Monday, 31 August 2009


swt =.=""

actually i wanted to show my desktop, then i open the streamyx box and print screen.
how dumb can i be? omg.

i wanted to show both...cause, sudah lama i tak tunjuk desktop aku di sini..
heheheh >.<


finish washing eyes with the pic edi?
now, here's the purpose of this post..



  • printed the developmental journal last week and i have yet to read them and i have no time to read them tomorrow morning.
  • because i have a meeting before class tomorrow
  • and i have to make sure that i am not late so that i can attend that meeting
  • so that i dont have to attend it in the afternoon and have time to tend to other stuff such as,
  • omg, ptptn loan application(frigging stress bout this okay, i cant imagine what is it like bc have to go thru, like 10000x more work than mine)
  • i need to go and see the doctor and she closes early :(
  • i need to go to post office, to send in the Star Power 9 contest form and also to buy stamp for ptptn loan thingy
  • apart from that developmental journal i have like, social journal to read and review and pass up like, tomorrow wtf. i totally forgotten about the journals till last night, seconds before i sleep wtf.

this morning is like total procarstination time. i took one hour plus to get myself to go to the library website, and not because it wouldnt load, but because i cant bring myself to click on the link. like, wtf right.

then, i took another hour or so to click on the link that connects me to the databases...

then another couple of hours wasted staring at this screen till i have to sms june and ask her to send me all the journals.
thanks june muakkks..

but then horrrr, i downloaded them from my email and it's been on the desktop ever since.
omg, someone pls slap me or something.

and tomorrow is such a frigging busy day not because of the timetable but because i keep delaying stuff, so im frigging stressed now. like, wtf.


vintry and mini books

tiramisu and red wine @ Vintry, Damansara Heights


i am looking for a netbook aka mini laptops for everyday use. any recommendations?

i want...
long battery life,
like Asus Eee Pc ____ which has 9.5 hours of battery life.

weight --> LIGHT.

i'm actually looking at HP netbooks but i find that only that particular model of Asus Eee Pc has the longest battery life. hmmm...

it has to look nice, so that i will be motivated to take care of it.

bluetooth, microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, etc.

big memory.

very important for clumsy and careless people like me.

err, what else do people look for when buying a new pc?

ps: this is all i can think right now...

Sunday, 30 August 2009


a very BIG

Happy Belated Birthday



hehehe sorry hor, i 'forgot' to sms u... hehehe...

Friday, 28 August 2009


i'm so dead...


when my parents see my room...
they're coming when i'll be in class later :(


I have pretty nails :)

see, different designs on every nails..
just to try out konad nail art stamping thingy...
hope i get it right..
thanks june!! :)

Thursday, 27 August 2009


is hell.. T______T

[please stop reading if: you dont want to get depressed after reading. or you dont have much time to waste and get depressed in the process. or you hate people who writes with very obvious grammartical and spelling error. or you have posts without pictures. or you just hate that people write about their bad day. or whatsoever other reasons you can think of. there's this tiny X button somewhere up there.]

this is the third depressing post in a row. like, wtf.

i woke up 6.35am today, class at 10.30am. yay me. lol.

reached college at bout 7.56am. 2 half hours to spare wtf. alone somemore. wtf x2.

to add salt to the wound, i only managed to sleep at 2.30am the night before. wtf right?

okay, spent like 2 hours in the empty class alone. thank god the netbook i kidnapped is stil functioning. now im deeply in love with netbooks cause they're so mini-ish small and light. and i dont have to carry the charger everywhere i go cause the battery lasts 9.5 hours, fully charged. like, how cool is that right? too bad it doesnt belong to me.

tried fb-ing and read blogs to kill my time. and also look for journals and search for some resources.

right, class is good. no lecture... 3 hours of pure fun. first two hours were given to us so that we could discuss our workshop which is like, happening next friday and we have not do anything yet. the bad news in the class is, the people who will be attending increased from 10 people to 20 something people. and i HAD to be in the group with the more participants. FML.

