Tuesday, 30 October 2007

*slap* *slap* *slap*

if anyone caught me online these days, please "*slap*" me!!

Saturday, 27 October 2007


look so geli but nice because i cook wan. hahhaha

after SAM

What I THINK I want to do after SAM.

♥ I don’t want to enrol in Uni super early; first intake.

♦ because I want to claim back my after-spm holidays.

( actually, when I was in primary school, I decided to take ONE YEAR holiday after my SPM. Mana tau… tak sampai ONE MONTH, I already got myself into this mess. You see.. I never get what I wants.)

♥ I don’t want to stay here anymore!

♦ I never wanted to be here in the first place. (told you I don’t have the right to make any choice.)

♦ plus, I’ve experience disted. And I hate it here for some reason. Don’t wanna see her face again next year. IM DONE HERE!!

♥ I want to do Psychology.

♦ for heaven’s sake, I sit in front my comp everyday doesn’t make me an expert in IT. IT is alien language and no normal human will be able to understand it.

♦ based on the subjects I take this year, I don’t think there’s much choice for me. No math no talk!

♦ since I was in early secondary or primary, I thought of doing psychology before. But never mentioned it because.. everyone will say.. “ lu gila kah?? No other things to study meh?”

An unrealistic one

I wish for money drop from sky.

I wish I could take about one year break from studying.

I wish I could use the time to travel to anywhere I want.


travelling with family sucks.

part two

now, is the second hour of no electricity. What did I do for the last hour? Nothing much lor. Cant online. But still make full use of my lappy. Listening to songs; more like blasting songs into my ears, try making video for my friends to see; but too bad I cant find those precious pictures we took last time so I gave up. So, maybe next time lor hor….

Sit on the hard floor one hour already. Butt pain lei… back pain also lei.. what the… cant move anywhere else because this is the best place. Hahhaha. I sit here to block the wind from going in the house. Wakakka,

I’m looking outside; kinda bright got 12.23am.

I’m looking inside; can see shadows, candle light( too bad not candlelight dinner).

My big fat legs are now supper for those blood-sucking mosquittos.

I spend a few minutes to watch the videos I got yesterday in college.

They were celebrating I don’t have any idea what for the lecturers.

I happen to be in class.

So I recorded for fun,

Hahaha,,, Cynthia, I record already got watch de lei….

Then I start to wonder…

This whole year I have been unusually quiet.

From being one of the noisiest person in class to being the quietest person in class; .no comment…

I am so quiet this year that I doubt any of my classmates I never talked to knows whether I exist.

And I wonder more…

Will I ever miss Disted?

Those times here…those friends I made here…

Although not many, but at least I have some friends here ok?

Will I miss them?

I know this sounds stupid.

Will I ever miss Jenny’s non-stop naggin?

Its like.. I’ve got used to her nagging and cheong-hei from January till now..

And suddenly, no more nagging…

I need some getting used to..hahahah

And then, will I miss those faces I’ve been seeing everyday?

Hope not! Nightmare!!

The big big big question….

Will I ever miss this whole crappy year?

Another year has come and gone.

Sekelip mata.


Alright. Maybe I do say this every year. But this is the truth what.

What will I be doing next year?

The more important question would be…


Disted? Don’t want!!

Penang? Hope not!!

Kl? ….

Utar? Tak mungkin lar. My TER not that high….

I don’t want to be in Penang. I never wanted to be here. But, the final decision will be up to my parents lor..

no electric part one

What the now don’t have electricity.

I think it’s the first time I experience bekalan elektrik terputus in penang lor.

Have to type in the dark.

Chit. Can feel the keys but cannot see anything.

The moon tonight is nice lor.

But too bad I don’t have my camera with me.

It’s now in china with my grandpa.

Now I realise why I hate sharing things.

Much more convenient if I have it to myself.

Can use it whenever I want.

Lucky my laptop batt is charged full full.


Some people so lucky lor.

Can go camping. No need so suffer here.

Lol. When I asked whether I could go to the camp, the answer I got will always be NO!!

Just because I’m a girl so I don’t get to go to camps.


(well well… not that I want to go so much anyway.)

Someone called and reported bout this.

Tnb says we have to wait for two hours.

I hope my laptop can last that long.


If you want to improve your typing skills, try typing in the dark.

It helps.

