Wednesday, 22 July 2009


haze... is this bad in sitiawan

fuck indonesia for the haze

if the haze persist, i think i'm gonna develop skin allergies and also asthma.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

im bored

For Tze Ching who birth on month June below are What Your Birth Month Says About You :

* Thinks far with vision [errr... thinks far but not with vision lorh]
* Easily influenced by kindness [hmmm... quite true]
* Polite and soft-spoken [um, sometimes? hehehhehehe]
* Having lots of ideas [only when i'm under pressure]
* Sensitive [quite]
* Active mind [when i sleep, yeah!]
* Hesitating [err... at times... ]
* Tends to delay [verrrrryy true]
* Choosy and always wants the best [yup!]
* Temperamental [quite la]
* Funny and humorous [feels like i'm losing it]
* Loves to joke [i'm a lousy joker]
* Good debating skills [i suck at debating.. always lose to ida.. ]
* Talkative [hehehehe... sometimes when got moood]
* Daydreamer [muahahhaha, my favourite activity in class]
* Friendly [am i am i?? i am right? hehehhe]
* Knows how to make friends [hmmmm.... not really?]
* Abiding [hmmmm ... dunno]
* Able to show character [what character]
* Easily hurt [yup.. gua...]
* Prone to getting colds [errr... ]
* Loves to dress up [not really... i dress very sui bian one]
* Easily bored [true]
* Fussy [sometimes]
* Seldom show emotions [errrrrrrrrrr...]
* Takes time to recover when hurt [ya gua]
* Brand conscious [sometimes]
* Executive [har?]
* Stubborn [so not..hahahahhaha.. stubborn mer?]
* Those who loves me are enemies [what?]
* Those who hates me are friends [huh?]
Paint made my laptop hang "gei".
wtf, semua gara-gara nak save comment kat frenster tu...
the pic... only one third complete... was two third complete when the problem starts..hmmmph

the file size is too big to load here in blogger. T.T
tonite sucks

Sunday, 19 July 2009

i'm home!

after many days of procrastinating (yeah, i know. come back sitiawan also procrastinante. i'm terrible.), i finally get my butt back here in sitiawan.

it's quite hazy on the way back

the first place i went to is the noodles stall near the market and ordered "kam puang mien" and "laksa soup". hehehe. sorry no picture of the laksa and kam puang because i was too busy eating. so excited to see food that i totally forgot about my camera and taking a picture. only managed to take a picture of the bali i ordered tho. hmmmmph.

then called grandma, turns out she's eating somewhere nearby also. so i went over to meet them. lol. the moment i step into the place, i was being judged. lol. you know those aunty, with super big mouth. i was really thankful i didnt called earlier. so i didnt join them for lunch. have my own peaceful lunch is better.

just to clarify: "Yala yala, i fat already. Exam very stress mah what you expect. you want me to eat healthy meal during exam ah? you think i got so much time isit? exam sure eat maggi and mcd lah. and when stress sure eat alot lah. how to not gain weight loh. you think i donno meh i gain alot weight again. but hoh, i want to say hoh, no matter what i do i wont have my ideal weight lorh. so hor, i dont really care already also lorh. i fat got wrong isit? got de jui dao you isit? i got eat ur food mer? i got take up you seat mer? you dont like see people fat is your problem not mine. i'm happy being fat. abuthen? i'm perfectly comfortable being me, and being fat is already part of me. lol. and hor. if being fat means i cant get bf, so what is the kaitan with you? i like lah." :finish clarifying

then, went home. gosh. seen home for the first time since renovation. then i cannot remember what i did. i remember. sleeping. oh ya. i woke up to eat again. (do you know? apparently sumos, yes, those japanese wrestlers. err, sumos, they eat and sleep so they could gain weight and not lose weight. hmmmph. i eat and sleep cause i have nothing to do. so i was keeping all the 'energy' while i sleep huh?). ok ok back to topic. helped to mop upstairs in the evening.

