by them. well, it's better than nothing.

something tells me i have to read the newspaper on Wednesday, 27th May. but too bad, the paper went missing on that day. so, when i came home, i looked for the Wednesday's paper, and found the article on Question 4 Uth.

guess what, my answer got in the newspaper!!

if u missed out the article, you can read it here. (<-- click on the word Here)
or here to have a view of the full list of questions and answers.

now, back to work.

3 parts

picture of the day!
which has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

pssst... damn cool right the box? heheheh

Social Anxiety Disorder Test Result

Thank you for honestly answering all the questions.

Your Score: 40 out of a possible 68.

Your score suggests that you may be experiencing the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. Although the SPIN Self Test screens for the symptoms of social anxiety disorder, only a doctor can make a diagnosis for this disorder.

We encourage you to make an appointment with a qualified healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms. It may even be helpful for you to bring your doctor a printout of your responses to the questions in the self test. To do this now, just go to your browser's file menu and select Print.


busy, busy week.

dateline for Intro to Psych homework.

dateline for English draft.
Intro to Psych Quiz.
club meeting.

dateline for Research Methods.

I'm Doomed.

because i'm at home and i haven started with any of th reports yet.\\haiz


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

really short update

this is what i need. hope it's true.
*fingers crossed"

wtf, slept till 11.06am today.
i'm getting lazier!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

short update

dinner @ AC again.
went there yesterday, and today, and maybe tomorrow also.
why do i keep going there for dinner?

no idea. wide variety of food.
japanese, korean, vietnam, indian, chinese, malay, salad, bak kut teh, chicken rice, what you want, they have it.
except laksa. hmmmph.

[the picture]
meals with sue may is always entertaining.
she will decorate her plate with whatever that's left over. and make a smiley face :)


today i had: Kids Baby Octopus bread from Baker's Cottage, 1 packet Soya Bean Milk, quarter of Egg Sandwich, Raymen Noodles.


almost late for class today.
alarm rings at 5.15am, 6am and 6.15am.
first alarm to prepare myself to wake up.
usually i wake up by the 3rd alarm.
today, i slept past 3rd alarm, which kept snoozing till 6.55am.
yesterday, i woke up only at 6.33am, but i dont have morning class so it's ok.
something's telling me i have to change the songs that wakes me up.
or i'm getting lazier and un-motivated recently.

this, is BAD.

but i wasnt really late for class.
but surely is later than usual.
ran thru 3 red lights.
lucky no police.

ha ha.

Monday, 25 May 2009

i was early

i was up early. lazy to go coll so early, so i stayed home. this is the result of waking up early and not going coll.
if i went, i would be wasting time there doing nothing instead of filling my time doing things like this.

trying to get back to sleep.


ps: sorry june with that first pic, couldn't fit ur whole face in it. i 'bou fan' with the second pic k? he he he

Sunday, 24 May 2009

first guess

last friday,

I GOT A NEW GUESS PURSE(or whatever you call it).

been using my green bodyglove wallet since Form3. yeah its that long. i have another purse from Elle, so girly, and big, so i don't really use it. at most, it will use it for ONE week then change back to bodyglove. he he. my uncle got this Guess from a sale near his office. i wonder is it a REAL and GENUINE Guess, considering the mateitrial and the not-so-clear Guess logo in front. i dont know anything about Guess, nor i am in any way in love with the brand.

but there's a card that says Guess in the purse. so i guess it's real? i will still use it even if it's not the REAL Guess. doesn't matter to me. it's almost the same size with my bodyglove, so i guess it will definately last longer than ONE week. he he.

oh ya, i got a Monkey Key Chain also from Sabah. it even has the word Sabah nicely written on it. I don't know why, but i like the monkey very much. he he.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

i love leg massage

the colour of the font doesnt signifies anything.

was at home the whole morning. had breakfast before the cleaners came and was hooked on Mr. Goodbye on KBS. found out that the former south korean president, Mr. Roh, died from falling when he was hiking this morning. he served as a president from 2003-2008. not that i heard of him before this morning. btw, was watching the encore of Mr. Goodbye. turns out that it showed till the last episode today. started watching from around episode 15 or 16, all the way to the last episode.