I guess.

For another one and a half hours, I will be the source of food for mosquittos.

Idiot betul.

Wanted to listen to songs using my laptop.

But then, now my ears are listening to some Chinese traditional music instrument.

Like the whole block can hear it.


The same song for the last hour.

Walao. Sien lar. Change song lar.


Thursday, 25 October 2007

getting stupider

kebelakangan ini, i feel very DUMB.
triple blurr..
brain not functioning properly..
memory merosot.
worst than 80 year old.
sp say is because i watch too much tv, use my phone tooo much and most importantly, i online too much.
so i am dumb now.

after today(hopefully), i will not online that much edi..
or else i'll be dumb dumb dumb..


im in college now, dont know why i came.
when i came this mrng i thought i was late edi.
cause i was caught in the traffic jam. chit.
esl was crap lor.
they celebrated something.
for missj and missg.
missj and missg talked, then cut cake, then i am out of there.
they came one hour late tooo.
so it was kinda pointless for me to be here lor.

now waiting to join tutorial 2.
lazy wanna wait till 3pm.

the last tutorial.
i have been skipping tutorials like crazy for the whole year.
and now...
last tutorial. starting next week, there's no more coll.
its the end of the year.
today seems like the very last day back in std6.
except that we still have essays and projects to complete at this ver y last minute.
minus the fun, talking, games...
gtg... they're recording & my laptop batt runnin low

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

stupid dog

neh neh neh... i got the culprit.
so this is the guy who tore diapers and mess around with all those rubbish.
when i went out this morning, he was looking through and eating rubbish in the middle of the road.
and then, he saw me.
and the smart dog pulled the rubbish to the side and let me through.
smart hor.
but eat rubbish wan.
ladies and gentleman, i present you..

This explains why the rubbish are always directly
in front of her house.

now i know!

stupid dog!
1. it eats rubbish *maybe the owner's fault. stupid give him roti canai sometimes. dog how to eat.
2. it barks at anything.
for example,
a. the dog freaks out by the sound and the 'speed' of a toy control car.
it barks like mad.
b. the dog is afraid of cats.
when the cat eats it food, it just bark. and keeps its distance from it.
c. i see the medium cat bully the dog but the dog is just too scared to fight back.
d. & many more other stupid reasons.
e. oh ya. sometimes, it barks at lizards and cockroaches too..
i think...

for heaven's sake. that stupid dog freaks out when it sees toy car.
i guess toy car is more scary than thunder?


first, its sending an astronaut.
now, its launching a submarine thing.
no comment...


On Monday's newspaper, it reported that the Kelantan Menteri Besar, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat was reported saying that smokers are like animals. *Click on the link to read the story*.

i personally think this is a rather harsh statement from a menteri besar.

he claims that smokers are like animals because
they do not use their brain. although they know that it is a bad habit, they still do it. therefore, they are like animals.

i would like to say something about what ever this menteri besar has said.

like, does this mean that...
for example lar...
you know that car releases some smoke that can damage the environment.
but then, you own a car. or maybe more than one.
does this make you an animal?
because you know that it can pollute the environment what.
and you still do it.

and and....
how about those factories?
i am sure that their owner knows that to produce whatever, they need to process it and like... produce it..
you see factories everywhere...
they release thick black smoke like 24/7..
so, are they animals too?
they are doing more damage to the environment than smokers..

smokers only harm themselves.
but those environment thing, its like EVERYONE is involved.

and not forgetting..
people who throws rubbish like everywhere..
they KNOW it is not the right thing to do.
but it is their mentality that someone else will pick up after them.
so, does this make them an ANIMAL?
they know it is WRONG what.. to throw rubbish...



went to college today.
planned to stay home but they were doing the recording today.
did nothing much.
i just finished my question part.
i feel my question and my answers are weird.
too bad..
the original questions tiff prepared for me is lost..
i gave the paper to someone on my presentation day and i forgot to get it back.
and now, i have to construct the questions myself based on the answers.
damn.. like no connection wan...
and sound so stupid..
but ..
whatever lar...
i can say today is just a waste of time and energy.
because when i came back, i had my lunch and i feel so tired.
its like being sick and the effect of taking cough syrup..
feeling a lil drowsy..
oh well, guess i have to rest a while before *ahem* study/do assignments.
hate assignments.
hate irresponsible lecturers.
hate them hate them hate them.
i so not coming back disted!
i cant finish!
i. studying
ii. assignments.
i have two essays to complete, and an IT programming project which we have no idea how to do it.
dont have the software..
the comps in gl is so crap..
cant run the program..
i should stop complaining.


