Thursday, 16 August 2007


2 more days to go... (>.<)


Goodbye to the land of...

  • char koay teow (as long as im here, nvr had the famous one yet)
  • wan tan mee ( i hate it...)
  • hokkien mee (yum yum)
  • rojak (BM rojak..heheh)
  • laksa ( long no eat edi)
  • extremely intolerant and selfish drivers (yes, i do mean it)
  • extremely small roads (yea...the roads here are small compared to stw)
  • a lil more peace and quite (no bird noise, no noise from foundry nearby..the onli factory near my house is the malaysian sugar factory..thats where all ur sugar came from..)


Hello to the land of...
  • lu mien
  • kam puan mien
  • har ku
  • gong piang
  • ko row (omg i lurve those)
  • extremely tolerant but yet still selfish drivers (30km/h on the fast lane..imagine that)
  • extremely huge roads
  • bombs (not literally, but yea..everything around my house sounds like there's a war going , noise pollutions (thanks to those selfish people again)

for a week... yippie!!

* points will be added from time to time..when i can think of anything else...

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