--> 2 scoops of oats, 2 scoops of Nestum, one big scoop of Milo.
and after that, using the same bowl, i made Milo and had biscuits.

then had simple lunch after the show ended. bout 2.13pm. shower after that and went out around 3pm.

eats --> fried rice with curry. loves the curry cause there's so much tau fu pok inside. yum yum. drinks the soup like chicken soup. swt.

i went out cause he said it will only be for a while. mana tau only can come back at 11.45pm. 3pm-11.45pm=8hours45minutes. sigh. tired betul. went out to amcorp mall. meet my aunty there, and we went o for massage. a really good one in bangsar. near bangsar village. that place damn happening loh. shopping heaven for skinny people. tons of boutiques. like, seriously. ha ha sound so jakun. but it's like, ss15 cant compare. i thought many boutiques exists in ss15. but in bangsar, countless.

we reach at the massage place quite early. so we had to wait. at the waiting area, which is just next to the massage area, i heard someone snoring. not soft snore. loud snore. he snore damn loud ok. then, we were given a place beside him. he was in between my aunt and me. like, wtf. he was still snoring. and he have symptoms of sleep apnea. weird and loud snoring. difficult to describe. but, he was disturbing everyone's peace and tranquility. so the white noise music did nothing in order to make me fall asleep like everyone else did. oh ya as if his snoring is not enough to make the whole world hate him, he didnt turn off this phone somemore. at least, put silent lah. wtf. suddenly the phone rang, RRIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG RRIIINNGGG
RRIIINNGGG RRIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG RRIIINNGGG RRIIINNGGG......... it didnt happen once. it happen twice. wtf.

Scene 1: you are dreaming that you were happily walking down the road, then suddenly it began to rain. it wasnt raining cats and dog, or raining acid water, but it was raining money. there are no one else around, so you get to keep every single cent you collected. finally, ur dream of money falling from sky comes true. the 100th RM1000 note fell in ur hand, and suddenly, u heard a loud siren. like darurat or something, so u have to hide. there's no time to save more money. you reluctantly ran into a shelter and hid. the siren kept ringing, and then u came to a realisation and woke up. YOU TELL ME LAH, SO SWEET de DREAM, WAKE UP SO FAST, ANNOYING ANOT>???

Scene 2: you are dreaming that you went on a holiday in Hawaii. you were sun tanning at the beach with ur perfect body, with the right curves everywhere. with two of your friends. then suddenly this extremely hot guy with the most amazing eyes ever, had a six pax, the nicest smile you ever seen, is making his way over to you, then you suddenly wake up because of the idiot's phone before you even get a chance to talk to the guy. YOU SAY LAH...ANGRY ANOT....

luckily, i wasnt sleeping or dreaming.
after massage, went to alexis, sat there for a while, then to vintry.

--> iced lemon tea(no harm), chocolate bittersweet cake(very harmful) at Alexis.
--> fried korean noodles(nice, but nothing special), bbq pork ribs(ouch), char siew(yum, but still ouch), some sort of pork burger(very nice, ooops), apple banana crumble with ice cream(OUCH), chicken wings at Vintry. drowned them with red wine(not used to it yet) and mineral water.

whatever fat i sweat off yesterday morning, i gained double or maybe triple today. wtf.

Friday, 22 May 2009


Friday, Shah Alam - She wakes up at 7am even though she doesn't need to go through the early morning rush hour or to class today. Instead, she was awake for one of her long-term assignment, Project Step. Today marks the first day of Project Step. Many may wonder, what the hell is Project Step. Project Step is based on a simple rule. Taking the FIRST STEP. To all the procrastinators out there, how many times did you want to do something, but you just cant go it, because taking the first step is so difficult. Everytime you want to take the first step, you will either end up doing something else or coming up with an excuse. Fret not, take Project Step as a challenge.

Hahaha. LOL. Crap.

Okay okay, I took my first step today. I woke up at 7am and went walking around the park. It's a real loss if I don't use all the facilities provided for the residents here. It's like, I always complain it's not safe to walk/jog/exercise in Sitiawan because there are no proper walking/jogging/exercising areas provided in a housing area. Many times, there are untied and fierce dogs that chases you for no reason. So, here, I have a nice walking area, a few playgrounds, and basketball court is just walking distance. Just that it's too bad no one is here to teman me play basketball. or football. yuck. or badminton.

