Monday, 4 December 2006


after many months no update blog.. IM BACK AGAIN...!! lol.. back to write crap here..

bored bored...oh ya..

happy independance day to those who take the normal 10 science subjects...


Saturday, 11 November 2006

messages forwarded...........

friendship is not about
whom you have known
the longest,
who came first or
who cares the best....
its all about who


friendship is one of the hardest things to keep, cause somewhere in the middle, new friends may come, but i hope you will still keep me in your heart even if new people walk into your life


my silence doesnt mean i forget you,
my disappearance doesnt mean i dont care about you,
because our friendship is always in my heart.


may our friendship turn into silver,
silver into gold,
gold to diamonds,
and may our diamonds be forever...
then we sell ok??


even though we're far apart now,
i know exactly where you are in every second of everyday,

right here in my heart.


the happiest people doesnt have everything in life.
they just make the best of everything that life brings in their way.
stay happy always...



Begin your day with
Love in you heart
Expect blessings
Share goodness
Shine like in the sun
Inspire someone
Never forget that
God is with you...


it takes half our lives to find true friend & half of it keeping them. i already spend half my life finding you, i wish to spend other half keeping you forever..


God never meant for us to face the tough times alone!
that's why he gave us friends..


we met...
it was luck

we talked..
it was by chance

we became friends..
it's destiny

we are still friends..
it's a decision

we'll always be friends

that's a promise... =p


friendship is a promise made in the heart,
unbreakable by distance,
unchangeable by time,
because once a friend,
forever a friend....


i may not be the important person in your life but i just hope that one day when you hear my name, you would just smile and say, "hey, that's my friend."


loving someone deeply gives you courage,
being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
friendship often ends in love,
but love in friendship never ends...


my heart's like an open book,
it depends on how you read me.
dont judge me by my cover..
look in and discover..
i will be one of your true friend forever.


do you know the true form of friend?

First Relation On Earth, which Never Dies...

so, i am lucky to have you as my friend.


we are all driving in our own STREET called LIFE. and im so glad that in one of the intersections i met a nice friend like YOU...


friends are like pieces of puzzle;
if you lose one,
you will never be complete again..

just want you to know you are one of the pieces that i cant afford to lose.


hearts could only pain for a while,
feet coulod only walk for some mile,
clothes wont forever in style,
but having you as my friend is forever worthwhile..


i pull down the rainbow,
write you name at it,
& put it back in the sky
to let everyone know
how colourful my life is to have a friend like you!!


past cannot be changed, something done cannot be undone, cherish the ones you love, appreciate everything you have, for it is say the biggest happiness comes from a heart that knows how to satisfies. so why wait to tell how you feel bout the one you loves? a life of a man is short, use the time you have to express how you feel. for you may not know what will happen to you tomorrow. i just wanna say im happy and proud to be your friend.


- a friend's heart-

you are in my heart and soul,
the inspiration of my dream,
the best friends a person could have.

the many dreams and moments we have spent together will never be forgotten,
the times of pain,
as well as the happy ones.

we have shared our laughter,
and you let me give you a few of my tears.

each day knowing you seems brighter,
and each moment seems more precious.
i will live you always and call you my FRIEND!


let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight, let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight.. but dont make that a habit cause im not free every night!


faith makes all things possible,
hope make all things work,
love make everything beautiful.
may you have all of it..


destiny decides who we meet in life
but it is our heart that decide who stays.
definitely you are forever in my heart.


when it rains, u dun see the sun, but its there. hope we can be like that, although we dont see each other now, but our friendship will always be there. take care


without love, days are, sadday, moanday, tearsday, wasteday, thirstday, frightday, shatterday. so, be in love everyday.. happy valentine!


women dont keep handphone in bra cause reception is bad in mountanious areas. men can keep handphone in pants cause tower nearby attract good reception


simple music can make u sing, simple hug makes u feel better, simple things can make u happy, hope my simple message will make u smile


want to wish u goodnight but then stars not free,
bears not free,
pigs not free,
angels not free,

ghost can?

, - - ,
( e e ) woooo
( o (_,-


everday is a wonderful opportunity
to care to love to smile to pray and to be thankful for having u as my fren..


why God created gaps between ur fingers?
coz someday, that special someone, somewhere who is made for u, comes and fill those gaps by holding ur hands forever..


you have two brains..
the left one and the right one..
the left one has nothing right, and the right one has nothing left..


friends are not a game to play,
friends are not just a word to say,
friends do not start in march and end in may,
friend means yesterday, today and tomorrow


Friday, 10 November 2006


i update this post from time to time. the day and date stated here is not the correct date. have a nice day!

1. suddenly, i feel like playing piano.
someone, anyone? can teach me piano??

2. "i dont say anything doesnt mean that i agree with you."

3. i want to read chinese words.

4. i want to learn japanese or korean language.

Saturday, 24 June 2006

i wish!

i wish ..

-to get good results for my spm..

-to get my license as soon as possible..

- i have more time...

