Thursday, 29 October 2009

thru wind and rain, and faulty lights lolx.

class ends late today, but i managed to come out a few minutes earlier. traffic seems bad, but it wasnt that bad.
it was raining quite heavily at that time, which explains the traffic. just as i am nearing home, the traffic seemed bad. very bad. but the odd thing is, the queue was moving slowly even tho i see cars coming from opposite direction. i thought there were police taking care of the traffic or something, but only much later did i know, the traffic light is faulty (right, the timing is so good, faulty traffic lights on a heavy rain evening.) so, being malaysians, everyone was pushing themselves thru the traffic, from every direction.

this is a battle of "siapa berani, dia menang"...
LOOK! cars from every direction -.=

whoever dared to shove their car thru that kind of mess, gets thru...
thank goodness, i wasnt stuck in there for that long, if not buat malu jer....
hehehe... long enough for me to take pictures xD

a simple chart to understand the direction all the cars are coming from

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


you know, after one week of
endless assignment deadlines,
project meeting and deadlines,
discussions, reviews,

this week feels like a honeymoon week...

no staying back anymore after class and have been coming back before 2pm everyday...

monday @12pm
tuesday @11.30am
wednesday @1.30pm

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


see anything wrong with the picture above???
then, look again....

it's shirt is off...
u know what that means?


and that person is none other than, SUE MAY!
molester! tsk...

tak malu... get down from my car still want to point point...
sighs, not the first time u know??


right, last week, we celebrated June's birthday!!
hehehe... do u think we'll forget ur bday??

after class one fine day, it looks like it's going to rain...
but no choice lah, have to go out also cause already planned...

but hor, sampai de cake shop ni, the rain terus pour down like no one's business edi...

but we made thru the wind and rain and got back to college...
hehehe had normal lunch and then i brought her to print some stuff with me, then they prepare the cake and stuff...

for some reason,

She WAS surprised!!
hehehe.. thought she would have guessed edi hahahaha....

Happy Belated Birthday, June!!!

tsk tsk.... June is born in October...
why ur name June not October??
*scratch head.....*


hari ini di dalam kelas...

was discussing on the topic of puberty... no one want to really share... then the lecturer said,

"In this class, cannot shy shy about this kind of thing one... Must be open!!"

somewhere along that line lah...


o.O YESH!!
last weekend, i went home and then went out to Capri quite reluctantly to meet up with friends cause i was damn frigging sleepy and she woke me up from sleep wtf right. *catch ur breath* then, i said no i dont want to go but then in the end i went also cause i haven meet some of them like for ages edi. so we were there and then the meeting was like super silent. there were no alike topic and then there was nothing to say. i think this happens to everyone. when you leave school, then u dont meet for quite sometime, then the usual thing that comes out is like...
"So, what you doing now? Study where? study what? working edi? got bf? woooo.... leng chai anot?"
and after this, nothing to say liao...

sad case...

did this happens to everyone or only just me??


just for an update, i had Chessy Fish Rice for lunch yesterday,
Black Pepper Fish Rice for lunch today,
and Butter Cream Sauce Fish Rice for dinner.

from the same place??

Monday, 26 October 2009


i am too lifeless to post anything new here...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Love? Or not?

i didn't want to wake up today. waking up means, facing another stressful week. gosh, i don't know how those people who are involved in sooooo many other co-curricular activities survive in Uni. don't they also have assignments? dont they ever sleep? *wonders wonders*

right, i thought i was already late, but then when i hit the road, it was unusually empty. not really empty, but traffic was smooth. *wonders again....* hmmm...

okay, i was half asleep when i reach Uni (not yet 100% wake up yet...hmmph)
but then i took out my laptop and start with Country Story and Mouse Hunt!!

didnt really get to sleep at all in calss, cause it starts at 9am today...
lecture was interesting today, too bad there wasnt any notes.. would remember better if there's notes for lecture...
how i wish dr.P could just load all the notes on the net and not hand it to the certain someone. can print it anytime i want and anyhow i want...

okay, after class went for discussion. expected the senior to... get angry with me for not really doing any work at all despite the given time, but then she was cool.. hehehe

after the discussion, went to pyramid with rach, sue, ying, and steph... parked rather far, imagine from new wing to old wing cause i want McD. xD almost want to reach McD edi oni i realise, "OMG, i TOTALLY FORGOT ABT MY WALLET AND LEFT IT IN THE CAR!!"... how the hell can i be so careless?? have to walked back all the way to the other side of the mall, to the highest floor(cause i couldnt find parking) and then walk all the way back to McD to find that my friends aren't there! wtf moment right? and no one's picking up my call U KNOW>??

right, turn out they're all in KFC... swt =.=""

you know what is the best thing that happens today?? besides the rather interesting lecture?