The walk this morning took about 30minutes. Sweat quite alot for walking. I didnt even jog. So there, MY FIRST STEP. Thanks to Starbucks Green Tea last night. which i left unfinished. and it went down the sink.

Then, to stay healthy and no waste my effort of walking 'so far' this morning, I had 3 Scoops of expired Quaker Oats, 3 Scoops of expired Nestum and 2 Scoops of Milo. Whoever says oats makes you feel full must be a big lier.
For lunch, I had Tomyam Instant Cup Noodles. DInner, I had TomYam Tastylite Instant Noodle with TWO eggs. yuck. the most ciplak TomYam EVER.

The truth is, this morning, I actually planned to drive all the way to SS14 Restoran Unlimited cause it was featured in Star Metro yesterday. But, thanks to the morning rush hour and the long long journey and common sense and no one teman me, i didnt go. I guai guai sit at home eat OATS instead.

Studies wise, wtf.

I was listening to radio from 7am to 12.30pm just to wait for Mr Lonely (Ji Muo Sien Shen). Sad Case. In between that time, I was on FB. and was still on FB till bout 2pm. Then when i finally turn off the laptop, i went to turn on the TV and sms with sp. Then i fell asleep till 6.30pm. There goes my day. Time for more FB and TV.

Sigh, sometimes I really do wonder, IS THIS WHAT I REALLY WANT?

If this is what i really wanted, then why am I slacking like nobody's business?
If this is what i really wanted, wouldn't I be putting my 100% effort?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

what went in my mouth today?

what did i eat today?

i had a cup of milo in the morning, before i go to college, cause i was hungry when i woke up.
then i bought another packet of milo, which i took very long to finish.
i had chap fan after the first class, japanese taufu, fried taufu with sweet sour sauce, and chicken meat.

everything went well till research method lecture.
went straight to the cafeteria after the lecture ends and bought:
1. Nuggets(4 pieces)
2. Pizza (1 slice)

and i went to the waiting place to eat them. after taht, there's still time for class, and they went to buy ice cream,
so i opted for one too.
3. Red Bean ice cream potong.

that's all till tutorial class commence.

then after tutorial, me and sue may went over to ss15 for dinner.
note: it's a 2 hour class.

for dinner we shared,
1. Dried Pan Mee
2. Fried Tang Hoon

and i had a glass of teh ais. which i regretted cause we're going to Starbucks after that.
sat around in Asia Cafe for a while, waiting for the time to pass and for the jam to recide.
then, we went over to Starbucks, which is just across the street.
ordered TWO Green Tea Frapuccino Grande.

sat in Starbucks for a while, my tummy felt weird, so i sent her home and came home.
the Starbucks really made me feel guilty leh....
like, when i halfway thru the drink, can feel de amount of fat adding up edi.

pssst: i am NEVER a Starbucks person. the reason i got it today is because, i have a voucher. Buy 1 Free 1.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

dont bother reading

i dont know if anyone notice, i got fatter after my one week break.

it's not about going home for a week, so i got nice meals for that one week.
it's about my compulsive eating which appears somewhere at the end of that one week and also this week.

for example, tuesday. i bought lots of yong tau fu for breakfast. before that i already had milo at home cause i know i wont be eating till after class. then i also bought sandwich. then nuggets after class. and also chipsmore while waiting for the class to start.

these days, i find myself craving for food. even though i am not hungry and am very aware of it, i still find myself munching and eating because i felt like it. this is baaaad. this has to stop but it's kinda difficult. hmmph.

for example, at home, towards the end of my holiday, i find myself sneaking a bidor biscuit to my room, eat it and that's the end of story. there's another night where i was downstairs taking my water and all before i go to my room, i somehow went to take two slices of wholemeal bread and brought it to the room.

it's something that i would do when i feel stressed. i would eat. and sometimes eating without realising it.

i have no class today. what did i do?

breakfast was simple. biscuits and milo.
then after two hours, i felt hungry and went to cook cintan asam laksa with an egg.
then i had half soya bean milk which i left in the fridge the other night.
and also occasionally some pineapple tarts when i feel sleepy.
at night, i had another instand noodles in cup. and somemore pineapple tarts and dodol.

