Thursday, 24 November 2005

cycled in the rain...

wah.. dah lamer tak online.. haha. actually its onli for 1 week.. but feels like FOREVER>> haiz... haha... what did i do today?? wake up.. read newspaper,call the comp shop ppl,send the comp to the shop... wat a total waste of time.. i shud have just called jaring a few days ago and my problems wud b ovr..tak payah nak susah susah nak bawak comp ke kedai ke... nak tunggu lamer lamer ke... haiz...alll happens bcoz of my own stupidity.i forgot to reload.. i thought i already reload when i receive the sms.. haiz... aku ni.. cuti sampai blur .. haha./... oh ya... one more thing..the best thing that happen in the holidays.. i CYCLED IN THE RAIn...yea.. no big deal.. but i enjoyed it.. today is a rainy day...but terpaksa lo... have to return the memory card mar.. haiz...when i cum back time.. wah damn syok mann....suddenly rain so heavy wan...n every was wondering who is that siao bo... rain so heavy still wanna cycle..smtg wrong wan.. haha..oh ya.. i was soaking WET when i reached home.. haiz.. too bad... what a bad day for me to cycle in rain..y today?? i cant get sick now..haiz.... tml go conference liao... now feel like wan to fever d.. what am i supposed to do?? i had my panadol juzt now.. haiz..

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