Tuesday, 22 June 2010

when a person is lifeless, then there's nothing to blog.

mood: emo

i so hope that there's no fat or thin in this world. everyone would just be average. then there's no competition. i want a food trip ahhh...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

my fingers are tired

urgh! just typed quite a long post. with the phone. and then i saved it in draft and start all over again. what the hell. my fingers are starting to get tired. ouch my fingers.

ok i was just thinking about my grandparents and how they would watch what they eat to control their cholesterol, high blood pressure,etc. ok they don't eat prawns. oh cool, my phone t9 dictionary has the word prawns. for my birthday this year, i really wanted a prawns based meal. but i was just thinking. birthdays happens every year. it's just a birthday no big deal. aren't their health more important than my cravings for prawns? i shouldn't be selfish. should count my blessings that my family is coming and spending time for my birthday. hehe.

today is the starting of the very last week of my 20yearold. i'm gonna be 21. have to grow up. :) be more considerate of others. i ain't no spoilt brat. i ain't no princess.

by the way, 3am is the new 11pm

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

3 years ago

For your info, this is post #702 :D

This is a video i found in my comp. Checked the date, I made this in 2007. OMGosh, ancient.
I remember doing this when I was bored and Gary Chaw is like..... The one and only singer I TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY LOVE!!!! at that time. Now too :D :D

He's like the first ever singer/artist/feh-mes people I supported so long you know. July 2006 - present. :D

For those who DONT KNOW who is Gary Chaw, this is his Wikipedia link.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lucky Escape

this afternoon, after class, I went to register my subjects. Sadly, there's no more space for tutorial 1, and so I had to sign up for tutorial 2. :( Not very happy. I know it doesn't matter which class I go to, but i think i find more comfort with tutorial 1. I think. Should change my mind set! As Daph said, "this is your chance to meet new people and explore."

Then, after that went to Pyramid via Shuttle bus with the Shadows :D

Ok, I was walking ahead, while 3 others were behind. As i was walking towards the bus stop, i heard "Krak, krak" sound. Quite loud one ok... Then suddenly I hear something heavy fell, and i stop and turned to the back, and THE WHOLE TREE BRANCH FELL!! if it's a small branch, then I'm not that freaked out, but this branch is more than 1 meter long ok~!

I was lucky that I walked past the 'accident zone' 1 or 2 seconds earlier. I cant imagine where will I be if that tree branch fell directly on me. According to Sue, the branch FELL VERTICALLY!!! OMGosh, that's the scary part.

I wonder, if the branch fell on me, and i died, would anyone care?

And the creepy thing is, this morning a much bigger branch fell right in front two of the shadows when they went to buy breakfast. definitely much, much, much bigger branch in diameter. luckily, they stop and talk and then the branch fell.

Ok this is like, super creepy... what is the odd of TWO branches falling RIGHT IN FRONT of you in TWO separate incidents??

Thank YOU God, I never walked so fast, but today I kinda walked faster than usual, I don't know why too. Thank You, Thank You :D

Monday, 14 June 2010

New toy

my new toy :D nice? ugly?

hehe my new toy.. dont know how to rotate it tho... turn ur head to ur left 90degrees lah

nice or ugly?

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I've been home for 37 hours

just a short update!

I did a lil changes to my layout. Is this better than the previous one? I find it difficult for me to read some of the words on the previous template. :D

Yor, as of now, I have been locked at home for... 37 hours.
Still got 48 more hours to go.. OMGosh what if i rot or mushrooms grow?

Maybe I'll head to uni tml morning to kill time. Maybe.

Friday, 11 June 2010

my first part time job

Hello people!!!

I've always wanted to change my blog layout but I was either too busy or too lazy or I don't know where to get nice blog layouts. Viola, my prayers are answered when I log into blogger this morning. (hahah i know after 12pm is like afternoon, but to me its morning cause i just woke up okeh?)

I totally L O V E this layout!! Hehe talking bout over excited-ness. There's like soooo many others that I liked too, but I only have ONE blog and ONE blog means ONE layout. so yeah,... next time then :D :D :D

But i'm not happy with the header tho...

Hehe, the main reason for this post.

To share my FIRST ever working experience!!

Ya ya, you must be thinking, "Spoilt brat, never worked before in her life, like so big deal, cheh work only mah, need to show off anot?"

I'd say, "You don't like isit? at the top there for big red [x] u can go there now! :p"

Alright, if you're still here.... Let's move on!!

Last week, my shadow ask me want to work on Wednesday night or not. I said ok cause I got nothing to do. Then she ask me to ask Ying. She said ok too. So set lor... (aiks, so boring-ish)

Okay so Wednesday night, 9th June... We went over to Cineleisure Damansara to work. What work? Karate Kid Premier Screening yo! Hehe, I didn't know there's so many Karate Kid fans out there.