-those childish people will sedar that what they do is really childish and do not do any benifit to themselves and also others,

- to get back my camera which is stil in da hospital as soon as possible,[live without my cam is lik living without a part of me]

- i will not have another bad day,

i wish... for many many wished,

lastly, i wish that all my wish will be granted... hehe....

today is definately NOT a gud day for me... haiz.. dun wanna write so much here.. no mood wanna write long long...

Friday, 9 June 2006


i did absolutely nothing during this two weeks of holiday except for eating n sleeping n watching tv...i think i got tired of resting so much.. haiz.. how can someone actually get tired of that...this holiday proves again that i am xtremely LAZY! till today also din touch any book.. except for memoirs of geisha.. haiz.. many hworks to do , so little time and iam not making any effort to do it.. yes.. i do regret but whats the use? i onli regret and will no do anything.. haiz... no ubat can save me edi lar this time... dissapointed wit myself..haiz...

skol wanna reopen edi.. have to wake up early.. have to go assembly... have to see the people i hate.. i really think the two of them can get married and have kids as hate-able as them.. haiz.. life sucks... why have to deal wit all this stuff..haiz...

have lots more to write but cant express it in words.. so cant have it here in da blog.. i can only sigh...

Monday, 29 May 2006

im just bored now

yay ! its holiday again.. after 3 long weeks of exams and carnivals and tcher's day a.k.a torture;s day, finaly... something that i have been waiting!...din do really well in da exam altho i studied... i think i din pay enough attention to da exam tho..spent my time sleeping as usual... lol....i am so relieved that the carnival was over.... and surprisingly, we took part in da marching...well, at least i get something done right? hehe.... da pameran was kinda lame...i have no idea wats was that all about... and the food fair... was... well, kinda lame too... watta.... we agreed on selling something but the really 'smart' teachers changed it to something that someone wouldnt buy.. watta...wat a waste of out money...and after the two really tiring carnival dayz, its teachers day... dunno why i went tho...but who cares? went homeduring the reccess...waste my time onli lar.. go there... sleep at home better... if i got nothing betetr to do... lol


went out today 2 makan wit frens.. and after dat, we went to jalan jalan...hehe..end up in teluk batik..kinda fun tho...went there wit the whole bunch of frens..


i cant wait till the day i get my license many people got theirs d... haiz... a month more to go... 26 days .... lol... haiz...

Friday, 17 March 2006


After some consideration, i x jadi nak drop ad math.. haiz.. dunno will regret anot if i drop..and.. if don drop what will happen..

Its again the time of the year where ppl will be really happy or really sad...the results are out..and next year wud be my i felt lots of stress.. im afraid to end up lik the girl who jumps from the third floor of her afraid i;ll be the one next year..yea sure.. u may say or think that nothing is worth dying for.. its just ur result..but the just result, which is shown on a piece of paper,is wat u;ve been working 17 years for.. and it will menentukan ur the way, while i was attending my physics class yesterday,the teacher said that scoring an A is really shows where u are and ur standard..can u imagine that the words came out of a teacher’s mouth? No wonder the girl choose to jump from the third floor..pressure is all around you..when u get straight A’s, people just go to u and say .. wow how did u do it. Im so impressed ..blah blah blah... wats the big deal? Is the grades so important? A person can really score 16 1A but his or her attitude towards the elders is unacceptable..thats wat malaysians have become..rude malaysians, don have respect to the wanna go much into that..the second thing that the teacher said is don continue ur studies in something u r interested in..look for some course which will have better jobs..i really cant believe that a teacher advises his student to do that..what the?if ur not interested in what u’re going to do, how r u going to lead a happy life?but he’s true that we are on our way to the queue’jobless graduates’.. so why stay in malaysia in the first place? I cant wait to leave..if i ever got a chance to study abroad, i will not come back to work here again.. not ever.. i so cant wait to leave this land..we are treated as minority in our home land.. whats the difference when we;re out there?now is the middle of march edi and i haven start not into the kiasu club but this is reality..every1 is puttin hihg hopes on me.. i just dont hink taht i can do it..while i was in the chemistry tution just now, i suddenly realise that spm is drawing nearer n nearer..and i still don understand a single word the teacher said..why am i so stupid?less than 10 months to go n i don even understand watever taht i have studied in form 4.. now i’;ve got form 5 to tried studying.. but it just cant work..i cant seem to concerntrate in the book..yea.. if u ask me to read a really interesting story book, i’ll try to finish it inone day.. even if i din get to watch tv n stuff... but when i study, i just need to read a few lines n i either get headache or i just feel asleep..why am i lik this? I really hope i can go back to me in primary skol..i manage to play n study well./.. and now i even wondered how i did that...felt really tensed up nowadays..why should we obtain the stupid cocuriculum marks..all the teachers do is just open their mouth and force u to do this n that... hey we have studies to cope as well.. and for a poor student lik me, god knows what will i get for my spm..for my realllly weak subjects, i just hope to get credit for that..haiz...add math sucks.. i can still understand n do a bit of it.. physics..what the hell is that? Its all numbers.. i hate numbers...chemistry,...worst still.. bio..ok lo...just need to memorise...haiz...i wanna pass this few subjects.. and not forgettin moral too...damn.. how is memorising all the nilai nilai murni turn u into a better person? Some of the top scorers who got 1A in moral don even mengamalkan hidup yg week of holiday and im still stuck here.. whether in front of the tv..watching or even sleeping,or in the room.. mostly sleeping and in front of the computer...god knows how the time need to change my attitude towards studies but how.. i neeed to focus but how? Urgh...8 more months and im still fooling around..i have lots of excuses not to study.. haiz..i don wanna be the one who failed my spm.. i wanna get credit for all my subjects..and credit is lik getting C...and i don even have the can they do so well and i cant? Every1 is lik tellin me .. study hard hard... n i wud answer... ok . ok.. i’ll try... saying is easy but doing it is really hard...i felt lik crying everyday...why me? Why is my life so misarable? i guess the answer is to ask myself...

