Wednesday, 8 August 2007

i couldn't remember whether its yesterday or Monday...
i was driving to coll..
kinda late edi..
cause of that jam on the bridge...
then when i pass tesco, i saw one ang moh guy..
he's trying to find someone to tumpang him..
and then i thought..
could someone be so kind/stupid to tumpang him ??
who knows whether he's a good guy or not?
maybe when he step into the car, then he take out his weapon and it turned out to be a robbery or something?
this is Malaysia, anything can happen...
sometimes, being kind can get u in big trouble..
don't u think so?
hmm... btw... kesian that ang moh fella stand there so long no ppl wanna pick him up..

maybe im just paranoid... but i think this kiasu-isme had been installed in me by what i see or hear or read everyday in the news....

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