dr teoh ask what brand is my netbook. i said asus. till today i cant pronounce the word correctly and he went, "What brand?". lol. so i said, "A-S-U-S". LOL

then after lunch went to print my form. stupid so many people in the printing room and we damn lazy to go to the other block just to print it so we just go and meet the rest underground. they were... painting nails... =.="

went to loan VABS manual from the dept and joined them. i thought it would be a very cool kit with the tools and everything. mana tau it's a photocopied book. a very old, and thick photocopied and staple binded book. borriiiiinngg... so i tried to group the questions and leave the book aside. lol.

got my nails painted also cause they were already doing it. lol.

okay then went to class. tutorial is ok lorh. at least she didnt pick on me. and the workload wasnt that heavy. then rushed to the other tutorial. the lec suddenly become very strict with photocopied books. lol. and toward the end she kinda scolded one of my classmates. sighs.

after class went on "conference msn". lolx. friggin scary okay.

and somehow everyone turn me down for dinner today. :(

class ends 5.30pm. was msn-ing and email-ing till 7plus pm.

sue went for dinner with her fren, and i was overly hungry i think and i dont feel like eating anymore, so i went my way. to print my forms. and go home. going home was no fun. rain plus it's dark already sighs. i kinda have this phobia to drive in rain thanks to the accident last year.

i need TWO people who are willing to spare some time so that i can continue with my assignment.
i need ONE parent who has a kid preferably bout 6-8 years old.

i so friggin tired and stressed out.

and thanks to some childish people, make me more "grumpy" than i already am.
dinner was cup noodles only. same like not eating.

when im hungry, i get grumpy. wtf.

i very 'bu shuang' right now. sighs. lecture sucks. T_____________T
i want to cry wtf.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

i cant wake up!!

i'm screwed!

no matter what time is my class, i will have to wake up between 6am to 6.30am.
this is because i have to leave the house before 7.30am so that i can reach uni at 8am, ngam ngam for me to park in uni. any later, then i have to "take care of myself"

but this week, i dont know what happen. maybe is the stress or the boring-ness of the subjects or the song i use for my alarm..

btw, i use a sony ericson phone and there's 5 alarm in there. yes, FIVE.


monday i woke up at 6.55am.
late by almost 30 minutes. wtf.

tuesday, lagi teruk.. 7.12am..
walaoeh almost get heart attack...
have to rush here and there..
luckily i packed the night before...

wednesday... pecah record...
2 hours late.. omg...
luckily i managed to get ready by 9am and i reached college at 9.30am..

and i have to go and park in the jungle opposite the college..
i dont like to park there because i have to cross the busy road...

today, i almost got knocked by the ice lorry
(i think i have some jodoh with ice lorry...)
then when i leave college, a car actually slowed down to let me cross.. swt..
he shouldnt have cause there were no cars behind him.. thank u uncle :)

i so hope i can wake up in time tomorrow...
please please please i have to wake up early to get parking in the college...

today i planned to stay in college till 4 something. but then i have to leave early cause it's super windy and also its gonna rain soon.. true enough... as soon as i get into my car, it started to drizzle a little heavily, then it rained quite heavy on my way back.. lolx.

Monday, 24 August 2009

uni life

i'm frigging busy, have so many things to do,
but i dont know where to start.

i have a homework on journal review due tomorrow, 25th August, and i have not finish reading the journal yet and its so damn long. :(

this friday, 28th August, im supposed to attend a talk on traumatised child and friday is my day off.
hope it's worth it.

next friday, 4th Sept, i'm supposed to have a workshop. now is monday so i have a lil more than a week to come up with a plan and posters, brouchers and so on. of course, it's a team work.
but stil, it's so rush. and worst, i'll have to talk in front of people. :(

somewhere around these weeks i expect another group meeting with another project i took up which is not academically related. but yet, i have not started to research on anything yet.
i started but there's nothing to be found :(

not to mention i have a mock interview on the 16th of Sept.
and i do not understand what the hell am i supposed to do.
and judging from my ability to talk, i see disaster.

