Tuesday, 17 April 2007

i may not be an animal lover.... but... these dogs are just C-U-T-E!!!
difference between LION and TIGER.
'just to name a few'

1. lion is brown in colour.
tiger is not brown.
2. lion dun have black colour de stripes.
tiger got black colour de stripes.
3. male lions have manes.
male tiger dont have.
4. there's something called lion dance.
but there's nothing called tiger dance.
i thought i will be going to college today to join the march intake for the extra class de.. but.. i didnt. i end up sleeping at home..haiya. if i noe earlier... stay in sitiawan for a dew moredays better lar.. stay there nothing to do. come here also nothing to do...except homework. hahahah....
ever since i move here, i've been eating spicy food EVERYDAY! now, i CANT LIVE WITHOUT SPICY FOOD! omg...haiz...i fell in love with hokkien mee.. plus chilly...and recently, curry mee...
and if my mum tapao lauk from outside, curry is a must...
so, i end up having curry everyday...except for some saturday and sunday..
yesterday is a total waste of time. haiz. wake up-breakfast-online-blog-lunch-tv and online-online more-sleep-wake up- dinner.
btw, sl told me d matricks results are out. so can go check edi. i went to check for fun. cause im super duper bored. heheeh. i got the form..but i din send it. then i checked for some other frens. two of them got it. then someone asked me, not 20th april onli come out de meh? aiyoyo..manalah saya tau...

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