the first facebook status i updated since i came back says, "
oooommmgggg!!!!!! i'm MELTING!!!!! it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot here in sitiawan... gosh..". hehehe, i'm not exagerating here or being dramatic. it IS burning hot here.

had very fishy meal for dinner. fish soup, the fish head i brought back, and the fish we tapau in the afternoon. hmmmph. no comment.

ffk-ed daphne for the bbq at wenyao's place. hehehe. too lazy and tired to go. then helped with the popiah preperation. popiah banyak sedap. tapi banyak kerja oh.

then night went out for dinner. a very satisfying meal. hehehe. came home to cut and eat cake. erm. carrot cake. not bad lah.

lunch at kg cina. yippie! because i say so. hehehe. lurrrrrrrrve the sotong there. and the crab. crab crab. hehehe.

the crab. yum yum. but too bad, for illustration purpose only.
this crab leg fell on the ground after i finish taking pic.
clumsiness. heartache lorh.

then after the lunch, went to buy cendol behind wisma ganda (awwwwwww, my life is complete!). again, too busy eating to take picture. hehehe. on the way there, saw there's a popular book fair in smjk nan hwa. so i went home and go to the book fair. last day oh. lucky i saw the banner. nothing much to buy there. but i end up with this book.

little black dress book

if this book is nice, then i might start a collection again. :)

come back so long, still haven seen any of my friends. hmmmph. miss them lorh. gonna go movie with ms tomorrow. and also yy. hmmmph.

ps: lazy edit those pictures.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

exam's over

yeahh!! exam's over. but that doesnt mean that my anxiety's over. this is when my worry start and i have more sleepless nights now than during exam. sad, yeah. alrite lets not talk bout depressing stuff.

exam's over, so time to go on with my plan.

  1. meet kylie and vivian (done)
  2. shopping (mega sale!!)
  3. sitiawan makan makan
  4. penang makan trip
  5. ptptn
  6. pray for me passing my exams :)

i wont feel peace till the results are out. gosh this is more scary than my SAM results. gosh.
okay okay enough of that already.

feels weird. cause this is my first semester break in Uni.
this time it's different because. in a length of 4 months, it feels like i've finish 1 years work.
previously, when there's semester break, we still do have to think about assignments, revision(not that i do, but the pressure is still existing). now, no pressure at all.
hmmmph. regret for the cancellation of the class trip.
at least that would fill our time. and not to mention getting to know each other better.

alrite. im supposed to go home today.
but i am so lazy to pack.
wtf right.
but i have to go home before saturday.
because i have 'important job' saturday morning.
*rolls eyes*

alrite. my plan is,
go home friday morn. but dont tell anyone. head straight to the noodle stall.
eat lu lak, or kam puang with laksa soup.
then go home.
then go harry potter.
hope the cinema got show lah.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


created the above pic in paint because
what the f am i doing here in the lab?
since i am having holiday now?
well, i came back to settle my ptptn stuff.
but since it's her LUNCH TIME now,
i can only see her at 1pm.
lol, plan aku musnah! delayed 30 mins. aiks...
was very annoyed cause she wasnt exactly polite, cause she said come back at 1pm and slam down the frigging phone. wtf.
okay she didnt really slam down the phone and i wasnt exactly polite to her as well.
tried signing in facebook. wtf, i guess the computer lab computer doesnt like me.
last night i dreamt i passed my intro to psych.
now i lagi more sked lo wtf.
my nightmare is begining now that the exam's over.
well, it explains the not that long sleep i should have during holiday.
pls pls pls i want to get to next sem.
i know i didnt do very well, but pls pls pls dun fail me....
omg, i almost got heart attack looking for the definition of "perpectuating" in the dictionary.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

it's a wonder, there's 2 votes.

and minus 1 for the reason "Rich".

wtf, lemme tell u smtg. I am NOT rich.
as in monetary rich, rich.