Sunday, 12 February 2006


da 'problems' that i faced today:

1. i wanna sleep

2. my bad temper.. maybe due to lack of sleep

3. education fair issue...long story...

4. still not yet sell finish the coupons..urgh.. die lar

5. shouted excused me at some1 in my class..she's angry at me..i think

6. scolded 'b a b i' at some1 else shortly after that..its not that i enjoy scolding her... but..please lar.. be considerate a bit lar..i cant stand something that she did to me..

7. wan to drop add math anot? i still have nt make up my mind le.. tml rng have to tell her d... helllpppp/....

wanna drop add math anot le? help.. haiz......................think till my head wanna meletup d lar...

Sunday, 29 January 2006

wat a fake

read a blog by sumone..

why is she keep hurting me lik this?

i promise myself that i wont care watever she say there...

but i get jealous very very easily..


thanks so much for hurting me over and over again..

thanks for making me jealous over u..

u won..

i admit it..


are u satisfied?

thanks for making me realise u took another fren from me..

some1 who i can really trust..

thanks for everything uve done to me

thanks for every word u say that hurt me..

thanks for being fake all the time..

thanks for making me believe that ure my fren..

thanks a lot...

i can do nothing d..

unless torture myself..

thanks alot to u...

*--tze ching--*

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

dEaR mE..

dear me,

why am i lik this? i told myself i want to study this year.. but i cant seem to find some time to even do my homwrk..i ve reduced my tv time to 2 hours a day.. im busy wit tutions everyday after skol..haiz...24 hours is not enough for me...

i told myself and another fren that i want to stop taking motor without license.. i dont wan to repeat my stupid mistakes i did last year.. but barely 12 hours i said that, i took my fren on her scooter to tution..haiz..i cant keep to my words...

oh ya.. should i drop add math of physics? to me, both the subjects are just a crap..i cant understand both the subjects..haiz..what should i do? drop just add math? or just physics? or both? i cant make up my mind..



Wednesday, 18 January 2006

to drop or not to drop?

Haiz.. so long din update blog edi... too busy wit skol and tutions..and getting some sleep.. haha...

Should i or should i not drop add math for my spm?

If i drop it, my life wud be easier. But sooner or later i will have to study add mth in coll or U oso le.. thats wat i heard lar..if i don drop.. then how if i fail add math for my spm? so confused..wat shud i do? Who shud i go to?grandma ask me to drop a few sub.haiz...stil thinkin bout it.. Hmm...anyone have any suggestions? I need some help and advice here.. die lar.. stil cant make up my mind..

Monday, 2 January 2006


Haiz.. tml start skol edi..cant believe stil can relax at home..haven started doing my forn 4 moral folio oso..haiz..laziness overtakes me..haha..skol is tml n i still dunno where is my tie, my badge, my uniform, my bag n stuff.. haiz.. don really look forward to a new skol year so soon..i hope that theres more time for me to play..

My new year resolution

  1. study lar.. don be so lazy edi..spm coming d le..
  2. complete each n every hwork
  3. stay focused (this is hard)
  4. understand add math
  5. complete all the projects in time(including the f4 wan)
  6. mati mati oso must get the car license (i hope)
  7. be nice to my brother(see first lar)
  8. mengurangkan masa online..
  9. try to keep everything above in mind.. haha...

i reallly hope i can keep those things in mind..usually, i will forget all the resolutions in just 2 days..haha..haiz..see the tution timetable oso pening edi..tuesday and thursday got 3 tutions in a row..where got time to rest..hope i can bertahan lar.. so clumsy.. i spilled water in the living room one day..and the next day, i spilled mee sup in da hospital.. haiz...sia sia onli bring so far...lucky din kena scolding..hehe

went for hiking in lumut for the first time in my life ystd.. i thought i can finish it. But then.. walk half way onli kenot continue d.. haiz.. im such a failure..haiz...

2006 is gonna be tough for me..first its spm.. then today.. bad news..i kena halau from my room..haiz..have to sleep in a room wit no air cond for the rest of the year..i dunno if i can stand it..i cant sleep without air cond..haiz..but one thing that is good is..the comp is in this room..yay..actually, i voluntered to sleep least its better than sleeping wit some1 else rite? Haha..

till now, im still not ready for skol.. have to wake up early .. haiz..