i tried studying. the house is dark so i opened the door for the air and light to come in.
i started with piaget's theory. and ended with piaget's theory. yes, i fell asleep even before the 4th level.
i woke up because of my neighbour's loud bitchy voice. so noisy. so i closed all the doors and curtains and back to sleep. shiet.

now i want to go eat milo and biscuit again. yes, it's 11.11pm.

sigh. have craving for food for no reason lately.

i want to eat laksa. the real laksa, not the maggi laksa.
i want to eat char koat teow.
i want to eat bak kut teh. let's go klang. anyone knoes the way?
i want to eat yong tau fu. wtf i like all the fried stuff that's why.
i want to eat cheese cake. gosh mouth watering edi at this point.
i wnat to eat maggi.
i want to eat eggs.
i want to eat sandwich.
i want to eat kfc.
i want to eat nuggets.

for real. (now you know how ... how ... compulsive i am at this difficult moment.)

ps: i think i owe someone an apology. sorry.

Monday, 18 May 2009


:::just an update:::

it's 10.02am now,
and I've FINISHED my essay
which is due at 12pm later.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Carmen's 1st Birthday


it seems like it's just yesterday when i got the call.

May16, 2008
i went to college earlier than usual, and went to MAC to buy soya bean. the line was baaad in the shop, and then i got a call from YY. she told me "wo shen liao", it was too early and i am a bit slower than i was usually, so i said "HARRR? WHAT??".

it went on for quite a while(i think she must be cursing me already by the time i get what she said, hehe). "It's around 7.15am - 7.30am in the morning, how alert do you think i am?"

well, this little girl is the culprit which made us upgrade our status to become 'aunty'. I insist on 'jie jie', can? hehe. she has grown so much. the last time i saw her, she was only 3 months old, and now, she's a year old. i saw her a week earlier before her birthday party, and gosh i didnt think they look the same. she has grown so much, and but her eyes is still as big as ever. i dont know what to say anymore, but just a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carmen.

less than a month old.
wrapped up like a present.
such a cutie.

carmen when she's about 3 months old, and yes, i was carrying her.
look at those BIG eyes.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

now it itches

bout my hurting leg, it got better after i took some medicine, and am good enough for me to go to baby carmen's bday party the night i came back. after 3 days of medication, it got much better, i can walk properly but it still hurts a bit. it feels like, err, lebam kinda pain or something.

dont want to risk anything*what if it happens again when im back to kl?*
so i went to see another doctor after i finish my first dosage. what he said make more sense than the first doctor who said its gout. lolx. the second doctor asks me if i was wearing a new and unfamiliar shoe. i said kinda cause i never wear that shoe without a socks before.

i have a valid reason for not wearing a socks that day. i was running late already, and i was wearing a pathetic slipper. my feet sweat alot, so it's slippery. this shoe is in the car so i just changed into this shoe. i decided not to wear the socks because when i wear the socks, the socks is not high enough and it causes blisters at the back of my ankle. the previous blister hurts so much that it still hurts after a few days. so i decided just to slip the shoe on then go to meet them. apparently, it was a huge mistake i made.

due to that, my detox plan failed and i was in great pain when i came back.

a month or so ago, i came back with a big bandage on my right big toe. now that the big toe has heal, i came home with an injured ligamen/muscle on my left foot/feet*i cant differentiate foot and feet*.

then i took the second doc's medication for one and de half day already, and last night, it itches. like, my body itches. after i took the first dosage, a white and another purple pill, i didnt feel anything yet. but i can feel iitching on the place where i hurt my feet. i thought that was normal cause normally when injury heals, it itches. last night, the itching at the feet got a bit worse, and then my body and arms and some part of the face starts to itch also.

i think i have some allergic reaction to the medication or something.

should i take the medicine again??
i can walk now, but i feel bad if i dont finish the medication...
not that i always finish whatever the doctor gave me anyway.


1. if u were in my position, will u continue with the medication given?

ps: thank god blogspot has autosaving function, my siao siao laptop just closed the whole window while i was typing this. phew. thought i lose everything already.

pps: it's already thursday today and i have yet to finish my poster, haven't started on my essay, i know im so dooomed, spss also i haven touch, and english outline i haven do also, thinking of changing my topic but i kinda forgot what topic i saw that day :(
yk was right. i still haven change.
super last minute.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

boys over flowers

Dont you know by Someday

Because i'm Stupid by SS501

Lyrics Translation:

Because I am too stupid
I have no one besides you
You, who is looking at someone else
Dont you know how I felt?