if i am rich, i will go shop like there's no tomorrow.
if i am rich, i wont be staying at home eating cup noodles for lunch at 4pm today.
if i am rich, i am now somewhere out of this country edi, enjoying beach and nice weather.
if i am rich, i have my own personal maid who cleans up after me.
if i am rich, then i have some reallly kewl imported car liao.
if i am rich, then i wont be looking after my expenses every week.
if i am rich, then i will go air cond shop to eat everyday.
if i am rich, i will hire someone to fetch and pick me up everyday (that excluded bfs).
if i am rich, i will be covered in nike from head to toe.
if i am rich, that will mean that i have $$ for slimming centre,
so i might be covered in MNG(still dun understand the craziness), Guess, and whatever branded stuff girls wear.
but definately no LV pls. lol.

i wish i am rich.
so i can fly when i want to fly,
i can shop when i want to shop,
i can eat wherever and whenever i wan.

ahhhh... but now, only can dream of that kind of life.

and left 1 vote.
let's hope it's not a girl who clicks "yes" lol.

btw, i am not saying that i am any less fortunate that all those rich brats. i am fortunate. very blessed. but not as rich as some people think i am.

thank you. bye.

Monday, 13 July 2009

during exam

my first semester exam finish.
wow cant believe how fast time flies leh.
hopefully there's a second semester for me ba.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

what i do best during exams...

the complete strip of the previously posted picture of sharks.
me looooooooooooove scanners... :)


facebook-less for a day.
damn it sunway.
hopefully i'll survive.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

spss :'(

just finished my spss(statistics) exam.
today is the first exam, using computer one.

sighs, i totally screwed the whole entire ANOVA part.
before exam damn sked lorh,
can really feel de effect;
ie increased heart beat, very heavy breathing, emotionally unstable lol.

ish feel so stupid for ...
not knowing how to interpret ANOVA results.
not knowing what the hell is means plot.
not knowing how to interpret histograms, whether it has a normal distribution curve anot.

sighs. too late to regret for SPSS now...

another stats paper tomorrowww...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


heheh this is funny, not to mention disgusting too. :)

tomorrow having spss.
just got to know that it's a written paper.

i'm scared.
this is the paper that made me got conditional offer.

sometimes, i felt stupid for agreeing to the conditional offer to study psychology.

like, i dont take math.
so make me pass my stats lah.

why do i have to go thru the pressure of passing a entirely theories paper aka intro to psych just because i dont have math?
if i missed, even by ONE mark,
i'm flushing RM10k down the toilet.

mood: worried

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

hiding from the world

sometimes, i feel like burying my head in the sand.
dont want to see the world.
dont want to face the stress.
dont want to see what i did.
dont want to listen what people say.
dont want to think what people might think of me.

i just want to be in my own world.
burying my head in the sand.

wish it's as simple as that...

Sunday, 5 July 2009


hehe. this is so random.

Birdie says, "Good Luck everyone in Batch 10"
and, "Extremely Goooood Luck for tze"

1. Exam : A stressful situation that occurs in certain times of the year
2. Creativity: a sketch/drawings made by a person who doesnt not usually sketch

Hypothesis: The nearer an exam is, the more creative i can be.
(fuck, i cant do hypothesis using my definition of creativity)

Independent Variable: procrastination
Dependent Variable: the result of the exam taken

original whales

the two small fishes

the end result. missing the other part tho...