all these, and not to mention additional group meetings outside school hours. :(

gosh... and these are just for the next one and half weeks.. :(

i guess this the the so called "uni life"
compared to this, sem 1 is nothing.

ps: i just got a letter today. i'm now a confirmed student. err, YEAHHH!! :)

Sunday, 23 August 2009


see this doggie damn cute right? she/he is in the ready for adoption area.
and then suemay went over and she/he sticks out his/her head out of that opening.

we planned to go out together on friday. because this may be the last time we can have a stress free fun this semester. decided to go out before we face all the 8 major assignments this semester.

the options is either to PAWS or to curve to watch movie.

we decided on PAWS. hehehe. my classmates are charitable.

so on friday, being a malaysian, i woke up early but went a bit later. hehe. they finish class at 10.30am. june finish exam at 11.30am. me, at home online till 11.00am before i start getting ready. hehehe.

okay, left my house bout 12pm-ish... reach sunway to fetch suemay and yingfern then head to usj to fetch june. went to her house before once a few days before that, and that was when there was no jam. when i went on friday, there was a jam, so i missed a traffic light and ended up kinda lost. u turned and then take the correct way. then we kinda got lost going to subang. hehehe paiseh. from subang jaya to subang also can get lost. -.-"

we got lost going there

from bukit jelutong to bandar sunway to usj 13 to usj 9 to federal highway to bukit jelutong to kampung subang to some secluded military area to some sesat looking place to a 7-11 in the sesat place to subang airport to ara damansara to PAWS!!

going time: aprox 1 hour
coming back time: less than 5 mins"

heheh copied the above from facebook cause i lazy explain edi. so that was roughly what happened. went one biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round and paid toll just because i took one wrong turning.

in kampung subang, we drove right into a gated area with a sign that says "Kawasan Larangan. Penceroboh akan ditembak." or something like that. lol.

what do we do there?

okay, first, we choose a dog. there's alot of cute dogs there for you to choose from. beware tho, must look properly before choosing or u'll end up with a rather 'kuailan and lazy' dog.

then, we ask the guy to 'rantai' the dog and we take it to walk just outside. after walking enough, then we brought the dog back to get a bath. according to june, we're supposed to dry the dog before putting it in the cage. but then, the workers there immediately put my dog into the cage after bath cause they said my dog is dangerous. "boleh lawan" says them. i was like, "err.. okayyy..."

walking the dog

we sat there for a while, and also playing with the resident dog there and the golden retriever. it's so cute, so sorry im still afraid of dogs or humans touching my thigh. then we got bored and started playing with the puppies. rotweilers puppies. but then they're not as fat and chubby as simmy's rotweiler. :)

with one of the baby rotweiler

that was when my dog got jealous in the cage. (long story, but i found out my dog memang quite ganas.. when i get near to the cage she shared with other dogs, she would growl at the other dogs in a rather threatening manner if they get near me also...)

after what feels like a very long time, we went back. drove straight to asia cafe to have my pan mee. was starving. the fact was that i had only milo and biscuit before i went.

okay, then the others din eat. -.=
cause they want to have desserts in snowflake. :)
okay that's all abt paws.

Note: Anyone who feels something for dogs but cannot own a dog, or anyone who feels charitable, you can click here to find out more about PAWS. Remember to download the volunteer application form from here first and fill before going.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Road Signs

i lost count how many road signs are there on this stretch leading to sunway university's guard house

Monday, 17 August 2009

my first day in semester 2, year 1

today is the first day of class after like 5 weeks break. missing my classmates lots already by this time, but then when get back to class, everyone seems different. not everyone lah, but almost everyone. went to college at 8am, reach at 8.30am. mana tau no parking inside college edi, so i have to go and park inside hutan belantara opposite college. still very empty that place >.<

then walk over to college lorh. oh ya before that when i turn in to college hor, this pig aunty behind me with her pig brain keep honking ppl nia with her sissy honk. memalukan myvi driver. you can obviously see that the front car is not moving already, so honk for what? i'm close to showing her the middle finger wtf.

i tried to go as slow as i can just to make her more angry than she is hahaha, but then, i cant go that slow also, i got my own prinsip(pride).

the first thing when i finally park my car and walk to college is to go to the underground department to get my result. omg i didnt fail!!

it's quite good for my standard larh.. i got a D, 3 Bs and 1A.

