Sunday, 4 March 2007


when i went back to sitiawan last weekend, i'm greeted by the 'melodious' sound of birds chirping and the sight of red and white colour along the main road leading to kg. colourful...and the first thing we did was to eat kolo mien.. then go out wit bc and ms and pw and ck ... go to play bowling and then ice kacang.. after that... feel lik dipermainkan by bc lei..she evill... bring me go taman... then U turn.. then bring me all the way to NS camp in teluk rubiah... and then bring me go bus statio n at manjung.. sot sot de... and up in astaka to watch the 'opening ceremony' of a basketball comp...

pictures i took when i was driving...


red and whites everywhere..





ms took a pic of that fella in da orange thingy.. it wasnt me who took the pic k..

lazy wan upload more wuliao pic here.. upload so many but all went missing.. onli left this.. haiz...

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