Saturday, 23 February 2008

yesterday and today.... (lazy put colour lar)

i never thought i would say this, but,


there i said it.

seriously, i miss all the fun stuff we did back then. like skipping tuition and lepak around, illegally learning to ride a bike, me cycling in the hot sun to skol for kawad, whatever reason, cycling to tution, dangerously crossing the big big road, getting scolded by mr. pat cause he saw the way i cross the road on my bicycle (haha), the night lepak-ing and wondering around while ponteng-ing tution (i know..shhh), all the times we go out for lunch, dinner and breakfast, the war between acs studs and nh studs and other skol studs to get seats in tution classes, ponteng-ing classes, canteen food (qing tan mien plus chilly plus sotong, nasi lemak, bla bla bla) & all e other stuff we do together in skewl...

sigh, if everyone left to study, esp for those who went to overseas, can we still be as close as we are now? i mean. even if everyone is in kl, we still din see each other that often now. (just wondering)


i slept at bout 1 and woke up at 4.30am, and also 7am..
then i just couldnt sleep anymore..

big-cle(big uncle) say i am thinking of something.
but im not.

and he says im crazy cause i called my grandma at 7.38am this morn.
whatver, i just want to ask her about the washing machine lorrr..
he say i missed her too much...sigh...

i realise something lorr..
i should not tell my grandma about so many things lor...
she will elaborate and expand my points to the more negative side.
i mean, its ok if she expand my points..
but then, can she think more positively?
sigh, how good is she move here as well?
i'll be bugging her and she see me everyday so she dont simply think of things that has not yet even happened yet...haha...

stayed home e whole day. very boring you know???
anyway i slept e whole afternoon so its not that bad.. haha

and then went out dinner.
not many ppl dere..
and quite many shops not open...
hmmm.. what day is today??
chap goh mei not over e meh??


went to pyramid again yesterday.
my grandma should stop telling me not to go pyramid lorrr..
i tend to do things im not supposed to do de..
anyway, went for movies with classmates.
and i had sushi AGAIN!!
after movie, just walk around lorr..
looking for present...
wanted to get something for myself actually, but then, ... sigh....
next trip i guess..

i dont know how i really spend my time dere...
but its bout 9 smtg when i reached home.. haha...
i was in there for 7 hrs...
but this time is not as torturing as e time i went walking and doing some serious shopping with bc.

and i just knew that, the area near taylors is quite 'happening' during e night... quite many ppl dere..
and sp, she went there too..
after i sampai rumah..
eh next time plan wan go ac sms me 1st la dei...
everytime also i sampai rumah oni u say u're dere..

oh ya....
i bought e dunno what donuts for e very first time..
cause dey says its nice..
and its a form of bribe for my uncles..


i should stop saying i dont know, whatever, anything lor...
i find it VERY annoying myself...

TZE!! start to make decisions!!!


i sms-ed uncle to tell em im nt going bck so early...

me : im not going back early today. movie and lunch at sunway.
V : thought you dont like movies..

(heheh... this is what happens when i give too many excuses..hahah)


e phone is so quiet today..
why is everyone seems so busy??


and and...
i suddenly think of aunty hc today..
been quite some time since i last saw her..
should i call her or should i sms her??
what should i say??

does she still remember me??
i mean.. she's dealing with so many youth...


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