Saturday, 14 April 2007


since i cant sign in to WRETCH and i AM BORED wit THIS BLOG, i think i should consider what a fren said. sign up for a new blog and delete this blog. i want the new google blogspot thingy. i dun awn this OLD wan. i hate to see the word OLD everytime i sign in. but i can seem to switch my account there. damnit. im starting to like WRETCH and now i cant blog there. unless if i use the college comp...but... i have ONE WEEK holiday. what u expect me to do in ONE WEEK HOLIDAY?? ROT AT HOME??..
college work sucks. the lecturer just need to ask one sentence de question. and u have to write fiva pages of report for her.
for example, what impact does the information system(IS) have on the comunity and society??
and then we have to write 100 words worth of report to her.
life's like that..
going back stw today. haven decided wanna stay how long. but. mayb coming back tml edi. cause i have nothing to do ins tw and load of work to finish. accounting, 2 IT reports,something about english but i dunno what the hell is that,economics,and need to study for psycho..
after holidays, sure the lecturers will give tests wan.. die larl ik that.. haizzzzz...
there;s something i wanna say.. but i really forgot what the hell is that edi...well then... just have to .... keep it till next blog lorr..
btw... my blogspot account is reaaaalllllly OLD...i cant even put any links here.. or post pictures....or load any song in here... so OLLLDDDD...

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