[to clarify hor, the D i got is a difficult paper and it's very difficult to score and that is the only paper with very high chances of failure horrr...i didnt do that well cause, i didnt study finish.. so to pass the paper i very happy liao.. btw, thanks to sheng ping who teman me go library on the SUNDAY before the paper on monday...altho din study finish but still with her 'encouraging' me to go library..cover more than i could cover alone at home...]

it's been a while i actually get an A for my final paper. *heheheh*
not bad for first time exam :)

then go to class lorh. ish. damn soi la today. for no reason i keep staring at the lec. then she call me answer question which i dont know how to answer and i dont really understand the question also. and my mind was also somewhere else at that time. and for some reason i get tongue tied when lec asks questions(it happens every time). hehehe i'm shy. fb says so.

memalukan. omg my first day. :\

then after class went subway to makan then groceries then go home.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

previous poll result

I've just changed my blog layout, do you guys like it?
hehehe went thru millions of very nice and pretty layout and i don't know which one to choose. i like them all but i ended up with this one instead. it's called bunny. :)

okay, since i've change the layout and lost my last poll, and i'm too lazy to retype the whole entire poll and start it all over again...

shall announce the results here!!

in a span on 1 month plus, 6 people took the time and voted!
whoever this 6 people are, thank you so much...!!

the poll should have ended last month, but i kept delaying the expiry date with the hope that more people will vote, thus more accurate result *wink*

okay, so here they are...

Results for the poll
Complete the sentence. żħї~qїňg is _____, ______, ....... You may choose more than one answer. Enjoy!]

4 vote for absent-minded, 66%
1 vote for abusive, 16%
2 vote for accident-prone, 33%
1 vote for agreeable, 16%
1 vote for ambitious, 16%
1 vote for anti-social, 16%
1 vote for anxious, 16%
1 vote for apologetic, 16%
1 vote for appreciative, 16%
3 vote for approachable, 50%
2 vote for argumentative, 33%
1 vote for bored, 16%
2 vote for carefree, 33%
1 vote for charismatic, 16%
2 vote for cheerful, 33%
1 vote for classy, 16%
3 vote for complaint alot, 33%
1 vote for confused, 16%
1 vote for decent, 16%
1 vote for direct, 16%
2 vote for easy-going, 33%
1 vote for emotional, 16%
1 vote for energetic, 16%
2 vote for forgiving, 33%
3 vote for friendly, 50%
2 vote for fun-loving, 33%
2 vote for good-natured, 33%
3 vote for hesitant, 50%
2 vote for helpful, 33%
2 vote for humble, 33%
2 vote for imaginative, 33%
1 vote for impatient, 16%
1 vote for impulsive, 16%
vote for indecisive, 33%
1 vote for innocent, 16
vote for insecure, 16%
1 vote for intimidating, 16%
1 vote for introverted, 16%
1 vote for kind, 16%
1 vote for moody, 16%
1 vote for observant, 16%
1 vote for outgoing, 16%
1 vote for quiet, 16%
1 vote for rebellious, 16%
1 vote for reserved, 16%
2 vote for self-concious, 33%
1 vote for shy, 16%
1 vote for soft-spoken, 16%
1 vote for stubborn, 16%
1 vote for supportive, 16%
1 vote for sweet, 16%
1 vote for sympathetic,16%
1 vote for tense, 16%
1 vote for thoughtful, 16%
2 vote for timid, 33%
1 vote for unmotivated, 16%
1 vote for happy-go-lucky, 16%
4 vote for day dreamer, 66%
2 vote for i'm so glad this list ends

seems that the highest votes are for absent-minded and day dreamer.
um, and both means the same thing. =.=

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


this marks my first time going to see a celebrity on purpose, and standing in front(err...side) of the stage half an hour earlier than the scheduled time(means i stood there at 7pm).

i was alone (oh, so lonely).

i almost gave up (he was uberly late).

i mean very. very. late.

imagine. 7.30pm event. arriving at close to 9pm.

but it was damn worth it.

that's the best picture by the way.

ps: im trying to cut down on the words i write in a post because it feels like reading a novel but it still seems very long because i just dont know how to stop talking(err, typing in this case).