Friday, 3 July 2009

today i cant study

i woke up and saw yf's sms.

asking me whether im going to college today.
walaoeh scare me nia, i thought she went because i said im going today.

i change my mind cause im so lazy to go.

then, i cant study somemore. wake up so late.
tried to study/read motivation theory. de dunno who de theory.
ish. i fell asleep. then tak tahan edi i go fb. and msn.

she ask me go teman her lunch. that time alrd 1 something.
i said im super lazy. then i thought.
why not, since i cant study at all edi.
so go kacau her also good mah. *wink*

then ask her wan a&w anot. hehe. lucky she wants.
so i went to get ready (bath) and go tapau.
told her reach earliest arnd 2.30pm.

hehehe. mana tau 2.10 i reach edi..
damn fast lerh...

heheheh. so efficient. ehhehe.

btw. sit at foyer eat. then she went to print her notes and left me alone there.
1 hour plus ler. by the time she come back i alrd lost my concentration.
not that i was concentrating before that.

hahaha. time pass damn fast lorh wtf.

wasted 60cents on paper. wtf. dun ever try printing from paint.
waste time waste money waste energy.
plus embarrassment when computer tech studs saw what i did.

print one pic in 6 different sections. wtf.

ps: no pic today cause i lazy send to comp

Thursday, 2 July 2009

i had a bad day....

daniel powter's bad day singing on the background.

yes, i had a bad day.

1. planned to go to class early today to study, but i couldnt study.
2. ookay, so i didnt study.
everything happens during class.

lecture : all papers were given back, including the 40% weightage report. wtf, i only got 38/100. and when you convert that into 40% again, then there's no more left. i didnt feel stupid or upset till i realise that i didnt hand in the reference page together. walaoeh, for one, the reference page is the page that i had the most effort on. two, it's considered plagarism if i dont have the reference page. where the fuck did my reference page go? wtf mannn. feel damn stupid at that time. was quite depressed to listen to the rest of the lecture.

tutorial: was still upset with the very low mark report. maziar came in and brought our intro quiz 2. wtf, i only got 4/15. and i studied. i reallly studied for that quiz eh. wtf la. i expected i will get more marks compared to the first one. mana tau.. stoooopid la... by that time alrd super down and depressed liao... cant think anymore... even when dr. teoh asks me quests i wasnt really listening. he assume i was too tired to use my brain or i was sleeping cause he said something like, " is ur brain awake" or something lah... i cannot remember... cause i was hiding behind june... cant see their faces after seeing my loooooow marks..

wtf lah, if i fail my course work then i ma no need exam edi... cause if i fail course work then im considered fail and if i failed one paper im considered kicked out of sunway.. wtf wtf wtf...

i wish i was invinsible.
i want to hide my face.
i dont want people to see me.
for one moment, or two, i really wish i was invinsible.

went to see miss citra after class and she said it's impossible to fail course work... sighs...
then after that i went to print some notes, wtf, i forgot to take my water bottle leh.. alrd walk to car which is quite far cause i went late and today the carpark is quite full... so have to park far.. then walk back to campus to get the bottle.. then when i came home, i have to park quite far also leh... stupid kancil... long story dun wan talk bou that.. idiots.. then i walk till my house onli i remember i didnt take my psych text book.. have to walk all the way back to get the text book.. urgh!! then when i was near the guard house, this stupid black bird decide to "hinggap" outside my car, near the corner of the windscreen and stare at me.. like want to kill me like that.. wtf.. damn freaking scary ok... babi de.. i hate birds.. so disgusting..

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


my teeth hurt so bad on monday night that i HAVE to go to see a dentist asap. the whole upper left side of my teeth and gum were hurting quite badly so i had panadol aka pain killers. lucky it worked, but not before i made a big fuss over it. :)

was planning to go see doctor on tuesday before class, but i woke up too late to go hunt for doctors, so i went to class first. it was in class the pain came back. i thought i have 3 rotten teeth side by side thats why it hurts so much.

so after class went to eat in medan before boarding the cute little shuttle bus to the heart of sunway. well, walked alone looking for dentist. saw one clinic. well there was many, but i choose that particular clinic cause the name sound nice and the papan tanda looks nicer than the others. hehehe. and they accept ING card. well, i dun need to go anywhere with ING card because the injection i want isnt covered. ok long story.

um, so went to get my final shot (stupid injections) and paid RM 55. wth. last time only RM 30 leh. why price different so much de? hmmph. they gave me paracetamol and told me is ubat demam. err, asked me to take them even tho im not sick.

