Thursday, 28 June 2007

one week's journal

its been quite a while since i really post something here. after exam and back in stw where i dont have direct access to internet and also computer. lol. anyway.. exam... er.. so so lar.. some can do.. some totally cannot do...for the last paper, which is IT, i thought wanna stay till the end only come out. but, i came out one hour early and by the time i came out, only 5 people left there. means, everyone came out early. hahah. then i went to gurney after that to look for rynn's lomited edition album. only to be told that they will only be out in 2 days time. haiz. by the time they;re out, i;ll be back in then..i got myself another album to my original album collection. Quincy's.. hhehe.. support malaysian artist ma... hmm... after i got the album, i only knew that Quincy himself will be in Gurney's popular bookshop at 3pm the next day..haiz..i cant go..have to go back stw..haiz.. suan lar.. nothing much really happens on saturday and sunday..except that sunday was my 18th bday..i celebrate it by sleeping and watching tv at home..hehehe...first year without cakes.. lol...i asked them not to get any cakes.. it'll be a waste anyway... well,i have a whole lot of plan for the one whole week im in sitiawan. but then.. haiz..hahahah...

almost late for breakfast...heheheh...but have to wake up early cause the car rosak... lol...stupid...

haiz..another day without car.. chit..spoil my wonderful holiday plan onli la..cilaka betul

got de car back went to skol to visit frens back in form six.hehehe. and then went out at night to secret recipe..

nothign much. am supposed to look for sp for her help with my acc.. but then i am dead lazy..hahaha... now online at ida's house.. wanted to do my psycho essay. but then i blog and chat. hahahah.. lol.. i dunno what to do anyway. haiz. hmm... going somewhere tonight again...

dunno yet,..friday is tml..hahahha....

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