Tuesday, 23 October 2007

i mau gi kl tengok rynn

Last Saturday, I asked my mum whether I can go to Yu Zhong’s concert. Not a big fan of him, but then… I have nothing to do in December . she said YES! IM SURPRISED! SHE SAID YES!!

Ok. I should learn not to trust whatever promise she gave. She loves breaking promises. Especially when I’m excited of something, then, suddenly, she say no or something will come up. I immediately sms sp to look for tickets for the concert. We were about to decide which ticket we’re getting. And then, she say, “eh, that time want to go Macau anot? That time uncle holiday cannot fetch you to the concert.” What the fuck. I want to go concert lar. Wan go holiday, anytime also can lar. Why must ngam ngam that time lei. Then I have to cancel all the ‘arragements’ I made with sp. Two days later, she cancelled the Macau trip. Hotel rooms are too expensive. Wtf!

I want to go Rynn’s concert lar wtf.

Till now, I haven’t got any answer yet. I’m sure. She cakap cakap jer..

It has always been like that.

Kejap say “yes, you can go.”

Pas tu, the next minute, “go what concert? Waste time only lar.”

wei.. then can go or cannot go de. we very fan lei... ish


had my skill test ystd and i tink i did badly.
havent return cyn the $$ also..
remind me pls!!!


oh ya.. today... i came back... near my house. there's this idiot who's trying to cross the big big road... * the one from pacifc to the toll plaza in front my house*.. and... i was driving quite fast... going to avoid him de.. he was half way thru... but he saw me coming signal me to slow down.. but im not slowing down because i just wont and im going to avoid him btw.... he totally freaked out and ran back to the side... i feel so evil....


loads of assignments to pass up and haven started.. exam so near...
some lecturers here really love to do last minute stuff...
i love them so much..
lol as if..

Monday, 22 October 2007

wtf lor... awal awal pagi dah kena accident.
cilaka betul lar..
buat malujer kat bridge tadi tu...
banyak kereta lagi kat belakang tu..
bukan saya lanngar orang k..
orang yg lanngar saya...
nasib baik..
dia tak bermuka bengis.. lol

Friday, 19 October 2007

invincible me

supposed to have a skill test today.
but then, postponed to monday.
we tried to do our project anyway.
less than half done.
nothing to say.

skipped accounting tutorial and spent the time waiting in the cafeteria.
didnt step there since like a few months ago e.
anyway, i skipped accounting cause everyone not going.
and then, i waited because we were supposedly to be recording for the presentation.
all i can say is, we were not ready.
so nothing done.
and i feel like i wasted 2-3 hours.

today, like any other day,
i feel invincible.
i don't exist.
no i dont exist.
the one u saw is not me, is my ghost.

oh ya. watched HEART on TV1.
TV1 only got two advert nia.
so fast de... faster than astro...
btw, this show, i dont know whether i should laugh or cry.
sometimes, its crying scene.
then, sometimes, its laughing scene altho there are tears in their eyes.
and then, sometimes, it both laughing and crying scene together.
what the. should i laugh or cry then?
btw, the story is about two bff, rachel and farel, known each other since young.
they place basketball(bsb) together and they are reallly really close buddies.
beside the bsb court, there's this tree house.
rachel went up there since young to hide from farel.
she ukir something into the tree.
farel had no guts to climb up the tree.
---> grow up...
farel was in this comic store looking for shinchan latest edition...
the owner didnt have any and intro a new comic to him. titled HEART.
he didnt bother cause he's obvously not interested with these kind of story line.
then he saw Luna, the one who created the comic.
before that, the owner told him that its a funny comic.
farel fell in love at first sight with luna.
he went to her to ask for her autograph and her num and address and a map to her hse...
he went to rachel and share his exictment with her.
then he try to chase luna, rachel helping him.
eventually, they got together, but rachel fell in love with farel at the same time.
farel didnt know. luna is dying. rachel jealous.
farel and luna kissed. luna vomit blood. rachel saw them kissing. more heartbroken. went to run and injured herself.
in the end, rachel died and donated her heart to luna.
--->(fast forward) ending
farel and luna play bsb with a kid(mayb their son) on the bsb court with the tree house.
farel finally climbed up the tree, saw the ukiran rachel did.
bla bla bla...

ya i know. sound boring.
cause all the nice parts i took out mar.

