Tuesday, 8 January 2008


studying in taylor's can be really challenging lo.
its a mental and physical torture thing.

dont wanna go into details.
but today i went early and went into a wrong class.
i could have another hour sleep.
but then.
i was too stupid to read the timetable.
rushed to the class cause i was almost late.
hehehe. went to the wrong block.
and hmm...
by the time i reach the class, i was already drenched in sweat.
i think it looks like i joined a marathon a something.

living in my uncle's house now.
have to drive. babi de la. stupid kl traffic.
altho the distance is shorter than penang bridge, i use about 30 minutes or more to get to my destination. not including the time i had to queue up to buy tickets and the time i take to walk to class. hmm.. i wonder hor.. i will lose weight anot lei?? hope can la. hahah.

then to the mental torture part. they have test like every month. if not week.
then. today. in the legals class. the lecturer was asking me for an example of a non legal thing. i was like.. errrr...*smile smile*...and he was like...*smile smile* it's ok...
wtf. really cannot think of any example lor.
and then accounting class lei.. she talk so soft lor.. like chating with people like that. i was in the middle. cant hear as clear as other lecturers. haiz. almost fell asleep lor.
and everyone else was like..*check butts, receipts...*
i have no idea at all what was she talking till my classmates talk..haiz..

seems like no more time to use my phone anymore. except between classes.
so tak biasa lar.. oh ya. i sold my sasta book for rm15 without the answers.. cause i was too hardworking and i tore the answers out..feel guilty lei..hmm..guess i'll just pass the answers to them tml... hahahha.,,

stupid internet connection...
btw... i must go library this year cause i have to pay rm450 library fees just for one sem. means rm 900 for a year... damn expensive lo here. i think last year i onli paid rm 400 for the whole year... and this coll dont have any lift somemore...

good news : i'm back online. as long as i can connect and use the wireless. hahaha. curi-ed line.

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