YES, i got the tickets to THIS IS IT, Michael Jackson movie on the 30th Oct!! Yippie!! Hooray!! Jumps for joy!!
i queued up like 30 minutes for this U KNOW???? all the while i was expecting that the tics were sold out or something, mana tau, THERE ARE STILL TICs LEFT!!!! and i got the couple seat hehehehe... gonna pak tor with my 'darlie' on 30th... !! xD

at times, when i was queuing, i wanted to give up, but rach was like "haiya dun like that lah, u already queue so long already"... that's because i thought they were sold out ok!hahaha bliss...

**cant wait for the movie...**

ok, now i want to go and sleep, and get started with my term paper. 15 pages more to go, approximately 3000 word, and im not at 0.

i really wanna smack myself for doing LAST minute work EVERYTIME. WHY?


xxx from the lecture today xxx

here's something for guys and girls to think about...

GUYS, would you ever date a girl who is literally fatter than you?
would you be comfortable going out with her, holding her hands, and introducing her to your friends as your girlfriend? would you?

GIRLS, imagine that you're not that slim...
a guy asked you out for a date. he's thinner than you are.
would you say, "yeah, ok sure.." or would you think and say, "erm, i'm busy"?
would you be comfortable going out with him, holding his hands and him introducing you to his frens?
would you?

and also, When you do falll in love with someone, does looks count?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

i catch mouse

class ends LATE (5.30pm) on Thursdays.
just in time to stuck in traffic jam.
i choose to be smart and stay back till late.

apparently, my friend has something to do with taking pictures (yay!!) and we headed to the location(cheh, sound like so far).
it took a short while, so we stayed and play with camera phones.
experimenting jump shots hehehe...

explains the picture above.


no class today!! Friday. can say the FIRST free Friday since i dont know when...
okay, i joined them for desserts (yummy, yum yum) although i haven finish my social experiment proposal yet...

then i went back to uni, ALONE to finish up my work, and the others went SHOPPING!

after uni, came home and online till now (3.35am).
so i was online the whole FRIDAY to SATURDAY!


i wish i could sing.

not sing like those professionals,
but sing like, in tone.

i'm tone deaf. :(


i am now a mouse hunter. i hunt mouse by clicking horn.
for some reason, i got all the common mouse.

still quite noob at catching mouse.

this is so random and unrelated hehehe.



Monday : Discussion for Project & Presentation ( two very different task )

Tuesday : PTPTN SUBMISSION & Presentation (omg i HATE presentations)

Wednesday : Social Term Paper due ( i have yet to start! ) & Meeting for Project ( Argh! )

so many things, so little time.
and yet, i still procrastinate.

this might be the busiest week i ever go thru ...


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

See You Soon

right now in class. been staring at the planner for the past two hours edi. instead of the lecture. laptop in class is bad. very bad. facebook. mouse hunt. cafe world. fb chat. comments. gosh. not listening. not thinking.

so dead.

there's something to pass up every week. more than one a week.
die kao kao.

goodbye, bloggie.

see you some time soon.
gonna miss you.

bye bye.
tata. sayonara.
zai jian.


Monday, 12 October 2009

to the beach we went

quite some random pictures from teluk batik outing on saturday.

went bout 5.30pm, came home like 7.30pm...
was pitch dark when we left...

why go so late?
because i bising want to take sunset picture..

2 hours >> 400 ++ pics...
after i deleted all the unwanted ones...
i heart dslr.

we tried doing jump shot.. can say it's a success for first timers hehehe...
ok might be busy over the weeks...

bye bye...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

my super hot korean friend

i was sms-ing with my korean friend.

he told me he was working in a toy shop in subang.
i asked him out to dinner.
he told me he had nasi lemak already, and to meet him somewhere nearby his workshop cause he need to get his car fixed.

somehow, i managed to talk to the nasi lemak seller while waiting for him.

he got into a kancil, the one where malaysians practice for their license.
he went off, started driving really well, even the instructor is impressed.
then after a while he came back, and crashed while he's trying to park. =.=""

then, we went off somewhere for dinner.
and oh, did i say he's super hot?
and cute tooooo

awww melts...

then, i woke up and realise i dont have a korean friend.

see, i've been sleeping so much that i dont know what is real and what is fake now...

sad huh...

another term paper is coming, and i have no idea how to do it.. omg im so dead

:: still in holiday mood ::

Saturday, 3 October 2009

another long post

now, it's time for my long chiong hei post!! miss me? hehehehe

okay, have not been updating since like forever.. everytime i open this new post page, i feel like so stress, so sien, so empty.. so i end up with zero words and close it... life is soooooo stressful u see...