*this world is round. you walk to the left, i walk to the right. one day, we'll meet again.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

i miss my bike.
i miss cycling.
its been more than one year since i 'touch' my bike.
thanks to the road works in stw last year, and also the excitement of getting my license, i totally abandoned my bike.
since the road works are going on, it was dangerous to cycle, so i stop cycling.

slept bout 3am and woke up at 6am.
i slept 3 hours and i feel more awake than yesterday.
and then, after class, i came back, and force myself to sleep from 1.40pm to 2.30pm.
what the. by 2.30pm, i was lazy wanna rest my eyes more, i slept till 5.20pm.
walao. means i wasted the whole day sleeping like a pig.

finals is so near.
and i keep doing weird things like this.
i find that i do weird things when exam is nearing.

and. good news. for me.
i got my examination slip today.
means i can take my examination.
yea crap;
before this, i was worried that i am not allowed to take examination due to my 'perfect' attendance.

have IT programming skill test tomorrow.
don't have any idea how to start a programing pun.
hope someone can help me lor.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

don't u dare to laugh at this




小明说: “大家早安”。


小明 <> <> 妈妈不见了。

小明 <><>:“对不起,你有没有看见我的妈妈?

* “<>” means I don’t know how to read the word. Yea I wrote it and I say I don’t know how to read.

* the actual version i did has a whole lot of mistakes. =p

This was the corrected version, so there’s no mistake. If there is, then is my Chinese typing skill.

This is what I did this morning at home. Yea I was dang bored. So I try out the Chinese in my phone and sent it to sp, Ida, and tiff. But then, only two people with heart reply me. Turns out that I had a lot mistakes. Wakakak… me no skill de ok…

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

times passed like ....

This time last year, I declare holiday myself. Besides that, I spend my time invading ida’s house. Kononnya studying, but end up talking and going for slurpee after some time. This time last year too, everyone is busy studying for SPM! The air is filled with kiasuness. This time last year too, people start to think about plans after SPM. College or form six or oversea or work…

This time this year, I spend my time in college. No holiday declaring. I don’t spend my time invading people’s house, but I do weird things. Things that people never do. Unless if they’re damn bored. This time this year, everyone around me is busy studying for the SAM finals. The air is again filled with kiasuness. This time this year, people think about which Uni will they go to. What will they do next year. Aiming for high TER. Preparing for overseas.

How fast time has passed. Last year, I was just in Form Five. This year, pass so fast without me realising how fast it is. It is time for me to face another major examination again. And this year, its worst than SPM.

I’m now in a place I never step my foot at. The LIBRARY! Seriously, this is the end of the year already. If all turn out well, I might not be here anymore next year. And. The times I set my foot here, can be counted with the 10 fingers on your hand.

Shiet! I don’t know what I want to talk about.


my lappy has been connected to wireless for the first time. yippie! it works! all these time, i thought there's something wrong with the wireless thing in my lappy!! skipped econs, trying to study in the library. and since my lappy is connected to the internet, then now im trying to get started on the presentation. =p
same like study. presentation more important!

by, i found out the reason why people like me love doing last minute work.
because we have role models who do last minute work.

Friday, 12 October 2007

i miss sitiawan

i looked up blogs that contained the word 'sitiawan' in it. it made me miss going back to sitiawan even more. i saw pictures of the *ahem* famous noodles at the kg. koh market, blogs on how city ppl thinks sitiawan sucks, blogs on sitiawan ppl going back to sitiawan after quite some time. i dont know. these things made me miss sitiawan suddenly. i miss those delicious and fresh seafood. omgosh. i miss sotong goreng. (sitiawan is not all about food ok). i miss those times i skipped class and got away with it. i miss those times in school. i miss those time we bbq-ed in total darkness. i miss those times i can cycle to anywhere i wanted. i miss those classmates and friends i meet in school everyday. i miss those times when all of us are back, then we would just hang out till late at night, going to lumut, 933, strawberry, mcd, secret recipe, steamboat, or just driving around sitiawan. i just went back last week. but then, i dont know why i suddenly miss sitiawan so much. i want to go back. but i know i cant. most probably, i wont be able to go back till after my exam. of course, i miss my grandparents too. for some reason i dont understand.

