Thursday, 8 November 2007


i felt like i was in a middle of a war zone *boom-boomb-pwweee-boom* just now.
seriously, i think the amount of the fireworks they use this time is much much more than any chinese new year we celebrated. hahaha.
btw, Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians.

those having exam today, too bad lor..
those not having exam today, continue study lor..
those not having exam at all, play puas puas lor.

i sent deepavali greetings to chinese and indians.
can you believe it?
i only have 3 Indians contacts in my phone.
one is someone who don't know who the hell i am(from coll), another is don't know my number but know who i am and another one.. wants nothing to do with me. hahaha..
so jit doh...
so ma greet some chinese friends randomly lor.

sebagai rakyat malaysia, kita semua patut celebrate semua perayaan kan?
i celebrate raya pun..
tapi yg pelik, i tak dapat pun duit raya...
hahaha.. like ly say, celebrate with food., later, we gonna celebrate deepavali with none other than FOOD!
i don't think I'm going to join them.. lazy keluar lar..

my mum tried to tempt me..

" you sure anot you dont want to go? my collegue de house got alot nice food wan. really nice wan.. and acah house also you dont want to do meh?"

cei..not my i go or no go same same wan..hahahha

btw, i feel my blog is in a mess... remind me to do something after my exam.. ish...
if u can read thispost that is..

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