Friday, 13 April 2007

[13] + [Friday] = ....

Well, lucky I got back this blog. If not, I'll be bored to DEATH!
I couldn't sign in to WRETCH for whatever reason. And it took me ages just to sign in here. damnit. alrite. before i start de lame blog bout MY DAY, i'll just have to blast McD..

*the story*
went to mcD at greenlane after my class. cause i was DEAD HUNGRY! ok ok.. i ordered ONE LARGE SET OF BIG MAC, ONE BANANA PIE AND ONE APPLE PIE.and i wanted chilly sauce and ketchup!.. she said ok. then i paid for what ever i ordered. din check but when i sampai rumah, i found out that they din give me KETCHUP and BANANA PIE. damn it. i was a lil angry. then i ate the APPLE PIE. it sucks. feel lik vomiting after has a bite of it. yucks.. i WILL NEVER EVER buy apple pie again.. i cant say i WONT go to that particular mcD again. cause... its the only mcD on my way home. and on fridays, i dun have any breakfast and lunch till about 3pm. so, i just HAVE to go there.
*end story*

ok now..

*my day*
today is friday 13th. i avoid wearing BLACK. and...this day went well...
not bad for a day which is supposed to be super duper BAD LUCK!!!
was half way thru accounting class. wanted to go for the talk by melisa from UniSA. but. stil got accounting ah.. dun care lar...studies more important. but.. on my way downstairs miss lucy saw me and say melissa is upstairs. hehe.. then she say.. mrs allen de class all going upstairs for the talk. yippie..means i dun need to miss accounting to attend the talk. hahaha.alrite...she talk lik an ang moh.. and ... at first.. its kinda hard to understand what she was talikng cause she talks fast.. or.. mayb its me who is SLOW? hahaha. dun care lar. can understand what she say can edi study psychology at UniSA, i onli need 65 points for TER. hope i can do better than that lo...
when it was about to go home, i got into the car..walao.. so damn hot lar inside. feel lik barbeque... cause i put it under the HOT sun... my fault...
*end of my day*

well, what should i blog next?
i have no more idea.
some of the college mates aer going pangkor tml.
i wan to go too.
but... i rather go wit my frens.
but... too bad i cant go wit frens.
cuti pun ada class...cilaka betul...

ps.. my blogs will be updated DAILY. if this blog isnt updated, means the other blog will be updated. so.. its either one of the blog which is going to be updated...
here's my second BLOG!

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