the only thing i dont miss bout sitiawan is the constant nagging and 'interviewing' and the 24-7 bird noise.

why i like sitiawan more than penang.
cause i grow up in sitiawan.
cause i have freedom in sitiawan.
means. i just tell my grandparents where i am going and im out of the house.
here, i cant do that.
first, i have no where to go.
then, if im not back when its dark, calls will come in every five minutes.
yes, even when im driving.
but thats not the main point.
heck. i dont even know what my main point.

right now, my plan is to complete sam and take a few months rest.
and explore sitiawan.
but i know its very unlikely to happen.
my relatives will debate their point and they will win.
i will be left speechless.
in the end, i will be the one going to the very first intake of the year.
if, i PASS SAM...
if i don't pass,
i will be labeled as stupid and lazy and didn't work hard enough.
why not trying to ask me, is this what i want?
when i enroll in sam, i am not even ready.
i have not even decided.
i am here, doing sam because my aunt, uncles, grandparents, parents say i have to do it.
you see, this is where the mistake is.
i haven decided and i am not even ready for all this when i came here.
imagine it.
start college life exactly one month after SPM.
minus all the times i spent looking for colleges, its not even one month.
my dream is to have one year free from all these nonsense.
but that's only my dream.
my brain will rot if i didn't do anything in one year.

life sucks.

i wonder.
why the songs i am listening now are all sad songs...
bad bad..


im so bored.
what the hell am i doing here.
first, i come to college damn early.
and reach like half an hour before class.
kill my precious time in the cafeteria.
playing tennis on the phone.
eating roti bakar.
drinking milo ais.

then, tiff came.
and we went to class.
after the break,
we played something like tic tac toe.
wu liao right?
yea thats what happened.
we were bored and unable to concentrate.

then IT class.
here i am.
doing nothing but blogging.
got my IT marks today.
nothing special.
passed but still very bad.
now deciding whether i want to have my forecast result.
whats the use.
my trials are so bad already.

finished my English presentation ystd.
cant say i did good.
maybe its bad.
no idea how was it.
but jenny said everyone did above average.
gonna present another time next week.
have to record it.
hope i do better that time.

the other day, i was in the acc class.
i have no idea what are they talking about.
for two hours i sat there.
i wondered.
what the hell am i doing here.
wasting my time.
i feel so lost.
dunno why i take up accounting at the first place.
finals is in 3 weeks.
and guess what?
we still have tons of assignemtns to do and pass up.
how great!
haven even touvhed my books yet.
im so DOOMED.
i just know it.

supposed to be doing my programming today.
but we forgot and then...
one is writing this blog.
and another is looking at friendster.


Thursday, 11 October 2007

rusty brain

my mind feels so blank right now.
i'm blur
i'm clueless
presentation is early tml mrng.
and im not prepared at all.
im scared.
im afraid i'll mess up.
im worried it will go wrong.
im not looking forward to it.
i hope tml nvr comes.
last minute?
yes it is.
haven been using my brain since the trials.
got my timetable for finals d other day.
i hope time stops here.
i think i have some sleep problem.
i am dead sleepy in the day.
but i am wide awake in the night.
this is a BIG!! problem.
no time to waste.
i need discipline.
i hope.
i wish.
i pray.
for the best.
and the days to come.
im wide awake.
but i have to go to bed.
class early tml.
have to go early or else i'll stuck in jam.
and see some ppl i dont wish to see.
penang has the best drivers in malaysia.
they really do.
im not going back for raya.
im not celebrating raya.
jam jam jam.
no point going back.
see u guys in december then.
gtg now.
its 12.46am.
and my alarm is 6am.
but i cant stop craping.
my brain need some lubricant.
its rusty.
i predict, she'll nag and nag tml.
hope she wont.
i hate morning classes.

Monday, 8 October 2007


I feel very du lan lo today.

Du lan bout everything.

Stupid traffic jam.

Thought wanna go back sleep for a while.

But then some of the alarms ring every 5 minutes.

So cant sleep at all.

By the time I am able to close my eyes, my own alarm ring again…

Then went back to face the jam again.