okay i'll start with
no class on tuesday cause both the lecturers took leave..
coincidence hor!!
then went out with synn and sp..heheheheh
like, damn seldom go out with them lorh..
err, ohhhh we also went to arcade.. went to makan... hehehehe
what to do if u dunno where to eat in pyramid??
go to kim gary, it's always the smarter choice lolx..
then went play drum in arcade hehehehe....
wanna go again?? i want i want!!

kylie came to pass me the long overdue card.. with her bf!! hehehehe
then today oni i remember, i forgot to pass her something also.. how slow can i be?? hmmmph..

ok then rachel and sue followed me home... to do assignment.. but we ended up spamming fern's msn hheheh.. long story... after that went to nasi lemak antarabangsa to have dinner... lesson for that day, never have laksa in a place where it's famous for nasi lemak..never try to be different.. lolx.. din finish the laksa at all... like, too sour too spicy... nasi lemak there still the best...

then send them back and came home to do somemore work and then sleep...

omg i went out like from 7.20am to 1.15am...
yes, morning to morning.. geng horrrr....
alright, i reach college at 7.55am, after battling thru traffic jam... miraculously, i managed to cut thru 4 lanes in front of sunway pyramid on a superbly busy road that day.. what lah why so many cars haix.. feels like i've been using the sunway pyramid way every day this week... lazy see the roundabout liao...

okay, then went to class to complete io assignment... i tell you, this assignment, thursday is the deadline, wednesday only officially started... omg right? but then still managed to finish before the deadline lah...thursday was a whole full day of classes... presentation went well.. i guess..can say my group's presentation is the shortest among all... cause, we dont have all the very detailed points that the other group has.. heheheh
okay, then after class went straight to social gathering.. was supposed to walk there but then because there are signs that its rainign, they decided to drive there instead.. hehehe as usual, i lazy to drive there cause i hate jamming with other cars at that hour, so i tumpang a junior's car hehehe... sunway lagoon club de ppl not very frenly lorh... i tell u, i heard someone told me... the guard refuse to let them in cause they're driving a small car, but then another psych member's car behind them was let in because it's a bmw.. wtf right?? anyway, most of the peolpe went to park in menara sunway.. hehehe have to walk further omg...

social gathering started off with FOOD!! not very satisfying cause i didnt get to go for 2nd round.. it's a frigging buffet and i went for food onli 1 round... :( explains why i got hungry damn fast... then after dinner went to walk by the poolside.. sounds romantic right??? yes, if u're walking with ur bf hahahaha

then went back and talk and rest somemore, then it's games time.. started off with a game i dunno call what name... before we went to the venue, they passed everyone one "chu zai peng".. u know the one in mini basket, where u can get it like, during mooncake festival? okay, so inside the basket with the biskut was a piece of paper with a name. we're supposed to observe the person for the entire night.. then at first, it started off with Person A going to Person B, passing her the biskut and say one thing abt the person... it's totally random so u don get friends and friends only.. then after a few person's turn, then everyone has to run to the person they got and shout to them what they think abt the person... ok confusing.. so, with the amt of people there, in that small space, u can see how, err, a chaos it was.. heheh fun tho...

then 2nd game, given a paper, with a list of things, then supposed to find everything on that paper.. no one knows what's a hologram... i have rough idea.. but i din know it exist on credit cards and mykad. lolx. not much teamwork, sadly. so we didnt win.

3rd game, the funnest!!
every member has a letter stick on his/her back.. then stand on the chair as fast as we can after seeing the word given... din win but it was the funnest heheheh

after 3rd game, prize giving ceremony, group pic then balik... once again, i think i din appear in the grp pic... wtf right... feel so halimunan now eh...

right, then me and sue walked back to college.. cause it's fun to walk at night.. lolx. only the two of us... heheheh
and a junior... its not that there's no transportation to go back, just that, err, we want to walk..hehehe reach coll bout 10pm, and then err, went to asia to have dessert..till they close shop and then, went to asia cafe to continue talking hhahaha...

we acted like we're waiting for someone cause there's no space for more food and drinks.. hehhehee.. waited for that someone who never came tilll bout 12 plus am... heheheheh

waited for my "bf" who never showed up.. tsk tsk what kind of "bf" is that??? leaving me waiting with my fren for soooooooo long... i want to fei jor koi edi.. hahahahah

since the trip that we planned never happens.. *heartbreak* i slept till 12 somehting.. then i realise... i forgot to do and pass up homemwork... dun care liao..
then was you tube-ing till now..