Thursday, 6 August 2009

budak zaman ini...

Scene 1:

"eh, today you got tuition anot?"
"what time?"
"got la but i not going"
"aiya, no need to go one la"

SWT =.=""

back in my days(sound like so old), where got say dun wan go de.. if i open mouth say dun wan go only alrd kena marah.. and nag non stop.. errrk..

Scene 2:

"tomorrow if raining you going school anot?"
"drizzling leh?"
"heavy rain only don g ah.. drizzling you go ah"

end up... play online game at home...

SWT =.=""

for me, no matter how heavy is the rain, flood or no flood, also need to go school de... wtf...

Scene 3:

"later fetch me go sunway can ah?"

not that i'm complaining...
but, last time where got suka hati go shopping mall hang out play arcade de...
hahaha, stw no shopping mall also =.=""

ok im done bye

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

[Langkawi!!! <3] [Disted] [Piercing]

i hate it when ....

there's a song that keeps playing in my head but i just cant remember the title and the singer


here's langkawi!!

The trip to Langkawi is random. Mum suddenly said something about going for a trip and the weekend after that, we're on our way to Langkawi. I dont know it's just me or what, but i do realise that many people went to Langkawi this year. Langkawi pictures were all over facebook (well, at least it's all over mine). Went with a dslr and a digital camera, came home with 1060 pictures in total.

I wont be cheong hei in this post, cause it's realllly cheong hei. So, to reduce the word count, i put pics and talk k. heheheh

Click here to go to my Facebook to see more pictures.

staying at The Lanai, which is just right beside Holiday Inn. This is the beach in the morning.
Empty, because it's 7.30am.

part of the chocolates we bought.
looks a lot, but then when we came home, not enough. :(
the above costs RM250 already.

err, thought it would look interesting for picture. this is why i love dslr.
stopped beside the road for me to take pics. love the colours in this pic.
but then, it's only considered nice because i'm using a dslr, and not because i'm skillful. :(

you might not see the cable car in this picture, click to enlarge.
took this pic from the ground. looooooooooooooove dslr cause can zoom so far.
and that's wayyyyy high up cause the cables are going up to the last station.

the breath taking view at the middle station. i thought that was the end, but nooooooooo.
it's only half way up and the only way to get down is either i jump down or i go up again.

the bridge. at the last station on top, we have to walk down and down to see this.
well, i told myself, how scary can this thing be?.
it's secured. it's stable.
wtf, by the time i walked to the end of this thing, my legs, shaking alrd.
the stupid bridge can shake one. when the wind blow. wtf.
and there's gaps between every piece of whatever they have as the floor.

crocodile farm.
this crocodile is 1 tonne.
it's the biggest croc in the farm.
it's so fat it can barely move.

why he so happy?
ish, i went front to touch the snake and take pic.
i didnt realise he put that thing on my shoulder.
till i see the picture.
now i know why he so happy. lol.

by the way, we're the earliest visitor to the farm.
waited at the stage area for 30 minutes before the show start.
for the 3 of us. that is why we have the chance to touch and take pic with the snake.

i friggin hold that thing myself.
it's not a toy kay...
it's real snake, can move somemore, wtf.
hehehe de guy behind me looks worried... hmmmmph..

what is visiting LAngkawi without visiting the famous eagle?
i intend to have a poster/postcard like picture of the eagle.
until, the real tourists came. and show their head in my pictures. :(

didnt get to go into Underwater World cause it's pricey and i'm so kiamsiap.
and i know we could be in there for hours and then miss our ferry.