I thought by that time, it wont be that jam anymore.

I was so damn wrong.

Still that jam but not as jam as morning.

Suan lar.

Memang late already.

Don’t wan go back already.

Then sampai class damn late. But not as late as tiff for econs class.

And.. today econs… me alone for most of the time..


Very boring wan lei…

And then, back already…

Went to giant to grab something to eat…

Walaoeh… only two counters open… and those malays… wanna raya edi…

Buy so many things…

What the.

And I sms someone who I never sms before.

And guess what..


What the…


TWO sms u know ah…

What the…

One before I sleep.. and then the other one after I wake up..

Shiet lar…

I so hate when people never reply me when I feel bored/dulan or when I ask something that is kinda important lor…

After wake up from sleep, turn on my lappie and then start to mess with itunes.

What the hell…

Copy all the song from my external harddisk and delete the songs from my comp.. cause I copied it in the itunes edi..

Then I turn on again after my dinner…

What the helll….

All the songs cant play..

Apparently, I need to do something…

So I deleted the whole list…

1190 plus songs and start all over again…

This time, I did the right thing.

But then…. This message come out…

“copying music failed. The file name is either invalid or too long”

What the!!!

There’s nothing wrong with the files ok…

I’m so damn DU LAN right now lor

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Just got my birthday present from mun synn and huey ping today. Haha. Late. But thanks a lot. Love it very much. It’s so cute. Serious! And its still in my car cause I don’t want to destroy it by putting it in my bag. I feel that I need to change my camera. Haven’t seen my camera for quite some time and now, I think something’s wrong with it. The physical got a bit damage lor. Damn tak syok. I want my own camera so that I don’t have to share it with anyone.

I just hate sharing my stuff so much. I don’t know whether I am the one who broke it or another person. At least, when it belongs to me and me alone, I know that I am the one at fault when something happens to it.

Went to sing hwei’s party just now. Walaoeh her house so damn big eh. And the kitchen, oh my… I have no words describe. Its nice. It’s the biggest kitchen I ever seen. I mean in a house. Serious. And her room, oh my… a blend of purple and white and other rainbow colours. Nice!! But its mainly white and purple or indigo. Whatver. I like!!!

I’m glad I went. Thought of skipping the party and watch tv at home. Cause there’s too many interesting stuff on TV and I simply cant part with it. Lol. Crap. K k. managed to catch up with my friends. Haven’t been seeing or talking to them since my holiday after my mid y ear exam. I think! The one I had together with sp. Su mei, ida, dennis, siew lee, po ling, shu mey, & bc were there. Managed to ‘korek’ some news from them. Hehehe. Kay poh!

And I saw my ex-senior-interactor and friend and ex-partner-supervisor there. Too bad didn’t manage to catch up with her. Talked a bit before I went off and promised to go back and talk to her. But then, heheheh… I was a bit late and she went off by the time I went to look for her. Oh well... guess its next time…

Oh ya. I had beer for the very first time. Yea. It’s my first time. Stop laughing. I’ve tasted and I don’t understand why some people love it. It’s bitter and not sweet. Don’t really hate it and don’t really love it. I’m surprised I’m not drunk. Hahaha. Maggie’s bro is like 11 this year. And he was gulping down those alcohol like water. We played one two som.. yea childish.. then the other game dunno call what. But also small kid play wan. Then tried spinning the beer bottle. Didn’t work. So we spin 100 plus bottle and played truth or dare. No one is up for the mood for dare. So all went for truth. Ran out of idea what to play and then finish up and leave. Hehehe.

Sing hwei was kissed by that small black dog in mr. ong’s house. That dog was hyper active. Then went to da chiang maggie in her car and then sat there talking till 11.30..