There isnt me in your days
And not even having any remembrance
Me, who looking at you whom I am yearning for
Always shed tears

(B )
It is my happiness even to be looking at your back
You still dont know how I felt
In the end, you go past me

In the days where I miss you very much
In the days where I suffered the pains
I love you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
Missing for you alone yet again
Baby! I love you! Im waiting for you!

There isnt me in your days
And not even having any memories
I am looking at you whom I am yearning for
Making the memories on my own

(B )
Love is like a beautiful wound to me
Even when I see your beautiful smile
I am unable to laugh with you

In the days where I think of you a lot
In the days where my heart is cold and sad
I miss you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
Missing for you alone yet again
Baby! I love you! Im waiting for you!

Bye bye never say good bye
Though I am unable to hold you like this
I need you, I am unable to say anything, I want you, I wish for and wish for it again

(Chours Ending)
In the days where I miss you a lot
In the days where it is very cold and sad
I love you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again

In the days where I think of you a lot
In the days where it is very cold and sad
I love you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
Missing for you alone yet again
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!

(c) : Quainte (international SS501 forum)

Paradise by T-Max

One More time by tree bicycle

I know (saxaphone instrumental) by Lee Jung Sik
this is the part where Kim Boem(Soo Yi-Jeong) play it in the club for Gaeul...

Sunday, 10 May 2009

ouch it hurts

pic 1: comparison.
when i took this pic, the swollen part had reduced in half and it didnt hurt that much anymore when i walk.

pic 2: its red and swollen.

it started during social gathering. i thought it was a slight cramp, but the pain got worse as the time passes. by the time i go home, i can still walk,but it's painful alrite.

i got home, too tired and painful to have a shower, so i just load pics to fb and sleep. earlier i thought it was so cramp, i i had salonplas on the whole night.salonplas didnt work at all, and it got worse so when i woke up in the morning, i couldnt even walk.

i woke up around 6am, i couldnt sleep back cause of the pain. was worried so i drove to the nearby clinic which i thought was a 24 hour clinic. it wasnt open so i went back home. yes, i went to look for doctor at 6am in the morn.

had a bit difficulty in packing and getting my stuff into the car cause i was going home. and i have not packed a single stuff yet. it hurt alot even when i wasnt walking or moving my leg. it hurt just by standing. it's a wonder how i manage to even pack my stuff... especially bringing my laptop to the car cause its heavy.

it hurt so much that i have to take one step at a time, and i had to sit and rest before i continue. it took me 3 hours just to pack. and to bring my stuff to the car. then i went to fetch yuki, and came home. the journey wasnt that pleasant either. lucky i had company. if not, i dont know how i will endure it alone. and the traffic didnt help either. its a saturday so there's alot of cars. it even hurts everytime i break. by that time, i couldnt even MOVE my left feet. i got worried, and i kept telling yuki that i might have crushed my bone or something. ha ha ha.

the first thing i do when i reach home is to fetch grandma and go to see doc. had to wait a while at the clinic cause i heard there's this 6 year old boy got some accident while playing. his mother was furious and heard her shouting waisa many times when she talked to the phone. her voice damn loud weh....

okay, then i went in to see the doc, he says it might be gout. wtf. impossible loh. this is why i wanted my grandma to go with me. cause she knows. ^^.

got back home, sms-ed everyone to tell them i might not go to the party that night. sigh, i feel bad if i didnt go, cause it's only once u gonna celebrate one year old party. and its the first one year old party i got invited to. thank god it got better in the evening, and i took painkiller again before going out.

btw, the pic's taken today. i can walk today. and i didnt realise how bad is the swell till i see the pic.

i can drive but not walk. because i have auto car. lucky its a left leg. not the right one. i still dont know why it happen, cause it comes byitself. hmmmph.

sorry if i bore u with my feet story.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thursday, 7 May 2009


... in a sticky situation.

today is the last day of college before mid semester hits. i cannot imagine how did i survive till now. i cannot believe that we, have already been in class for half of the semester. another half more to go, and intro to psych is a history to us. in other words, my fate will be determined in a few more months. whether or not i get to stay in Sunway and continue my dreams, very much depends on my results. to pass is the key. i took the first step. now it's time to look for the key to unlock the second lock, i.e. to pass all my subjects in sem 1.