Langkawi, is the only place in Malaysia that recognises Malaysians as Malaysians.
i'm serious. can get 10% to 50% discount on tickets ler...
Just show your Mykad. As simple as that.

example lah,
Cable car --> Normal is RM30 per person. But as Malaysian, it's RM15 per person.
Wildlife Park --> Normal is RM 18(i think), Malaysian RM 12(i also think).
Snake Sanctuary --> Normal is RM15, Malaysian RM10.
Crocodile FArm --> not sure of the price because i went to toilet to hide my camera. they charge RM1 per camera and RM2 per video recorder. LOL.

some places they dont say there's discount for malaysians. all you need to do is just speak malay and ask.
"Mykad ada discount ah?"

EDIT: Oh ya, one thing that i find very interesting in Langkawi is... They NEVER worry that their car could get stolen or something. well, the uncle fetch us to the hotel. stop at the lobby, got out of the car and showed us to the counter, without turning his car engine off. when we told him he didnt turn it off and there's no one to look after the car for him, he just smiled and say it's ok. hehehe. funny lorh. thought he gonna stop for a while only thats why he left it there with no worries. mana tau, he follow us to the room, which is located at the back area. spent bout 15-20minutes unpacking and to freshen up. when we got back, his car is still there. hehehe.... and then, some random guy also left his car engine turned on and he disappeared into the hotel for quite a while. it's another day. walaoeh... in kl, 30 sec nia, the car confirm gone liao...


planned to meet penang people on monday. the day after i came back from the island. but then last minute postpone due to some unavoidable reasons (heheh i was lazy too). so shifted to wednesday. hehehe i think now they know it's a very not wise decision to make me plan. i'm very bad at planning :)

right, my Char Koay Teow and PEnang Asam LAksa plan turned to A&W. heheh dont ask why. even mum also laugh when she know i went to A&W. lol. very funny mer? i dont know where to find good food can anot? hehehe

hehehhe. it's been TWO years since i saw Cynthia, JoLyn and Yen Yen. Yen Yen even left early to other college back then, and then she flew to US to continue her degree. Was quite surprise to get her sms when she got back. hehehe. cause normally people who left oversea will change their number. and forget their old friend.

hahaha for some reason everyone was superbly tired on that day. hehehe when ah .. when can go out with them again ler? next time call more people come :)
la la la... *dream of that day*

then after taht we walked arnd Gurney plaza. then went home. no pictures cause, it's all with yen yen :)

oh ya, i went back to Disted for a while to get my certs certified and get some syllabus thingy. i went straight to see Cikgu. but the first person i saw is that lec i hated the most in that coll. Miss L. lol.
*skips the entire disted part*


Aug 2: I finally pierced my ears.

hehehe. i kept delaying. because i'm afraid. of pain. and needles.
and i didnt help when there are more than 1 people who told me that their first piercing didnt work, so have to go get the second one.

i would have delayed again, if not because mum alrd walked into the shop and asked.

it's very weird to have something on my ears. hehehehe. just nw i lupa i got the small thing on my ears. then i scratch it. and then ter-pull my earing. blah. lucky not serious.

getting used to it. hehehehe. hope it works ler.
after this i gonna go get 2nd one... hehehehhehe.....

Saturday, 1 August 2009


i'm not dead yet. it's quite unusual for me to nt update for so long, but i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy.

life so far --> sleep at 4am, wake up abt 12pm - 1.30pm, have lunch, exercise my fingers with the remote control, shower, tv and lappy, dinner, tv, lappy, and the cycle repeats itself again.

by the way, today(July 31) is Bonuslink members day at parkson.
i got myself 3 oreef t-shirts(lurrrrrrrve them lots), one blouse(ithink thats what it's called), and TWO pairs of my long awaited ballet shoes (hehehe!!), at DISCOUNTED PRICE!! how cool is that?? hehehehe
i love the sale. i love it more when i have sponsor!!
AND.. they're gold(kinda) and PURPLE!!

next update --> Langkawi & Chocolates, meeting disted-ians in penang. plus, going back to Disted!