Omg.. I’m happy today. Get to see and talk to my friends. Make me miss those times we met in form 3. everyday he he ha ha only. Now, everyday worry bout studies and assignments.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

white noise im so doomed

"White noise is a random signal or process with a flat power spectral density"

ref: Wikipedia

i am now doing my final report for psychology. why so rajin? cause i bertaubat edi. =p

because due date sampai edi lar.
btw. she said my introduction in the draft is too general and does not really relate to my report. so, i am now trying to make it relate to my report. so i look up what white noise means. and what the.... i don't even understand what the sentence in bold means.

kinda frus lei...

and thinking bout daniel going to stw and i cant even go. because he chooses a perfect time to go. oct24th WEDNESDAY!... ish...

and also... why ah... they must broadcast their perfect voice every night?? want every one in this world to know how the very religious are u? what the. as long as you do what you do and god knows you know and nothign else matters right?
very nan ting ok? and got duet also wan lei... esp these few nights.
now im listening gary, and jj to cover up those noise they made.

ish... made me miss those days i blast the songs from my small comp speaker to fight those idiots bangla at 7.30am on sunday morning. =p
those days, i blast god is a girl and some jay's song.
walaoeh... its fun but very inconsiderate.

no idea for a title

Sometimes, when I come home after my class, I feel like I’m entering a haunted house lor. There’s a person here, I can see him, but we act like we don’t see anything. Even though he’s right in front of me, I’ll act like he’s invincible and he the same. Haiz so damn bored lar. Even the sound of me typing echoed in this kitchen. Lol.

Seems like psychology is the only subject I passed so far. IT teacher is so evil. He didn’t want us to see our marks and handed our papers straight to the exam department. Wtf. I hope the result is delivered to my house after my final. Or maybe it got lost in the process of delivering it. Hehehe…

Oh ya. There’s this kuailan-psychotic-fucking-bitch-whore in Penang. She was last spotted driving some big Kia. The registration number is . I'll be so doomed if she Google up her registration number. The colour of the vehicle is brownish type. She wears something on her head. Like those topi that hairless cancer patients wore. That slut is really cheap. She ‘molested’ my car with her car this morning. Not once, but twice. TWICE!!!! And then, she continues cursing me. Nyek nyek nyek. Your evil witch curse didn’t work. I’m still alive and well here. Wtf. Molest my car already still not enough. Still want to curse me.

I hope I can wash off the white stains.

Omg. I hear footsteps. And then the sound of the fridge being opened. Got to go and hide under my blanket!

LOL crap!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

what i saw

I see… thick HAZE & used DIAPERS!!!

First, I look out to the sea while I was driving on the bridge. I see nothing. NOTHING. It’s like a cloudy blank canvas waiting to be painted.

Then, I look to the left side. I expect to see some buildings or the long long corong asap from some factory. But I saw very very blur image of that. Please don’t tell me HAZE is back. No wonder the car is so dirty.

When I sampai rumah, eeew…. I was greeted with the sight of diapers…. Used diapers... can see some brown colour stain on them… eeew… all on the road… and beside my neighbour’s car… cottons everywhere… that’s so disgusting lor… masuk rumah and close the door…

I feel pointless attending psychology today. She asks us to do our own work because she wants to finish hers. I was sitting there for one whole hour doing god-knows-what… oh ya… trying to look for ideas for the essay and presentation she left us with… but then, half of the group members were not there this morning…

Shiet. I am worried about my ESL presentation. Very worried. Haven got a clue about what should I do. I am lucky I guess. She placed me at the very last day. The first day starts yesterday and I just knew yesterday that the list came out long ago already.

Now, I shall try and do my English presentation, psychology presentation and essay, psychology final report, think of an idea for the programming project and slap my self. Yesterday in IT class, someone remind me that whatever I am doing now is going to end in October 27th. Then the week after that would be my FINALS already. If you think SPM is so hard, this is even WORSE!

Oh ya. I saw the pink cement mixer again. PINK! Hello Kitty kinda of PINK. Cute…


Tuesday, 2 October 2007

my crappy update

I should be present in psychology class tomorrow. The reason? First, I skipped Monday and Tuesday’s class already. And then I skipped economics today. And then I gave her a crappy reason. I kinda forgot that I skipped economics, and I went to see her to get back my psychology draft.

Then when I was about to go off, I felt guilty and said “miss, sorry I skipped econs just now”. And she said, “oh, what were you doing?” or something like this lar… then I answered, “err, I went somewhere else just now, sorry.” See…. So so crap right? And don’t really make sense also lor… at least I can say I went to the library or shiet like that…

Then the most important reason is… my mum realise I skipped psychology every morning since my college reopens… she had this sour face when she saw me at home this morning… I sked! … And she just shouted at my bro again… its his fault!! All the while I was listening to Gary. Because I know she would scold my bro… walaoeh…