Saturday, 28 March 2009

im trying to get use to 3 days weekends

i woke up around 10.10am today thanks to the alarm.. slept bout 4am last night.. dunno why i dun feel like sleeping altho i was sleepy.. weird.. hehe..

then shower e went to pyramid.. by the time i go out already bout 11 plus liao.. before i turn in the highway, i decide to u turn back to check whether i had closed the gates anot.. lol.. i know i did close it.. but there's this feeling.. i had to go back and see with my own two small eyes before i can 'an xin'.. hehehe.. is this considered as OCD?.. hope not la..

then went to pyramid, thought want to shop a bit and also go popular buy files and papers.. the first thing i did when i reach sunway is.. go to the toilet.. hehehe. i dont know why but this is the habit i form since last year.. everytime i go down from the escalator, i have to turn right and go to the nearest washroom there.. even if its just to look at the mirrors or to wet my hands for no reason.. heheheh..

then went to popular.. got 50% discount le on second book.. but its only for some book.. they're quite interesting tho.. didnt buy it cause i wanted to save money.. and i know i dont have time to read it.. then walk from aisle to aisle.. even looked at motivational books.. thats how bored i am.. looked at foreign languages books.. fictions.. best sellers.. bla bla bla.. magazines.. went to ask whether they have 'the measure of a man' there.. what the.. whole popular dun have.. they only have it in *smaller towns*, which is terengganu and seremban.. wth.. ask me go so far buy one book mer?? then suan liao i dont want liao..

then continue walking and looking from aisle to aisle.. then saw suduko book.. thought it can help to activate my dead brain cells a bit.. so i bought it.. quite cheap its only rm4.90.. then i saw chinese zodiac book.. stood there and read a bit.. then saw malaysian authors books on a special rack.. then bout one.. coffee table something.. cannot remember the title..

then went to buy some files and papers.. i thought of buying one for each major subject im taking.. but then im so kiam siap, i bought only 2.. heheh share share.. then went to ss15 mcd drivethru.. wtf, drivethru also can jam.. suan le dun wan eat edi.. original plan is to go AC to eat pan mien.. but then i can eat that when got ppl teman me.. lazy go alone.. so hard find parking there also.. after seeing so many cars at drivethru, i came back and cook maggi mee.. ^^.. sighhhhhhh.. no fun de.. so hungry edi oni got maggi mee eat.. sighhhhhhhh.. then now online and also reading newspaper..

sighhh.. really need to go and buy the text books edi.. assignments come in faster than my brain could process information.. right now, there's a poster assignment for intro to psycho, finished intro to stats assignment, i heard study skills there's an essay (which i cannot recall the lec said anything bout it), look for job vacancy in newspaper for english for psycho, dont think there's anything for research methods(yet).. biggest headache is the poster assignment.. where am i supposed to start.. i cant use photoshop(too dumb), im not creative, and i cant draw anything except pig, tortoise, bee, flower, sun, star, moon, house. sigh.

creative ideas are welcomed!!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

im trying to write an essay! *eyes rolled*

hehe its the time of the (day) again. when i have nothing to do in college and i end up in blogger. hehehe. well, i came into Sunway last Friday, 20th March. well, i was quite sure bout Help before, but then i changed my mind after i compared the subjects offered by both the unis. Sunway's more attractive, not so business-ish so, here i am.

btw, the comp here sucks. dammmmm slow.. but at least i get to go on internet... ^^

well, class started this monday, 23rd march.
it was ok. i just got to know that i had to do Introduction to Statistics when i came in here. i actually thought (convincing myself) that i only had to do stats in the second semester.
i got in here with conditional offer. so i had to pass my first semester in one go. wish me luck!

during the first intro to psychology class, i sms-ed sp and said "i love psychology"...heheh hope that "love" will last to de end or im doomed...wednesday is the best day ever... i only have class at 11am to 12.30pm.. but i do have to come early about 8 tho... what did i do with my spare time yesterday?? looking for parking and also went to the computer lab to finish the STATS assignment..heheh yeah stats...btw, my text book is called Stats without Math.. so i guess it should be ok gua.. and also since its partly tought using a computer software.. so its just click click click.. =) hehehe i think im saying good things bout stats because its only the first class...the good thing bout wednesdays is, its only 4 weeks ^^....

hehehe i dont know where i can blog in the library anot leh...
btw, every corner i turn in this coll, i see a cctv.. kinda creepy.. cause have to try and not do any stupid things.. =(

btw, the sad thing here is, life in class is pretty much alone.. as in, i sit alone...sometimes..

today's timetable is the most hectic of all.. class from 8.30am right till 5.30 am.. of couse i do have 3 hours break in between..right now im trying to survive the long 2 hours break.. =.=

plurk doesnt load here.. sucks..

double research methods class today.. so instead of two different days for this subject, i decide to complete it in one day and have a real break on friday.. ^^.


i keep doing this emotion online recently ^^
gosh, dunno get influenced by who de... haiiiih...


sighhhhh its still so early.. =.=... what the hell am i supposed to do after this???

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Doggie Killed by Heartless Idiot

hehehe, longest record for not updating. i think.

okay, last month, the dog died,. D-i-E-D. K-I-L-L-E-D.
Poisoned to death to be exact.

COD: Poison were given to him with meat pau.
TOD: Around Feb24 to Feb25.

These were found on the scene.
One meat pau and a plastic container with white powder inside and over it.

Feb25th morning --> i went out early to astaka. then to market. and when i came back, normally he would be near the fence where i can see him. but that morning was unusually quiet. i didnt think much and went inside the house. i thought he was tied up so there's no way he could be near the fence. i had chicken drumstick nasi lemak that morning. i couldnt finish the chicken, so my grandma asked me to bring it over to him. i was damn lazy so we left the chicken for his dinner. throughout the day, whenever i'm in the master bedroom, i would peek over to the other side for the sign of the dog. it's weird that i didnt see him at all the whole day. when grandpa went over to feed him, he said that the dog wasn't there and said that he might have ran out. so i went back home to watch tv. then moments later, grandpa came to tell me the dog had died. so i rushed upstairs to get my camera. the dog was found under some bushes, blood stains around the bushed and also all over his mouth. i was busy taking pictures with the dog when grandpa found the meat pau.

haih, one life. although it's not a human or anything, but its still a life. its alive and well. and died just because someone decided to have a lil fun to see him suffer, just because someone decided that he should go. life is not fair. especially when its a dog where it can express his feelings in words.

its not even a year old yet. only about eight months old. i daresay that he's a very smart, friendly and jovial dog. he's not just a dog. he's a friend, and my model. i remember the first time i went near him, about 2 or 3 months old, he ran away from me. maybe because i'm big and holding a dslr. everyone else was taller than me, so i think its the dslr. he goes near everyone except ME.

early days. it's not easy to get this shot.

he likes standing up and jumping near the fence whenever im there. cause i dont want to go in.
he likes jumping around people. he's hyper active.

the first week was hard. i would still have the habit to go and see him whenever i reach home. but now, nothing is there.

Rest in Peace, cute-jovial dog.

i hope the one who did this(the fucktard KILLER) will not have a good life ahead. may he/she never have peace as long as he/she live.