back to sticky situation. altho i feel tired, i decided to try the mask i bought in watson the other day. had been delaying since a few days ago. before i play with the mask, i tried out the "Eyelid Tape". i got no double eyelid. and i see many people using this tape to create a permanent double eyelid. i have sensative eyes, even the dentist said that my eyes are overly sensative. i cannot have anything near my eye. even my own hand. my eyes will start to blink uncontrollably when there's something near. okay the story is, i tried the tape. i couldnt even stick it. gosh. i start with the right eye. stick too high up. wtf. give up. take another one and stick it on the left eye. its not high up or anything. it's just not in the right place. hmmph. i took the same amount of time to take it out and also to put it on. feels like there's something with an Elephant Glue stuck to ur eyes. not comfortable. by de way, the "Eyelid tape" is made in korea.

then, i went to try the mask i bought. i wanted to buy it since i saw it. because the packing is nice. it's also a korean product called Pink Kiss if i dont remember wrongly. when i had it on my face, gosh, it's sticky. it's like applying Uhu Glue to ur whole face. that's how sticky it is. after a while, it dried up and i can even open mouth cause i had Uhu Glue on my face. hmmph. i cant even wash my fingers in the sink. i fear it will clog up the sink and i will be the one in trouble. anyways, waited for it to dry then peel it off. no need to wash. the peeling process is fun tho. i like to peel cause it feels like peeling a layer of skin. he he he.

anyway, my point of this post. is to say... " I realise Korean products sticks very well."... hahahah

went to makan dinner with ms and sis. brought me to a new place in ss15. nice cafe concept. everything is korean, food is not bad, service could be improved, lemons should be cut nicely so that i can poke it with my lembik straw.
dont want chai them too much, cause i think it's ok for a new place. food is a lil expensive tho, but it's consider a normal price in ss15. everything is expensive there. i just dont understand bout the position of the projector. hmmph.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

of TAG(s) and Day-Out

note to tiffy:
i am so sorry, i know i still have ur tag to do,
i had it written down somewhere, but im still perfecting the list.
he he he.
let this jump Q first k?


Another note:
This post contains TWO tags.

I didnt tag anyone for the second TAg i did,
but if u want to do it then u are most welcome.
I did tag a few for Tag 1 tho.

have a nice time reading!

Tag 1:
Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now.
No primping or preparing.
Just snap a picture.
Load the picture onto your blog.
Tag some people to play.

i was trying out the head-wear thingy (don't know what this is called) when i saw Lynn's tag. apparently, i HAD to do on the dot. no delaying or anything. hmmph. so yeah.

i would like to tag,
* Tiffy
* Cyn
* Ling Yee
* Lay Chuy
* Vincy
* Vivian
* Winnie

*and anyone else i missed out and would like to do it, just do it. ^^



went out for some shopping today.
ms wanted to buy mother's day present and i wanted to get something for social gathering this weekend.

i felt like i spent a lot today. didn't really buy anything but i spent over rm100 edi.

"I DUN GIVE A DAMN" bottle, RM !7.95

a really cute and balding teddy bear, abt RM60, i paid RM 22.90 + RM 5 = RM 27.90

ice cream cover which looks too cute for me, FREE.

don't know what u call it, RM 22.90

besides that, lunch RM 9 & battery for my watch RM 15 & drinks, i assume RM 1.40 & Sinma RM 14.30.

total i spent today, RM109.05

$.$ when will money drop from sky???

so, what do u think of the head thing i got?
i tried out a white one, that one is so nice, but it didn't look good on me.
this look better. so, pls tell me if the one i bought look weird on me anot?


i might as well do Tiffy's tag now.
it's now. or I'll never do it.
sorry for the delay ^^

Tag 2

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with SIXTEEN random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged, listing their names and why you choose them. Don't forget to leave a comment ("You're tagged!") and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you.


