Thursday, 30 September 2010

i'm procrastinating

submitted this to the new forum i joined,
and there's alot mistakes pointed out in this
one simple picture.

even those mistakes that i cant even imagine.

i never knew photography was this complicated.

Monday, 27 September 2010


urgh, im angry.

can i have something to smash? the laptop perhaps?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Udang punya Otak

This is not my car. Or anyone I know of. This car owner attended the open house by my neighbour. Parked right in front of other people's house for a few hours, din even have the courtesy to say Sorry, give Lansi and i-dont-care face when asked to remove the car.

Which human in the right mind would do such thing? parking right in front of people's house? Is it that difficult to walk a few extra steps?

Seriously. Sigh.

Ps: The black censor part is not on purpose. it was accidental as i was covering a person and the shadow.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I *heart* Psych

Today in the lecture, the lecturer said something about determining the aims and goals, and also know what the students expectations, what they look forward to in learning a subject, etc. (oklah, something like that, I wasn't paying attention)

Then, in the midst of my day dream, I thought to myself and wondered, "Is this what I really want? Is psychology my calling?" Then the answer came to me, "Yes, this is all that I've dreamed of. Studying Psychology."

I want to know more, I want to gain more knowledge in this field. I want to be a psychologist. The road is long, but one day, I will be there. I believe I can.

There are people who think that what I'm studying now is "oh-so-cool", but it may not be so. Well, it IS cool, but its not easy too! As it is with any other degrees out there. I think that those studying photography are cool, but if you are judging from what you see from the outside, you are definitely wrong. Have to understand the whole thing to judge. I once thought too, photography just take camera, point and click to take photo only mah.. easy job... but when you learn more, you'll realise it's a whole new world there.

ok, side track a little. I think i have love-hate relationship with psychology. I enjoy this subject, I love learning new things, I like administering scales, but, I dont love to revise, and there are some parts of psychology I hate with all my heart. Like, IO.

The one subject that I struggled to keep my eyes open 5mins into the lecture. Even seeing the words make me sleepy.

Btw, anyone willing to teach me english?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

me can type chinese, dont play play

我很开心。 因为我的assignment让我有机会和我的相机花多一点时间。
wo hen kai xin。 ying wei wo de assignment rang wo you ji hui he wo de xiang ji hua yi dian shi jian。

I just found out my computer can type chinese hehehe.

I'm learning to cook chicken dishes from a fellow classmate, and i'm teaching photography to another classmate. It's not like im a pro or whatever in photography(im still very much a beginer), it's just that i don't have any other skills. I cant teach chinese, im a banana myself. I cant teach people how to cook, because i can only fry egg. Photography is my hobby, something that i love, and i figured, by doing this for my assignment, i can now 'touch' the camera which is in hibernating mode since april.

And, here are the samples of pics i took while waiting the other day. i seriously miss taking pictures. More pictures in my Flickr. :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

bored sia

bored face, im bored.
he he.
thought this blog need some colour.
it's turning dull.

im waiting for the rain to stop so i could go home!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

should be doing something more productive

finally figured out how to post using phone. reminder to self! always remember to use edit html

Saturday, 4 September 2010

its all about me!

. i kinda forgot i have a blog.

. its frustrating not to know how to read chinese.

. bought a new awesome bed sheet last thursday.

. went out with cuzzie last tuesday.

. im not craving snowflakes because i had that with her on tuesday.

. gary is posting a new status everyday. me likey!

. it's it that hard to type a reply? because some people just don't know how to reply.

. fine. i should have known better.

. i realised, the mind is a very powerful tool. it can make me happy one moment, and very depressed the next.

. i am very tired trying to control the mind. everytime it went to the wrong side, i have to try very hard to bring it back to the right side.

. dont care if anyone understands, as long as i do.

. my english getting suckier.

. i regret not mastering the languages properly.

. i regret not learning to speak in dialect.

. i have jealousy issue. something with the right and wrong side of the mind.

. partly is because im super sensitive too. i make up stories which may not be true and tend to exaggerate.

. i said im craving ice cream, but its not exactly a craving. i just want to go out and do something.

. we have completed the brain! quite nicely done, and it costs a bomb.

. i am anti-social.

. i rejected any forms of invitation. some with valid reasons, some with made-up excuse.

. i think i am a weeee bit depressed sometimes.

. i am wondering where is the other half.

. i have also wondered, why had God made me this way. not that i blame or what, just wondering. and why did he made my friends, or random people the way they were.

. i drive super slow.

. i drove to pg and got stopped by police, for exceeding 2kmph over the speed limit. ff. the joys of driving during festive season.

. the way im living my life, i might as well go stay in a cave, away from civilisation.