We got there by 6.30pm, had dinner, and then walked up to the cinema, where we were allocated our jobs. My main job for the night is to... Check bags for electronic devices. Kinda scary tho, thought people would scream at us, the bag checkers for delaying their time to the cinema, but all went well. Luckily everything went well :D :D

Then when everyone went into the hall, we went over to the phone collection counter to sit and rest. And when the movie's done, we helped at the phone collection counter. Surprisingly, it was sooooooooo fast weh. We're done in 20 minutes.

And the job ends at 12.15am. Reach home only at 2am.

my first job, as the security for Karate Kid Premier.
hehehe damn funny.

toy story 3!!
its woody and buzz lightyear.
am i too old for this movie?
i grow up with disney movies worrrrrr...
Yesterday when i mentioned that i wanted to watch Toy Story 3,
Jing was like, "How old are you ah?"
"Kenot isit?"

we so smart went to park the car over in Ikea.
by the time we finish work, some of the lights are off, and mine was the only car left.
luckily i wasnt walking over alone weh, so damn scary-ish.

First time working wor, of course must camwhore mahhhh.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

medium snippets

Hello!! I was in the middle of completing a post, and suddenly everything's gone. I was directed to a dark blue page that says "Aw, Snap" and apparently something is wrong with the browser. ya-da ya-da ya-da... closed everything and reload again. Goodbye to previous unposted post.

ps: every paragraph is on diff topic ok. so dun get lost trying to relate. heheheheheh

Okay, just now, I was in the middle of blog-hopping and then I bumped into a post that has my classmate's pictures. He-he. They were doing their experiment the other day and their 'victims' thought they are some bad people who cheats money. Hehe, so random. Don't know whether should I say blog world is so small, or this is just purely "oh-so-random" moment. Oh well, this is something that psychology students have to face, because we do experiments quite often and many times, we have to do it in public. But of courselah, kenot make public announcement that we're doing experiment, if not how to get natural result ha?

People (especially girls), if you have make-up on, no matter how mininal/light is it, please remember to remove it once you are home. No matter how tempting is the bed or how busy are you at the moment. I came home today, dead tired and I facebook-ed, then had a few hours sleep, and then i woke up, facebook, dinner at 12am, and then fb more, then only i remember that i had not removed bbcream at all! ahhhhh~~ plus i have kind of sensitive skin. and now, I have some red patches on the left side of my face, and its now itchy at the forehead, the cheeks, and at the corner of the mouth. sighs.
Reminder to self: Next time, dun hiao go put bbcream/foundation for no reason.
Ps: In Tze's dictionary, make-up means bbcream/foundation.

My sleep cycle is going thru a period of difficulties. It started with one night, i stayed on till nearly 4am. I had class next day, yes. And then, the same thing happen the next day, and before i know it, i sleep at 3.30am - 4am everyday. Last two days, with only 3 hours sleep per night somemore. And I take super long afternoon naps. Like today, slept like 4 - 5 hours in the afternoon. I need to tune back my sleep cycle ahhhhhh... But I sense that it is impossible at the moment because exam's coming soon. And being a last minute person like me, susah lah~~

I'm thinking, maybe after my course(which im slowly drifting apart from, now) maybe i should go learn some basic make-up techniques. just for fun and to learn something. if you think that all girls knows abt make-up, you are so damn wrong. im worst than some guys. the learning thing wud be something that im curious in, and would like to know more about. thinking only lah...

I am also thinking, maybe i should go to Korea, and learn Korean. or China, to learn Chinese. or Hong Kong, to learn Cantonese. or Japan, to learn Japanese. Should I? Of course it's not now lah, it'll be after graduation.

I've gone thru IO for the second time. As in, the whole entire syllabus. And, I sTILL DUN GET IT! FML, if I F A I L this paper once more, im out of psych for no good. why lah in this world got this kind of subject de?

i suddenly thought of why i did not update my blog for so long. before this. because i emo. so emo that, i can listen to a song and tears come pouring down. sometimes, it happens everyday. sometimes, a few times in a week. sometimes, once a week. but it happens. and, even when im driving. of course, i can see the road, no matter how emo, i dont want to die and safety comes first. i wear glasses so people wont see the tears. anyway, it got better, thats why im back here posting again. i dun care if anyone reads my blog. its my personal reference for the future. maybe i lost my memory or something, then i can refer here. LOL.

Ohhhhh, something stupid happened today in uni. Me and sue went to the lift. and then before i got in, the door closed in front of me, so every1 went in, and me alone outside. SWT. the door opened again and i see people trying to hold their laugh. LOL true enough, once i came off, they were laughing. >.<

if u feel bored reading my blog, i know. im bored with the way i write too. but being a boring person, i cant write it un-bored-ly. writings reflect a person. i always belief that. different people writes differently.

went to church last sunday. for a talk on God and Sex. I realise, i need to throw away my shy-ness and quiet-ness. because i only know 1 person there. lucky shadow went with me or else, i'll die a horrible social death.

presentation today. not happy with the performance. i dun fear presentation that much anymore. but i just cant speak fluently. and i dont stand straight naturally. so i'm alrd stuck this way. unless i go correct my bones posture or smtg. LOL.

just a distraction from this boring-ness. click here to see burgers.

