Tuesday, 16 April 2013


it's scary how people change.

it's scary how two strangers crossed paths and become friends, then good friends, then best friends, then probably fall a little in love, and suddenly.. everything changes. they slowly drift apart and become distant friends, then very soon, strangers again. this scares me, teach me not to be held on so emotionally with the new people i meet. but then again, when it happens, it happens. when two person clicked, they clicked.

it's scary how fast time pass. close my eyes for one moment and then another week passed.

it's scary how different mineral water taste from drinking water.

it's scary how accidents happen.

it's scary how a person get injured and then scars happen.

it's scary how ....


theres nothing to update.

i am still studying. sort of..
i am still forever alone..
i am still as bored as ever...

i am still lifeless.

Friday, 25 January 2013


last night, i dreamt about you.

how can you so randomly appear in my dream? you were mine for that little while. even in the dream you went missing in the end.

i know i will get my heart broken again, i know i am shameless... i want to give this a shot and texted you. i will not hope for anything. don't want to get too disappointed again.

i must be crazy to even dream of that dream. something so impossible. even in the dream its not possible.

where have you been? at least tell me to leave u alone or something and i will do that.
i wish this is one big mess up. i wish is the systems fault. i wish there is an explanation to this.

waking up emo at 7.30am. genius me.