you see ah, the problem is right. the paracetamol they gave me is 500mg. and they ask me to take 2 tablets, 3 times a day. means, like i'll me taking 3000mg paracetamol in one day. well, my normal dosage that is too good is 650mg uphamol. and im not sick, so i dont see the reason to take such a high dosage. plus, my eating time is off these days. so, i just took one per day. its like... 1/6 of what i'm suppose to take. future doctors/current doctors/pharmarcists who reads my blog (i doubt there's any), is this ok? hahahha

besides, i dont trust them cause the doc is a bit... not... err... profesional.

btw, as a result of that stupid injection that cost me RM 55, my arm aches today. wtf.
more reasons for me to hate injections.

then i asked the nurse where is the nearest dentist/dentistry. whatever you call it. she pointed upstairs. wahhh.. so damn near lorh. so i went up. the assistant in the dentist clinic damn lansi lo.

story: opened the door and went in. me look at her she look at me. i said first time. she said ic. still reading her newspaper. wtf. give her ic and stood there. wtf should i do. she stare at me and say go sit. in a very unfriendly manner. wtf. suan. i go sit. 30 secs later, she stood at the counter and stare at me. dunno call my name or make any noise to attract my attention isit? scare me nia. cause i was looking at the walls. she say fill this this this. wtf. ma fill for her. then she say ok u can go sit now. i ma go sit. babi. baru sit down nia ask me go in edi. went in lorh. she didnt do her job holding the sucking saliva thingy very well lo. went off to the other room for quite a while. lol.

doctor was nice. quite friendly also. hehe. he tolerated my "AWWWWWWWWWWW...", "PAAAAAAAAIIIINNNNN!!!!!", "This HURRRRRTTTSSSSS" and so on... hahahaha... he even asked whether i need an injection seeing that i was in so much pain. hahaha. btw, only one teeth rotten. it been like that for a while now, just that i have no time to go and see a dentist.

he said that one tooth caused the other teeth and the gum to hurt. err, the last filling fell off. more than a month ago. hehehe. thought wanna tahan for two more weeks then go home do mah... who knows...

well, that one filling costs me RM80. walaoeh. i declare bancrupt liao.

a very nice timing to go to doctors and dentists because it was just after lunch time and the clinics were empty!!

so it took me not very much time. went back to the hotel and waited for bus. feel so damn paiseh waiting there lorh. dun stay there but went to the lobby there just to wait for bus. thought of going back to college to study. mana tau, we keep talking nia... din study at all :(

hahahah. err, then got a call from june and we rushed to psych dept to register pur timetable. wtf to the times lorh. btw, wanna stay with the same group. lucky we rush there cause only 5 places left nia. wtf.

3 hours of lecture next sem.
dont know what to say.

then went home, wtf jam daoo.

today, no class but went to coll kononnya wan to study. mana tau.. study a bit then got distracted. saw a SAM legals book and took it and explained the cases to sue may. now when i dont take legals, it seems fun. ahahah.

oh ya, this few days, i kept thinking that psychology is almost the same as legals.

both have theories.
both have old cases and studies to refer to.
both require as much reading and understanding.
both need critical thinking which i lack.

then dont wanna disturb the other study enthusiastics edi.
so went upstairs to the computer area. wtf.
then after a while, went to makan. then to foyer. thats when...
story telling sessions begins... no more study.. :(

ffk-ed nessa for bibletalk. :(

i still haven get my a&w yet.

i cant study. :(

i seriously. urgently. need to pass this sem. in one sitting.

days are drawing nearer and nearer, but i cant feel the stress.
where is the binge eating?
where is the sleepless nights?
where is the constant panic attacks?

err. not that i want them, but I NEEEEED TO STUDY.

everything REGISTER in my BRAIN!!

so wish i can do encoding and storage of information like the guy in library.