Monday, 7 June 2010


you and i have different beliefs, views, opinions etc.

we live in a diverse community. we grow up here. we lived long enough to understand how to respect and give space to one another.

so be it. why argue? what's the use of debating over something so un-debate-able?

let's forget it and move on. and let's not question my beliefs.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

the comeback post

I think I lost the will to write. Well, writing. It's the purpose of this blog right? Initially it wasn't about the pictures, but now that I'm taking more pictures than I used to, I think I've gotten kinda obsessed with posting only pictures.

Well, haven't been properly updating in months (felt like years tho). I don't know where to start, so let's talk about yesterday and today. Last night, I left uni only at 1am. The gates have already closed... and i think that signifies how late is it already. Blah, this shows how hardworking I am ok? hehe. Yesterday was a Friday, there's no classes on Fridays, but yesterday I have a replacement for the previous Monday's class. It's a 3 hour class and I was wondering what will she do for that 3 hours. I was expecting lecture (Duh!).

Okay, class starts at 1pm, but i went like 11am, reached and waited till 12pm to get lunch and also to see another lecturer. Not happy because I suck again in assignment. Why does Communication seem so difficult? Maybe I took the right path. Maybe I'm not born for Mass Comm (Duh! Obviously lorrrr).

Okay, so i was 10minutes early for class and there's like 4 people in class? Wth, i thought everyone will be absent so i sat in front. Not that i'm complaining. After all, that's like, the one and only place I sat in since Sem1. But alone? I scared.


Okay, the lecturer discussed the previous tutorial questions and I didnt do it. She's gonna hate me so much for my laziness. Then, we watched movie. Nice one okay, now I want a Hamburger phone.

Quote Juno, "Hold on, I'm on my Hamburger phone." *Proceeds to shake the phone and then continue talking*

hehehehe, Im on my hamburger phone, oh how i wish i get to say that.... it's like, Hellow, I'm talking to you on my Hamburger phone... Yes, it's a Hamburger.... LOL, ok ignore me.. syok sendiri moment kekekek

okay, was at the secluded place in the uni after class to get some work done, and then went to dinner at Ac and then went back again to uni. that's why i stayed till 1am.

So i came back and then u know it's dangerous to be driving in the dark areas, and i decided to use the highway and then i took the wrong turning and end up in ara damansara SWT. lucky i went there before, and i wasnt like freaking out in the middle of nowhere.

reach home 1.30am with the guard questioning me with his very proper english. i was like, "pardon?" for like 3-4 times till he got a lil irritated and then i finally got what he said... "where are u going?" "BACK HOME!"

slept only close to 4am and today, woke up at 10am cause yen yen called me!!!!! got a few missed calls on the Digi, unknown number so i din care much. somemore i come back so late at night, dun bother to call back lah. this morning, the number called again and the girl on the line was saying, do u know who am i... i said no i dont know who are you. hahahahhaha... damn funny she replied, ohhh so u dont know who am i..... swt moment...

btw, its a surprise cause she's in US all this while and to get a call from her is like the last thing i would get. Actually no.... Altho i only know her for like a few months, but she even bothered to call and meet up everytime she's in msia... unlike people that i have known for years and not even overseas...... People like her, not selfish, not looking down on people(she damn smart one ok, get scholarship go overseas), remembers my number!!! (very important, if not how to keep in touch?), is good people... Nais people.... :D

ok i was awake at 10am, till........1pm, 2pm? dont know lah, but i slept arnd that time till 8pm. till i officially woke up. LOL. okay, i have my presentation on tuesday, need to prepare my part and also try to help with the slides if theres any thing i can do, and also, practice x3... i suck in comm skills assignments and i have to use this opp to get a better grade... i aint failing comm skills i dont care. die die also i dun want fail..

and i have a report due this monday ahhhhh.... it's nothing compared to those research report or term paper or report-y report.... so im still.... so ever relaxed... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Shadows of the Sun

A short update- I'm in class now so i cant make a very long post. & hehehhe, i know the title doesnt make any sense..

I still have Gary Chaw Part 1 and 2, Photoshoot for a friend's assignment (that have to wait till she's done with her assignment before i can release the photos), Bagan Datoh photo trip, Taman Tasik Permaisuri & KL & I-City photo trip (walao seems like my life past month is filled with phototrips) and many other randoms that I cant think of now.. But i hope eventually it'll come to me :D and also i need to change the template for the blog.. its a bit too dark, too depressing...

Here's a picture I took on the way back to Sitiawan last weekend.. Please be patient there are lots more to come xD
I just need more time to process those pictures... In the month of May only, i think i took like 900++ photos... ok i shall go back to my quiz now...