1. I can't stand Kancil. They're SLOW.
2. I hate traffic jams, esp near the SS15 roundabout. and also everywhere else.
3. I became more and more kiamsiap this year.
4. I don't do Math.
5. I'm supposed to be in Help Uni at this moment.
6. I like taking pictures.
7. I wish to have a dslr.
8. I tried to lost weight. But it failed. EVERYTIME.
9. I'm addicted to FB.
10. I vomit blood looking at Restaurant City, but i still play.
11. I got hearing problems.
12. I got Flat Feet.
13. I want to get a First Class Honours when i grad. Although I am a bad person.
15. I am still very much the old me; lazy, procrastinates, giving excuses although not that much, and very much last minute.
16. I am happy to be where I am.

Additional : I want to understand whatever i learnt.
I need to CHANGE.


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

this post sounds angry. hmmph. wasnt intended this way. ^^

sometimes, people fail to realise words can cut deeper than knife.

wtf i dont care who u are, i dont like what u said to me.
i didnt say anything cause i dont want to make an issue out of a small thing.

i went back for grandpa's birthday last weekend, so does everyone else. so ngam its a public holiday. dont want to talk bout unhappy beginning. hmmph, since i step into the house, i was eating non stop for 3 days straight. no joke. food is everywhere.

sunday morning, parents house got burglur-ed. crazy fella. even chocolate in the fridge also want to steal. no one sees u doing it, but God knows.

i came back only on monday morning, right before my class starts. then i have time on sunday evening to go over to yy's house. wanted to borrow her baby for my assignment purpose, but she's too shy and small. so i ended up borrowing her bro instead. he he he. thanks lots ya.

when i went there, i wasnt sure what the hell i wanted to do yet. even the idea was given by her. sigh. i know. i'm slow.


i feel stressed even tho there's no major assignment to pass up this week. no rushing for deadlines or anything. why the hell am i feeling stressed?

warning signs : i eat alot.

yes, i do. i have appetite for lots of food. cravings. example, this mornng, i couldnt decide between pan mee, chicken rice, chap fan or char koey teow.

i had char koey teow for brunch. at medan.

then after class, was extremely hungry, so i went to medan to get food. tapao some chap fan. for some reason, i bought two packets. i thought i could keep one for tml, since i dont have class. i finish one packet of chap fan by the time i got home. i eat when traffic light turn red and also when there's a jam. bout 6 something in the evening.

it's not funny. i dont know why am i doing it. but i did it.

then bout 8 plus, i went to take the second packet and eat it. i feel guilty for eating so much. but part of me is telling me to go and just eat it. was eating while watching oprah. then i stopped eating. i know i could finish it if i wanted to. but guilt took over me. dump the whole packet (still left 85%) in the fridge. so i wont go and take it and eat it anymore unless i microwaved it. wtf is wrong with me?



this friday, there's a social gathering for psychology students, hmmmph. if im not wrong, the theme for that day is polka dots or stripes. dont want to appear odd there. althought i doubt everyone will adhere to the theme, its better to be safe than sorry.

problem is, where the hell am i supposed to find something with polka dot or stripes? i dont wear earrings, i wanted to get a cap or something, but i scare my head is too big it wouldnt fit. got no tee that fits.



i've been appointed the "official photographer" for this saturday's event. this is the first time i've been appointed with such a heavy responsibility. i'm happy and also nervous. because i know i'll fly aeroplane.


some one said to me, "dont raise your voice even when u're angry. no matter if u're angry or sad or happy, you shouldnt raise your voice to anyone."

i was thinking, "ARE U ASKING ME TO BE FAKE? i am not going to act nice and happy when i'm angry. i am not going to act like there's nothing wrong with me when i am sad. blame my astrological sign. i'm a cancerian. i tend to 'over-react'. no, i am not going to put on a show just because everyone else is FAKE. i am NOT going to ACT. whatever u see is the REAL ME."

*if u had heard the story of me and the guy in the library, u obviously heard it from someone else and i know that the someone who told u the story will have a different version of mine. she tend to add sugar and salt into original stories. and btw, if i had really raised my voice and scolded him, he deserve it. lol. i am so not gonna smile to him and say im sorry i made a mistake. its my wrong. because as a CONSUMER, i have my rights. i am trying to change. i am not going to say YES to everything. no more thank yous when i am right and you are wrong. no more im sorry for no reason. i am going to TAKE MY STAND.


by this time, i assume that u have read everythng up there. wasnt intended to be rude or angry or anything.
just trying to express what i think.
just read and minus the angry part.