Monday, 4 July 2005

lol... bored.!!!

wats the first thing taht come to ur mond when u read this?

hello my friend,it ahs been a great honour to become one of your friends...i thank god very much because of this...and i also wanna thank you for everything.. i really appreciate it...but i fear that someday i might leave this beautiful friendship...i;ve wanted to tell you this from the very begining but i dont have the is sad to tell you this but i still have to tell you..i'm going to a very very far tired of facing my dull life,..i dont know wether you can see me tomorrow morning or not as im leaving for a very very far place...goodbye to you my going to sleep sleepy...good night!!

yaya... u would think that the person is ready to commit suicide..i was quite surprise when i 1st read it..n i tot my fren is really going to commit suicide...t

to my frens who receive this message, im really sorry that i sent it to you...i regret my actions..i hope that you guys are nt angry k...

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