Saturday, 10 November 2007

xmas is coming

i found out that.
no one is perfect.
although someone looks so perfect; good looks, good voice, good whatever..
but then...
he's still a human..
a human will never be perfect..
someone who looks smart from outside may not be as smart as you thought.
someone who looks good doesn't mean that he's not a bad guy.
someone who dresses like they are from geylang doesn't mean they are.
someone who looks fierce and cool doesn't meant that he is not friendly.
and the list goes on..

tiff send me something bout xmas in facebook.
bc send me some xmas countdown in friendster.
suddenly make me wanna celebrate xmas edi.
what the.
can i still join the xmas caroling this year?
i wanna go just for fun.
i dont wan to sing.

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