Tuesday, 20 November 2007

i am craving for lu mien now lei.
the one you find in the restaurant.
not the type at the kam puan mien stall wan.
and now hor, i thinking hor,
the lu mien we eat now, how different is it from the original recipe?
like, it must be invented by someone right?
then for so many years the dish exist, how different is the lu mien we have now with the lu mien they have back then?
different cooks have different style ma.
then hor, like from generation to generation, sure the recipe change sedikit sebanyak wan what..

hmm... how the original lu mien taste like lei??

omg i am so hungry now.
and its 2.12am in the morning.
should i eat??
i wont be sleeping till 4 or 5...
ish..damn it.............

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